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Track Update - 4/19

Darts - 
This past week was much better. We saw great efforts in practice and in the 2 track meets. The final 4 weeks are all about preparation and discipline. I challenge each of you to be more disciplined in any area that can help you to compete your best. Be disciplined with your nutrition - get enough calories (if you are feeling warn down, you are probably not getting enough); eat plenty of protein, carbs, iron, fruits, and vegetables; make sure you are hydrating properly as it is starting to get hot; make sure you are getting food in your system within an hour (or sooner) after hard workouts; and don't eat sugar/junk in excess (some is fine - but donuts all day is bad). Be disciplined with your warm ups, workouts, stretching, and core work - the little things we do will really keep us sharp for the big meets coming up; throwers spend extra time working technique, sprinters spend extra time working blocks/handoffs; hurdlers stay sharp with your hurdle form; jumpers spend some extra time on approach work; distance runners do a better job with core and stretching. Stay disciplined with your sleep - you should all be aiming for 8 hours of sleep per night; I know that is hard with AP and everything else you have going on, but do your very best to make the sacrifices you need to in order to stay rested; sleep and nutrition are the keys to recovery and staying healthy! Be disciplined with your preparation before track meets - take each remaining opportunity seriously and prepare to do your very best.
We need EVERYONE to show up EVERY DAY with a positive attitude, ready to work as a TEAM and ready to become champions. It is not just going to happen - we have to make it happen. Have the right attitude and do the things you need to do.

Woods Cross Invitational - Both our boys and girls finished 1st place at the Woods Cross meet on Friday night. It was a great meet, and we were very happy about your efforts. I wish that more of you would have stayed to the end of the meet and supported your teammates. The 4 x 400 and 4 x 800 were great events. I know it was late, but it would have been nice to have more of you there. This next week at the Davis Invite, you are all expected and required to stay to the end. You can see the full results from the Woods Cross meet at 
Boys Team Scores
1. Davis 191
2. Herriman 123
3. Syracuse 117
4. Woods Cross 39
Girls Team Scores
1. Davis 180
2. Syracuse 144
3. Herriman 104
4. Maple Mountain 59

Saturday Make-Up Meet - Great job to those of you who came and competed on Saturday. Some of you earned your way into the Davis Invite. It was a perfect day for a track meet. I will post the results on the blog 

Davis Invitational - Next Saturday (April 25). I have been saying it all season long - this is the biggest day of the year for our program. We take a lot of pride in putting on the best track meet in the state, but we need EVERYONE'S help. Our success as a TEAM will be determined in how we compete - but even more importantly in how well we do putting on the meet. In order to compete at the Davis Invite - you need a mark that is in the top 50-60 for the entries in your event. I will have the entries at practice on Monday. All of you - those who are competing and those who are not competing - will have an assignment. Most of you will be at the track all day long (from 7:00am to 6:30pm). It is a long day, but if you get involved and work hard, it is a very satisfying day. 
We want to start a new tradition this year. We are going to do a TEAM picture at the end of the Invite - and I would like to see all of you in the picture. 
Plan on having fun, working hard, competing with heart, and making this a full TEAM experience. 
I will email out the Davis entries and schedule on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Davis Invite Luncheon - There is a luncheon for the coaches, volunteers, and sponsors at the Invite. We will be asking for your help in bringing things for the lunch. We will need people to sign up for baked potatoes, salads (of any kind), and rolls. The sign up sheets will be passed around at practice on Monday and Tuesday. 
We are also looking for parents to help with cutting the meat (pork and brisket) and for parents to help with setting up, serving, and clean up. The meat cutters will need to bring a carving knife, and apron, and a large cutting board and will need to be there from 11:30-2:30. The parents helping with set up, serving, and clean up would need to be there from about 12:30 until 3:30. Coach Shawna Cox will be coordinating the luncheon and the volunteer help. If you are able to help or if you have any questions - you can contact her at 801-455-0961 or 

Car Stickers - Jaron Erickson is selling car decals. They are identical to the logo on the front of our track t-shirts and they are very cool! One for $7 or two for $10. Please see Jaron for more details. He will show you the stickers at practice on Monday. 

Remaining Schedule:
Wednesday, April 22 - Davis @ Weber - excused at 1:15 - bus leaves at 1:30. You can participate in up to 4 events. Those of you who do not make it in to the Davis Invite should plan on doing at least 3 events. Those of you in the Davis Invite will do 1-2 events. 
Saturday, April 25 - Davis Invitational
Wednesday, April 29 - Northridge @ Davis (3:00pm) - Final dual meet of the season
Friday-Saturday, May 1-2 - BYU Invitational (also PROM, so we may have some issues)
Wednesday-Thursday, May 6-7 - Region Championships
Tuesday, May 12 - Sophomore Region - for all sophomores and anyone who didn't qualify for Region.
Friday-Saturday, May 15-16 - State Championships

Qualified for State so far:
100m - Ty Hinds
200m - Jordan Goldsberry
800m - Logan MacKay, Josh Ward, Stokton Smith, Colter Blanchard
1600m - Logan MacKay, Stokton Smith, Colter Blanchard
3200m - Logan MacKay
110m Hurdles - Jaron Erickson, Palmer Flood
300m Hurdles - Palmer Flood, Jaron Erickson
4 x 100m Relay
4 x 400m Relay
Medley Relay
Long Jump - Matt Calvin, Jonny Thornton, Hunter Simonsen
High Jump - Nate Allred, Hunter Simonsen
Pole Vault - Matt Calvin, Harrison Haslam, Brigham Valentine, Evyn Conrad, Taylor Southwick
Shot Put - Dallin Baires
Discus - Dallin Baires

200m - Brittney Rounkles, Melanie Sullivan, Elise Berning
400m - Melanie Sullivan
800m - Ally Geisler, Josey Hedquist, Tatum Beard, Courtney Wayment
1600m - Aubrey Argyle, Courtney Wayment, Tatum Beard, Ally Geisler
3200m - Aubrey Argyle, Tatum Beard, Courtney Wayment
100m Hurdles - Olivia Richards
300m Hurdles - Jordan Barnett, Megan Rowe, Ruby Jane Mathewson
4 x 100 Relay
4 x 400 Relay
Medley Relay
Pole Vault - Paige Erickson, Liz Jones, Gentry Keaton, Ashlee Lawson, Ashley Harris, Ashley Sullenger, Ashley Taylor, Baylee Reynolds, Korra Jensen

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