Saturday, March 25, 2017

Davis Track Update - Super Meet Champs!

Darts -
I hope you are getting a bit of rest and recovery this weekend. We had a solid week of track behind us and another very important week in front of us (before a little break). EVERYONE will get an opportunity to compete this week - either at the District Championships on Tuesday-Wednesday or the District JV Meet on Friday.
Try hard to be focused on what we are doing this week. Don't let your minds get too far ahead of yourselves. Let's see if we can finish up another great week BEFORE we go into the spring break. Basically, don't check out this week - there is a lot of good we can do THIS WEEK that will benefit us in late April and May (when we will face our biggest challenges).

Davis Super Meet - We had some awesome performances at the Davis Super Meet. Both the boys and the girls continued their Super Meet winning streak. The girls are now at 15 years in a row, and the boys are at 13 in a row. The girls scored 136 points to top 2nd place Syracuse (111) and 3rd place Herriman (101). The boys scored 204 to beat Syracuse (116) and Bingham (77). Our individual champions included - Xakai Harry (high jump), Olivia Griffin (high jump), and Camren Todd (3200). We were also victorious in 3 relays - boys 4 x 800, girls 4 x 800, and the girls medley relay.
The thing I was the most pleased with is how hard we worked to put on the meet. Our volunteers were awesome and our athletes stepped up to the challenge of putting on a pretty big meet. Thanks for all the help you gave over the 2 days!!
We look good, but we need to keep getting better. We need improvement and surprises. I feel like we can get stronger in EVERY single event - both boys and girls. Don't for one second think that because we won the Super Meet this early in the season that it is going to make us champions when it really counts. Let's keep working together and stay focused on our end goals, while doing the day to day things we need to in order to stay healthy and get stronger.
Results -
I will post the update performance lists on the blog -

Monday Practice - We will have a BONUS track practice on Monday (3/27) at 11:00am (no school on Monday). While it is not mandatory, we strongly encourage EVERYONE to be there - particularly since the District Meet is the following 2 days. Those competing at the District Meet are required to be at the Monday practice - or at least send an email with your reason for not attending. We need some fine tuning on Monday - make sure you are there!!!!

Davis District Championships - 3/28-3/29 @ Syracuse: The District Championships are on Tuesday and Wednesday at Syracuse. I have attached the schedule and entries for the meet (subject to change) - please look through it closely. We were only able to enter 5 per event and 7 per distance event. There are a bunch of 4 x 800 relays and a few extra 4 x 400 relays - so check those if you think you are close. Please let me know if you CANNOT make it for your event. Since we are limited on entries, I only want to enter those who will be there. Alternates will fill in for anyone who is unable to make it. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes. We have to finalize the entries by Monday night. Here are the other details -
Tuesday (A-Day) - Those not in the track class excused at 1:15. The buses leave at 1:30.
Wednesday (B-Day) - Everyone going is excused at 1:15. The buses leave at 1:30. If you are not competing, you can still come and watch.
Spectators cost $3 (adults).
No after school workout on Tuesday; there will be a workout for those not competing posted on the outside track doors for Wednesday.

Davis District JV Meet - Friday, 3/31 at 3:00pm at Davis High School - We have decided to host a meet for all those who do not get to compete in the District Championships. If you only get do do one of your normal events at District, you can also participate in the District JV Meet. We have invited all of the schools from our District - I am not sure how many will attend from other schools because of spring break being the following week. If you are still in town and able to compete (or help), you should be at this meet. It is a great opportunity to perform one final time prior to spring break. We will do the meet, even if it is primarily just Davis athletes.

SPRING BREAK - If you are in town, we will have practice during spring break on Monday and Tuesday - both days at 8:00am for distance runners and 9:00am for everyone else. We will not have any organized practice the other days of spring break, but we will send out workout ideas for those days and for those of you who will be on vacation. It is a good time to rest and take a break, but you also need to do enough to maintain your fitness and your focus.

Stay humble. Stay hungry. Stay united. Stay focused. Stay strong.
- Coach Talley

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