Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dart Track Update - Super Meet Champs!

Darts -
It was an awesome week. I can't say enough about how proud I am of the way the TEAM handled the Super Meet. We handled all of the events well, ran a smooth meet on the track and in the field, and still managed to win in a commanding fashion. Thank you all so much for your help and for your positive attitudes. We are continuing to show character and TEAM unity. I mentioned quite a few people who were especially helpful during the 2 days (Jacob Ferrel, Alexis Koehling, Alli Braithwaite in setting up the javelin; Michelle Clark in running the javelin; Jeff Whittaker in running the shot put - not to mention missing "The Vow"; Madie McCleary, Cameron Layton, Chelsey Johnson, Joanna Boyd, Isaac Clouse, Hayden Hansen, Austin Allred, and Madi Holt in the booth; Erica Welch and Natalie Dyer at the long jump; and others). I forgot to mention Preston Johnson and his crew fortifying the finish line steps on Monday night, and Seth Thompson, Hayden Hansen, and Logan Wood staying late to help me finish typing results on Wednesday night. Thanks to everyone for giving a good effort and for continuing to strengthen our TEAM through your efforts.
The boys Super Meet results can be found at:
The Girls Super Meet results can be found at:
The boys won by 52 points. We can see that Riverton is going to be a tough team all year. We will get to see them again at the Coaches Meet next Saturday, the Davis Invite, and the BYU Invitational. They will be coming after us. We have to continue to work hard and stay hungry. Great job to our state qualifiers: Jeff Whittaker in the javelin, Marcus Daley in the high jump and long jump, Brad Nye and Jackson Sagers in the 800, Brayden Cromar and Alex Hedquist in the hurdles, and the 4 x 100 team of Kyle Green, Trevor Leavitt, Connor Badger, and Seth Fortin.
The girls won by 89 points over some very solid competition from Fremont, Weber, and Riverton. Fremont and Weber will be coming after us all year in the region and the state. We look good, but we can be even better. Congrats to the state qualifiers: Jessica Richardson in the shot put, Kaylee Brown in the discus, Tanisha Langston in the high jump, Sylvia Harrison in the 100 and 200, Adelyn Jones and Christine Van Brocklin in the 100 hurdles, Shea Martinez in the 800m, and the girls 4 x 100 team of Adelyn Jones, Bailey Carling, Rachel Anderson, and Sylvia Harrison.

I want to see even more: TEAM unity and togetherness, hard work, passion and excitement, humility, guts and bravery, all-out effort, commitment, confidence.
I want to see less: laziness, complaining, selfishness, being too hard on yourself, excuses.

Quite a few of you are dealing with some degree of injury. Take good care of yourselves. Get more rest, eat right, stretch and ice, cut back a little if you need, and see a doctor or physical trainer if you need.

Coming Up:
District Championships: Tuesday and Wednesday at Syracuse High School. Both days the meet will begin at 3:00pm. Everyone will be excused at 1:30. The bus will leave at 1:45 both days. If you are not competing on one of the days, you can still come out and watch and support. Let me know through email if you are not going to be able to attend. On Monday at practice, we will post the list of what you will be competing in.

UHSTCA Championship ('The Coaches Meet') - Saturday at 9:00am at Taylorsville High. We will be taking a smaller group to Taylorsville (a varsity level group) - consisting of 30-35 boys and 30-35 girls. Please let me know if you would like to attend. I will have a list of what you will be competing in by Wednesday.

*If your 'U's are not cleared you are not allowed to compete in either of the meets.

Apparel - all of the warm-ups and t-shirts are in. Please pay your money in the office and pick up your gear on Monday. The warm ups and t-shirts will not be available for pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. I ordered a few extra shirts, so if you would like one, just pay $10 in the office and bring me the receipt.

Spring Break - We will practice at 9:00am on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Spring Break. If you are in town - you should be at the practices. (Distance runners will meet at 8:00).

Thanks again for a great week - best of luck in the upcoming week. The only thing we will be doing 'hard' this week is the competing. Keep testing yourself. Keep finding new limits.
- Coach Talley

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