Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Syracuse/Clearfield @ Davis April 16, 2008 (Part 3)

Benjamin "Dead eye" Anderson, official race director looking for something to shoot.

"Take 3 steps back from the line" shouts Spencer. "Or I will shoot you in both of your knee caps. I'm not kidding Katie!"

Corbin, in an effort to curb sectarian violence replaced all starting guns, though unable to fire bullets anyway, with toy guns. He even went as far as the replace the Shot put, with a contest to see which person can blow a kiss the furthest.

Today at Davis High School, sophomore Emily Hansen ran so hard that she lost all control of her face muscles, leaving her pulling faces that only a mother could love. "It was really weird" commented Emily after the race. " At first it was kind of funny, but by lap 5 I knew I had a problem on my hands. I mean, I turn sixteen soon, and if I can't get this under control by next years prom, there is no way Seth is going to ask me." by lap 8, the faces had subsided, though the 3,200 meter that day was referred to as "Face-Gate"
*Later that day Seth said he is still tickled pink he will be able to ask Emily out soon. "Funny face or not, she is still hot!" he shouted.

"Oh crap, Emily is having the face things again."


"Hey aren't you the guy who was in Cipher in the Snow?" ask Leland.

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