Sunday, March 9, 2014

Track Update - Week 2

Darts -
It was a very solid week of practice. I am starting to see some fire and some determination from our TEAM. It is exciting to start to test your abilities and see where we are to start the season. If you would like to check out the results from this week's time trials - they are posted on the blog at If you did not get a chance to compete in the time trials, you will get your opportunity this Friday at the Alumni Meet. 
No doubt we still have a long way to go. I would really like to see us improve in toughness and in TEAM unity. Look for opportunities these next 2 weeks to push yourself, to get out of your comfort zone, and to reach out and encourage and help your teammates. 

Important Items: 
Drug Test Acceptance Form - if you and your parents were unable to attend the meeting with Mr. Firmage last Wednesday, could you please have one of your parents stop by the office sometime during the next week to get the form and the information from him. If you have filled out the form this year for a previous sport, you do NOT need to do it again.

Eligibility Packet and Fee - Most of you completed the packet and paid the fee this past week. If you were unable to get it done, please do so ASAP. The fee is $90 and should be paid in the office (sorry I originally put $85 - I forgot about the new drug test fee of $5). 

Clothing Order - I have extended the deadline for the clothing order to the end of the day on Monday. The order form is attached to this email. Please pay in the office and turn in the order form in the office. Thanks.

Alumni Meet - Will be this Friday, March 14th. We will begin the meet at 3:15. It is just our TEAM and any alumni who would like to participate. We score the meet with 4 different groups - Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman, and Alumni. The top 6 places in each event will score points. For the final scores, we will leave the seniors and the alumni with what they score, we will multiply the juniors by 1.5 and we will multiply the sophomores by 2. This year's Seniors were actually the champions last year as juniors (once the scores were adjusted). Can they be dethroned? I know that we have a pretty tough sophomore and junior class, and I would love to see them going after the seniors. I also know that a group of alumni are talking about coming back and trying to upset the current athletes. It should be fun. I will email out the schedule of events on Wednesday or Thursday. 
We have a few expectations for the meet: 1) That everyone stay from to the finish - the meet will be over at about 6:15. Even if you are done with your events, we want you all to stay until the end encouraging and cheering for your teammates. 2) That everyone do their best. Try very hard to not compare yourselves to other people on the team - just do the best you can do and compete against yourself. 3) Everyone jump in and be helpful - we will especially need help in the field events. 
We will be using the alumni meet to decide what you are going to run at the Super Meet next week, so treat it like a real meet  and show us what you've got. If you are still not sure what event(s) to compete in, choose 2-3 events that you think would be fun and that you could do well, and do your best with those events. You will have later opportunities to try other events. 

Davis Super Meet - Next week we are hosting a 10 team invitational (Davis, Weber, Lehi, Rock Springs, East, Herriman, Riverton, Bingham, Bountiful). The girls are competing on Tuesday, and the boys will compete on Wednesday. It is going to be a great start to our season, but we are going to need everyone's help. We will be going over assignments and officiating training this week at practice, and we will finalize those assignments before the meet. Everyone who is eligible will get to compete in at least one event. I will send more information about the meet next weekend. 

Competition Shoes - It is recommended that you have a pair of spikes or other competition shoes specific to your event. While it is not required, it will definitely improve your performance. Striders in Layton always has a good selection of distance and sprint/hurdle spikes. You can also find some good deals online at - Eastbay also specializes in throwing and jumping shoes. And quite a few people have found some killer deals at Ross in Layton if you would like to check them out. 

Thought for the week - I talked quite a bit this week about competing against yourself. I hope that after the first few weeks of training and the first few upcoming meets that you will be excited to improve and be the best you can be at your events. I would encourage you to be patient and to realize that it takes time and it takes hard work. I noticed a great example of this from our TEAM this week. As a sophomore two years ago, Rylee Chilcote ran the time trial 300m in 45.47. It was not a bad starting point as a sophomore - but nothing spectacular. It would amount to 60.62 in the 400m if he could hold that pace. As a junior last year, Rylee ran the 300m time trial in 40.90 (54.53 pace for the 400). It was a solid improvement and was our 11th fastest in the time trial last year. This year (as a senior) Rylee ran the time trial 300m in 37.58 (50.10 pace for a 400m). He ran our 2nd fastest time this year (behind a record setting time trial performance by Trevor Leavitt). Rylee's improvement didn't just happen. It came from hard work, patience, and a desire to be his best. 
Instead of looking at where you finished in the time trial - or what place you might have been on the TEAM, try to see your possibility for greatness. Try to see your potential for improvement - and then get to work trying to accomplish something great. 

Keep having fun, keep working hard, and keep showing pride in Davis Track & Field. 
Coach Talley

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