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Track Update - Region Champions!!

Darts - 
It is hard to believe that we only have one week left in the season. At some points in the season, it feels like it could go on forever, that we have tons of time left, and then suddenly it is all behind us. I am really excited for this final week, and I hope that most of you share that excitement. Both the sophomore region meet and the state championships should be a great opportunity for us to compete one last time and to show that all of the hard work and sacrifice has been worth it. 
The region meet was one of my favorite region championships I have ever been a part of. We have not exactly had the easiest end to the season. We don't have a track to work out on, we have a few injuries and illnesses that are keeping us from being 100%, and we were facing some tough competition for both the boys and the girls. I think the thing that I loved the most about this region meet was the fact that so many of you stepped it up, and that we won as a TEAM. It took everyone performing in every area for us to get the victory, and that's exactly what we did. When all was said and done, the boys won 244 to 187 for 2nd place Syracuse. And the girls won 232 to 180 over Fremont. In both cases, it could have been a lot closer, but the TEAM as a whole really came through. Once again, I saw a lot of energy and a lot of competitiveness. It has been a fun year because of those things - passion, excitement, and TEAMwork. 
Full Results can be found on 
We scored points in the following places at the region meet:

Girls - 
High Jump: Tanisha Langston - 2nd
Shot Put: Jessica Richardson - 2nd, Kaylee Brown - 7th
Discus: Jessica Richardson - 1st, Kaylee Brown - 2nd, Michelle Mendez - 3rd (that 1-2-3 sweep came right when we needed it)
Javelin: Michelle Clark - 2nd, Kendall Sargent - 3rd
100m Hurdles: Addy Jones - 1st, Karly Sprague - 5th, Christine Van Brocklin - 6th, Libby Fowler - 8th
300m Hurdles: Tyra Colohan - 6th, Christine Van Brocklin - 7th
100m Dash: Bailey Carling - 3rd, Addy Jones - 5th
200m Dash: Addy Jones - 5th, Rachel Anderson - 7th
400m Dash: Shea Martinez - 1st, Taylor Cox - 2nd, Ellie Child - 6th
800m Run: Madi Garlock - 1st, Kami Dixon - 2nd, Becca Albrechtsen - 3rd, Katie Frandsen - 4th, Taylor Cox - 5th, Mikell Wood - 8th
1600m Run: Shea Martinez - 1st, Joanna Boyd - 4th, Madi Garlock - 5th, Chelsea Johnson - 6th, Ashley Tyndall - 7th, Mikell Wood - 8th
3200m Run: Ellie Child - 1st, Chelsey Johnson - 2nd, Joanna Boyd - 3rd, Ashley Tyndall - 4th
4 x 100m: 1st place - Addy Jones, Bailey Carling, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Beecher
Medley Relay: 1st place - Libby Fowler, Sarah Beecher, Tyra Colohan, Shea Martinez
4 x 400 Relay: 2nd place - Katie Frandsen, Madi Garlock, Taylor Cox, Rachel Anderson

Boys - 
Pole Vault: Chris Reid - 3rd, Trace Arbon - 4th, Jordan Schraedel - 5th, Korbin Birrell - 6th
High Jump: Marcus Daley - 2nd, Ryan Boyd - 6th
Long Jump: Marcus Daley - 1st in a NEW SCHOOL RECORD - 23'04 (old record was from 1971)
Shot Put: Sam Matina - 4th, Ben Bracken - 5th
Discus: Ben Bracken - 2nd
Javelin: Jeff Whittaker - 1st, Jacob Bowers - 7th
110m Hurdles: Ammon Hanks - 5th, Juston LeBaron - 7th
300m Hurdles: Ammon Hanks - 6th, Austin Atkinson - 7th
100m Dash: Seth Fortin 1st, Kyle Green - 2nd, Connor Badger - 6th
200m Dash: Trevor Leavitt - 1st, Kyle Green - 2nd
400m Dash: Trevor Leavitt - 1st, Jackson Sagers - 5th
800m Run: Alex Hedquist - 3rd, Skylar Williams - 4th, Seth Thompson - 5th, Taylor Goldsberry - 6th, Ryan Lee - 7th, Preston Johnson - 8th
1600m Run: Brad Nye - 1st, Brayden Cromar - 2nd, Logan Wood - 3rd, Skylar Williams - 4th, Preston Johnson - 7th, Andrew Aposhian - 8th
3200m Run: Preston Johnson - 1st, Logan Wood - 2nd, Hayden Hansen - 3rd, Phillip Baker - 4th, Andrew Aposhian - 5th (making a record 8 boys qualified for state in that event)
4 x 100m Relay: 1st place - Kyle Green, Trevor Leavitt, Connor Badger, Seth Fortin
Medley Relay: 1st place - McKinley Reed, Colton Chronister, Jackson Sagers, Austin Allred
4 x 400m Relay: 2nd place - Jackson Sagers, Ryan Lee, Austin Allred, Seth Thompson

Coming Up:
Monday Practice - Meet in the big gym for class before we go anywhere. Those competing at state and sophomore region are going to be going to Layton for a track workout. Distance runners and throwers will stay at Davis. 

Tuesday Practice - Distance Runners racing at state will meet at Layton High at 7:00am for a light interval session

Sophomore Region - @ Layton @ 3:00pm on Tuesday. It will follow the dual meet schedule, but the girls 3200m will be at the end. It's supposed to be HOT, so make sure to hydrate well. Those competing will be excused at 1:30 - the bus will leave at 1:45. If you need to stay in class and come over after school, that would be fine. Those competing at state will workout at Layton during the track meet.

Wednesday Dinner - We will have a dinner at Wingers at 5:30 on Wednesday for all those who are competing at state plus any seniors who would like to come. It will cost $10. 

Thursday Meeting - Mandatory meeting for those competing at state in my classroom (2512) at 2:30. Please don't miss it. 

State Championships - Friday and Saturday, May 18-19 @ BYU. I will hand out and email out schedules with what we have competing on Monday. If you would like to come down on the bus either day, you will need to sign up at practice on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you would like to be excused from the school day on Friday to come down and watch, you will need to sign up with me on Monday. We only have hotel rooms for those competing in the early morning events. If anybody else would like to stay down there either night, you will need to make your own arrangements. We will have a bus (or two) going down and back each day. Our events start at 8:20 on Friday (Girls 1600m) and about 9:45 on Saturday (Girls 3200m). Both days are going to be very exciting. We are right in the mix and hope to bring home repeat titles for the girls and the guys. We will need a lot of support, and we are going to have a lot of fun. More information to come this week.

TEAM Barbecue/Awards - Will be on Thursday, May 24 @ 5:00pm - most likely we will choose a park where we can meet because we don't have a track where we can meet.  

Cross Country - For those interested in cross country and summer cross country training, we will have a meeting on Tuesday, May 29th at 3:15 in my classroom (2512) this will include all current 8th and 9th graders who would like to be on the TEAM. Please help me spread the word. 

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