Sunday, March 19, 2017

Davis Track Update & Super Meet Information

Darts -
My bracket may be completely wrecked, but I am still fired up about the rest of March. We have some great track opportunities coming up in the next two weeks. I mentioned it a few times this week, but it really is important to trust the process of your training. We have worked very hard through the indoor season and through the first 3 weeks of our outdoor training. I know some of you are a bit tired and maybe beat up - but that work will pay off. Stay patient, put extra effort into your recovery (sleep, fuel, hydration, stretching), and stay positive. These next two weeks we focus a bit more on performance at meets, and hopefully you will start to feel a bit stronger and more ready. Our first big test is this week at the Super Meet. We are excited to see all of your hard work pay off, and we are hoping to see this group continue to form into a unified TEAM.

Davis vs. West and Hunter Boys Results
Davis vs. West and Hunter Girls Results

10 Ways to be a Better Teammate:
1. Stay humble about your successes.
2. Stay positive when you are struggling (negativity will spread).
3. Encourage your teammates and be happy when they succeed and learn your teammates names.
4. Be passionate about what you are doing - love track & field and love your TEAM.
5. Don't compare yourself to others.
6. Do the extra things - core work, lifting, stretching, etc.
7. Trust your coaches and listen to them.
8. Trust your captains and listen to them.
9. Be proud of what we accomplish as a whole.
10. Represent Davis Track & Field off the track & field - in school, at home, etc.

Coming Up:
Super Meet (3/21-3/22) @ Davis - There are 13 schools who will be at the Super Meet, including some of the strongest competition we will see in Utah this year. Spectators cost $2. The girls will compete on Tuesday while the boys are in charge of running the events, and the boys will compete on Wednesday while the girls are running the events. I have attached a bunch of information about the Super Meet that we will be reviewing at practice on Monday. The girls and boys entries and schedule are attached - we can still make adjustments to the entries on Monday - so if you have questions or if you feel there are any mistakes, let me know. I used the performance lists from the first two meets to make the entries. There are standards you have to hit to be in multiple events, but we are trying to get everyone who has been attending practice and working hard into at least 1 event.
I have also attached the officials or assignments list - take a look at it so you have an idea about your assignment. I will be going over the jobs on Monday. If you are not on the list, we will add you to one of the areas. The throwers are going to sign up for one of the 3 events on Monday.

District Championships (3/28-3/29) @ Syracuse High School - Information to come next week.
District JV Meet (3/31) @ Davis High School - For all those who do not qualify for the District Meet.

Spring Break - I know it is far in advance, but if you are going to be around for spring break, we will have practice on Monday and Tuesday. The distance runners will meet at 8:00am and all other events will meet at 9:00am. The practices will be short - but very beneficial to maintaining your fitness. The rest of the week will be on your own. If you are going to be out of town, we will give you some ideas of things you can do to maintain your fitness.

Donation Letter - This is the last I will mention it, but I wanted to express my appreciation to those of you who forwarded the donation letter to 5 or more people. We have had a few letters come back with some very generous donations. If you haven't done it yet, it is not too late. You can even let them know they don't have to donate, but if they feel they would like to help us, that would be great. Thanks again for your help on this - it really helps the TEAM out! Link to the letter -

I am excited to see what you are made of this week. Let's compete with heart and toughness, support our teammates, and put on a great track meet.
Coach Talley

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