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Darts - 
Sorry it took me a few days to get this email sent out. I am still processing everything that went on, and as I replay the events of the state meet, I am filled with pride and gratitude. That was one of the most exciting and unforgettable state championships in Davis Track & Field history. Both the boys and the girls put so much heart, toughness, and unity into this season and into the state championship meet. Despite plenty of challenges and setbacks, we never gave up; we stayed strong right to the end, and then we took advantage of our opportunity to win both titles. I kind of got carried away with my write up, but here goes...

Girls Summary
The girls state meet could have come down to any one of 4 teams winning the title. We may have had a slight predicted points advantage going in, but there were 3 teams within a small striking distance of 10 points. As we have learned in the past, anything could happen. We would have to be on our game and do everything in our power to score points. 
The first day started strong for the girls. Ruby Jane had a monster throw in the javelin with a 9 foot PR (113 feet) that was followed up by Katelyn Hoskins' PR of 111'09--they finished 4th and 5th and gave us the great start we were hoping for. Our first event on the track was the 1600 where we had 5 seniors qualified. Aubrey Argyle, Ally Geisler, and Miah Weaver all ran under 5:08 and all scored points by finishing in the top 8. In our other field event finals, Mary Page had a great throw in the shot put for 6th place, picking up 3 more points; Ashley Harris came up big on her 3rd attempt at 10'00 in the pole vault to grab a 6th place finish; and Kassidy Webb qualified for finals and finished 9th, but barely scratched on a very impressive final jump that would have been in the 16'06 range. In the trials on the track we qualified everything we needed throughout the day - Corina in the 100m, Ruby Jane and Becky in both of the hurdles, and all three relays. It was a very steady day, and we had quite a few girls step in getting our relays qualified: Olivia Griffin, Keslee Stephenson, Lindsay DiReda, Gabi Uboldi, and Olivia Franks. We finished the day in a good position to go after the title on day two.
Aubrey started us off with a very strong effort in the 3200m. She ran a gutsy race and a very quick final lap of 71.8 to pick up 3rd place with a season best 10:52. It is Aubrey's third time being top 3 in the 3200 in her career (would have been all 4 if it weren't for a stress fracture as a junior). Ruby Jane and Becky picked up some much needed points in the 100 hurdles with their 3rd and 7th place finishes. Olivia Griffin had a clutch jump on her first attempt at 5'01 to finish 7th in the high jump and give us a few more points--Liv was a great surprise for us in the high jump this season. Our 4 x 100 team ran their fastest times of the year at state (49.58 in trials and 49.74 in finals) to give us a 4th place finish--even if they weren't satisfied, Lindsay, Keslee, Gabi, and Corina ran a very clean, focused race when the pressure was on. We picked up our only individual championship of the meet in the 300m hurdles where Ruby Jane stayed strong down the stretch to finish 1st in 44.00 (she narrowly missed the school record in the trials with her PR of 43.74). Becky closed like an animal with a PR of 45.25 for 4th place. They have worked out together for 2 years side by side and they ran all 4 of their hurdle races at the state meet in side-by-side lanes. Those two have been the best examples of teammates working together and pushing each other unselfishly. With only 3 events remaining (for us), the girls 800m was crucial. We need at least 10 points--Ally Geisler ran a courageous race and nearly pulled off the upset with her 2:14 PR, good enough for 2nd--Ally has finished 4th-2nd-2nd-2nd in her 4 years in the 800m; Aubrey Argyle finished her legendary career at Davis with her 10th All-State finish (including xc and track) and 3 more crucial points for 6th place (2:19), and Miah Weaver showed so much toughness with her 9th place finish (2:21). Miah has run the 1600-3200-800 triple nearly all 4 years of her high school career (only missing the 800 as a sophomore); she has shown so much heart race after race. Those 3 distance seniors have been the core of our TEAM in track and XC for all 4 years--it was so fun to see them end with a TEAM title after being a part of three 2nd place finishes. Ally bounced back about 50 minutes after the 800m to run another 800m as the anchor of our medley relay. We really needed a top 3 finish and our sprinters (Lindsay, Corina, and Keslee) put us in a perfect position. Ally got the baton in 3rd (neck and neck with the girl who beat her in the 800m) and made a strong move with 300m to go to pull away from the pack and give us 2nd place points (beating the 800m champion by :06). That 800m-Medley 800 double takes a certain kind of toughness, and Ally has been all over that for 3 straight years! 
After a couple of strong finishes from the Syracuse girls in the 200m dash and the discus, it all came down to the 4 x 400 with 3 teams left in the team title race. The scores before the 4 x 400 were Davis (78), Syracuse (76.5), and Herriman (70). Ruby Jane gave us a strong start, Olivia Franks stepped up under pressure and passed off to Becky neck and neck with Weber for 1st place, when Becky hit the 200m mark, she opened up and pulled away, and then Ally put down the hammer and anchored us to a near school record time of 3:54.80 for the win. It was a fitting way to seal the deal and lock up the TEAM title. 
EVERY girl on this TEAM was contributing. Everyone of them gave their best possible efforts and made sacrifices for their teammates. And it was great to see so many girls who hadn't qualified there to support and encourage and scream their lungs out for their TEAM. Coming back off of last year's loss by 1.5 points, it was so rewarding to see these girls put together such a strong meet as a group! I cannot think of a more deserving group of girls. 

Boys Summary
Coming into the meet, we knew that this would be one of the most competitive team battles in 5A history (with some extremely deep individual events as well). On paper (rankings/predictions), we were a slight underdog to Syracuse--maybe 10 points--and neck and neck with American Fork because of their strong distance trio. It was evident the winning team would have to score over 110 points. 
Our first event for the boys was the 1600m on Friday morning. We had a stellar group of boys in the race (our distance boys finished 4th in the nation in cross country), and they ran some solid times, but distance points were going to be extremely hard to come by in the state championship this year with the depth of the distance runners currently in Utah. Frasier was our top finisher in 11th with 4:22. We may not have picked up points, but our boys ran a fearless race and set a tone that we could build off of. Our 2nd final was the high jump, and it was a crucial one. Xakai Harry, Johnny Thornton, and Andrew Simonsen did a tremendous job of energizing and inspiring each other. I started watching at 6'02--and it was obvious that Johnny had been playing tennis during everyone of my illegal uniform lectures. I witnessed him fly over the bar in a white, long sleeve Davis basketball shirt and gray sweat pants (straight from the 90s). Although he was disappointed to change into the proper uniform, he still cleared 6'04 and finished 5th. Xakai came up HUGE for us with a 1st place finish, tying his PR with 6'08, and beating the top returner from last year. As the first day went on, we qualified just enough on the track to keep us in it--Caleb, Andrew, and Carter in the 110 Hurdles; Andrew, Caleb, and Kelton in the 300 Hurdles; Jade and Sawyer in the 400m; and a huge one--Brendon in the 200m. All 3 relays looked great as well, and we had some guys step up huge for us in getting all 3 qualified: Landon Baird, Riley Stringham, Dallin Anderson, and Jacob Vaughan. In our other two field events, we picked up some much needed points from Cache Arbon in the pole vault--he had a big jump at 14'00 to lock up 5th place, and then went on to PR with 14'03-- and Eli Beard in the discus. Eli finished 2nd, and may not have been satisfied, but scored some important points for us, and was determined to come back for more on day 2. At the end of the first day, we had qualified just enough to stay in it, but Syracuse had put together a phenomenal 1st day and had pulled away from us slightly in predicted points. We went into day 2 looking like we were 10-15 points behind, and we would need to have some monstrous performances. 
The first performance of Saturday morning was Eli Beard in the javelin. Eli picked up the Jav for the first time this year in our final dual meet, and then qualified for state at region. It has not been his primary event, but he was willing to try anything to help our TEAM, particularly since Xakai could not throw this year due to an elbow injury (Xakai took 2nd in the javelin a year ago). Eli gave us just enough points with a 7th place finish. We squeaked out another point from Matt Ward in the 3200m. Matt ran a patient first mile and an extremely gutsy 2nd mile to pick up 8th place. That 1 point may not seem like much, but we weren't ranked to get any points in the distance events, and it was impressive to watch Matt fight so hard through that race for that one point--it captured perfectly our motto for the meet: "Every point counts. Every second, every inch, all the way through the finish line." Coach Agnello did a great job getting the TEAM fired up and inspired throughout the morning, and our small victories would prove to have large implications as the day progressed. Our hurdlers stepped up big time in the 110 Hurdles - all 3 finalists running their PRs to get us a massive 16 points. Caleb was 2nd in 14.95, Andrew leaned for 3rd in 15.05 (ahead of 4th by .01), and Carter ran a big PR with 15.20 for 7th (only .02 in front of 8th)--demonstrating once again the importance of fractions of a second. All three of them have prepared and worked so hard for that moment. Possibly one of the most impressive feats of our TEAM this season is the way Caleb adjusted his hurdling. After a partial tear in his MCL, Caleb could no longer hurdle with his normal trail leg. He had to switch trail legs and did so with a great amount of determination and stubbornness. It is amazing that in just 2 months he has gotten even faster than before, using his opposite trail leg (basically, nothing can stop him). That performance was followed up by our boys 4 x 100m relay where Landon Baird, Xakai Harry, Sawyer Anderl, and Riley Stringham ran very close to our season best and snagged a 3rd place finish. Again, demonstrating poise and focus and teamwork in getting the baton around. We had to work very hard throughout the season to get that down, and I am proud of them for never giving up on it. Xakai was back at it in the long jump right after his 4 x 100 performance. Two weeks ago, he set the Utah state record in the long jump with a 23'11.50, but it was in no way "in the bag". He had to get after it again at state, and locked up a gigantic victory for us with a 23'00 jump. Xakai was competing with some extra energy and purpose and kept talking about getting it done for his TEAM. His double victory in the jumps really kept us in it, and they were our only 2 individual titles of the entire meet for the boys, but most importantly, Xakai competes with heart and passion and he loves his teammates. He'll tell you he is just like everybody else--just out there doing his very best and trying to get better. Jade and Sawyer both left it out on the track as well in the 400m dash where they finished 6th and 8th and added 4 points to our total - again, not satisfied, but getting the job done. I think this really fired them up for the 4 x 400 later in the day. Our trio of boy 300m hurdlers were next. All three of them ran PRs and they really closed hard down the final stretch. Andrew (2nd), Caleb (4th), and Kelton (6th) all got on the podium and racked up another 16 point performance (32 points from the 2 hurdle races). Andrew just about picked up the victory - and would have with 2 more meters in the race. Caleb ran under 39 for the first time, and could only use one of his legs to lead with the entire race (difficult in the 300 hurdles).
As the hurdles were ending, Eli and Yabo were putting the shot in the infield. The two of them have worked so hard this season and both have improved tremendously. We finished 2-5 in the shot put and added 12 points to our total. While Syracuse faltered slightly and gave us a legitimate opportunity for a comeback. Our boys medley ran our best time of the year by :04 seconds, with some great sprint legs by Riley and Andrew, and then a killer 400m leg by Landon (49.5 - his best split of the year), and a 1:57 from Jacob Vaughan - good enough for a 4th place finish. Then in the 200m, Brendon Redford came through for the TEAM with a Davis #8 all-time mark of 22.32 (22.31 in the trials to qualify him). Brendon's time was good enough for 4th, even though he was ranked 11th in the event coming into the state meet. I think it is the fastest a Davis sophomore has ever run. Woodhall from Syracuse set a state record in the 200m (his second of the day after the 400m), and Kaufusi (Syracuse) ran a huge PR and they finished 1-3. It was the perfect placement to set our two teams up for a showdown in the 4 x 400m relay. 
Coming into the relay, we had a 2 point lead (104-102) over Syracuse. The most likely scenario would be for Syracuse (the state's fastest team in history at 3:16 this season) to finish 1st, and our boys to finish 2nd (our best time this year was ranked 2nd at 3:21). That would mean a tie in the team score (112-112) and a share of the championship. A tie has only happened one time in Utah track & field history (1990 between Davis and East for the 4A title). It was a pretty intense atmosphere. Our four guys (Jade, Riley, Sawyer, and Kelton) are all seniors and were all ready for the challenge. They were calm and determined. They were also a little bit in awe of the opportunity and they realized it was their final race in a Davis uniform--it made them a bit emotional, but we could tell they were going to give it everything they had. Jade set the tone with undoubtedly his strongest opening leg of the season. Riley took off strong in the lead, and before he was around the turn, we noticed from the backstretch that Syracuse must have dropped the baton. Riley came down the backstretch with a commanding lead, and Syracuse's 2nd runner was 5-6 seconds back in last place (8 teams). As our boys and their mass of teammates realized what was happening, the intensity increased - Sawyer says "it felt like the track was literally shaking under my feet as I ran in front of the team down the backstretch." Each of our guys ran as hard and as tough as they could. On the final leg, Hunter Woodhall made a courageous effort and moved from 8th to 2nd with 50 meters remaining. He had closed the gap on Kelton and nearly caught our team with an incredible 45.4 final split, but Kelton stayed calm and strong and held on for the victory - clinching the outright state championship for our boys. It ends up that Syracuse was disqualified for tossing the baton in their panic after the drop, but both teams still put on quite a show. It was the most electrifying finish of a state championship that I have ever witnessed. Our team erupted--the excitement had kind of built up after 2 days of an intense battle. It was the 19th boys track title for Davis--the most by any school, and our 9th championship in the past 11 years.

I am so proud of our TEAM for never giving up and for supporting each other so well. I apologize for such a long write up - I imagine most of you won't read the entire thing - but it really was a legendary track meet. We came into the meet wanting to compete with heart and finish with something memorable, and that is what we got. I want to quickly thank our seniors for all of their hard work and sacrifices for the past few years. They have really stepped up over the course of this season, and we will miss them - but they are going to continue to do great things. I want to thank our incredible coaching staff for all of their time and their love of the sport and for these athletes. We are lucky to work with such talented, passionate people. And I want to thank our parents this year for all of there support and trust and love. I feel truly blessed to be part of this program in this community.

Coach Talley
Davis Track & Field

State Rings - If anyone is interested in State Rings, we will meet in my classroom on Tuesday after school. ANYONE can order a state ring (even if you did not compete at state) - but you will have to pay for your own rings (I wish the school or program had that kind of budget). Rings will cost between $150-$250 depending on what kind of style/finish you choose. No one needs to feel like they have to order one. I will send out more information after we meet on Tuesday. We will need to finalize the order by the following Wednesday (5/31).

Uniform Turn in - Please Turn in your uniforms at one of the following times -  Tuesday (right after school), Wednesday (track class or right after school). There will be a $40 fine if you don't turn it in and a $10 late fee if you turn it in after Wednesday, May 24. Please turn them in on time.

Final Schedule Items
Tuesday, 5/23 - Uniform Turn in; State Ring Meeting @ 2:30 in Room 2512 for all interested.
Wednesday, 5/24 - Track Class (Uniform Turn in, Exhibition Races, Clean Up)
Thursday, 5/25 - Track BBQ/Awards Banquet - Barnes Park @ 6:00pm
Tuesday, 5/30 - Cross Country Information Meeting @ 2:40 in Room 2512 

Davis Girls Results - 
100m - Corina Price 13.19 (9th), Gabi Uboldi 13.37 (16th)
800m - Ally Geisler 2:14.63 (2nd), Aubrey Argyle 2:19.26 (6th), Miah Weaver 2:21.05 (9th), Jenna Connell 2:26.14 (18th)
1600m - Aubrey Argyle 5:04.64 (5th), Ally Geisler 5:05.76 (6th), Miah Weaver 5:07.04 (8th), Grace Neuenschwander 5:20.40 (20th), Haylee Downey 5:32.05 (24th)
3200m - Aubrey Argyle 10:52.53 (3rd), Miah Weaver 11:26.42 (13th), Haylee Downey 11:44.58 (18th), Abi Waddoups 12:14.54 (21st)
100 Hurdles - Ruby Jane Mathewson 15.09 (3rd), Becky Swanson 15.95 (7th)
300 Hurdles - Ruby Jane Mathewson 44.00 (1st), Becky Swanson 45.25 (4th)
Pole Vault - Ashley Harris 10'00 (6th), Ashley Taylor 9'06 (9th), Mariah Jenkins 8'00 (17th), Eliza Hafen 8'00 (17th), Katie Fielde3n 8'00 (19th)
Long Jump - Kassidy Webb 15'10.25 (9th)
High Jump - Olivia Griffin 5'01 (7th), Kimberlin Cox 4'11 (15th), Emily Nelson 4'09 (24th)
Javelin - Ruby Jane Mathewson 113'03 (4th), Katelyn Hoskins 111'09 (5th)
Shot Put - Mary Page 36'10.50 (6th)
Discus - Kenzie Sagers 93'10 (14th)
4 x 100 - 49.74 (49.58 in trials) - 4th (Lindsay DiReda, Keslee Stephenson, Gabi Uboldi, Corina Price)
Medley - 4:10.62 (4:17 in trials) - 2nd (Lindsay DiReda, Corina Price, Keslee Stephenson, Ally Giesler, Olivia Griffin and Gabi Uboldi)
4 x 400 - 3:54.80 (4:00 in trials) - 1st (Ruby Jane Mathewson, Olivia Franks, Becky Swanson, Ally Geisler, Olivia Griffin, Keslee Stephenson)
Academic All State - Haylee Downey, Kellie Haddon
Team Scores
  1. Davis - 88
  2. Syracuse - 80.5 
  3. Herriman - 76
  4. Lone Peak - 66
  5. Bingham - 59.5
  6. Weber - 46
  7. Westlake - 35
  8. American Fork - 34

Davis Boys Results
100m - Brendon Redford 11.34 (14th)
200m - Brendon Redford 22.32 (4th)
400m - Jade White 50.06 (6th), Sawyer Anderl 50.73 (8th)
800m - Frasier Williamson 1:59.24 (13th), Mitch Clove 2:00.93 (15th)
1600m - Frasier Williamson 4:22.96 (11th), Jacob Vaughan 4:25.08 (12th), Connor Jones 4:28.89 (16th), Brigham Halverson 4:29.33 (17th), Camren Todd 4:32.52 (18th)
3200m - Matt Ward 9:25.18 (8th), Frasier Williamson 9:31.44 (13th), Camren Todd 9:38.57 (15th), Josh Peters 9:53.73 (16th)
110 Hurdles - Caleb Kamalu 14.95 (2nd), Andrew Simonsen 15.05 (3rd), Carter Hardy 15.20 (7th), Zack Olsen 15.72 (10th), Porter Sweat 15.85 (11th), Kelton Johnson 16.38 (17th)
300 Hurdles - Andrew Simonsen 38.46 (2nd), Caleb Kamalu 38.87 (4th), Kelton Johnson 39.31 (6th)
Pole Vault - Cache Arbon 14'03 (4th), Hayden Conrad 12'00 (26th) 
Long Jump - Xakai Harry 23'00.50 (1st)
High Jump - Xakai Harry 6'08 (1st), Jonathon Thornton 6'04 (5th), Andrew Simonsen 5'10 (15th)
Javelin - Eli Beard 161'02 (2nd)
Shot Put - Eli Beard 54'00.75 (2nd), Isaac Yablonovsky 49'10.50 (5th)
Discus - Eli Beard 169'05 (2nd)
4 x 100 - 43.06, 3rd (43.16 in trials) - Landon Baird, Xakai Harry, Sawyer Anderl, Riley Stringham
Medley - 3:32.98, 4th (3:37.46 in trials) - Riley Stringham, Andrew Simonsen, Landon Baird, Jacob Vaughan (Dallin Anderson in trials)
4 x 400 - 3:21.42, 1st (3:25.53 in trials) - Jade White, Riley Stringham, Sawyer Anderl, Kelton Johnson (Dallin Anderson and Landon Baird in trials).
Academic All-State - Jacob Vaughan, Lance Ford, Camren Todd, Justin Butler
Team Scores
  1. Davis - 114
  2. Syracuse - 102
  3. American Fork - 97
  4. Weber - 60
  5. Lone Peak - 59
  6. Fremont - 36
  7. Riverton - 32
  8. Herriman - 32

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