Sunday, March 28, 2010

Track Update - March 28

Darts -
Great job on one of our most important weeks of the season. The Super Meet was a big success. We raised some money for the program, we put on a good meet, and we had some strong early season performances. It was nice to defend our Super Meet title - that makes 6 straight on the boys side, and 7 straight for the girls.
On Tuesday, the girls blew away the competition by scoring 198 points over 2nd place Syracuse who scored 95. We had a very balanced attack as we scored in every event except the long jump, and we won 3 of the 4 relays. As I looked through the results, I was pleased with the amount of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th places - we are showing that our strength is our depth and our teamwork. Top 5 finishes came from Katie Nelson and Jeni Christensen in the pole vault, Tara Timothy in the javelin, Amelia Jones and Boston Workman in the discus, Sylvia Harrison in the 100 hurdles, Sarah Oldham and Brittany Beecher in the 300 hurdles, Dani Figgins and Sylvia Harrison in the 100m dash, Sylvia Harrison and Kayla Sagers in the 200m dash, Dani Figgins and Tara Anderson in the 400m dash, Jessie Wilding, Anna Ward, and Becca Albrechtsen in the 800m run, Jessie Wilding and Meghan Hedquist in the 1600m run, Meghan Hedquist and Emily Hansen in the 3200m Run, and all 4 relay teams: 4 x 100 - Kayla Sagers, Dani Figgins, Missy Lott, Sylvia Harrison; 4 x 400m - Tara Anderson, Kayla Sagers, Missy Lott, and Katie Taylor; 4 x 800m - Anna Ward, Hannah Haws, Anni Anderson, and Jessie Wilding; Medley - Kayla Sagers, Missy Lott, Kenzie Harrison, and Anni Andersen. Full results can be found at The girls also did a great job putting on the meet for the boys on Wednesday (thanks girls!)
On Wednesday, the boys overcame our first big challenge of the year by finishing in 1st place with 204 points. Second place was Syracuse with 139. We will have many battles with Syracuse this year, and they are proving to be one of the top teams in the state. Our TEAM really came together and showed a lot of energy and toughness. On the boys side we also scored in all but 1 individual event (400m dash). We scored 204 points as a TEAM with only 3 individual 1st place finishes. That shows that we have a lot of points coming in the 2-8 range on the boys side. We are strong in many areas - and we need to continue to push each other and support each other as we improve any of our weaknesses. Top 5 finishes came from Gabe Betancourt in the pole vault, Conrad Daley, Dalton Facer, and Alec Pectol in the high jump, Tyson Bullock in the long jump, Alex Swapp in the discus, Mark Lindstrom and Alex Swapp in the shot put, Spencer Betker in the javelin, Dalton Facer, Kyler Sprague, and Alec Pectol in the 110 hurdles, Kyler Sprague and Dalton Facer in the 300 hurdles, Tanner Hinds in the 100m dash, Tanner Hinds and Ben Keaton in the 200m dash, Brad Nye and Ben Poulson in the 800m run, Brad Nye, Austin Neuner, and Joe White in the 1600m run, Logan Petty, Jeff Taylor and Cody Robbins in the 3200m run, the medley relay (CJ Bartelson, Joe Gibson, Drew Rees, and Austin Neuner), the 4 x 400 team (Brad Nye, Kyler Sprague, Ben Keaton, and Ben Poulson), and the 4 x 800 team (Joe White, Austin Neuner, Mike King, and Brian Alfaro). It was an impressive day for our boys and it showed a lot of character for this TEAM. The boys did a great job putting on the meet on Tuesday for the girls as well (thanks boys). Full results can be found at

Athletes of the Week:
Sylvia Harrison, Tara Timothy, Dalton Facer, Tyson Bullock

Coming Up:
Tues-Wed (March 30-31) - Davis District Championships @ Syracuse High (3:00pm both days) - Everyone will be excused at 1:15 each day - the bus will leave promptly at 1:30. If for ANY REASON you have to leave early or go over after school with your parents, you need to inform me or Coach West in writing before Tuesday morning. We prefer that everyone go over on the bus and come back to the school on the bus. We should be back to Davis by about 6:30 each night. We will take a huge group photo after the meet on Wednesday night and we would like you all to be in that photo. I have attached what the boys will be competing in to this email. If there is anything missing, please let me know on Monday. The girls will see their entries on Monday - or possibly in an email from Coach West this evening. Let us know of any concerns.
Thursday, April 1st - TEAM pictures - in the bleachers at 2:45. Wear your uniforms (please don't forget). This is not an April Fools Joke.
Saturday, April 3rd - Timpanogos Invite - we would like to take about 40 girls and 40 boys. We will let you know this week if you qualify for the invitational. We are only taking our stronger marks. If you are going to be gone (because of spring break) we will need to know by Thursday so that we don't enter you in the meet.
Spring Break - We will work out in the morning on Mon-Wed-Fri at 9:00am. We will also give you workouts to do on your own for the other days. It is extremely important that we don't lose what we have built up to this point. We cannot afford to take the entire week off. If you are going to be out of town, we will expect you to get some of the workouts in on your own.

Davis Invitational - The Davis Invite will be on April 17th. It is one of our biggest and most important parts of the season. We are still trying to gather sponsors for the events. I have attached the Sponsor information - the cost is $100. It will allow the sponsor a spot on the t-shirt, free lunch, a free shirt, and their name being read when the event is going on. We appreciate all support to the program.

Overall it has been a great start to the season. We are really excited about the energy on this TEAM. We are really excited about the improvement and the prs and the hard work that we see. With only 6 more weeks until the state meet - it is time to really keep our focus and work toward our goals of region and state champions on the girls and boys side. It is also very important that we focus on having a lot of fun while working hard. Be positive and make the workouts and the meets enjoyable and memorable for yourself and your teammates.
Thanks for all that you each do for the program -
Coach Talley

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