Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 10 Update

With the 1st meet of the season coming up this week, we are looking strong and ready to go. I am sure that most of you are anxious to see where you are at this point. As coaches, we are excited about the TEAMwork and the enthusiasm that you are bringing to practice. We need to keep that dedication and commitment going through these next few important weeks.
The TEAM ran well in the 300m time trial. Benson Richards and Taylor Carling led the way running in the 36s (Greg Johnson was the 2nd fastest ever with last year's 36.6), and then we had 4 more guys in the 37s. The girls showed a lot of depth and were led by Missy Lott’s 44.

Even in the limited workouts we have had so far, senior leadership has been very evident. There was probably more “coaching” done by the veteran athletes than by the coaches. Knowledgeable juniors and seniors that serve as assistant coaches have always been a big key to our success. We need to keep that going! Experienced athletes look for ways to help out; younger athletes do what you can to learn and be ready to lead in the future.

Voting for captains will take place this week on Wednesday. Look for athletes who will help us reach our TEAM goals.

Uniforms will be handed out Saturday morning at 9:00am before our workout. All paperwork must be completed (including “U’s” cleared) and fees paid to receive a uniform.
Other apparel will be ordered in the near future. Watch for the order forms early this week.

Friday (14th) will be another edition the Intrasquad/Alumni meet. It’s always great to see what shape our athletes are in, and we should have some alumni show up who are still in pretty good shape. The meet will begin at 3:00pm

Mar 14 Alumni/Intrasquad Meet (3:00)
Mar 15 Uniforms handed out @ 9:00 am
Mar 19 Layton/Viewmont @ Davis (3:00)
Mar 25 Girls Super Meet @ Davis (3:00)
Mar 26 Boys Super Meet @ Davis (3:00)
Apr 5 Alta Invitational
Apr 8-9 Davis District @ Woods X (3:00)
Apr 12 UHSTCA Inv @ Syracuse (9:00)
Apr 11-12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
Apr 16 Syracuse/Clearfield @ Davis (3:00)

“The WILL TO WIN means nothing without the WILL TO PREPARE”.

Coach Talley
Coach West
Coach McFadden
Coach Parrish

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