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Davis Track Update - March 16

Darts - 
The 2013 Alumni Meet was one of the best that I can remember. Maybe it was the good weather, maybe it was the great workouts we have had the past two weeks, whatever it was - we started off the season showing a lot of strength, a lot of depth, and a great amount of potential. There were some outstanding early season marks. As I typed up the results and compared yesterday to the past few years, it got me really excited for what we can accomplish as a TEAM this season. We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us - this is just the start, but it was a good beginning. I have attached the results to this email, and they can also be found at www.darttrack.blogspot.comCongratulations to the Juniors for their victory after the scores were adjusted (Seniors x 1.0, Juniors x 1.5, Sophomores x 2.0). It ended up being very close:
Juniors - 387 (258 before the adjustment)
Seniors - 351
Sophomores - 258 (129 before the adjustment)
Alumni - 166
While I like to see our seniors get the victory at the Alumni Meet (and we have a very strong group of seniors this year), it is great to see some surprises and a lot of points from the upcoming classes - a great sign for the future.   
Thanks to all of the alumni who came and participated. It was great to see so many of you. Congratulations to the alumni who won their events - Ben Jacobsen (300h), Jared Ward (1600m), Jace Nye (3200m), Josh Sides (Shot Put and Discus), Coach Alayna (Discus), Coach West (100h & 300h), and Morgan Haws (3200m). Someday the alumni might be able to pull off the victory.  

The following were Alumni Meet records (as far as I could tell going back to 2005):
Girls 400m - Taylor Cox, 1:01.15
Girls 1600m - Shea Martinez, 5:12.14
Girls High Jump - Tanisha Langston, 5'01
Girls Shot Put - Jessica Richardson, 38'05
Girls Discus - Jessica Richardson, 116'06
Girls Javelin - Johanna Purdy, 92'07 (her first time ever throwing)
Boys 100m - Seth Fortin, 11.14
Boys 200m - Trevor Leavitt, 23.01
Boys 400m - Trevor Leavitt, 50.50
Boys 1600m - Alex Hedquist, 4:30.62
Boys High Jump - Marcus Daley, 6'02
Boys Long Jump - Marcus Daley, 22'00
Boys Pole Vault - Andrew Tyndall, 13'06
Boys Javelin - Jacob Ferrell, 154'05

Davis Super Meet - We have 11 schools coming to our track for the Super Meet on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 19-20). The girls will compete on Tuesday and the boys will compete on Wednesday. The meet will start at 3:00pm both days. It is very important for the boys to be there on Tuesday to help "run" the meet, and also important for the girls to be ready to help on Wednesday. Let's show what Davis Track & Field is all about in the way we perform in our events and in the way we host the meet. Be proud of our new facility, and be proud of the program as you compete and work at the Super Meet this week. We will go over the entries for the meet on Monday at practice. Make sure you are there in case I need to make any adjustments in our entries.
*I am looking for a graduate or an adult who would be comfortable being in charge of the long jump both Tuesday and Wednesday. You would have good helpers. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

Friday Class/Practice - Even though it is the snow make-up day, we will still have track class and after school practice on Friday, March 22nd. You are expected to attend. 

Apparel - If you ordered sweats, spandex, or a t-shirt, please pay in the office by Friday, March 22nd. The order should be here by the end of this week or early the following week. Hoodies = $30; Sweat Pants = $30; Spandex = $20; T-Shirts = $10

Eligibility/Grades - If anyone finishes 3rd term below a 2.0, you will not be able to continue to compete for the rest of the season. Please make sure that your grades are up, and do everything you can in the final week of the term to keep them high and to make sure you don't get any U's. We will always expect you to be good students as well as good athletes. 

Upcoming Schedule:
March 19-20: Davis Super Meet
March 26-27: Davis District Championships @ Syracuse High School
March 30: UVU Invitational @ UVU

Thought for the night - The Bair Gutsman 11 mile trail race has a very fitting theme: "Conquer Thyself". The race goes straight up Bair Canyon to the towers at the top of Francis Peak. The runners climb over 4500 feet in just over 5 miles. It is a great test - both physically and mentally. "Conquer Thyself" is also a great theme for track and field. You will always be competing against other athletes, but the most important competition is going to come from within. Overcome your fears and your doubts, fight any negative thoughts, don't make excuses, don't let yourself be lazy or content or only half committed. I hope that each of you will look at where you are to start this season, and be fully committed to making yourself better. Be committed to being the best athlete and the best person you can be - that is what it is all about - that is what will make our TEAM great. If you weren't satisfied with your first performance of the year - be determined to get better through hard work, patience, consistency, and teamwork. The harder you work for something, the more rewarding and satisfying it is.

- Coach Talley

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tallred6 said...

Coach Talley!

Travis Allred (DHS '07) here, just looking around at different schools in the job application process, looking to be a high school history teacher and coach. I've pored over dozens of websites and looked at track programs, I can't find a better school with a better run program than yours. I'm missing how well things are run, I'm doing student teaching at Bingham, and there's just not the same level of dedication. Thanks to you and Coach Buhrley for an wonderful high school experience!

Good luck this year!