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Track Update - 3/25

Darts - 
Our early season meets are over. We've worked hard and have some very exciting opening marks to be proud of, and we will still have a lot of opportunities to test ourselves and improve in the next 8 weeks. I encourage each of you to set some goals--both performance goals (times and marks) and training goals (commitment, attendance, etc). We are the masters of our fates--work hard and give your all and you will be successful and satisfied (and the TEAM will be successful), give less than your best and you will have regrets. 

Super Meet - We had some outstanding opening performances at the Super Meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. First of all, you all did a great job putting on a track meet. I received many compliments about your organization, helpfulness, attitudes, and track knowledge. As I said before, putting on good meets is one of the things that makes us the program we are. Thank you for working so hard - especially since it was fairly cold (especially on Tuesday). 
There were 12 teams in the meet - 4 of the top 6 teams from last year's 5A meet and 4 of the top 8 teams for the girls. We continued our Super Meet victory streak on both sides (15 in a row for the girls and 11 for the boys). I am very excited for the season that we have in front of us. I think we have potential to do some amazing things if we continue to come together as a TEAM, stay humble and HUNGRY, and do the little things we need to in order to improve and stay healthy. 
The girls were led by victories from Melanie Sullivan with a time of 57.59 and a new meet record in the 400m dash; Aubrey Argyle with a very solid 11:04 in the 3200m run; Ally Geisler with a hard fought 2:20 in the 800m; and Ruby Jane Mathewson with a PR of 15.61 in the 100m hurdles. Other top 3 finishers for the girls included - Ruby Jane Mathewson (2nd in the 300 hurdles), Jenna Connell (3rd in the 1600), Melanie Sullivan (3rd in the 200m), Megan Rowe (3rd in the 300 hurdles), Anna Ferrell (2nd in the javelin), and Emma Calder (2nd in the discus). Our 4 x 800, medley relay, and 4 x 400 teams were victorious with the 4 x 400 just missing the meet record (Megan Rowe, Ruby Jane Mathewson, Ally Geisler, and Melanie Sullivan).  
The boys were led by victories from Logan MacKay with a time of 1:52.00 in the 800m (a new meet record, only .11 off of the school and state record by Brad Nye, and currently #2 in the U.S.); Hunter Simonsen with 3 individual victories (15.06 in the hurdles, 6'09 and nearly a 7'00 clearance in the high jump, and 21'08 in the long jump); Eli Beard with an awesome throw of 145' in the discus; Matt Calvin with a 14'03 clearance in the pole vault; and Kelton Johnson with a very exciting finish in the 300m hurdles (got it on the lean). Our other top 3 finishers included Jake Moffett (2nd in the 100, 2nd in the 400, and 3rd in the 200), Nate Allred (2nd in the high jump), Alex Cottam (3rd in the long jump). The boys 4 x 400 team of Jake Moffett, Kelton Johnson, McGyver Clark, and Logan MacKay had a very solid victory with 3:28. 
Full Results are at
Updated Davis Performance List at 

Girls Super Meet Team Scores 
1. 175 Davis
2. 122 Herriman
3. 101 Bingham
4. 74 Weber
5. 64 Lehi

Boys Super Meet Team Scores
1. 188 Davis
2. 133 Herriman
3. 80 Riverton
4. 63 Lehi
5. 59 Weber

Fit For Life Credit - Most of you in the track class who need it have already finished your fit for life requirements, a few of you have partially finished, and a few of you have not done the log and the online tests. You have to finish during spring break. Please finish the online tests (6 tests on Canvas) and the training log and turn that in to Coach Agnello on the Monday we return. 

Davis District Championships - Our next track meet is the Davis District Championships at Syracuse High School on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5-6. I will send out more information at the end of spring break. Boys and Girls will compete on both Tuesday and Wednesday (I will send out our schedule and entries next weekend). 

Spring Break Workouts - We are meeting as a TEAM on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am. Those workouts are mandatory if you are in town. For those of you who are out of town, here are some suggested workout plans. Our goal is to get some much needed rest (mental and physical) - but to also maintain the work and the fitness you have put in. Please take care of yourselves - don't stay up too late and don't eat too much junk. We have a lot of HUGE meets coming up in April and May. 

Distance Runners - 
Saturday - 40-70 minute distance run
Monday - 30-50 minute distance run + core work
Tuesday - 8 x 400 (or 70-90 seconds on the roads) with 1:30 rest
Wednesday - 30-50 minute distance run + core work
Thursday - 5 x 800m (or 2:30-3:00 on the roads) with 2:30 rest
Friday - 30-50 minute distance run + core work
Saturday - 40-70 minute distance run + core work
*If you need to swap the hard days, that is okay - try to get in two hard days during the break.

Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers - Here are a few ideas, try to workout a minimum of 3-4 times during the break:
1. 10-12 x hill repeats at varying intensity and length (15-45 seconds)
2. 15 minute jog, 6 x 1:00 accelerations with good recovery
3. 5 minute jog, 1:00 @75%, 2-3 minute jog, :30 @ 85%, 2-3 minute jog, repeated for 20-25 minutes
4. 6 laps of breakdown at a track (if you can find one) or in a park with grass. 
5. 20-30 minutes of stadium and plyo circuit (lunges, squats, mountain climbers, high skips, bounding, skiers, knees at wall).
*Proper Warm up before workouts and core work and stretching after workouts
*Hurdlers should sit in the L-7 and do some wall drills when possible (be creative).

Throwers - 
Practice Footwork (form) for your event 3 different days for 30 minutes each
Weight room or strength work 3 different days for 40-60 minutes
Core Work 3 different days for 15 minutes
Hill sprints 2 different days (or stadium steps if you can find some) - 15 x 20 seconds

Enjoy the spring break! Come back ready to work and excited for some track & field meets. 
Coach Talley

"People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get ahead in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them." - George Bernard Shaw

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