Saturday, March 17, 2012

Track Update - Alumni Meet

Darts -
As coaches we felt like the alumni meet was extremely successful. We were excited to have so many alumni show up and perform well, we loved the attitude of excitement and enthusiasm we saw from members of the TEAM, we thought many of the performances were excellent for this point in the season, and we had a few really good surprises. The Junior class ended up winning both the girls team scoring and the boys team scoring - and the overall TEAM scores. Some of the highlights of the meet included Coach Agnello barely beating Coach West in the girls hurdles; having the 2006 state champion 4 x 100 team (Kourtney, Ashlee, Tara, and Coach Lauren) come back and compete - and show that they still have it even after graduating from college and having a baby (in 2 of their cases); Jared Ward, Brad Nye, and Devin Lang running in the 9:30s in a very competitive 3200m; Stephen Pierce and Jordan Stuart clearing 13'00 in the pole vault; Seeing Coach Alayna win the discus and the shot put - still with very solid marks; having the state record holder in the javelin (Spencer Betker) come back and win as an alumni with Houston Merrill not far behind; watching Shaun Webb win both hurdles as an alumni (and as a volunteer coach for this season); seeing Jake Van Weezup win the 400m; and running on one of the 8 x 400 alumni/coach teams. It really was great to see all of the old athletes and to see that they still have it--they are still in good shape. Thanks to everyone for jumping in and helping and for making it such a fun meet. Full results are posted at and at the bottom of this email.
This is a great starting point for us, but that is all it is. We just wrapped up a great week of practice, and now the next 2 weeks (before spring break) are going to be very crucial for our success the rest of the season. Keep working hard, stay determined and positive, and see what you can do to take those beginning marks and improve from there.

Here is what is coming up:
Monday Practice (March 19) - Meet in the bleachers at 2:00. It will be a very important practice before the Super Meet. If you did not get a uniform this past week. Monday would be a great time to do that.

Girls Super Meet
(Tuesday) - The entries will be posted on Monday. Boys will be running the meet. We will need all of your help to make it smooth and successful.

Boys Super Meet
(Wednesday) - The entries will be posted on Monday. Girls will be running the meet.

March 27-28:
District Championships at Syracuse High 3:00pm
March 31: UHSTCA Championships at Taylorsville High 9:00am

Other important items:
Apparel: If you ordered spandex, warm ups, or a t-shirt, please pay in the office this week and bring your receipt with you to practice. Warm ups are $65 for a set ($35 for the jacket, $30 for pants and $5 extra with your name stitched on the sleeve); t-shirts are $10; and spandex are $20.
Eligibility: For the 10 of you who have not turned in your papers - get it done! You know who you are. If any of you have U's, Please come Monday to practice ready to work them off. We have a lot of work to do before Tuesday. If you have below a 2.0 on the 3rd term report card (the one coming out this week) - please come and talk to me.

This is going to be a very big week for us. Take pride in putting on a good meet. Be responsible and focused on both competing and on helping with the meet. Take pride in being Davis High Track & Field!

- Coach Talley

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