Saturday, March 11, 2017

Track Update - Alumni Meet

Darts -
What a great week of track and field. The weather was nice, the workouts were solid, the TEAM was showing energy, and we capped it all off with a very successful Alumni Meet. We want to continue to see the energy and toughness that we saw throughout the week - but we want everyone involved in that. It does not matter how "good" you are at your event - it does matter how tough you are and what kind of personal effort you give. When you are all putting individual heart into this, we are so much stronger as a whole!!

The alumni meet results are posted on the blog at We had some awesome performances. The seniors (both boys and girls and combined) scored the most points, but with the adjusted scores, the JUNIORS came out on top by a narrow margin 449-433. It was a close battle, but a good battle for our team as a whole. The sophomores had a solid showing in 3rd, and the alumni rounded up the scoring in 4th place - but with 70 more points than they scored a year ago. There were tons of solid beginning marks, some great PRs, and even some meet records:
Bryce Hall (Alumni) - Meet record in both the shot put (60'06) and discus (179'01)
Caleb Kamalu - Meet record in the 110 Hurdles - 15.35
Britten Duerden (Coach) - Meet record in the high jump - 5'06
Ruby Jane Mathewson - Meet record in the 300 Hurdles - 45.08
It was a great starting point for the entire TEAM, and we are excited to see what we can build from here. Thanks for all the help at the meet!

One of the most important things with track and field (and life, in many ways) is to stay patient. I know you want to be successful, but it takes time and it takes consistent, hard work. Track is full of ups and downs. You are not always going to have good days or good performances--don't be hard on yourself. Stay positive when you have rough days, and keep working hard and taking care of yourself. We (your coaches) said it multiple times this past week - right now we are more interested in what kind of effort and heart and courage you show than we are with the times or the marks. The performances will get better if you stay positive, do your best, and patiently try to improve. With each track meet and each track practice, evaluate your efforts and your performance, learn from it, and do better the next time. No matter what, it will always be important to have fun and find ways to enjoy pushing and challenging yourself.

Injury/Health Tip - I know some of you are sore and/or a little worn out after the first two weeks. Be patient, your body is adapting. Make sure you are doing a good job with your warm up and cool down. Put in extra time stretching, massaging, and doing core work. And probably most importantly, make sure to hydrate, re-hydrate, and EAT WELL (and eat more since you are burning more calories). None of you should be skipping breakfast - it is your fuel for the day! If anything - eat a good breakfast, and then bring a healthy snack for later in the morning. I have attached some tips for nutrition and for shin splints (quite a few of you have mentioned shin pain).

Fundraising/Donation Letter - Don't forget to send out your donation letters. We have challenged everyone to send it out to at least 5 people who you think might help us out (with any amount). I have attached the letter to this email, and I have created a link if that helps - We appreciate everyone's help on this - you will all benefit!!

Eligibility - Get it all done. We don't have time to be checking on everything going forward. If you are confused about what to do, email me, and I will send you the information once again.

Apparel - The track apparel and items should all show up within the next week or so. We will hand it out as it comes in. If you would like to be on the 2nd apparel order, the forms are due by Friday. Please pay in the office and bring me a copy of your receipt stapled to your order form. The apparel order sheet is attached to this email. Parents are welcome to order on the 2nd order.

Tri-Meet on Wednesday - We are hosting West and Hunter. Those of you who are NOT in the track class will be excused at 1:45. We will do a TEAM lap and warm up at 2:30. The meet will begin at 3:00pm (schedule is attached). We would like everyone to choose 2-3 events for the meet. If you need help deciding, ask your event coach. At the Alumni Meet, we focused on quantity of events. This week we would like to focus on quality.

Upcoming Schedule (through Spring Break):
Wednesday, 3/15 - West and Hunter @ Davis (3:00pm)
Tuesday, 3/21 - Girls Super Meet @ Davis (3:00pm)
Wednesday, 3/22 - Boys Super Meet @ Davis (3:00pm)
Tuesday-Wednesday, 3/28-3/29 - Davis District Championships @ Syracuse (3:00pm)
Friday, 3/31 - Davis District JV Meet @ Davis (3:00pm) - For all those who don't qualify for the district meet.

That was a lot to cover. Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for everything!
Coach Talley

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