Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dart Track Update - March 3

Darts - 
This will be a very quick update email (since I sent an introduction one out just a few days ago). 
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you are ready to be working outside most of the upcoming week. We are going to get the equipment out on Monday and Tuesday, and we should be outside running/jumping/throwing all week. Make sure to prepare by bringing warm clothes. 
I have attached the workouts for the upcoming week. We will follow this schedule for the most part, but there might be some adjustments at times. 
We WILL be having practice on Tuesday, the day of the ACT test for juniors. We will meet on the track at 2:00pm. 
Sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers will want to have their spikes ready for track practice most days. This week it will be especially important to have them on Wednesday when we do the TEAM time trials (Thursday for the jumpers). The time trials are not specifically to qualify you for meets, but we just want an idea of where your starting point is going into the season. 
The eligibility papers are due on Monday (March 4th) - but I am going to extend that deadline to Wednesday (March 6th). Please do your very best to get your payment and your paperwork done by that point. If you turn it in after that, you are creating a lot more work for the coaching staff. Please help me to get this done quickly and efficiently. 
The apparel order will be at practice through Wednesday. If you are interested in sweats or a t-shirt or spandex, please sign up by Wednesday. 
I will be out of town with a small group from your TEAM on Thursday-Sunday. We have 5 boys and 4 girls who are traveling to New York City to compete in the New Balance Indoor Nationals. I will send out an update next weekend from NYC. 

Remember to show up to each practice with a positive attitude, ready to work hard to get as fast and as strong as you can be. 
Let me know if you or your parents have any questions. 
- Coach Talley

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