Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Region 2 Championships Schedule

Wednesday-Thursday (May 11-12)
Davis High School

2:30-3:15     Weigh-in
3:15-    Girls Long Jump          Trials and Finals
Girls Javelin                 Trials and Finals
Girls Shot Put               Trials and Finals
Boys Discus                 Trials and Finals
Boys High Jump          Finals
Boys Pole Vault           Finals

3:30-    Girls 100m Hurdles    Trials
3:45-    Boys 110m Hurdles    Trials
4:00-    Girls 100m Dash         Trials
4:10-    Boys 100m Dash         Trials
4:20-    Girls 1600m Run         Finals
4:40-    Girls 400m Dash         Trials
4:55-    Boys 400m Dash         Trials
5:10-    Girls 300m Hurdles    Trials
5:20-    Boys 300m Hurdles    Trials
5:35-    Boys 1600m Run         Finals
5:50-    Girls 200m Dash         Trials
6:00-    Boys 200m Dash         Trials

2:30-3:15     Weigh-in

3:15-    Any Necessary Run-offs

3:15-    Girls High Jump          Finals
Girls Pole Vault           Finals
Girls Discus                 Trials and Finals
Boys Long Jump          Trials and Finals 
Boys Shot Put            Trials and Finals
Boys Javelin                Trials and Finals

3:30-    Boys 3200m Run #1   Finals
3:45-    Girls 100m Hurdles    Finals
3:50-    Boys 110m Hurdles    Finals
3:55-    Girls 100m Dash         Finals
4:00-    Boys 100m Dash         Finals
4:05-    Girls 3200m Run #1   Finals
4:20-    Girls 4x100m Relay    Finals
4:25-    Boys 4x100m Relay   Finals
4:35-    Girls 3200m Run #2   Finals
4:50-    Girls 400m Dash         Finals
4:55-    Boys 400m Dash         Finals
5:00-    Girls 300m Hurdles    Finals
5:05-    Boys 300m Hurdles    Finals
5:15-    Girls 800m Run           Finals
5:25-    Boys 800m Run           Finals
5:40-    Girls Medley Relay     Finals
5:50-    Boys Medley Relay    Finals
6:00-    Girls 200m Dash         Finals
6:05-    Boys 200m Dash         Finals
6:10-    Boys 3200m Run #2   Finals
6:25-    Girls 4x400m Relay    Finals
6:35-    Boys 4x400m Relay   Finals

6:45 -   Team Award Presentations

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