Sunday, April 6, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 6

Darts - 
We are looking forward to some great weather in front of us. We are getting into my favorite stretch of the season - Wednesday dual meets leading up to the Davis Invite and the championships (region and state). The next 2 weeks are a great mid-season stretch where you can work your hardest and everyone gets the chance to prove themselves, to go after some new PRs, and to try something new in the dual meets. We talked a lot about commitment at practice this week - and I hope you are all on board with being committed and working hard as a TEAM over the final 6 weeks of the season.

Herriman Invite - About 1/3 of the TEAM competed last weekend at the Herriman Invitational. Although we did not see very many PRs or season bests because of the wind and the cold weather, it was a great opportunity to test our toughness and our attitudes. I know that it is not always easy to stay positive and tough and determined in cold weather or less-than-perfect conditions, but I was pleased with the way that many of you competed. I also felt that we could work on being a bit more positive and prepared (mentally and physically) going into a meet with bad weather. I like the way Brad put it on our Twitter (@davistrackandxc) - "If we learned anything yesterday it is that cold, wind, and rain is no excuse to not do amazing things." Probably our best example of this was Trevor in the 4 x 400m. After already running well in 3 other events, Trevor got the baton about 30-40 meters back as our anchor leg. He had a pretty big gap to make up. Down the back stretch, against the wind, you could see pure determination and intensity in the way Trevor was running - he wasn't worried about the cold or a headwind, he was just competing - giving everything he had for his TEAM. With about 150m to go, it was pretty evident that Trevor was going to pull it off. The other runner was looking back, and it gave Trevor a little extra drive. Coming off the final turn, already flying, Trevor cranked it into another gear and blazed into the lead. He finished strong, but I still wasn't sure I got the split right when I looked down and saw 46.49. Shawna, Coach T, and the official timing system all confirmed the split at 46.5. Sure, Trevor is talented, but this was more than just his talent - it was guts, confidence (that comes from hard work), and desire. It was very inspiring - if we all could learn to compete with that kind of passion, we will be unstoppable. On the girls side, our performance of the meet came in the 3200m - where our 5 girls in the race finished 1-2-3-5-6, earning us 31 points. Those girls had to wait all day in the cold weather - and then step onto the track and face the windy backstretch 8 times. They raced very tough and worked together as a TEAM
You can see the full results on - Our top 6 finishers include: Olivia Richards and Hailee Carattini in the 100m Hurdles; Taylor Cox, Hannah Albrechtsen, and Miah Weaver in the 1600m; Taylor Cox and BriAnna Gipson in the 400m; Jordan Barnett and Megan Rowe in the 300m hurdles; Josey Hedquist, Miah Weaver, Ally Geisler, and Tatum Beard in the 800m; Melanie Sullivan in the 200m; Aubrey Argyle, Kenzie Weir, Ashley Tyndall, Chelsey Johnson, and Sierra Graham in the 3200m; Liz Jones and Gentry Keaton in the pole vault; Kendall Sargent in the Javelin; and Kathryn Wilde in the Discuss. For the boys - Trevor Leavitt in the 100 and 200; Trevor Leavitt and Gabe Alfaro in the 400m; Logan MacKay and Stokton Smith in the 1600 and 800; Josh Ward, Colton Rimann, Daniel Tumblin, and Matt Hawkins in the 3200; Palmer Flood, Ben Godfrey, and Jaron Erickson in the 300m Hurdles; Andrew Tyndall, Matt Calvin, and Harrison Haslam in the pole vault; Nate Allred in the high jump; Derrek Parry in the long jump; KJ Bishop in the javelin; Dallin Baires in the discuss; and Dallin Baires and Kyle Allred in the shot put. All of our relay teams also scored points for us - including victories in the boys and girls 4 x 400m relays.
The boys were victorious - 186 to 145 over Herriman. The girls finished 2nd by 4 points - 178 to 174 behind Herriman.    

"Beasts of the Week" 
Logan MacKay - double winner in the 1600 and 800
Derrek Parry - Big PR in the Long Jump
Jacob Moffett - Big PR in the 100 and 200
Liz Jones - PR in the Pole Vault despite a very strong cross wind
Aubrey Argyle - Strong finish to win the 3200
Rachel Anderson - Ran tough for all 4 events - 100, 200, 4 x 100, 4 x 400

Dual Meet at Fremont - We will be taking buses out to Fremont on Wednesday. You will be excused at 1:15. The buses are going to leave at 1:30. EVERYONE gets to compete. You can choose up to 4 events. I would encourage all of you to do 1-2 of your normal events and then try something new. I would also like everyone to run in the 4 x 400 at the end of the meet (distance runners, sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, even throwers). Just be at the starting line and we will organize teams - even if you have already competed in 4 events. I will email out the schedule for the meet when I receive it from Fremont. It should be fairly standard - 100 hurdles, 100 dash, 1600, 4x100, 400, 300h, 800, medley, 200, 4 x 400 - the 3200 will either be at the start or the end of the meet. We will be holding the pole vault competition on Tuesday at Davis because Fremont does not have pole vault pits. 

Davis Invite Sponsors - I have attached the sponsorship information. The deadline for sponsors is Tuesday, April 15th. We need as many sponsors as we can find. There is a $50 option and a $100 option for sponsors. Businesses or families or individuals can be Davis Invite Sponsors. 

Coming Up:
April 9 - @ Fremont (3:00pm)
April 16 - Syracuse @ Davis (3:00pm)
April 18 - Woods Cross Invite (3:30pm)
April 23 - Weber @ Davis (3:00pm)
April 26 - Davis Invite (9:00am)

I really hope to see some new surprises and to see some of you stepping up your game this week. You are all capable of amazing things - set some goals and then go after them with full effort. 
Coach Talley

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