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Dart Track Update - April 8

Darts - 
I hope that you are all feeling great after spring break. It was good to see so many of you at the practices last week (Monday-Wednesday), but I also felt like there was a number of you who could have done a better job maintaining your fitness during that week off. We all need to re-commit to be working hard and giving our all over the final 6 weeks of the season. There are a few things I would like to see everyone doing over these next 2 weeks to help our TEAM to continue to be strong this season:
1) Work hard with a purpose - You all have an idea about how good you are in your events. Set some goals to improve and really work like you want to achieve those goals. If you want to be a :52 400m runner or a 130 foot javelin thrower or a sub 17 second hurdler, you have got to push yourself (and each other) in practice and in these Wednesday dual meets. I want to see our TEAM working with a lot of purpose, focus, and energy.
2) Take good care of yourself - make sure that you are eating well, getting a good amount of sleep (8-9 hours per nigh), drinking a lot of water, and doing the important things to prevent injury (stretching, icing, warming up properly, etc). If you are going to perform at your top level, it is very important that you take care of your bodies (whether you are a sprinter, thrower, jumper, hurdler, or distance runner). 
3) Continue to be committed to our TEAM. It is still a challenge to build unity and strength with our big numbers. Do your best to attend all the practices (we only have about 22 left), and make sacrifices to make our TEAM stronger. Keep trying to motivate and inspire your teammates and be excited for one another. Even though track & field can be very individual, realize that there is great strength that can come from competing for each other. 

These final 6 weeks are going to go by fast. You can never get them back once they are gone. Take advantage of your great opportunity to be part of the best program in the state by truly giving your all to be the best you can be. Today's practice was a great example of working as a team - I loved the energy and determination that I was seeing even though it was a little cold and windy. 

Important Items:

Weber @ Davis - April 10 - We are hosting a dual meet with Weber on Wednesday. You will all be excused at 1:45 to help us set up and get ready for the meet. You can compete in the events of your choice (up to 4 events). We are making a big push to get as many 4 x 400m relay teams as possible - so if you are capable of running 1 lap at the end of the meet (no matter how fast you are) - try to get on a relay team. Consider that a challenge. I will email out a schedule for parents tomorrow. 

Grizzly Invitational - April 13 - We are competing this weekend in the Grizzly Invitational at Logan High School. We can enter 4 people per event. I will also send out a schedule and our entries some time in the next 3 days. The bus will be leaving Davis High at 6:45am on Saturday - we hope to return by about 4:00pm.

Davis Invitational Sponsors - We are looking for sponsors for the events at the Davis Invitational. Each year we try to gather enough sponsors to have one for every event. We are looking for businesses or families to donate $100 in order to sponsor an event. With the donation, the event is named after the sponsor (ie. the Fowler Family 300m Hurdles or the Cherry Hill 800m run). The sponsor's name is also placed on a t-shirt, in the meet program, and announced during the competition. In addition, the sponsors receive tickets to the Invitational luncheon and a free t-shirt. We are asking athletes to try to find sponsors for the Davis Invitational. We are hoping to get 36 sponsors (one for each event) we currently have commitments from 4 sponsors - so we definitely need your help. Davis athletes who find a sponsor will be given a meet t-shirt. Sponsors also have the option to donate $50 to get their name on the shirt and in the program (and will be given a shirt and meal tickets) - but will not have an event named after them. All of the money goes back to the program to meet our needs. We need to know all of the sponsors names by Tuesday, April 16th - that gives us only a week more to find the sponsors. I will attach the sponsor information to the email I send out with the dual meet schedule (it is saved on my school computer). 

TEAM Pictures - will be on Tuesday, April 16th. Please bring your uniforms - we will not have extra uniforms out for anyone to borrow (except for the few very large ones we have remaining). We will take the pictures in the bleachers. 

Davis Invitational - Saturday, April 27th - please keep the entire day open as this is our TEAM's biggest event of the season. We expect each of you to be there the entire day whether you are competing or just helping in the meet. 

Arcadia Invitational - We had about 25 athletes compete in California this past weekend at the Arcadia Invitational. It is one of the premier track meets in the U.S. Here were are highlights:
Girls 4 x 200m Relay (Hailee, Karly, Libby, Bailey) - finished 5th in their heat with 1:48.61 (Davis #4 All Time)
Girls Hurdle Shuttle Relay (Libby Fowler, Karly Sprague, Hailee Carattini, Christine Van Brocklin) - Finished 2nd overall with our #2 fastest ever run for Davis. This currently ranks them #3 in the U.S. 
Girls 4 x 1600m Relay - Hannah Albrechtsen, Chelsey Johnson, Aimee Vance, Joanna Boyd - New School Record - 21:22.43.
Girls 4 x 400m - Ellie, Christine, Taylor, and Shea finished off the night with a 3:59 - our #4 all-time and the fastest so far this year by a Utah school. 
Girls 3200m - Kenzie Weir 11:07.15 (Davis #3 All Time), Ashley Tyndall 11:15.31 (Davis #5 All Time)
Girls Mile - Shea Martinez - 4:52.39 (Won the Invited Heat, Davis #2 All-Time, U.S. #8) , Taylor Cox - 4:56.04 (Won the Seeded Heat, Davis #3 All-Time, U.S. #13), Ellie Child - 5:03.69 (5th place), Chelsey Johnson - 5:20.42, Joanna Boyd - 5:24.96
Girls 800m - Shea finished with another first place in a very close finish. Her time of 2:09.26 is our outdoor school record and currently ranked #1 in the U.S. ( Albrechtsen ran a new pr of 2:20.70.
Girls 300m Hurdles - Christine Van Brocklin - 47.29
Girls 100m Hurdles - Christine - 15.91, Hailee also ran but took a very hard fall on the 3rd hurdle.

Boys 4 x 1600m - 17:57.79 - 10th place (Davis #3 All-time). Sam Haws (4:29), Stokton Smith (4:29), Josh Ward (4:28), Seth Thompson (4:29)
Boys Distance Medley Relay - Jackson Sagers, Trevor Leavitt, Seth Thompson, Skylar Williams - 10:29.32 (12th place)
Boys 3200m - Andrew Aposhian - 9:19.95, Alex Hedquist - 9:26.52, Preston Johnson - 9:37.15 (took a hard fall on lap 3), Hayden Hansen - 9:44.90, Brayden Cromar - 10:05 (sick all weekend) 
Boys 1 Mile - Skylar Williams - 4:22.29, Stokton Smith - 4:28.10
Boys 800m - Jackson Sagers - 1:56.80, Seth Thompson - 1:58.44
Boys 400m - Trevor - 50.13
Boys 200m - Trevor - 22.74, Seth - 22.78
Boys 100m - Seth - 11.09 

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