Sunday, March 20, 2011

Davis Track Update - Sacrifice for Greatness

Darts -
First of all, great job on the first meet of the season. I thought for the most part, the Alumni Meet was very successful. We had some good opening marks, most of you seemed to be having a good time, and it is nice to get the first meet behind us. It was also very nice to see some of the Davis track & field alumni showing they have maintained some ability. The alumni picked up quite a few first place finishes: Alayna Ferrin in the Shot Put and Discus, Jamie West in the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles, Ben Jacobsen in the 300 hurdles, Shaun Webb in the 110 hurdles, Jared Ward in the 1600m, and Tara Timothy in the Javelin. They also had their share of top 6 place finishes, but mostly it was just nice to see them back on the track with us--and nice to see those who came to watch and support as well. Thanks to those of you who were able to come and participate. You have all helped build quite a legacy in track & field at Davis High. One of these days, the alumni might win the meet.
In the end, the sophomores got the victory. Before adjusting the scores, the seniors scored 325 points (top 6 places score points in each event), the sophomores scored 209.5, the alumni scored 182, and the juniors ended with 171.5. We always adjust the scores to make it a little more competitive for the younger classes. With the scores adjusted, the sophomores come away with the victory. While our seniors are still incredibly strong this year, it does show us that we hope to have a solid 2 years in front of us as well. For full results, you can go to One of the best things I saw at the alumni meet this year was the improvement by some of you as individuals to your marks from a year ago - even though the conditions were not ideal.

While we as coaches were pleased with some of the things we saw, we also feel there are some things to work on. At this first meet it was apparent that we could use an increase in toughness and competitiveness. We challenge you each to work really hard over the next few weeks on looking for opportunities to push yourselves and challenge your limits. Don't be afraid of a little pain. The old saying really is true: "No pain, no gain". We feel that being your best takes getting out of your comfort zone. It takes a little bit of courage. It takes jumping into the 4 x 400 at the end of a meet, even if you might have been discouraged from your other events, or even if it might be cold and windy, or even if you are tired from competing. We feel we have the opportunity to accomplish some great things this season, but it is going to take more heart, more focus, more determination, and more TEAMwork.
It is also going to take sacrifice. When we get to the State Championships in 9 weeks, I want to be able to say that as a TEAM we are ready to go and that as a TEAM we have prepared and sacrificed, so that when we come away with 2 first place trophies, we can say that we earned it - together - as a TEAM. By sacrifice, I mean coming to Saturday practices, I mean staying late after practice to get some extra help on throwing technique or block starts, I mean going to bed early so that your body recovers from workouts, I mean eating healthy and hydrating so that you have the energy to work out and race, I mean looking for ways to help your teammates rather than just focusing on your own personal bests. I think you get the idea. The season might seem long from where we are right now, and while there is enough time to prepare and get to where we want to be, it will also be over before you know it. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to improve and to work.

Coming Up:
1. Monday Practice - We will be meeting at the school at 2:00 pm tomorrow (Monday, the 21st). If the weather is bad, we will meet in the big gym. If it is nice, we will be outside in the bleachers. The boys will be working out pretty hard, the girls will be going light in preparation for the Super Meet on Tuesday. We will be going over meet assignments and doing some field prep, so we will need your help.

2. The Davis Super Meet - the girls will compete on Tuesday (beginning at 3:00pm), and the boys' meet is on Wednesday. I have attached what you will be competing in at the meet. If you are not on the list, it is either because of attendance or because your marks did not quite qualify for the meet. Those of you not competing will still be helping at the meet and will still earn letter points for doing so. Keep working hard - you will have more chances as the season goes on.
There will be an excuse list on Tuesday (at 1:30) for those who are not in the class, and at 1:30 on Wednesday for everyone (if you need to stay longer in your 8th period class on Wednesday, get out to the track ASAP).

3. Upcoming Schedule -
March 29-30 (Tuesday/Wednesday) - Davis District Championships at Syracuse High
April 2 (Saturday) - UVU Invite (we can enter 5 in each event - for those of you who will not be out of town for spring break)
April 4-9 - Spring Break - We will have practice on Monday & Tuesday in the morning for those of you who are in town.

4. Eligibility - If you have not turned it in, could you please do so ASAP.

5. Warm up Order #2 - will be here this week. If you have paid, you will get your sweats.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Coach Talley

ps. If any parents would like to be added to the email list - please send me an email with the address.

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