Monday, April 13, 2015

Track Update - 4/13

Darts - 
There comes a time in every track season where our TEAM is tested. I can feel that the next 2 weeks is that time for this TEAM. We have a busy meet schedule, and we need to fit in some very important work in every event. It is going to take sacrifice, focus, teamwork, and toughness. No doubt about it, we are going to be tested over the final 5 weeks of the season. We are going to face some very strong teams, and there will be ups and downs. Stay positive and help each other through the challenges - and stay humble and hard working through the victories. I challenge each of you to do your part to make this season legendary. 

Arcadia Invite - A group of our teammates went down to California for the Arcadia Invite this past weekend. It was a successful trip highlighted by a few school records and a number of strong PRs. 
Girls 3200 - Aubrey Argyle (10:30.66 - SCHOOL RECORD), Tatum Beard (11:01.95 - PR), Miah Weaver (11:17.93)
Girls Mile - Courtney Wayment (4:59.14), Ally Geisler (5:06.85), Tatum Beard (5:09.01), Miah Weaver (5:14.28)
Girls 800 - Josey Hedquist (2:19.73), Ally Geisler (2:21.33), Tatum Beard (2:23.16)
Girls 300 Hurdles - Jordan Barnett (46.47), Ruby Jane Mathewson (46.68), Megan Rowe (47.66)
Girls 100 Hurdles - Olivia Richards (15.79)
Girls Hurdle Relay - 1:08.84 - Jordan, Olivia, Megan, Ruby Jane
Girls 4 x 400m Relay - 4:05.16 - Ruby Jane, Megan, Olivia, Jordan
Girls Distance Medley Relay - 12:17.81 - 13th place; #6 All Time - Ally, Jordan, Josey, Courtney

Boys 3200 - Josh Ward (9:22.57), Stokton Smith (9:24.89), Camren Todd (9:26.75 - Davis #1 Sophomore All Time), Colton Rimann (9:35.48), Bryce Ferguson (9:52.81)
Boys Mile - Logan MacKay (4:14.50), Stokton Smith (4:23.64), Colter Blanchard (4:24.04), Camren Todd (4:28.22)
Boys 800 - Dallin Larsen (1:59.47)
Boys 300 Hurdles - Palmer Flood (39.59), Jaron Erickson (40.59)
Boys 110 Hurdles - Jaron Erickson (15.10 - PR), Palmer Flood (15.46)
Boys Distance Medley Relays - A Team 10:20.31 (SCHOOL RECORD) - Logan, Palmer, Colter, Stokton; B Team 10:58.53 - Camren, Jaron, Bryce, Colton

Davis Invite Sponsors: Nearly all of the event sponsors have been filled (2 throwing events remain). We will still be accepting sponsors and we are hoping to get a few more of the $50 sponsors. I have attached the information one final time to this email. $50 sponsors receive free tickets to the meet, a free t-shirt, the sponsor name on the t-shirt, and 2 lunch tickets. The person who gets the sponsor will also get a Davis Invite t-shirt. I will need those sponsor papers by Wednesday morning in order to get the sponsor name on the shirt. We will still accept sponsors after that point (without their name on the shirts). Thanks to those who have supported us to this point!!!

Coming Up:

Syracuse Meet - (4/15): You will be excused at 1:15; the bus will leave at 1:30 (please check in with your 8th period teachers). The weather doesn't look great. We have got to show up prepared (dressed warm) and ready to show more toughness. Everyone should plan on coming to the meet and competing in at least 2 events (up to 4 events). For your events, you will just need to show up to the starting line or the field event of your event. 

Junior High Meet - (4/16): We are hosting our first junior high meet of the season. It will start at 3:00 on Thursday. We will need your help to put on the meet (especially the field events). We will have our workout during track class and a light workout for those after school as the meet gets started. Please come and help and cheer on our future track stars. 

Woods Cross Invite - (4/17): I have attached the schedule with the entries for the meet. Please let me know if you are on there, but you won't be able to attend. We are limited on entries, and I don't want to miss any of our spots. The bus will leave at 1:45 (excused at 1:30) - you can also meet the TEAM down at Woods Cross High if you want to come down with your parents after school. The meet starts at 3:30. 

Davis Invite - (4/25): The biggest day of the year for the program is rapidly approaching. We will have a lot of prep work to do next week. We will be assigning jobs for the meet next week. We will also be looking for parent help with the luncheon and with a few of the jobs at the meet. This is a very big deal for our TEAM - we need each of you to be there. Plan on being there from 7:00am to 6:30pm. Plan on getting involved and helping to make it a great meet! While our focus is putting on a great meet, many of you will qualify to compete in the meet as well, but it will not be easy to get into your event(s). The qualifying standards get harder every year. Next week I will email out who will be competing in the Davis Invite.

Please let me know if there are questions.
Coach Talley

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