Sunday, August 5, 2007

XC Update- August 4th


It is nice to be home from camp at Marsh Lake, with my family, clean, sleeping in my own bed, not worrying about getting ice cream rubbed on my face, but I also already miss the fun times and good TEAM atmosphere that we had at camp. I hope we can keep that excitement and enthusiasm and TEAM work going throughout the season.

Thanks to all those who helped make this year's camp a huge success: Coach Buhrley and the Syracuse team; the parents that helped drive; Brad Anderson and his sons; Dave King and his camping expertise; Jared, Erica, Corinne, and Greg (our Super Seniors); and especially all of you athletes that came up and worked hard and played hard. I hope that those of you that did not come this year will have the opportunity some time to see what cross country camp is about.

These were some of the highlights for me:-
Mile Repeats: Even though some of you struggled, the times were fast, and I could see that this TEAM has a lot of guts and is ready to work hard and work together. I can't think of many harder workouts than mile repeats at 9,200 feet-
Loren and Seth in the 1-5 game, and Emily winning the 1-5 game.-
Jordan jumping out of the bushes and scaring me, knocking me over and nearly causing me to fall into the lake.-
Talking and laughing with Brad, Erica, Jared, Corinne, and Greg around the fire on Tuesday night (sorry Lizzy)-
Seeing some moose with Ethan and Spencer-
The Red Castle hike/run (always one of my favorites) even though nearly everyone got lost. 23 miles makes a 5k seem like nothing. -
Natalie sleep-walking looking for her socks.-
Listening to all of your stories (especially Missy's).-
Keeping all of you intently listening to me, for once, while I told you the story of my high school coach and the surprise in the pit toilet. -
Finding Bryson after the run at the trail above Bridger Lake, then hearing him tell about it that night.-
Making Lizzy and Loren (and some of the other girls) feel really guilty after our "water" talk :) I don't think Morgan and Megan felt too bad.-
Colin, Erica, and Shantel (I think) winning Coach Buhrley's trivia.-
Josh's excitement over seeing a chipmunk and trying sun chips for the 1st time.-
Team 4 (Thursday) singing and dancing while they cooked dinner.-
Watching Candace trying to figure out Spencer's card tricks.-
Hearing about Carlee's reaction to her stuff getting wet.-
The "Adam's Family Game" - I can't wait to get a copy of Coach Buhrley's video.-
Getting mad at Caleb and Kevin time and time again (that is more of a low-light).-
All of your smiles and positive attitudes, even though I know that you were tired from the hard running. Thanks for all the memories!

We are moving into our final phase of summer training. We are going to start doing more interval workouts. Those of you with a good base are right on schedule, others will need to do their best to get caught up. If you haven't been coming to practice, and you still want to run in the first race of the year (Grass Relays on Aug 25th), and you still want to be a part of this TEAM, I will need to start seeing you at practices this week. The workouts are no longer 'optional', they are now mandatory. If you are going to be missing for family vacations or work, please let me know, and try to get the workout in on your own. Definitely communicate with me. Just don't miss because you are being lazy or because you 'slept in'. Being the best we can be as a TEAM is going to take commitment and sacrifice. The season is right around the corner.

This week's schedule will be different from the one on the paper that I handed out. We will meet the following days and places (sorry for the confusion):
Monday 7:00 am at the Vita Course
Tuesday 7:00 am at Layton Park
Thursday 7:00 am at Davis High
*The run scheduled for Causey Reservoir on Friday is cancelled for the time being, but we may be able to schedule it for a later date. So, make sure to turn in your mileage for this week. If you were at camp, I will make a list of what we did at the bottom of the email. Still send me what you think you ran and how you felt about it and your Saturday mileage. I am also missing most of your miles for last week (July 23-29). We only have three weeks until the season officially begins.

One last reminder - Dart Challenge 5k on August 18th at 8:00 am at Barnes Park. Be there at 7:00. I will have registration forms with me for the next 2 weeks at practice (the cost is $15). If a lot of people in your family are running, let me know and I will cut them a deal. You can also register on

happy running,
Coach Talley

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Brad Anderson said...

Thanks for letting Ethan, Spencer and me tag along. Davis rules! Our boys look up to everyone on the team.