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Davis Track Update - Super Meet Champs!!

Darts - 
We had a great start to our season with our first official meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are looking strong and focused as a TEAM. I am pleased with the work we put in the past few weeks, and it is good to see so many of you competing with hear and toughness. We need to continue to work hard and smart over the next few weeks. This part of the season is the time to get in the work that will prepare us for the big meets at the end of April and start of May. Focus on taking care of yourselves through proper nutrition, hydration, 8 hours of sleep per night, stretching, icing, and good warm ups and cool downs. Treat your bodies well, and they will give back to you on the track and the field. Also - keep focusing on TEAM spirit. Encourage and inspire one another and be genuinely happy for teammates who are doing well.

Super Meet - We had some awesome performances on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Davis Super Meet. The girls competed on Tuesday and were led by top 3 finishes by Brittney Rounkles (3rd in the 100m, 2nd in the 200m); BriAnna Gipson (3rd in the 400m); Josey Hedquist (2nd in the 800m); Ally Geisler (1st in the 1600m); Tatum Beard (2nd in the 1600m); Grace Neuenschwander (3rd in the 3200m); Jordan Barnett (1st in the 300m hurdles); Ruby Jane Matthewson (2nd in the 300m hurdles); Megan Rowe (3rd in the 300m hurdles); Olivia Richards (2nd in the 100m hurdles); Paige Erickson (2nd in the pole vault); Kylee Edwards (3rd in the discus); and some great relay performances including 2 meet records: 4 x 400 (Megan, Melanie, Ally, and Jordan in 4:02) and 4 x 800 (Tatum, Aubrey, Anna, and Josey in 9:49). We won the meet using our depth and our TEAM strength. We also had multiple PRs and great early season performances. You can see the full results at
The boys competed on Wednesday and were led by top 3 finishes from Ty Hinds (1st in the 100m); Jordan Goldsberry (3rd in the 200m); Ryker Johnson (2nd in the 400m); Logan MacKay (1st in the 800m with the #3 time in the country this year - 1:53.09); Colter Blanchard (2nd in the 800m); Stokton Smith (1st in the 1600m); Josh Ward (2nd in the 1600m); Jaron Erickson (1st in the 110m Hurdles); Palmer Flood (3rd in the 110m Hurdles, 1st in the 300m Hurdles); Harrison Haslam (1st in the pole vault); Matt Calvin (1st in the pole vault, 1st in the long jump); Jonathan Thornton (2nd in the long jump); Nate Allred (1st in the high jump); Hunter Simonsen (3rd in the high jump); KJ Bishop (3rd in the javelin); Dallin Baires (3rd in the shot put; 3rd in the discus); and some great some fast relay performances including 1st in the 4 x 400 and 1st in the medley. The boys put together a very solid and dominating TEAM performance, scoring in every event and looking strong in the sprints, distance, hurdles, jumps, and throws (all of the track areas). Full results are at

Girls Team Scores:
1. Davis 201.5
2. Herriman 150.5
3. Lehi 66
4. Weber 61
5. Bingham 60.5
6. Bountiful 59
7. Riverton 45.5
8. East 35

Boys Team Scores:
1. Davis 244.5
2. Herriman 126.5
3. Bingham 74
4. Weber 63
5. Lehi 50
6. Riverton 48.5
7. Bountiful 40.5
8. East 12

Beasts of the Week (for their awesome performances at the Super Meet): Ally Geisler, Kylee Edwards, Ellison Clark, Ruby Jane Matthewson, Harrison Haslam, Jacob Vaughan, Jade White, Mikey Savage

District Meet - Will be at Syracuse on Tuesday & Wednesday (March 24-25) starting at 3:00 both days. You will be excused at 1:30 and the buses will leave at 1:45. The schedule and 1st draft of the entries are attached to this email. Please look at it closely to see if I may have missed you. There are qualifying marks - so not everyone will be able to compete in everything they would like - but if you have been attending practice and working hard, I would like to have you entered in at least one event. It does cost the team money for each entry, so please let me know if you will not be able to attend. I have to finalize the entries at practice on Monday. Spectators cost $3 to enter the meet. 

Apparel - Will arrive this week. You will only be able to take your apparel if you have paid in the office or online. We will hand out the jackets, pants, t-shirts, and spandex on Thursday at practice.

Track Fees - If you have not paid your track fees. You must do so before the District Meet on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spring Break - We will have 2-3 morning practices over spring break. If you are in town, it is recommended that you attend the practices. If you are out of town, we will give you some ideas to help you stay in shape and continue to improve. It will be very important for everyone to stay active and take care of yourselves over those 8 days.

UVU Invite - A small group of varsity athletes will be competing at the UVU Invite this next Saturday (March 28). Who will be competing will depend on how the District Meet goes on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have more details on Thursday at practice. 

The TEAM Performance Lists will be updated throughout the season and posted in the hall by the track and online at 

Davis Invite Sponsors - Every year we ask the athletes to try to find sponsors for the Davis Invitational. Our goal is to raise $5000 as a team in sponsors (money we could definitely use on equipment, meet entries, and other expenses). Families, Individuals, or Businesses can be sponsors for the Davis Invite. There are two options: 1) $100 donation (or more) will receive their name of choice on one of the events at the track meet (example: "Morris Family Girls 100m Dash" or "All-State 4 x 800m Relay"). The names will be announced with the event. Sponsors will also have their names on the back of the t-shirts and will receive a free t-shirt, free meet entry, and 2 tickets to the luncheon. 2) $50 Donation - will have their names on the t-shirt and will receive a free t-shirt, free entry into the track meet, and 2 tickets to the luncheon (which is delicious by the way). 
I have attached some information. The event sponsors go fast, so if you are interested, please send your donation and the attached form with your son/daughter. Any athlete who finds a sponsor will also receive a free Davis Invite t-shirt.

Thanks for everything - keep working hard and putting heart into the TEAM and what we do!
Coach Talley

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