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Darts - 
It was such an amazing two days at the state track championships on Friday and Saturday. All of our hard work and sacrifices paid off in a big way as we brought home the TEAM titles for both the boys and the girls for the 2nd year in a row. I was so proud of the TEAM. Proud of those who competed and gave their all, and proud of the support that we had down in Provo - once again our TEAM was the biggest and the loudest and the most supportive. Thanks so much for a great season. Thanks for giving your all and for competing as a TEAM. I think one of the main reasons that we were successful is because you were competing for your TEAM all season long. 
The Davis results are at the bottom of this email, and full results can be found at - I will also post a bunch of race videos on our TEAM's facebook page. 
Friday started off perfectly with the girls 1600m - Shea and Ellie ran patient and strong to finish 1-2 both with prs (4:56 and 4:58). Taylor Cox and Madi Garlock also pr'd and finished in the top 8. On the boys side, Brad continued his undefeated mile streak with a win, and we picked up some points from Skylar Williams (4th) and Brayden Cromar (6th). In the other finals on Friday, Michelle Clark picked up some big points in the javelin with a 3rd place finish, Marcus Daley tied for 5th in the high jump, Ben Bracken came through huge with a pr in the disc and a 5th place finish, Jessica Richardson scored in the shot put, and the vaulters kept their cool in the bad weather to finish 4-6-8 (Isaac, Trace, and Chris). Despite the bad weather through the middle of the day - we qualified in most of the places we needed to in the trials. Our boys 4 x 100 just slipped in with an 8th place finish and an arm-pit exchange from Trevor to Connor - Connor was nearly to the end of the zone, reaching back for the baton, when he notices it appear in his arm-pit. He closed his arm on it, and kept running while he grabbed the baton and got ready to pass it on to Seth. Also in the trials, Seth Fortin broke the school record in the 200m, but had a slightly illegal tail wind - still a great run in the colder conditions. All of our relay alternates stepped up big and helped us rest some legs for the finals - great job to Rachel Anderson, Kami Dixon, Sarah Beecher, Seth Thompson, and others who helped us get all 6 relays into the finals. 
Once we got rolling on Saturday, it seemed like everything went well for us. Our momentum just kept increasing as we pulled away from the field. It was great to see our athletes feeding off of one another and getting stronger and stronger as the day went on. We started the morning again with some inspiration in the javelin - on his final throw, Jeff Whittaker moved from 4th to 2nd and went over 180 for the first time. Then Chelsey, Ashley, and Joanna all ran well and scored in the 3200 - followed by the boys 3200 where our 8 qualified runners got the job done for us. It was Brad Nye's 2nd victory of the meet in a pr time of 9:19, and Brayden Cromar's 2nd medal of the championship. In the girls hurdles, Addy Jones ran a great race to pick up the individual title - something she has worked hard for these past 3 years. Christine also ran well and finished 4th. Bailey and Addy also scored big for us in the 100 with their 5-6 finish. Bailey has been so tough these past few weeks running on what is most likely a stress fracture (or close to it) in her shin. She won't complain - despite being in a lot of pain - but really came through when we needed her at BYU, Region, and State. The girls came back and ran incredibly well in the 4 x 100 to finish 3rd with 49.39 - a great time despite losing our school record holder and anchor leg Sylvia Harrison - although it was tough to lose Sylvia this late in the season, Sarah Beecher really stepped up for us. She must have felt a lot of pressure running for Sylvia, but she ran very strong and handled the pressure well. The boys 4 x 100 - despite qualifying 8th, ran an outstanding race to finish 2nd - with a very strong anchor leg from Seth. In the middle of all our success on the track, Marcus began long jumping. The trials didn't go too well for him, he couldn't quite find his steps, but he managed to make it into finals. For the finals, a bunch of the TEAM found any spots they could in the stands and really rallied around Marcus. You could hear the clapping and the cheers from across the track as Marcus hit his first finals jump in 22'02, gaining some confidence his 2nd finals jump was 22'08 - moving him into 1st place, and then he ended with a monster jump of 23'00.50. It was huge for us - not only did our crowd inspire Marcus, but he got everyone fired up and kept our momentum strong. In the girls 400 - Shea finished 3rd in her first of 3 races of the afternoon, and in the boys 400, Trevor Leavitt continued to improve his time with a 48.50 - that is the 2nd fastest a Davis athlete has ever run in the 400m - and we are thrilled that Trevor is just a sophomore. Christine ran nearly a 1 second pr and finished 3rd in the 300 hurdles - she had been struggling over the past 3-4 weeks - not feeling as strong - but she stayed positive, took really good care of herself, showed a lot of determination, and really came through for us in both hurdles. Our 800m runners locked up the championship for us. The girls scored 27 points finishing 1-2-3-7-8 with Shea, Ellie, and Taylor getting the sweep in 2:13, 2:14, and 2:15 - added together with Madi's 2:19, we would currently be ranked #2 in the U.S. in the 4 x 800m relay. It was Shea's 2nd victory of the meet - and came only about 75 minutes after a hard run in the 400m. It was the 2nd pr of the meet for Ellie - who has stepped up once again for us this season. And it was also an 800 pr for Taylor - who has been such a great addition to our TEAM, and has shown some real toughness and courage being on a new team at a new school. Brad Nye picked up his 3rd individual win and became only the 2nd Davis athlete to ever win the 800-1600-3200 in the same championships. I know that it sometimes looks easy for Brad, but he really had to prepare himself both mentally and physically for 3 hard races. We are really going to miss Brad - he is a champion on and off the track. He has been a great leader and a great friend to so many on the TEAM. He really deserves all of his success of the past year. I was also really proud of our other boy 800 runners in the race - Jackson was right at his pr, Austin ran a pr, Skylar ran a pr, and Alex went out and really pushed through his 3rd race of the meet to finish in under 2:00. Our boys 4 x 800 would also be ranked among the top in the U.S. Both medley's ran strong to finish in the top 5. Madi Garlock came back only 30 minutes after the 800 to anchor the girls for 4th, and Seth Thompson ran a gutsy race despite a leg injury this week to anchor the boys for 5th. In the boys 200m, Seth Fortin capped off a great season with a 21.95 - legal wind this time - to finish 3rd place in a very competitive field, and Trevor Leavitt pr'd again with 22.14 for 5th. On the field, Sam Matina threw over 47 for the first time and got a medal with a 6th place finish. And Jessica Richardson looked very strong in the discus to finish 2nd. Michelle Mendez moved from 7th to 3rd on her final throw and had a pr of 112 feet. And we finished off the day with our fastest time of the year in both 4 x 400 relays. The girls barely missed 1st - but all ran great splits and finished with a 3:57. And the boys - although tired - gutted out a 3:26 for 5th place. 

So many people stepped up and had strong, inspiring performances over the two days - that our TEAMs were just unstoppable. It was such a fun and exciting two days, and I am so grateful to be associated with such great athletes and great people. I especially want to thank our outstanding coaching staff - Coach Parrish, Coach Agnello, Coach West, Brad, Rob, Zach, Alayna, and Lauren. We have been so lucky to be able to work with such fine, unselfish, smart, uplifting people. I thank them each for their friendship, their support and trust in me, and their expertise in each of their areas. And I also want to thank all of your parents who are so supportive and trusting - and who do such a good job taking care of me and the TEAM.

Coming Up:

Monday - TEAM Meeting after school in the big gym - 2:40 - TURN IN UNIFORMS. Once again - please bring them at this time so that I don't have to spend very much of my time tracking down uniforms. 

TEAM Party/BBQ/Awards - Wednesday, 5:00pm @ Barnes Park - most likely at the northeast pavilion. We had to change it from Thursday because of some conflicts - and hopefully the soccer team is playing for the state championship on Thursday night. I will bring the burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. If any of you could make desserts (cookies, brownies, cake, etc) - that would be great. We will eat a lot of junk and really have a good time. We can stay at the park after for some volleyball or ultimate frisbee if anyone would like. 

Cross Country Meeting - Tuesday, May 29th at 3:15 in my classroom (#2512) - Spread the word

Girls Team Scores -
1. Davis 128
2. Bingham 62
3. Fremont 59.5
4. Weber 53
5. Copper Hills 51.5
6. Riverton 49
7. Lone Peak 37
8. Alta 32
9. West Jordan 30
10. Viewmont 27.5

Boys Team Scores - 
1. Davis 124.5
2. Riverton 87
3. Syracuse 86
4. Alta 70.5
5. Bingham 50
6. Weber 35.5
7. Copper Hills 26
7. West Jordan 26
9. Jordan 25
10. Fremont 24.5

100m - 
Bailey Carling - 12.51 in trials/12.76 in finals, 5th
Adelyn Jones - 12.60 in trials/12.80 in finals, 6th

400m - 
Shea Martinez - 58.79 in trials/57.65 in finals, 3rd 

800m - 
Shea Martinez - 2:13.35, 1st
Ellie Child - 2:14.99, 2nd - Davis #5 All Time
Taylor Cox - 2:15.73, 3rd - Davis #6 All Time
Madi Garlock - 2:19.89, 7th
Kami Dixon - 2:21.41, 8th
Becca Albrechtsen - 2:21.77, 10th
Katie Frandsen - 2:23.93, 13th

1600m - 
Shea Martinez - 4:56.10, 1st - Davis #2 All Time
Ellie Child - 4:58.31, 2nd - Davis #3 All Time
Taylor Cox - 5:08.32, 3rd - Davis #7 All Time
Madi Garlock - 5:14.20, 8th - Davis #15 All Time
Chelsey Johnson - 5:23.89, 12th
Joanna Boyd - 5:28.88, 18th

3200m - 
Chelsey Johnson - 11:28.77, 6th - Davis #12 All Time
Ashley Tyndall - 11:37.19, 8th - Davis #14 All Time
Joanna Boyd - 11:53.52, 11th

100m Hurdles - 
Adelyn Jones - 14.95 in trials/14.84 in finals - 1st
Christine Van Brocklin - 15.43 in trials/15.46 in finals, 4th
Karly Sprague - 16.08, 10th
Libby Fowler - 16.32, 12th

300m Hurdles - 
Christine Van Brocklin - 47.30 in trials/45.76 in finals, 3rd - Davis #6 All Time

4 x 100m - 
Adelyn Jones, Bailey Carling, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Beecher - 49.97 in trials/49.32 in finals, 3rd 

Medley - 
Bailey Carling, Rachel Anderson, Tyra Colohan, Madi Garlock (Sarah Beecher, Becca Albrechtsen) - 4:20.99 in trials/4:20.62 in finals, 4th

4 x 400m - 
Ellie Child, Taylor Cox, Christine Van Brocklin, Shea Martinez (Rachel Anderson, Kami Dixon) - 4:06.18 in trails/3:57.55 in finals, 2nd - Davis #2 All Time

High Jump - 
Tanisha Langston 5'01, 12th 

Shot Put - 
Jessica Richardson - 33'08.75, 7th

Discus - 
Jessica Richardson - 118'06, 2nd 
Michelle Mendez - 112'08, 3rd 
Kaylee Brown - 94'11, 11th

Javelin - 
Michelle Clark - 113'07, 3rd
Kendall Sargent - 95'05, 11th

Boys - 
Kyle Green - 11.10 in trials/11.28 in finals, 8th - Davis #7 All Time

Seth Fortin - 21.82 in trials (wind)/21.95 in finals, 3rd - Davis #4 All-Time 
Trevor Leavitt - 22.32 in trials/22.14 in finals, 5th - Davis #7 All Time 
Kyle Green - 22.66, 13th

Trevor Leavitt - 50.94 in trials/48.50 in finals, 3rd - Davis #2 All Time

Brad Nye - 1:52.69, 1st
Jackson Sagers - 1:55.92, 6th
Austin Allred -1:56.52, 7th - Davis #10 All Time
Skylar Williams - 1:57.61, 8th - Davis #20 All Time
Alex Hedquist - 1:59.54

Brad Nye - 4:19.74, 1st
Skylar Williams - 4:25.41, 4th
Brayden Cromar - 4:25.50, 6th
Alex Hedquist - 4:27.18, 10th

Brad Nye - 9:19.59, 1st - Davis #6 All Time
Brayden Cromar - 9:23.63, 4th
Logan Wood - 9:27.99, 5th
Andrew Aposhian - 9:32.57, 8th
Alex Hedquist - 9:38.73, 12th
Preston Johnson - 9:43.26, 16th
Hayden Hansen - 9:59.89, 22nd
Phillip Baker - 10:05.31, 23rd

4 x 100m 
Kyle Green, Trevor Leavitt, Connor Badger, Seth Fortin - 44.69 in trials/43.16 in finals, 2nd

Medley Relay
McKinley Reed, Colton Chronister, Ryan Lee, Seth Thompson - 3:41.88 in trials/3:39.44 in finals, 5th

4 x 400m
Jackson Sagers, Austin Allred, Kyle Green, Trevor Leavitt (Seth Thompson) - 3:31.10 in trials/3:26.08 in finals, 5th

High Jump
Marcus Daley - 6'01, 5th

Long Jump 
Marcus Daley - 23'00.50, 1st - Davis #2 All Time

Pole Vault
Isaac McKean - 13'00, 4th
Trace Arbon - 12'06, 6th
Chris Reid - 12'00, 8th

Shot Put
Sam Matina - 47'03.25, 6th

Ben Bracken - 141'04, 5th

Jeff Whittaker - 180'10, 2nd - Davis #4 All Time

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