Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Track Introduction

Darts & Parents -
Welcome to Davis Track & Field. We truly believe this to be the greatest track program in Utah, but it is only strong when we have individuals commit to being their best and making this TEAM the best it can be. I promise that if you will commit to giving 100%, that you will have a great experience. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and desire. We want athletes on this TEAM who are going to give their best at practice and meets, who will inspire and encourage their teammates, and who like to have fun. If you will commit to being a part of this TEAM, the next 77 days can give you some of your greatest high school memories. This TEAM is for track athletes of all levels. No matter how fast you are, how high or long you can jump, or how far you can throw, our focus is on helping you be your best at your event. Be patient with yourself, work hard, and have fun!
Over the next 2 1/2 months, I will be sending out a weekly email with updates about track meets and important upcoming information. Please read carefully through all of the details...

Track Meeting: We had the track introduction meeting on Thursday. If you missed the meeting, I have attached the handout that covers a lot of the information. We begin daily practice tomorrow (Monday) at 2:45 in the outside bleachers (if the weather is ever really bad, we will start practice in the big gym - and then head outside to workout).

Tuesday Practice: We will have practice on ACT Tuesday. We will meet at 1:00pm in the bleachers or the big gym. BE THERE!

2015 Track Meet Schedule (there have been a few minor adjustments from the original):
March 5           Davis Time Trials            Davis          3:00 pm
March 9           Alumni Meet                    Davis          3:00 pm
March 17        Super Meet - Girls          Davis         3:00 pm
March 18        Super Meet – Boys         Davis         3:00 pm
Mar 24-25       Davis District                    Syracuse    3:00 pm
Mar 28             UVU Invite                       UVU           9:00am
April 8              Fremont @ Davis            Davis          3:00pm
April 15            Davis @ Syracuse           Syracuse    3:00pm
April 17            Woods X Invitational     Woods Cross 3:30pm
April 23            Davis @ Weber                Weber        3:00pm
April 25          Davis Invite                     Davis         9:00am
April 24            Northridge @ Davis         Davis          3:00pm
May 1-2          BYU or Herriman Invite                    TBA             TBA
May 6-7          Region Championships  Syracuse    3:00pm
May 12            Sophomore Region         TBA           3:00pm
May 15-16      State Championships     BYU           8:00am

Parents Email: If your parents would like to be added to the email list (to receive the weekly updates), please send me their email address. They can also read the emails and see other information at

New Balance Indoor Nationals: 5 of our athletes are traveling to New York City in 2 weeks to compete at the indoor nationals. Logan MacKay, Colter Blanchard, Josh Ward, and Stokton Smith are going to race the 4 x mile and 4 x 800 relays; and Aubrey Argyle is going to race in the 5000m and the emerging elite 1 mile. They are looking for any amount of donations to help support them on their trip. If you would like to help them out, either let me know, or bring a donation directly to any of them. Thanks!!
Apparel: I have attached this year's apparel order to the email. The logo on the t-shirt is going to be a little different than pictured. There will be a logo on the jacket as well. Please turn in the apparel orders by Wednesday this week so that we can get them ordered by the end of the week. I will have hard copies with me on Monday and Wednesday as well. You will not be able to pay for them in the office until Monday, March 9th. Parents are welcome to order any items. None of the apparel is mandatory, but we do encourage you to at least order a t-shirt to wear on meet days.

Eligibility: The hardest part of getting the season started is getting all of the eligibility complete (for 300 of you). There are 5 requirements:
1) Pay $90 in the office (the fine will be added to your account tomorrow if you are not in the track class).
2) Physicals - if you have not yet had a physical for any sport this year, you need to have a physical for track. The physical form is attached to this email and needs to be turned in once completed. If you need to get a physical, there will be doctors at the school tomorrow (Monday 3/2) from 5:00pm-7:00pm. You will need to pay $15 in the office and bring your receipt.
3) Register on - and fill out the appropriate online forms. If you have already registered for a previous sport, you will need to log back in and add track & field.
4) Drug Test Consent Form - if this is your first sport this year, you and your parents need to sign the drug test consent form. We will have a brief (15 minute) meeting at the school cafeteria on Wednesday, March 4th at 5:00pm where Mr. Firmage will review the procedure and hand out the forms. Please bring 1 parent with you to this meeting.
5) Academic and Citizenship eligibility needs to be cleared. All U's need to be made up and your GPA from 2nd term needs to be above a 2.0 (with no more than 1 F). If your GPA was below that mark, you will be not be eligible until the end of 3rd term. If you are not in the track class, you will need to clear your eligibility in the office using the attached form.

I know that is a lot of information. We are really looking forward to getting the track season underway. It is going to be an awesome season for Davis Track & Field. It will take hard work, but each of you and this TEAM as a whole is capable of some great things.
Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions.
Coach Talley

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