Sunday, March 16, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 3

Darts - 
There was a lot of great energy at the Alumni Meet on Friday. It is exciting to get the season underway and to see some solid starting marks. We feel very positive about the first 3 weeks of training, and our hard work is really starting to show. You can see the results for the girls at and the boys at 
Congratulations to the sophomores for being the Alumni Meet champions. We make adjustments to the scores every year to try to make it even - but after the adjustments, the sophomores won in dominating fashion. With the girls and boys combined, the sophs scored 530 points, the juniors were 2nd with 304.5, and the seniors were 3rd with 266. Before the adjustments, the seniors pulled off the victory over the sophomores by 1 point (266-265). I think it shows our strength for this year, but also shows that we can do some great things over the next 2 years as well (#davistrackfutureisbright). Congrats to the Alumni men for winning the boys competition by dominating the field events, and congrats to the sophomore girls for winning the girls competition (169-128 over the seniors). 
We had a few alumni meet records: Kendall Sargent threw 101'05 in the javelin, Taylor Cox ran 59.88 in the 400m, Kenzie Weir ran 12:24 in the 3200, Andrew Tyndall pole vaulted 14'02, Palmer Flood ran 15.68 in the 100 Hurdles, Josh Ward ran 4:28.96 in the 1600, Trevor Leavitt ran 48.70 in the 400m Dash, and Trevor also broke the record in the 200m dash with 22.58. There were many other strong performances and big improvements from last year. 
Even though it was a great start, we definitely have a lot of hard work in front of us. We have to keep getting stronger and keep improving as a TEAM. It is important to stay focused and hungry. If you were disappointed with your opening performance (I know some of you were) come to practice this week ready to work harder and be more determined than ever. There are still so many opportunities in front of us this season, and I hope each of you are ready to prove that you are champions. 

Super Meet - The Super Meet will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. There are 10 other teams coming to the meet, including some of our biggest competition for a state title (Herriman, Riverton, and Bingham). The girls will compete on Tuesday, and the boys will compete on Wednesday. We need ALL the boys to come on Tuesday to help officiate and run the meet for the girls, and ALL the girls to come on Wednesday to help during the boys meet. Tomorrow (Monday) at practice, we will post what you are competing in and what your job is on the day you don't compete. I have attached the schedule of events to this email so your parents will know when you compete. Spectators will cost $2 each in an attempt to raise some money for the program. 

Vote for the Girls Cross Country TEAM - The girls cross country TEAM won their 4th straight state championship last fall. They also finished 3rd place at the Nike Nationals in December. They have been nominated as the Utah TEAM of the year and are up against Real Salt Lake, the Salt Lake Bees, Utah State Football, and Lone Peak Basketball. You (and your family and friends) can vote once per day for the next 3-4 weeks at I guess you can also vote for me as the coach of the year on the same web site if you have the time. Thanks :)

Thought of the Week - It is very important that you take care of yourselves. There are a few things that all of you should be doing: 1) Drink a lot of water - carry a water bottle with you every day and bring a water bottle to practice on the hot days. 2) Get enough sleep - sleep will help you recover and help to prevent injury, and you'll feel better if you are getting the sleep you need. Shoot for 8 hours per night. 3) Eat healthy food. Make sure you are getting protein and iron in your diet, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and make sure you are eating enough calories to keep you fueled. 4) Take the extra time after practice to stretch, do core work, and ice (when you need to) - all of these things will help to prevent injury and make you stronger and faster.

"U" Make up - If any of you still have a 'U' to make up, we have a lot of work after practice on Monday getting ready for the meet on Tuesday.  

Keep up the great work. 
- Coach Talley

Upcoming Schedule:
March 18-19: Davis Super Meet @ Davis High School - 3:00pm
March 25-26: Davis District Championships @ Syracuse High School - 3:00pm
April 5: Herriman Invite @ Herriman High School - 9:00am
April 9: Davis @ Fremont @ Fremont High School - 3:15pm

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