Friday, May 2, 2008

Davis Invite 2008 (Part 2)


"We gotta get in shape before the Invite!"

"One for the Money! Two for the show! Three for Brad 'cause he is one bad mutha and we love him as much as we love sliced bread, which is really cool since we don't need to risk cutting off fingers or other appendages that may have gotten in the way of the knife! Oh yeah, and all for Davis High!"

Future Champions trying out the Awards stand.

"Listen kid, you need to get out of here before we all burn up in a giant fireball of Awesomeness. Your Dad is about all the cool we can handle. Add in you little stud muffins and we are headed for a disaster of the most awesome kind." Shouted Corbin as he hauled Brad's kids away.

"Woo hoo, my outfit is the craziest!"

"Oh Yeah, I'm gonna run with just one shoe! It's gonna be out of site!"

"Listen McFadden" Corbin said in a serious voice saved for only the most serious conversations. "If you move to Cody, Wyomin', you will be at least 6 hours away from us. You know good and well that Brad and I have a club called 'Awesome Dudes', that is for awesome dudes. But it only supports Davis, since awesome dudes support awesome schools. Do you really wanna give up such a radical experience to hang with such radical, bodacious, and studly dudes?" Jamie held her silence for a moment before saying: "Listen Fadden, don't think you can just walk out of our lives to move to Wyomin', and think you can just Texas Two step back anytime you want. We have let you have a taste of the extreme coolness that drips from us. I think we even let you give Brad a 'high five'. You owe us McFadden. You owe us. Your leaving has really, what should I say, oh yeah, McMaddened us." *This may or may not be what they really said.

"Thanks Corbin" Buhrley said in his best Tom Selleck voice. "It just feels a little awkward being in the hall of fame when all Brad got was a lousy T-Shirt. You do realize he taught me how to strut like I do don't you. Yep, that was 'The Sultan of Stud'. 'The King of Cool', 'The Arm Wrestler of Awesome', The Author of Amazing'. 'The chef of..."
"Yeah we get it." Corbin interrupted.

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