Saturday, May 8, 2010

Track Update - Region Champions!!

Darts -
Outstanding job by all at the region championships. We fought hard, we showed TEAMwork, we had some fun, we supported each other, and through our ups and downs, we came away with another TEAM championship for both the boys and the girls. Great job to those who competed and those who were there to support. It seems like we didn't have too many meets this year with ideal conditions for competing, but we stayed positive through most of it, controlled the things that we could control (like our attitudes) and we had a very successful season. With one big championship to go, we are ready to give our very best and fight right down to the end.
The girls had to come together and really step up their performances on the second day to come away with the close victory. We scored 133 points to beat Viewmont (118), Weber (100), and Syracuse (90). Many of the girls teams in our region are tough this year, and it was a championship we had to earn. Our outstanding performances came from Sylvia Harrison - 1st in the 100m, 2nd in the 100 hurdles, 2nd in the medley relay, and 1st in the 4 x 100m. Jessie Wilding - 1st in the 800m, 3rd in the 4 x 400, and 6th in the 1600m. Tara Timothy - 1st in the javelin. Sarah Oldham - 2nd in the 300m hurdles. Brittany Beecher - 3rd in the 300m hurdles, 2nd in the medley, and 8th in the 100 hurdles. Addie Jones - 4th in the 100 hurdles and 8th in the 300 hurdles. Other scorers included - Meghan Hedquist - 6th in the 3200, 2nd in the medley. Emily Hansen - 5th in the 3200m. Anna Ward - 4th in the 800, 3rd in the 4 x 400. Anni Andersen - 5th in the 800, 7th in the 1600. Abby Frodsham - 5th in the 1600, 7th in the 3200. Tessa Brown - 8th in the 3200. Kenzie Harrison - 6th in the 300 hurdles. Dani Figgins - 1st in the 4 x 100. Kayla Sagers - 1st in the 4 x 100, 8th in the 200, 3rd in the 4 x 400. Missy Lott - 1st in the 4 x 100, 7th in the 200m, and 8th in the 400m. Tara Anderson - 2nd in the medley, 3rd in the 4 x 400. Madi Holt - 2nd in the medley. Amelia Jones - 3rd in the discus. Boston Workman - 5th in the discus. Michelle Clark - 8th in the javelin. Meagan Storey - 6th in the long jump. And Katie Taylor - 8th in the long jump. There were also some great prs by Caitlin Miller, Brooke Stromberg, Julia Anderson, Megan Parker, Karaline Vandemerwe, Jessica Young, and Madi McCleary.
Full results can be found at
The boys had another great region meet (especially on the 2nd day) to score 228 points and come away with an 84 point victory over 2nd place Syracuse. Our outstanding performances came from Ben Poulson - 1st in the 400 (50.19), 1st in the 800 (1:56), and 1st in the 4 x 400. Kyler Sprague - 1st in the 110 hurdles, 1st in the 300 hurdles (39.35), and 1st in the 4 x 400. Troy Hinds - 1st in the 100m, 1st in the 4 x 100, and 2nd in the 200m. Ben Keaton - 2nd in the 400m, 3rd in the 200m, and 1st in the 4 x 100m. Logan Petty - 2nd in the 1600, 2nd in the 3200, and 2nd in the medley relay. Tyson Bullock - 1st in the long jump, 1st in the 4 x 100m, and 6th in the 200m. Alec Pectol - 1st in the high jump, 5th in the 110 hurdles. Other scorers included: Spencer Betker - 2nd in the javelin. Houston Merrill - 4th in the javelin. Alex Swapp - 8th in the javelin. Landon Simonsen - 5th in the shot put. Mark Lindstrom - 6th in the discus. Conrad Daley - 2nd in the high jump. Dalton Facer - 4th in the high jump, 4th in the 110hurdles, and 5th in the 300 hurdles. Tanner Hinds - 6th in the 100m. Brad Nye - 3rd in the 800, 1st in the 4 x 400. Joe White - 5th in the 800, 1st in the 4 x 400. Austin Neuner - 3rd in the 3200. And Mike King 6th in the 1600 and 6th in the 3200. There were also some great prs from Greg Tanner, Jason Thomas, Matt Swanson, Gavin Fowler, CJ Bartleson, Andrew Duncan, Brandon Farnsworth, Austin Allred, Spencer Jones, Jason Barfuss, and Joe Albrechtsen.
Going into the state meet it is important that those competing prepare themselves in every way they can. Physically you want to be getting rest, eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, icing what needs to be iced, and doing the final workouts perfectly. Mentally you want to be getting excited, thinking confidently and positively, and be focused on having fun and doing your very best. Those that are coming down to watch and cheer, bring a lot of positive energy to your teammates and help them to perform their best. We will also need to be organized with rides and equipment and make sure that all of those types of things are ready to go.

Coming Up:
Mandatory Meeting - Monday, May 10 - after school - in the bleachers. We will be going over the sophomore region information and some state meet information.
Sophomore Region - Tuesday, May 11 - at Syracuse High. The meet starts at 3:00pm. You will be excused from class at 1:45 the bus will leave as quickly as possible (close to 2:00) Dan Hayward and Coach Agnello will be running the show - they will answer all of your questions and concerns. The meet is for all sophomores, for juniors and seniors that didn't make the region mark, and for juniors and seniors in events where they didn't make the region mark. Only sophomores will score - so we would like all of our sophomores to go out and represent the TEAM.
Junior High South End Meet - Tuesday, May 11 - we will be setting up quickly during the A-day class. I will need the help of everyone not going to the sophomore meet. We will especially need help from those who are not going to the sophomore meet, and are also not in the state meet. If you want to help your teammates out who are going to state, step up and take care of this south end meet. It is a big fundraiser for our TEAM, and we need all the help we can get.
State Meeting - Thursday, May 13 @ 2:30. Boys will meet in my classroom (2512) and girls will meet in a place to be announced. All members of the TEAM should attend the meeting.
State Championships - Friday and Saturday, May 14-15 @ BYU. There will be a bus going down both days. Those wishing to go on Friday should sign up for the excuse list with Coach Talley sometime this week. You can only be on the excuse list if you are going to be at the meet. The bus will leave at 6:30 am both days. Some of the athletes competing will be staying at the hotel across the street from the track. Any athletes wishing to stay down in the Provo area on Thursday or Friday night should make arrangements to do so. The coaches are only going to be able to make arrangements for those athletes competing early in the morning on either day.
Uniform Turn in - Monday, May 17. If you do not turn in your uniform, there will be a $50 fine in your name at the school.

Athletes of the Week:
Troy Hinds
Mike King
Abby Frodsham
Addie Jones
Anni Andersen

Thanks for all that you have done this season. Thanks for your passion for the sport and for the TEAM. Let's do all we can this week to set us up for an incredible state championships.

Coach Talley

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