Monday, May 18, 2015

Track Update - State Championships!!

Darts - 
The State Championships were an amazing end to a legendary Davis Track & Field season​. I am sad that it is over, but very happy that we have made some great memories and accomplished so much together. 
Each state track meet is unique, and I wanted to write a little bit about what I saw from our TEAM this year. I saw a team that responded to struggles - both throughout the season and at the state meet. Not everyone had their best meet of the year, not everyone finished like they wanted to, but EVERYONE stayed positive and focused instead on what could still be done for their teammates. I saw unselfish leadership from our captains and seniors who stayed calm and focused and helped to keep their teammates motivated. I saw young athletes who were gaining experience and toughness that will help them return next year to go after 2 more trophies. I saw triumphs and accomplishments being shared among teammates - I love seeing athletes genuinely happy for the successes of their teammates and friends. I saw 100% HEART in every race, every jump, every throw. I saw athletes who weren't afraid of the rain and the elements - athletes who were having fun, competing hard, and digging deep. I saw an awesome support group of teammates who didn't qualify for state but were still there in the rain and cold to provide extra energy for those competing. I saw how awesome my coaching staff has been, and I am so grateful for all they gave this season. I saw a full TEAM effort - athletes in every event stepping up for the TEAM as a whole, and working together going after victory, and caring about how their teammates in other events were doing. And I saw a boys and girls TEAM come together and fight for each other to show that they were the best in the state. It was truly one of my favorite state championships I have been a part of - from the redemption on the boys side, to the near comeback and upset victory by the "undercats" on the girls side. 

Day 1 Highlights:
- The Girls 1600m starting us off strong with 19 points - Aubrey getting the win in 4:57 (PR), Courtney 3rd in 5:00 (PR), and Ally 6th in 5:05 (PR). 
- The Boys 1600m running tough to gain 15 points - Logan in 3rd at 4:15, Josh 4th at 4:15, and Stokton 5th in 4:16 (only .3 separated the three of them) and 5 boys in the top 10 with Colter and Camren. 
- Positivity in the face of adversity from Jordan Goldsberry, Olivia Richards, Megan Rowe, Palmer Flood, Kelton Johnson, and the boys 4 x 100m - all bouncing back strong in later events. 
- Boys Pole Vault with Matt getting the victory in a PR of 14'06 and Taylor and Brigham scoring big for us (5th and 6th). 
- Boys High Jump was so exciting to watch with Nate getting a PR at the right time (6'08) for 2nd place - and Hunter jumping 6'06 for 4th, and Jonny keeping them all fired up in addition to finishing 7th as a sophomore. 
- The Relays getting the job done; especially those who ran for us in the trials and allowed some of their teammates to rest for the finals day (Brittney, Dallin, Riley, McGyver, BriAnna, and others). 

Day 2 Highlights:
- Aubrey with a killer race, leading start to finish and setting a new 5A state record at 10:35.
- Courtney coming up big for 2nd in the 3200m with a very strong finish in 10:40. 
- Josh Ward running his final high school 3200 in an altitude PR of 9:19 and racing gutsy in all three of his races, leaving it all on the track and inspiring his teammates (and coaches) in one final meet.
- Girls Pole Vault with 14 girls ALL clearing heights; led by Paige's victory at a surprise 10'07 and Liz finishing 3rd (great job by our seniors). 
- The boys long jump with Hunter making finals on his 3rd consecutive jump off the wrong foot and then jumping big to move up to 2nd in the finals. And Jonny using the "Spirit of the Eagle" to soar to a 4th place with 21'03. 
- The 100m Dash with Ty Hinds getting the surprise victory with a surge at the finish line and running 10.93 against a 1.3 headwind (Davis #2 All-Time). With Jake stepping up as well for 7th place. 
- The girls 4 x 100m (BriAnna, Brittney, Olivia, and Elise) staying focused and fast and pulling off the 2nd place finish at a time when we needed it. 
- Melanie and BriAnna in the girls 400m finals both running season bests and giving their all to score some solid TEAM points.
- The girls 300 Hurdlers with total focus (and maybe even a bit of anger), running gutsy and tough all the way to through the finish line and picking up 17 big TEAM points - with 3 season PRs from Jordan, Ruby Jane, and Megan. 
- The boys 300 Hurdles with Palmer and Jaron coming up big for us like they have all season long. They have both found a way to inspire the hurdlers and the entire TEAM when we need it the most. 
- Ally in the 800m with a big PR of 2:15 for 2nd place, followed by Josey and Courtney (picking up her 3rd medal) in 5th and 6th. 
- Logan MacKay running away from the field on the 2nd lap in the 800 to get the victory in 1:54. 
- Dallin Baires scoring 11 total points for us as our lone thrower (3rd in the shot put and 4th in the discus). 
- The girls medley with some super fast 200 legs (Elise and Olivia), a killer 400 leg from Ally after her 800, and a gritty double 800 performance from Josey during the biggest downpour of the meet. 
- The boys medley with Ty and Jake putting us in the lead, Jaxon running strong 400 splits for us each day, and Logan coming back only 20 minutes after his 800, to anchor us to victory. 
- Whitney in the girls high jump, staying positive and smiling in the rain and finishing 9th in her first state meet. 
- Our girls 4 x 400 finishing up the meet in an impressive 3:58 and an inspiring anchor leg comeback from Melanie for 1st place (BriAnna, Jordan, Rubes, Melanie). 
- Our boys 4 x 400 running our fastest time of the year to end off the meet with a 2nd place finish, all four guys leaving it on the track (Goldy, Jaron, Kelton, and Palmer). 
​- Our seniors with their final performances as Darts were awesome for us throughout both days!! Best of luck to them with whatever comes next in life.

Davis Results and Team Scores are at the bottom of this email (full results at 

Coming Up:
Uniform Turn in: Wednesday during class or right after school in the bleachers OR Thursday right after school in the bleachers. $20 late fee after Thursday. 

TEAM BBQ and Awards Party - Thursday, May 28th at 6:30pm at Barnes Park (Sand Volleyball Pavilion). Anyone who wants to can bring some desserts (cookies, brownies, fruit, cake, etc).

Cross Country Meeting - Tuesday, June 2nd in room 2512 at 3:00pm (to allow 9th graders to attend). Cross country runners should take this week off of running and do a little running next week. Our first official week of summer mileage will be the last week of school this year. 

Clothing Fees: Please pay in the office or online if you have any apparel fees that have not been paid. You can pick up your clothing with your receipt. 

Thanks to so many people for such a great season and a great year - athletes, parents, coaches, administrators, teachers, and other supporters. The program thrives because so many of you are willing to contribute. Let's do it again next year :)
- Coach Talley

Boys Results
110m Hurdles
Jaron Erickson - 14.69, 3rd
Palmer Flood - 16.52, 15th
300m Hurdles
Palmer Flood - 39.17, 3rd
Jaron Erickson - 39.38, 6th
Kelton Johnson - 42.32, 16th
Taylor Southwick - 43.10, 17th 
100m Dash
Ty Hinds - 10.93, 1st (Davis #2 All-Time)
Jake Moffet - 11.39, 7th 
200m Dash
Jordan Goldsberry - 22.75, 6th
Ty Hinds - 23.37, 9th
800m Run
Logan MacKay - 1:54.12, 1st
Josh Ward - 1:57.61, 5th
Colter Blanchard - 1:59.00, 8th
Stokton Smith - 1:59.26, 9th
Dallin Larsen - 2:02.36, 15th
1600m Run
Logan MacKay - 4:15.94, 3rd
Josh Ward - 4:15.99, 4th
Stokton Smith - 4:16.22, 6th
Camren Todd - 4:21.94, 9th
Colter Blanchard - 4:21.98, 10th
3200m Run
Josh Ward - 9:19.36, 4th
Stokton Smith - 9:33.37, 8th
Camren Todd - 9:37.04, 11th
Colton Rimann - 9:46.87, 16th
Bryce Ferguson - 9:53.24, 18th
Shot Put 
Dallin Baires - 50'08, 3rd
Dallin Baires - 148'02, 4th
High Jump
Nate Allred - 6'08, 2nd (Davis #3 All Time)
Hunter Simonsen - 6'06, 4th
Jonny Thornton - 6'00, 7th
Logan Baird - 5'10, 16th
Long Jump
Hunter Simonsen - 21'04, 2nd 
Jonny Thornton - 21'03, 4th
Matt Calvin - 19'00, 13th
Nate Welling - 18'06, 16th
Pole Vault 
Matt Calvin - 14'06, 1st (Davis #9 All Time)
Taylor Southwick - 13'00, 5th 
Brigham Valentine - 12'06, 6th
Jaxon Potter - 12'06, 9th
Evyn Conrad - 12'00, 13th
Justin Godfrey - 11'06, 16th
Harrison Haslam - 11'06, 18th
Medley Relay - 3:34.00, 1st (Jake Moffett, Ty Hinds, Jaxon Wernli, Logan MacKay, with Riley Stringham and Dallin Larsen in the trials)
4 x 400m - 3:22.09, 2nd (Jordan Goldsberry, Jaron Erickson, Kelton Johnson, Palmer Flood, with Riley Stringham and McGyver Clark in trials)

Boys Team Scores
1. Davis 138.5
2. Syracuse 84
3. Herriman 82
4. American Fork 63
5. Copper Hills 59
6. Lone Peak 37
7. Weber 27
8. Lehi 24
9. Bingham 23
10. Riverton 17

Girls Results
100m Hurdles 
Megan Rowe - 16.73, 10th
Olivia Richards - 17.24, 14th
300m Hurdles
Jordan Barnett - 44.58, 2nd
Ruby Jane Mathewson - 44.94, 3rd
Megan Rowe - 46.15, 6th
100m Dash
Elise Berning - 13.15, 13th
200m Dash
Melanie Sullivan - 26.30, 7th
Brittney Rounkles - 26.55, 13th
Elise Berning - 26.84, 15th
400m Dash
Melanie Sullivan - 57.64, 4th
BriAnna Gipson - 59.40, 6th
800m Run
Ally Geisler - 2:15.94, 2nd
Josey Hedquist - 2:17.80, 5th
Courtney Wayment - 2:19.18, 6th
Tatum Beard - 2:21.56, 9th
Aubrey Argyle - 2:24.85, 14th
1600m Run
Aubrey Argyle - 4:57.30, 1st (Davis #4 All Time)
Courtney Wayment - 5:00.70, 3rd
Ally Geisler - 5:05.79, 6th
Tatum Beard - 5:11.94, 10th
Miah Weaver - 5:14.12, 12th
3200m Run
Aubrey Argyle - 10:35.87, 1st - New 5A State Record
Courtney Wayment - 10:40.24, 2nd
Miah Weaver - 11:23.85, 10th
Tatum Beard - 11:37.28, 15th
Sam Hedquist - 11:51.49, 19th
Lizzi Boyd - 86'03, 12th
Anna Ferrell - 91'04, 14th
High Jump
Whitney Cox - 4'11, 9th
Pole Vault
Paige Erickson - 10'07, 1st
Liz Jones - 9'06, 3rd
Ashley Sullenger - 9'00, 7th
Madi Lee - 8'06, 9th
Gentry Keaton - 8'06, 10th
Nikki Hemsley - 8'06, 12th
Ashlee Lawson - 8'06, 14th
Kristin Funk - 8'00, 15th
Ashley Taylor - 8'00, 15th
Baylee Reynolds - 8'00, 15th
Johanna Nilsson - 8'00, 23rd
Erin Bowe - 8'00, 27th
Ashley Harris - 7'06, 28th
Korra Jensen - 7'06, 30th
4 x 100m - 49.59, 2nd (BriAnna Gipson, Brittney Rounkles, Olivia Richards, Elise Berning)
Medley Relay - 4:13.82, 2nd (Elise Berning, Olivia Richards, Ally Geisler, Josey Hedquist, with BriAnna Gipson in the trials)
4 x 400m - 3:58.50, 1st (BriAnna Gipson, Jordan Barnett, Ruby Jane Mathewson, Melanie Sullivan, with Megan Rowe and Brittney Rounkles in the trials)

Girls Team Scores
1. Herriman 133
2. Davis 123
3. Syracuse 73
4. Lone Peak 46
5. Bingham 40
5. Weber 40
7. Fremont 33
8. American Fork 29
9. Westlake 27
10. Brighton 26

Combined Team Scores
1. Davis 261.5
2. Herriman 215
3. Syracuse 157
4. American Fork 92
5. Lone Peak 83
6. Weber 67
7. Copper Hills 64
8. Bingham 63
9. Fremont 46
10. Westlake 40

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