Monday, May 23, 2011

Took State Twice.

Took State Twice.
by Brad V. Anderson

If your team has ever taken State
you'd know that it feels nice.
We liked that feeling so darn much
we went on and took State twice.
One trophy's an achievement,
Taking State will warm your hearts.
But one trophy is the status quo,
and remember we are DARTS!
We figured since we have two arms,
two ears, two legs, two eyes.
We'd also take two trophies,
one for girls and one for guys.
Sure the other teams were all put off:
"Davis winning gets so old."
Well not as old as they might think,
'cause we look good in Gold!
Our trophy case is bulging,
we've got room for not much more.
But we had to take two trophies
since we had such high a score.
And all those first place medals,
yeah, we went home with those too.
And every single single relay
felt just like a deja vu.
Every paper in the State
has got a Dart on the front page.
They wrote about our victories
and 'bout this golden age.
Folks used words like "Domination"
and with that I do agree.
I don't think that it is just by chance
that this word starts with D.
'Cause when Davis walks into a joint,
we're there 'cause gold has beckoned.
But all is not lost on your work,
they still give trophies for second.

NOTE TO READER: Yep, we came. We saw. We took home both trophies. State went okay!

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