Friday, March 28, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 5

Darts - 
It is hard to believe that we are already into the heart of the season with two of our biggest meets behind us. As a coaching staff, we are very excited about what we have seen so far. The TEAM is really coming together, we have been working hard, and our performances are showing the hard work. The 3 weeks after we come back from spring break (leading into the Davis Invite) are going to be crucial weeks for each of you. Come back from the break ready to put in the hardest work of the season and ready to really get after each opportunity you have to compete. 

District Championships - We put together some very solid performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both the girls and the boys brought home the District Championships against some very solid teams. Syracuse will be coming after us the rest of the season - especially at region and state. Full results can be found at And our performance lists on the blog will also be updated ( Our boys performance of the meet came in the trials from Trevor Leavitt. His 400m time of 47.69 was a new meet record, school record, and current U.S. #4. It is also the 10th fastest time in Utah state history. On the girls side, our performance of the meet came from a whole group of girls. In the 1600m, we had 13 of the top 15 places, with a record setting 13 girls at 5:32 or under. The group was led by Taylor Cox, Miah Weaver, and Kenzie Weir.

Boys who finished in the top 3 in their event: Trevor Leavitt - 100m (2nd), 200m (1st), 400m (1st); Logan MacKay - 800m (1st), 3200m (1st); Josh Ward - 1600m (1st), 800m (3rd); Stokton Smith - 1600m (2nd), 3200m (2nd); Palmer Flood - 300m Hurdles (3rd); Dallin Baires - Discus (3rd); Nate Allred - High Jump (2nd); Andrew Tyndall - Pole Vault (1st); and our relay teams finished 1st and 2nd in the 4 x 800 (A - Kent Thompson, Colter Blanchard, Josh Robinson, and Ethan Stuart, B - Dallin Larsen, JR Oldham, Jason Lang, and Logan Haviland); 1st in the 4 x 400 (Trevor, Gabe, Palmer, and Rylee); 2nd in the Medley Relay (Jordan, Jacob, Rob, and Colter); and 3rd in the 4 x 100 (Ty, Carson, Jordan, and Colton). 

Girls who finished in the top 3 in their event: Taylor Cox - 800m (1st), 1600m (2nd); Miah Weaver - 3200m (2nd); Hannah Albrechtsen - 800m (2nd); Ally Geisler - 800m (3rd); Rachel Anderson - 100m (1st); Elise Berning - 100m (3rd), 200m (3rd); Brittney Rounkles - 100m (2nd); BriAnna Gipson - 400m (2nd); Melanie Sullivan - 400m (3rd); Jordan Barnett - 300m Hurdles (2nd); Kendall Sargent - Javelin (1st); Liz Jones - Pole Vault (2nd); Gentry Keaton - Pole Vault (3rd); and our relay teams finished 1st and 2nd in the 4 x 800 (A - Hannah, Josey, Kenzie, and Taylor; B - Ally, Aubrey, Tatum, and Tiahna); 1st in the 4 x 400m (BriAnna, Melanie, Rachel, and Taylor); 2nd in the Medley Relay (Brittney, Hailee, Megan, and Tiahna); and 2nd in the 4 x 100m (Olivia, Elise, Sarah, and Rachel). 

Boys Team Scores:
1. 215 Davis
2. 174 Syracuse
3. 89 Woods Cross
4. 41 Northridge
5. 40 Layton

Girls Team Scores:
1. 235 Davis
2. 125 Syracuse
3. 70 Viewmont
4. 57 Northridge
5. 39 Clearfield

Spring Break Workouts - Here are some suggestions. You can be creative and do something else - but it is important that you stay active and get some kind of work in so that we can maintain what we have done. 
Friday - We had a workout at the track this morning at 9:00am - you were supposed to be there if you weren't out of town. If you missed it, I would recommend getting some type of physical activity (a run, some lifting, some cross training, core work, etc). 
Saturday - 
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers - 10 x :30 on the hills (weekly hill workout)
Throwers - Weights and Core Work
Distance - 6-10 miles and abs
Monday -
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers/Throwers: Optional workout on your own or day off :)
Distance Runners - 5-8 miles and abs
Tuesday - 
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers - 12 x 100m on the track, the grass, the road, or a hill. End with some plyos (lunges, squat jumps, burpees, etc) and core work.
Throwers - Weights, Plyos (lunges, squat jumps, burpees, etc), and core work
Distance Runners - 10-15 minutes warm up, 3-4 x 4:00 hard with 3:00 recovery jog, 10-15 minutes cool down. 

Herriman Invite - Next Saturday we will be going to the Herriman Invitational. We will be able to enter 4 people in each event. We will go over our entries on Wednesday at practice (next week). People who are not competing are invited to come to the track meet to watch/support. More details to come next week. 

TEAM Pictures - Friday, April 4 in the bleachers after school. Bring both your uniforms (normal and throwback). 

Davis Invite Sponsors - I meant to hand out this information before the break. I have attached the Davis Invite Sponsor Information. Each year as a fundraiser, we try to get as many sponsors as we can for the Davis Invite. There is a $50 option and a $100 option (info on the attachment). It basically gets the sponsor on the t-shirt, gives them some lunch tickets and free admission to the track meet, gets their name on the program, and gets the sponsors name attached to an event ($100 option). It can be a business sponsor or a family sponsor. Everyone should try to think of someone they might be able to ask for a sponsorship. Thanks.

Thought of the Week: I know that some of you are not satisfied with where you are currently performing. I hope that most of you want to get better and better as the season goes on. If you are not performing quite where you would like to perform; if you feel like you have not quite hit the marks you were hoping to hit - let me suggest one very important ingredient for success: HARD WORK. There really isn't much of a shortcut to getting better at track & field. Just like life, track is full of ups and downs - both satisfying and discouraging moments - and I truly believe that the best thing to do when you are struggling is to put in some hard work. If you will commit to work with purpose and determination for the next few weeks, I promise you are going to gain some benefit from it. Do the workouts the best you can - and then throw in some extra work. Getting better (faster and stronger) and gaining confidence really comes from the daily grind - the work that you have to put in on a daily basis. People ask me all the time: "how can I get faster?" There are a lot of things that can help, but the primary answer is simple - work harder.

Upcoming Schedule:
April 5 - Herriman Invite (for top 4 in each event)
April 9 - Davis @ Fremont (for everyone)
April 16 - Syracuse @ Davis (for everyone)
April 18 - Woods Cross Invite (for top 4-6 in each event)
April 23 - Weber @ Davis (for everyone)

Thanks. Have a fantastic spring break!!!
Coach Talley
Davis Track & Field

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