Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dart Update - Arcadia Invite

Darts -
I just wanted to send a quick update this week as we get back into the swing of things after spring break. I hope that most of you feel rested and refreshed and ready to hit it hard for the 2nd half of the season. Truth is, during the second half of April and the first half of May is when we see the most improvement. Your hard work starts to pay off, and we see a lot of prs and surprise performances. I hope that this year will prove to be the same. As a coaching staff, we are always watching for who is stepping up and who is going to surprise us. I am also excited for the weather to get better and better to see what this TEAM can do under some good conditions. Great job to those of you who got your workouts in over spring break. Let's all give solid efforts to improve and strengthen our TEAM over the next 3-4 weeks. The season is going to be gone before you know it.

Weber Tri-meet: Wednesday, April 13th (tomorrow) at Weber High School. We are excused from school at 1:15. The buses will leave at 1:30 - so get ready as quickly as possible. The meet is with Weber and Layton and begins at 3:00pm. We should be home between 6:30 and 7:00.

Arcadia Invitational - 22 members of the TEAM traveled down to California for the Arcadia Invite. It is one of the most competitive track meets in the U.S. The conditions were a little cold this year, but definitely still good enough to run some fast times. It is quite an experience to race under the lights with some of the best in the country. We had an incredible trip and some great performances (although I am still washing banana out of my hair). . .
Friday Night -
Long Jump - Tyson Bullock jumped 20'09. Not his very best jump, but he is showing consistency so far this year.
4 x 200m - Kayla Sagers, Tara Anderson, Adelyn Jones, and Sylvia Harrison ran 1:46 (average of 26.5) and finished 3rd in their heat (earning medals). It is the 3rd fastest all-time, and was an improvement over our Simplot time.
4 x 1600m (boys) - The boys looked solid and all ran close to their prs. Zach Schofield ran 4:37 to start us out. Jackson Sagers followed with a 4:37. Matt Swanson then cruised to a 4:37. And Brayden Cromar anchored the team with a 4:27. The total time of 18:22 is our 3rd fastest ever run.
Boys 3200m - Preston Johnson ran very tough to finish with a 9:34. It was a 24 second pr, and was the 2nd fastest sophomore time in the entire meet including the invited heat (2nd only to his teammate, Cromar). It definitely shows what hard work can do.
4 x 1600m (girls) - All four of the girls ran their best times of the season for a combined time of 21:56. Anni Andersen started us off with a pr of 5:19. Tessa Brown followed with a pr 5:30. Abby Frodsham kept us strong with a season best 5:35. And Madi Holt anchored us with a 5:27. All four of them looked strong throughout their legs.
Saturday -
4 x 100m (girls) - Kayla, Tara, Adelyn, and Sylvia ran 49.49 and earned their second medals of the meet.
Girls Mile - Meghan Hedquist ran her season best of 5:24.19 (5:22.2 for the 1600m)
Boys Mile - Joe White finished with a 4:21.73 (4:20.20 for the 1600) which is our #5 All-Time mark and was good enough for a medal at 5th place.
Girls 100m Hurdles - Addy Jones ran 15.96 and continued to show the consistency which will help her through the rest of the season.
Boys 110m Hurdles - Despite a lot of shin pain, Dalton Facer toughed out his best time of the season with a 15.76.
Girls 100m - Sylvia ran her 2nd fastest time ever in the 100m with a 12.36. It earned her a medal and a spot in the Saturday night finals.
Girls 800m - Anna Ward and Anni Andersen worked together on their way to season best 800m races. Anna finished with 2:25, and Anni ran 2:26.
Girls 300m Hurdles - Addy got into the race at the last minute and ran a solid 48.85.
Boys 300m Hurdles - Dalton was close to his season best with a 42.81.
Girls 200m - Sylvia looked strong with a 26.28.
Boys Invitational Mile - Brad Nye finished in 6th place with a 4:16.84 (4:15 1600m). It makes him the #3 all-time from Davis, and it ranks him among the top in the country.
Girls Invitational 800m - Shea Martinez finished in 4th place - and ran a tough race with the leaders. Her time of 2:10.20 is a new school record and is the 6th fastest ever run by a Utahn. It is also currently the 4th fastest time in the U.S.
Boys 3200m - We had 3 boys in the 2nd fastest heat of the 3200m. Austin Neuner ran an incredibly tough race to finish in 9:06 (#2 All-Time, just 1 second off of the school record). He came through the first mile in 4:37, and came back with a 4:29 second mile. It was extremely inspiring and exciting to watch him push through the pain over the last 3 laps. Brayden Cromar finished with a pr in 9:32 - he was the fastest sophomore in the meet, and the only sophomore to make one of the night heats. Caleb Waldron (our training partner from Northridge) also pr'd with a 9:33.
Girls Invitational Distance Medley Relay - Shea came back to run the 1200 of the DMR in 3:39 (4:52 mile pace), followed by Madi Holt with a 61 in the 400, Anni with a 2:26 in the 800, and Meghan with a 5:19 1600 (I was especially proud of Meghan and Anni coming back strong in their second races and digging deep for their TEAM). We finished 12th in 12:28.
Boys Invitational Distance Medley Relay - Brad Nye ran the 1200 in 3:12, followed by Tyson Bullock with a 52 in the 400, Joe White with a 1:59 in the 800, and Austin Neuner gave all he had for his 4:34 anchor 1600m run. The time of 10:41 is a new school record.
Girls 4 x 400m Relay - Although all 4 of them were in their 3rd races of the meet, it was exciting to watch Kayla, Madi, Tara, and Shea finish the meet off with a solid 4:01 in the 4 x 400. It wasn't quite the school record - but that school record is definitely going down soon.

*All of the results can be found at www.arcadiainvitational.org
Videos will eventually be posted on youtube (search for Davis Track 2011 Arcadia Invite)
The first 2 are up -
Shea's 800m - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5UWcVgp8-w
Joe's mile - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DndJ5EjLtsA

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