Saturday, March 5, 2016

Davis Track Update - March 5

Darts - 
I don't want to get too far ahead of myself because we still have a TON of hard work in front of us, but I was thrilled with our first full week of outdoor practices. I am starting to see toughness, leadership, improvement, unity, and excitement for what we are doing. You are showing up with the desire to learn and get better and the willingness to work. It gets me pretty amped up to see what we can do in the next 2 months. I am sure that we have some ups and downs in front of us - every season has that - but I like where we are starting. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra time this week. Staying late and working on core, block starts, hurdle drills, throwing/jumping technique, etc. will go a long way in helping you to improve both your fitness and your confidence. 

Time Trials - Great efforts at the time trials on Friday. They are not all typed up yet - but most of the results are posted on the blog - We had our most boys ever under 12.00 in the 100m (9) and our 2nd most boys ever under 40.00 in the 300m (14). We tied our most ever girls under 14.00 in the 100m (5) and also tied our most girls ever under 47.00 in the 300m (8). Melanie Sullivan set our time trial record in the 300m at 41.84. Most of all, I am impressed with the positive energy I feel from this group. Let's have more of that! There were a few of you who did not show up -some with good reasons, some because of fear/laziness. I want to encourage all of you to get on-board. Go all-in going forward. The only way you'll enjoy track & field is to buy all-in; it is way more fun and more satisfying that way.

Alumni Meet - Our first track meet is on Friday (3/11) at 3:00pm. It is one of my favorite meets of the year, but it is only our team and any Davis Track Alumni who want to come back. We are sure to see some pretty impressive performances. We will divide into 4 teams for the meet - Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores/Freshman, and Alumni. Have fun, compete hard, and continue to build TEAM unity.

Uniform Hand-out - Wednesday (3/9). You only get your uniform if your eligibility is complete.

Shoes/Spikes - Make sure you are in good running shoes (to prevent injury), and you should be looking into competition shoes as well (sprint spikes, distance spikes, jumps spikes, etc). Wasatch Running Center in Centerville has some great options on training shoes and spikes and they will offer a Davis Track Team discount.

Drug Consent/Parents Night - Any of you who need to sign the drug consent form need to come to the meeting on Tuesday (3/8) at 5:00pm in the Main Gym. The athlete and one parent need to sign the form that night. If you need to sign, but can't come to the meeting, please pick up the form from Mr. Chapple (Vice Principal) in the main office after that date. You need to sign in order to participate in track meets.
If any parents have questions or concerns about anything to do with track & field, I will be at the meeting that night to answer questions. It is not a mandatory "Parents Night", but if you would like to meet me or discuss anything, I will be there.

Physicals - If you have not yet had a physical, we will have doctors available at Davis High on Tuesday night (3/8). Track appointments are from 5:00-5:30. The cost is $15. Pay in the office and bring your receipt. 

Eligibility - The eligibility should be done as much as possible at this point. We are going to start checking on Monday. The 5 steps: 1) - add track as a sport if you are already on there; create an account and add track if you are not yet on there and fill out all available forms. 2) Pay $90 in the office (online for those of you in the track class). 3) Physical - only needs to be turned in if this is your first sport this year at Davis High. 4) Drug Consent Form - see above note. 5) Academic and Citizenship eligibility. We will check on those on Monday. Please take care of your 'U's. 

Fundraiser - We wrapped up the card fundraiser this past weekend. I know a few of you are trying to finish up a few sales this weekend. Please have all cards and money turned in no later than Tuesday! We did a pretty good job. It looks as though we are going to sell somewhere around 1300 cards. Well above our goal of 1000, but not quite to the 1600 that would have earned us jerseys. I promise we will put the money to good use. I  want to thank all of you who put in some effort. Congratulations to Sara Miller and Ashley Taylor for being the top 2 sellers - both selling over 40 cards - WOW!!! (ps. The fines will not be removed from your account if you don't turn back in the unsold cards).

Apparel Order #2 - If any of you would like to order any of the apparel on the 2nd order, we are starting to put that together. It is due by March 17th (Thursday). We should have the first order in by about that time. I have the forms at every practice - I will also email it out again next week. Just fill out a form and pay in the office before you turn it in. If you earned some free stuff from the fundraiser, make sure to fill out a form and get it to me. Parents and siblings are welcome to order.

Happy Birthday today (3/5) to Coach Shawna Cox!!!

It's going to be another awesome week in front of us. Bring energy, excitement, and determination to EVERY practice. Have fun, push yourselves, enjoy the amazing March weather we are having, learn and grow, and stay positive and patient! 

Coach Talley

Upcoming Schedule:
Friday, 3/11 - Alumni Meet
Wednesday, 3/16 - Davis @ West High
Tuesday-Wednesday, 3/22-3/23 - Davis Super Meet (@ Davis High)

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