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Final 2014 Track Update - State Championships

Darts - 
It was a long, challenging two days at the state championships at BYU this weekend. Although the outcome was not what we were hoping for, I could not have been more proud of our TEAM effort and our unity. I hope that when each of you evaluate the greatness of this TEAM and the success of this season, that you will consider all that we accomplished throughout the year. Our boys were undefeated going into the state meet - Super Meet Champs, Herriman Champs, Davis District Champs, Woods Cross Champs, BYU Champs, and Region Champs. The girls had a ton of success as well - Super Meet Champs, runner-up at Herriman, Davis District Champs, Woods Cross Champs, BYU Champs, and Region Champs. Plus we put on one of the best-run, most memorable Davis Invites ever. In addition to all that, we had some incredible individual performances, school records, and all-time marks this season. I really think that I will look back on this year with so many great memories of what we were able to accomplish - and even more importantly, I will remember this TEAM as one with character, toughness, and togetherness. 
The girls put together a very strong state championships to finish 2nd to a Herriman team that is one of the strongest in state history. I thought if we got to 90 points it would be a good meet for us - we ended with 106 (if the pole vault would have been scored this year, we would have been 120). Taylor Cox scored the most points for the team with 20.5. Melanie Sullivan (just a sophomore) scored our 2nd most with 13.5, Hannah Albrechtsen scored 9, Jordan Barnett scored 8.5, Kendall Sargent scored 8, and our freshman trio (Aubrey, Ally, and Miah) scored a total of 18 together. Our distance runners performed very well, scoring 51 points in their 3 races. The hurdlers were also very strong with 14 points. Our relays were huge for us, scoring 22 points in the 3 races. Considering the amount of points we graduated a year ago, I could not have been happier with our progress this season and our performance at the state championships. It is the 11th year in a row that the girls finished in the top 2 (six 1st places, five 2nd places).  
The boys were faced with some major adversity on Friday when Trevor pulled up at the end of his 100m trials race with a hamstring injury. The injury kept him out of the rest of his events, but Trevor continued to show why he is such a champion. He watched every race for the rest of the track meet and cheered on and supported his teammates. It is still difficult for me to express my gratitude and respect for Trevor and what he means for our TEAM. Sometimes experiences and challenges like this one can mean more (and teach us so much more) than any victory. I think we all saw what a true leader and true champion is made of - not just at the state meet, but throughout the year as we have watched Trevor workout and race and be our captain. 
The boys fought as hard as we could through our ups and downs. We had some very strong performances from our young TEAM, and some inspiring performances from our seniors as well. Andrew Tyndall came through big for us with a victory in the pole vault - it was our only individual state title of the 2 days (for boys or girls). Nate Allred (sophomore) had a huge jump of 6'05 in the high jump to capture 2nd place. Logan MacKay (sophomore) raced strong and smart in the 800 to get a PR of 1:55 and to finish 4th. Matt Calvin (sophomore) finished 5th in the pole vault with 13'00. Palmer Flood (junior) was 6th in the 300 hurdles with another PR (39.09). Josh Ward ran very gutsy in the 3200 to finish 7th with 9:31. And Jaron Erickson (sophomore) finished 8th in the hurdles, despite having broke his elbow on Tuesday. 
It was truly an emotional 2 days with a lot of challenges, but also a lot of tough performances. I thought we responded well to the challenges, and I thought we did a great job competing for our TEAM. It was also great to have so many Davis athletes there to cheer their teammates on and show some great support - we were once again the loudest team. 
I just want to quickly thank all the parents of the TEAM for their continued support, encouragement, trust, and excitement for our program - we could not be what we are without their help. I want to thank our incredible coaching staff for stepping up time and time again this season, and for being so amazing with their sacrifices, their expertise, and their love for the sport and for our athletes. And I want to thank each of you for putting so much heart and work and sacrifice into making this year something special. You will be remembered as a TEAM that came together in adversity, that rose every time you fell, and that represented Davis Track & Field with toughness, honor, and pride. Seniors - Thanks for all you have done for our program - it has been a great pleasure working with each of you and getting to know each of you and learning from each of you. 

Important Items
Uniform Turn-in: Wednesday, May 21st. If you are in the track class, please bring your uniform to class. If you are an after school athlete - just bring it out to the track right after school. PLEASE turn it in on Wednesday - I don't want to be dealing with it all through the next week. You need to turn in your Brown (boys) and Gold (girls) top and any gold shorts you checked out from the team. You can keep your throw-backs. 

TEAM Banquet/BBQ - Wednesday, May 21st at 5:00pm at Barnes Park. We will barbecue some hamburgers and hot dogs and give out a few awards. The barbecue is just for athletes. Please bring a dessert if you are able (not everyone has to bring a dessert). We will provide the rest of the food. 

Track Class/Practice - We will not hold any more after school practices. If you are in the track class, you are still required to come to class (on time). We will be taking attendance. We will be cleaning stuff up and playing games this week in track class.

Guatemala 5k - I would like to encourage EVERYONE who is willing and able to support Logan MacKay, Stokton Smith, and Colter Blanchard as they raise money for summer humanitarian trip to Guatemala. They are putting on a 5k this Saturday (the 24th) at the Lagoon trails. You can talk to them for more details - I believe registration can be done through any of them, on, or on the morning of the race. I would also encourage you to invite any family members, friends, and neighbors to participate. I really hope that our TEAM shows up for the support of some of our hardest working teammates. 

Cross Country Meeting - For those of you interested in running cross country this summer and fall, we will have a meeting on Tuesday, May 27th at 3:00pm in my classroom - we will actually start right after the 9th graders show up. Sprinters should not be afraid to run cross country if you are not doing any other fall sports. 200m, 400m, and even 110m Hurdle state champions have also run cross country - it does not make you lose your speed - but I promise it will add to your strength and speed endurance. We will occasionally do faster track workouts with those of you who are sprinters/hurdlers. Plus, you will have a great TEAM experience with cross country if you give it a try. I promise.

Thanks again for a great year. I am very much looking forward to next year and I hope you all are as well. 
Coach Talley

Davis State Championship Results:
Elise Berning - 13.03 (PR) - 12th place
Melanie Sullivan - 25.93 (PR) - 6th - Davis #9 All Time
Elise Berning - 26.11 (PR) - 8th - Davis #12 All Time
Melanie Sullivan - 57.33 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #2 All Time
Taylor Cox - 2:12.55 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #2 All Time
Ally Geisler - 2:18.89 - 4th - Top Freshman
Hannah Albrechtsen - 2:19.15 - 5th 
Josey Hedquist - 2:19.82 - 8th 
Tatum Beard - 2:21.96 - 13th
Miah Weaver - 2:24.97 - 16th (only Davis runner to qualify for all 3 distance races)
Taylor Cox - 4:59.83 (PR) - 2nd - Already #2 on the All Time list
Hannah Albrechtsen - 5:06.23 (PR) - 4th - Davis #7 All Time
Ally Geisler - 5:10.19 (PR) - 6th - Davis #10 All Time - top freshman in the race
Kenzie Weir - 5:10.72 (PR) - 8th - Davis #11 All Time
Aubrey Argyle - 5:10.98 - 9th - Already #9 on All Time list
Miah Weaver - 5:11.25 (PR) - 11th - Davis #14 All Time
Chelsey Johnson - 5:21.15 - 19th - Already #13 on the All Time list
Aubrey Argyle - 10:59.35 - 3rd - Already #3 All Time - top freshman in the race
Miah Weaver - 11:08.20 (PR) - 5th - Davis #6 All Time
Ashley Tyndall - 11:08.78 (PR) - 6th - Davis #7 All Time
Kenzie Weir - 11:13.20 - 7th - Already #5 All Time
Sam Hedquist -11:40.26 - 14th
Chelsey Johnson - 11:45.59 - 17th
100 Hurdles
Olivia Richards - 15.27 (PR) - 6th - Davis #9 All Time
Hailee Carattini - 15.67 - 9th
300 Hurdles
Jordan Barnett - 45.25 (PR) - 3rd - Davis #5 All Time  
Megan Rowe - 45.47 (PR) - 4th - Davis #7 All Time
Kendall Sargent - 121'06 - 2nd - Davis #7 All Time
Pole Vault
Paige Erickson - 10'00 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #3 All Time
Liz Jones - 8'06 (PR) - 4th - Davis #11 All Time
Gentry Keaton - 8'00 (PR) - 8th
Ashley Lawson - 6'06 - 13th
4 x 100
Olivia Richards, Elise Berning, Sarah Beecher, Rachel Anderson - 49.56 - 5th place - Davis #8 All Time
Medley Relay
Rachel Anderson, Sarah Beecher, Josey Hedquist, Taylor Cox  (Megan Rowe in trials) - 4:09.34 - 2nd - Davis #5 All Time
4 x 400 Relay
Jordan Barnett (60.2), Rachel Anderson (59.6), Melanie Sullivan (57.5), Taylor Cox (57.5), (BriAnna Gipson and Josey Hedquist in trials) - 3:55.99 - 1st place - Davis #2 All Time
Team Scores - 
1. Herriman - 139
2. Davis - 106 (120 with pole vault which will count next year)
3. Riverton - 69
4. Syracuse - 63
5. Weber - 54.5
6. Bingham - 33
7. Fremont - 25
8. Alta - 24
9. Hillcrest - 18
10. West Jordan - 16

Jordan Goldsberry - 11.28 (PR) - 11th - top underclassman in the race
Trevor Leavitt - 11.29 - 12th
Ty Hinds - 11.30 - 13th - #2 underclassman in the race
Ty Hinds - 22.49 (PR) - 9th - Davis #10 All Time
Rylee Chilcote - 52.45 - 15th
Logan MacKay - 1:55.59 (PR) - 4th - top underclassman in the race - Davis #6 all time
Josh Ward - 4:22.19 - 12th
Logan MacKay - 4:24.99 - 18th
Stokton Smith - 4:31.99 - 21st
Josh Ward - 9:31.86 (PR) - 7th
Stokton Smith - 9:51.12 - 14th
110m Hurdles
Jaron Erickson - 15.43 - 8th - Top sophomore in the race 
Palmer Flood - 15.56 - 11th
300m Hurdles
Palmer Flood - 39.09 (PR) - 6th - Davis #13 All Time 
Todd Froisland - 40.89 (PR) - 13th
Derek Parry - 42.54 - 18th
Shot Put 
Dallin Baires - 47'01 - 10th - #2 underclassman in the event
Dallin Baires - 135'06 - 9th - #3 underclassman in the event
KJ Bishop - 148'04 - 9th
High Jump
Nate Allred - 6'05 (PR) - 2nd - top underclassman in the event (sophomore)
Hunter Simonsen - 6'01- 13th
Nate Butterfield - 5'09 - 19th
Long Jump
Matt Calvin - 20'09 - 11th - #1 sophomore in the event
Derrek Parry - 20'06 - 12th
Hunter Simonsen - 19'07 - 15th
Pole Vault
Andrew Tyndall - 14'09 - STATE CHAMPION!!  
Matt Calvin - 13'00 - 5th - top underclassman in the event (sophomore)
4 x 100m
Ty Hinds, Jacob Moffet, Jordan Goldsberry, Colton Chronister - 43.22 - 8th
Medley Relay
Jacob Moffet, Jordan Goldsberry, Colton Chronister, Skylar Williams - 3:39.19 - 10th 
4 x 400m Relay
Gabe Alfaro, Colton Chronister, Rylee Chilcote, Palmer Flood - 3:24.35 in trials, tripped in finals (3:29.40) - 7th 

Team Scores 
1. Riverton - 120
2. Herriman - 88
3. Bingham - 62
4. Lehi - 60
5. Lone Peak - 44.5
6. American Fork - 37
7. Davis - 36
8. Syracuse - 35
9. West Jordan - 28
10. Jordan - 28

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