Sunday, September 23, 2007

XC Update - Bob Firman

I hope that you are recovering from the Bob Firman trip. It was a great experience for our TEAM, but also right in the middle of the season. We still have many great things to come over the next 3 ½ weeks. We still have a lot of work to do to be ready to race our best at region and state. I hope that each of you are learning from your races, and finding things to help you better prepare for the last races of the season.

The boys team raced well against some major competition. 9 teams in the meet were nationally or regionally ranked. We are showing greater depth in our 3-7 runners, but we still need to close the gap between Seth and Spencer and the rest of the TEAM. Most importantly, we are still improving and still running PRs.

Elite Varsity Boys
16 Seth Gutzwiller 16:18
27 Spencer Anderson 16:28
70 Bryce Larsen 17:01
79 Jason Thomas 17:12
93 Jordan Stuart 17:24
100 Leland Stenquist 17:29
108 Bryson Snow 17:33
TEAM: 11th place

The JV boys are developing more and more depth. The top 7 JV boys are all coming back next year. I thought that Caleb ran a particularly gutsy race. I was also very pleased with how Colin, Garrett, and Michael worked together over the 2nd half of the race.

JV Boys
18 Caleb Ward 17:47
23 Carston Fiegleson 17:57
29 Colin Cromar 18:02
34 Garrett Allen 18:07
40 Michael King 18:12
55 Derek Gallacher 18:24
58 Logan Petty 18:27
110 Jacob Whittaker 19:41
121 Cody Robbins 19:52
122 Joseph Albrechtsen 19:59
199 Andrew Stenquist 21:51
TEAM = 4th place

It has kind of been a bitter-sweet week for our girls varsity TEAM. We found out on Friday that we are nationally ranked (in the top 25) for the first time ever. The girls are ranked 23rd by the Harrier magazine. There is a link to the rankings on We followed up the ranking with an impressive performance in the Bob Firman race. We finished 2nd to Mountain Brook, Alabama (ranked 21st nationally). All of the girls ran solid, and we had many personal bests. The bitter part is the news I received today about Katie Swanson. Katie has been our big surprise of the season. She has been our #3 runner at every race, and has been running close to Candace and Natalie. She is currently one of the top 10 5A runners in the state in her first year of cross country. Her lower leg had been bothering her coming into the race, and it really hurt during the race. An x-ray today showed that she has broken her leg and will be in a boot for 4 to 6 weeks. Most likely we are going to be without Katie the rest of the season. It is a big loss to the TEAM. She runs with determination and guts; she is an awesome runner and a great leader. We can still accomplish our goal of state champions, but it means other members of the TEAM have to step it up.

Girls Elite Varsity:
4 Natalie Haws 18:28
5 Candace Eddy 18:41
17 Katie Swanson 19:14
30 Emily Hansen 19:37
34 Loren Storey 19:45
53 Hollie King 20:07
54 Kelsey Valentine 20:09
TEAM = 2nd Place
1. Mountain Brook, AL 64
2. Davis 80

The girls JV team dominated the race, which shows that our future is looking bright. Meghan Hedquist took off in the second lap of the race to distance the field and win by an impressive 26 seconds. She had been feeling sick the entire trip, but raced hard through the sickness. Julianne is coming back from an injury and looked strong as she fought for 2nd place. The team had 7 of the top 21 places to win by 68 points. Our biggest improvement from last year’s race was Brittany Sumsion, who ran 1:57 faster.

JV Girls:
1 Meghan Hedquist 20:19
2 Julianne Wirthlin 20:45
9 Talya Kussee 21:18
10 Lizzy Wallin 21:19
11 Brittany Blankenship 21:21
15 Megan Waddoups 21:50
21 Jessica Wilding 22:01
39 Brittany Sumsion 22:38
59 Missy Lott 23:05
66 Morgan Durtschi 23:13
67 Carlee Peterson 23:13
85 Emily Prince 23:37
122 Erica Petty 24:16
123 Michelle Clouse 24:17
TEAM = 1st Place

Chosen as Athletes of the week:
Katie Swanson
Talya Kussee
Seth Gutzwiller
Caleb Ward

Coming up this week:
Wednesday - Open Region Meet @ Barnes Park. 2.75 miles @ 3:45 (let me know if any parents want to bring refreshments)

Saturday - Orem Invitational @ UVSC
Girls JV - 9:00 am
Boys JV - 10:00 am
Girls Varsity - 10:30 am
Boys Varsity - 11:00 am
Open Race - 11:30 (if any of you have parents or siblings that want to run let me know).
* We should be home at about 1:00 for those of you with Homecoming Dates :)

Let’s stay positive and focused and continue to come together as a TEAM. Thanks for making Boise such a fun (and loud) trip. I really feel lucky to have the job that I have and I am blessed to associate with each of you. A special thanks to Brad Anderson, Dave King, Steve and Rhonda Petty, Kenneth and Coach Richardson, and Stefanie and Ashlyn for all the help and for making the trip so much fun. (Actually, maybe no thanks to Ken, for scaring my daughter to death, and scarring her for life.)

~Coach Talley

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