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Davis Track Update - District Champions

Darts -
It was a great week for Davis track & field. We started the week with some incredible performances and an outstanding TEAM win for both the boys and the girls at the Davis District Championships. The girls scored a record setting 260 points, and the boys weren't far behind with 255. It was by far the most combined points we have ever scored at a District Meet. The results are posted on the blog ( One of the highlights of the meet was Shea Martinez winning the 800m in a meet record, school record, and nation leading 2:12.90. Our depth and our toughness is showing in many ways as we scored in every single event (all 33 of them). It was a fun meet, and we were happy with your intensity and your competitiveness, even if it did make us a little tired for the weekend invitational at UVU.
At the UVU Invitational yesterday, the girls had some great individual prs and looked strong as a TEAM. In the final TEAM scores, we finished with 77.5 - 16 points ahead of 2nd place, Riverton. It took quite a bit of toughness after having worked so hard at the District Meet.
The boys had some great prs, but we also had quite a few things go wrong. In the hurdles, Dalton got stepped on by one of his competitors who was going down, taking Dalton out with him. Two of our relays had exchange violations and didn't finish, we pulled our 4 x 400m relay at the end of the meet. And we were missing a few of our regular scorers with injuries and vacations. Even with all of that, we were still able to finish up in 2nd place (only 4.5 points out of first place). We will have many more opportunities to prove ourselves this year and we will be more prepared and more focused.
In the boys and girls combined team scoring, we came out on top with 135 points, ahead of 2nd place Riverton (123) and 3rd place Mountain View (82.5). We definitely had our ups and downs at the meet, but as coaches, we were proud of the efforts at the end of a long week. Thanks for making the sacrifices to be there for your TEAM and for spending the long Saturday at the track meet. I am sorry that we were home so late. Full results can be found at and the Davis results can be found at the bottom of this email.

Coming Up -
April 8-9: Arcadia Invite, CA - a small number from the TEAM are traveling to California during spring break to compete in the Arcadia Invitational with many of the top athletes from the country. I will send out a full report next week.
April 13: Tri-meet at Weber High with Weber and Layton. Everyone who is eligible will be able to compete in whatever events you would like to try.

Spring Break Workouts - it is important at this point in the season that we don't lose the fitness and strength that we have gained by all of our hard work. Each of you should try to stick to the following workout schedule through the spring break and be ready to hit things hard the week we come back. If you are able to come to the workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will give you the workouts at the school, but if not - then try to do these on your own. . .
Monday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - 10 x :20 Hills
Distance - 5-8 miles steady pace
Throws - Weights and Core Work

Tuesday - (Distance at the school at 8:00, Everyone else at 9:00)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Find a track or a flat road or a grass field and run 5 x :20, 5 x :15, 5 x :10 do a good warm up and cool down
Distance - 1 1/2 mile warm up, 8 x 1:30 hard with 2:00 slow jog recovery, 1 1/2 m
Throws - Foot work (visualize the throws) and Sprints (10 x 30 meters)

Wednesday - (Distance at the school at 8:00, Everyone else at 9:00)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Weights and Core work (plus 1-2 miles jogging)
Distance - 5-8 miles steady pace
Throws - Weights and Core Work

Thursday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Find a track or a flat road or a grass field and run 4 x 400m (or 4 x 60-75 sec depending on your pace) do a good warm up and cool down
Distance - 4-6 miles easy + abs and 6 x 100m strides
Throws - Foot work (visualize the throws) and Sprints (10 x 30 meters)

Friday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - 6-8 x 150m (or about 20-25 sec)
Distance - 1 1/2 mile warm up, 300-400-600-800-600-400-300 (or about the same time equivalent), 1 1/2 m
Throws - Weights and Core Work

UVU Girls Results -
100m Hurdles
Sylvia Harrison - 15.61, 3rd
Adelyn Jones - 15.95, 4th
Sarah Oldham - 16.84, 13th (5th in 5A)

100m Dash
Sylvia Harrison - 12.55, 5th
Kayla Sagers - 13.37, 25th
Adelyn Jones - 13.42, 28th

1600m Run
Shea Martinez - 5:05.92, 1st (#4 All Time)
Meghan Hedquist - 5:23.03, 8th (3rd in 5A)
Tessa Brown - 5:36.87, 18th
Abby Frodsham - 5:38.61, 21st

4 x 100m Relay
Kayla, Tara, Adelyn, Sylvia - ran 49.08 - our fastest time of the year, and #4 on our all-time list; 2nd place

400m Dash
Madi Holt - 1:01.08, 12th
Mikell Wood - 1:03.36, 20th
Katie Frandsen - 1:04.67, 29th

300m Hurdles
Sarah Oldham - 47.35, 5th (2nd in 5A)
McKenna Hill - 48.68, 10th (3rd in 5A)
Adelyn Jones - 48.79, 11th (4th in 5A)

800m Run
Anna Ward - 2:26.17, 6th (3rd in 5A)
Abby Frodsham - 2:36.26, 23rd
Liz Ashby - 2:36.78, 25th

Medley Relay
McKenna, Sarah, Madi, and Meghan ran 4:28 - 3rd place

200m Dash
Sylvia Harrison - 26.04 ; 3rd place in her 11th race in 5 days (7 first places, all races in the top 5)
Tara Anderson - 27.20, 15th

3200m Run
Jessica Paget - 12:38, 20th
Joanna Boyd - 12:46, 27th
Brooke Gutzwiller - 12:52, 33rd
Janice Hartvigsen - 13:02, 41st

4 x 400m Relay
Kayla, Madi, Tara, and Shea - ran 4:01 (season best) and took 1st by 9 seconds - after the bus had left

Shot Put
Jessica Richardson - 35'03, 7th
Kaylee Brown - 31'02, 14th
Kelsi Cottrell - 25'08, 37th

Kaylee Brown - 98'08, 6th
Jessica Richardson - 94'08, 9th
Michelle Mendez - 67'02, 33rd

Alexis Koehling - just shy of the 80 foot minimum (definitely a pr)

High Jump
Bre Florence - 4'06
Katrina Perkins - nearly cleared 4'06

Long Jump
Kayla Sagers - 15'08, 11th (3rd in 5A)

Pole Vault
Jeni Christensen - 8'06 - 1st place

UVU Boys Results
100m Hurdles
Nate Lee - 16.86, 13th
James Barnes - 17.48, 20th

100m Dash
Landon Hart - 11.41, 11th
Dallin Hart - 11.45, 14th
Seth Fortin - 11.48, 17th

1600m Run
Brad Nye - 4:18.60, 2nd (Davis #4 All Time)
Joe White - 4:25.48, 6th *State Qualified
Matt Swanson - 4:36.36, 17th
Zach Schofield - 4:38.95, 23rd

4 x 100m Relay
dropped baton - was looking like a possible victory

400m Dash
Spencer Jones - 54.60, 32nd
Seth Thompson - 55.12, 35th
Tanner Phillips - 55.39, 37th

300m Hurdles
Nate Lee - 42.00, 5th
Jacob Reid - 44.10, 18th
James Barnes - 48.61, 53rd

800m Run
Adam Mathias - 2:01.95, 6th
Ryan Lee - 2:02.91, 9th
Austin Allred - 2:04.33, 11th
Skylar Williams - 2:07.73, 19th (top 9th grader)

Medley Relay
missed exchange

200m Dash
Seth Fortin - 22.95, 7th
Ethan Hunsaker - 25.03
Bridger Parkin - 25.26

3200m Run
Austin Neuner - 9:33, 2nd *state qualified
Brayden Cromar - 9:41, 5th *state qualified
Preston Johnson - 9:58, 9th
Alex Hedquist - 10:02, 10th

4 x 400m Relay

Shot Put
Landon Simonsen - 49'05, 4th
Miles Flake - 46'01, 7th
Mark Lindstrom - 44'00, 10th

Mark Lindstrom - 121'09, 6th
Zach Cottrell - 119'00, 11th
Ben Bracken - 114'11, 20th

Spencer Betker - 169'04, 2nd

High Jump
Marcus Daley - 6'00, 6th (3rd from 5A)
Dalton Facer - 5'10, 11th (7th from 5A)

Long Jump
Landon Hart - 20'06.75, 6th (2nd from 5A)
Dallin Hart - 18'07
Bridger Parkin - 17'06

Pole Vault
Ethan Hunsaker - 12'00, 7th
Bridger Parkin - 11'00, 12th

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It's great to see the Darts doing so well. Names have changed, but the TEAM tradition and success continue. From a 10 year alum, good luck Davis!