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Track Update - March 13

Darts -
The Alumni Meet proved to be an outstanding start to our season. First of all, it was so great to see so many alumni come back to compete, to visit, and to see how the current Darts are looking. We really appreciate our alumni for the traditions they started and continued and for the efforts they put into making our program stronger. Some of the alumni were still in pretty decent shape, and some had prepared these past few weeks to compete with their former teammates. Even with some great performances, it wasn't enough to pull off the upset win over the current Darts. Each year we score the meet between alumni, seniors, juniors, and sophomores, combining both girls and boys scores. We also adjust the scores for the juniors (x 1.5) and the sophomores (x 2). The final scores showed a lot of promise for this year and for our future. In the pre-adjusted scores, the seniors scored 284, the juniors 255, the alumni 237, and the sophomores 121. But after the adjustments, the juniors pulled off the victory with 382 points, followed by the seniors, the sophomores, and the alumni.
It was all mostly for fun, but their were definitely some outstanding performances and some exciting races. We were also pleased with the season opening prs that we saw among the current athletes. On the girls side, first place finishes came from Susan (Atwater) Ashdown in the high jump and the pole vault, Sarah Oldham in the long jump, Amelia Jones in the Shot Put and Discus, Jen Schiess in the javelin, Coach Jamie West in the 100 hurdles and the 300 hurdles, Dani Figgins in the 100m, Kristin Billings in the 200m, Missy Lott in the 400m, Jessie Wilding in the 800m, Stefanie Talley in the 1600m, and Meghan Hedquist and Emily Hansen in the 3200m.
The boys victories came from Alec Pectol in the high jump, Jon Ferguson in the long jump and the 100m, Coach Jeff Agnello in the pole vault, Alex Swapp in the shot put and discus, Spencer Betker in the javelin, Kyler Sprague in the 110 hurdles, Shaun Webb in the 300m hurdles, Ben Poulson in the 200m and 400m, Greg Johnson in the 800m, Logan Petty in the 1600m, and Cody Robbins in the 3200m.
The senior 8 x 400m relay team pulled off the exciting victory over the junior team in the final 30 meters of the race.
It was fun for me to see Coach West and Coach Agnello and Brooke Jensen fight it out in the girls 100m hurdles (although Jeff is not a girl). Congrats to Coach West on her victory. She has been working hard to get ready for that race. It was also fun to see Greg Johnson come back after his mission and take it to the current Darts in the 800m. I was impressed with the strength and speed shown by Kristin Billings in the 200m - she has been running well for Weber State. It was fun to watch Coach Agnello redeem himself in the pole vault by beating all of his current athletes and some of his former athletes. It was also fun to see Shaun Webb come back and win the 300m hurdles after slipping out of the blocks in the 110m hurdles. And lastly, I need to congratulate Zach Cottrell, Miles Flake, Mark Lindstrom, and Kevin Killian for their victory over me in the "Fat Man Relay". I guess I owe you.
Overall, there were some impressive performances and great efforts, but it was just the start of what we can accomplish this season. I encourage each of you to set goals both for the entire season and for what you want to accomplish this next week. Then give your all to improve for your TEAM and for yourself. As coaches, we are very happy with how the TEAM is working together, but we need to continue to put energy and enthusiasm into being our best together. Thanks to all those who helped at the meet and for all those who stayed until the end.
Full results can be found at

Athletes of the Week:
Seniors - Cody Robbins, Amelia Jones
Juniors - Mike Arnold, Sarah Oldham
Sophomores - Marcus Daley (Freshman), Bianca Guas

Coming Up:
Wednesday, March 17 - Tri-meet @ Fremont: We will all be excused at 1:00pm - check in with your 8th period teacher then get your stuff ready and get on the bus. Only those who are able to go out and back with us on the bus will be competing in the meet at Fremont. Also, only those with completed eligibility can be excused to go.
Friday, March 19 - "How to run a meet" Training Meeting - 2:40 in the bleachers. MANDATORY MEETING. We will be going over meet assignments and instruction for the Super Meet and the Davis Invite. We will workout after the instruction.
Tues-Weds, March 23-34 - Super Meet at Davis High. Girls will compete on Tuesday and boys will compete on Wednesday. Boys will run the girls meet and girls will run the boys meet. We will need everyone's help.

Important Items:
Goal Sheets - should be handed in this week to your event coach.
Eligibility - if it is not completed, it needs to be done Monday or Tuesday.
Uniforms - were handed out on Saturday morning. If you were unable to attend, we will hand them out again on Monday at practice.
Sponsors for Davis Invite - We will be discussing the Davis Invite sponsors this week. Each year at the Invite, we have families and businesses sponsor events for $100 each. It is our primary fundraiser for the track and cross country TEAMs. We need to make a big push this year to raise some extra money because of the expenses which are going to come with the new track next year. I will be handing out papers about sponsorship on Monday. Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions.

Continue to be committed and to make sacrifices for your TEAM. Stay focused and confident in practice and in competition. Work together to become the best we can. Be prepared for a couple of hard weeks.
Thanks for all you are currently giving - find ways to give a little more,
Coach Talley

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