Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update - March 7

Darts -
It was nice to get some good weather to end the week. And nice to have some bad weather to challenge us at the start of the week as well, I guess. It looks like it is going to be another beautiful week coming up. Take advantage of the nice weather to put in some extra work and extra time at your events. It will pay off as the season progresses. We love seeing you hungry to get better. Don't be afraid to stay late and work on your core, your block starts, your hurdle drills, and your throwing/jumping technique. A little extra work will go a long way in helping you improve both your fitness and your confidence.
We have a busy few weeks in front of us - here is the important information...

Time Trials - We had our time trials on Thursday and Friday this last week. The results are published at It was a good place to start, but we have a lot of work still to come. Use those marks as starting points, and work hard to get faster and stronger.

Alumni Meet -
The alumni meet is on Monday (3/9) with the first event at 3:15. We will meet in the bleachers at 2:40 and do a team lap before we warm up. I have attached a schedule for the meet. Each athlete can compete in a maximum of 4 events (not including the relay at the end). The meet should wrap up at about 6:00pm. We expect you all to stay until the end and participate in the final relay or cheer on your class in the final relay. We will score the meet in 4 teams: sophomores, juniors, seniors, and alumni. Please be helpful at whatever event you are competing in - we are putting the meet on while we are competing in the meet.
I would encourage you to do the following:
Sprinters: choose at least 2 of the sprint events (100, 200, 400) - you can do all 3 if you are tough enough. You can also try the high jump, long jump, or a throwing event. You should all also try to get on an 8 x 400 relay team.
Hurdlers: Compete in both hurdle races (100/110 and 300). You can also choose a sprint race or a field event. You should all also get on a 8 x 400 relay team. 
Throwers: Compete in at least 2 of the throwing events (shot put, discus, javelin). You can also choose another field event (jump) or a sprint race (100, 200, 400). You can also do the relay at the end :)
Jumpers: You should compete in your jumping events - and you should get into at least one of the sprint events (100 or 200). You should also do the relay at the end of the meet.
Distance Runners: choose 2 of the following - 1600, 800, 3200. You can also do a field event (or sprint event), and all of you should get on a relay team at the end of the meet.
*I know that some of you are scared of the first meet. This really is just a practice meet and it's intent is to help you gain some experience. Don't be afraid! Do your best and then be determined to do even better as the season goes on. #nofear #carpediem #OutOfYourComfortZone #competewithheart
If you want to see last year's results, go to (boys) and (girls)

Apparel Order - I am going to submit the apparel order on Monday morning. If any of you did not fill out a form, you can email me or bring me the form on Monday morning in my classroom if you are still interested in anything. Parents are welcome to order as well. The order form is attached to this email. Payment will need to be made in the next 2 weeks (before you will receive the the clothes) online or in the main office (fees will be entered this week so you can pay online). The jackets we decided to get ended up looking really cool (and fitting nice); they do not match the jacket on the order form. If you didn't get a chance to try them on for size, we will have them at the alumni meet and I can make some last minute changes if needed.

Eligibility - If you have not completed your eligibility, please do so ASAP. As I said at practice yesterday, we don't want to continue to spend time checking and working on it from here on. Refer to previous emails for the 5 things that are required.

New Balance Indoor Nationals: The boys 4 x mile and 4 x 800 relay team (Logan MacKay, Colter Blanchard, Stokton Smith, and Josh Ward) and Aubrey Argyle (to run the 5000m) are headed to New York on Thursday to compete in the indoor national championships. Aubrey races Friday night, and the boys race both relays on Saturday. We will send out updates on our Twitter account @davistrackandxc (which you all should follow if you have a Twitter). Best of luck to those 5 athletes. If anyone would like to help sponsor them on their trip, please contact me or talk to any of the 5. I think they are doing their lunch cereal bar a few more days this week. Thanks for your support on their behalf.

Uniforms: We will hand out uniforms at practice on Wednesday this week. You will only be issued a uniform if your eligibility is complete and you have been coming to practice. The uniforms will be turned back in at the end of the season.

Davis Super Meet - The Super Meet is on Tuesday-Wednesday, March 17-18. We are in charge of the track meet. There will be 10 teams involved (Bingham, Bountiful, East, Evanston, Lehi, Herriman, Riverton, Rock Springs, Weber, Davis). The girls will compete on Tuesday. The boys will compete on Wednesday. The boys will need to "run" the track meet for the girls and vice versa. It is a HUGE meet for us, and you are all expected to be there both days. You will all be assigned a job for the day that you are not competing.

It is an exciting time of year - track season is about to get underway. This is going to be a strong TEAM. Have fun, work hard, take advantage of opportunities, compete with heart, and become a TEAM.
Send questions my way...
- Coach Talley

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