Thursday, October 18, 2007

State Championships

Yesterday was such an incredible day-one we will celebrate and remember for a long time. I thought we had such a great TEAM effort in pulling off both of the wins. Not just in the people who ran, but also in the incredible support and cheering from all members of the team (and alumni and parents).

The girls competed like they have all year long. We knew we were strong and deep and we led from the gun. I thought we ran really close to our plan, and we pushed hard on the important points of the course. It was amazing to bring home the first ever Davis girls state cross country championship, but what is even more impressive are the hours of hard work, team work, and sacrifice that it took to get to this point. The girls ran the 4th fastest team time in the 10 year history of the course (from any division) and the fastest team time since 2000.

1. 18:27 Natalie Haws
5. 19:03 Candace Eddy
10. 19:18 Emily Hansen
17. 19:45 Loren Storey
22. 19:52 Meghan Hedquist
33. 20:09 Hollie King
35. 20:16 Kelsey Valentine
Team Scores:
55 Davis
102 Skyline
137 Timpanogos
173 American Fork
188 Fremont
196 Jordan

Natalie stayed patient throughout the entire race. She ran a lot of it with a smile on her face. When I saw her on the back side of the course (before the 2 mile mark) I yelled to stay patient - she was running right behind Shayla and they had pulled a way from the rest of the group. Natalie gave me a smile, and then she growled (weird, I know, but that is her style). I knew she was determined to finish strong. When it came down to the last ½ mile she was probably 5 seconds behind last year's state champion (Shayla Kipp from Skyline) but Natalie somehow dug deep and found some kind of monster kick on the track to capture the first ever Davis individual state championship (for either a boy or a girl). Natalie's time was the 14th fastest ever run on the course. The pictures in all 3 newspapers perfectly capture Natalie's excitement. She really deserved the title.

Candace had a rough day with her asthma in the cold, but stayed positive and tough for the TEAM. Although she had some tears after the race, a lot of them were out of joy for her teammates (especially Natalie for getting what she has worked so hard for). Candace was able to look accross the track and see Natalie fighting for 1st place. The 2 of them have done so much for each other that they really can share in each other's successes. They are the strongest 1-2 punch in the state (and have been for the past 3 years).

Emily knew coming into the race she would have a shot at top 10, but she would have to have one of her best races. She did just that. She went out aggressive and held her position. A great feat for her to be all-state as a sophomore. She has really stepped it up in the absence of Katie. Emily's time of 19:18 makes her the 5th fastest Davis girl to ever run the course (Natalie and Candace are 1-2).

Loren stayed tough throughout the entire race and really moved up in the final mile to finish 17th. It is amazing how far she has come in her first year of being a distance runner. She stayed really positive throughout the race.

Meghan has amazed us all with her ability and drive this season. She found Loren about 1 mile into the race and stuck right with her. The two of them worked their way up from about 35th to 20th. Watching Meghan finish the race you could tell that she had left it all on the course - what a gutsy race from a young runner. We could be pretty dang good again next year.

Hollie and Kelsey have improved their times at state every year (Hollie for 3 years and Kelsey for 4). They provided us with experience and leadership and consistency. We counted their places at about 1/2 way through the race. They both moved up about 20 places in the 2nd half. Only 1 team finished with their #5 runner in front of Hollie and Kelsey.

The boys race was simply incredible. I told one reporter that it is rare to have a full TEAM (all 7) put together solid races all on the same day, but that is what we needed. We knew it would be a close race with American Fork, Alta, Skyline, and Bingham. I am not sure what was said on the starting line (I was up at the finish line with the girls), but whatever was said, the TEAM definitely looked focused and confident and were really into the race when I saw them after the first 1/2 mile. At 2 miles we were still a little behind AF, but looking like we had a good shot if we could stay strong in the final mile. Bryce, Jason, and Jordan each passed 7 or 8 guys in the last kilometer, and Seth and Spencer held their positions in the top 10. Other teams around them started to fade. By the time they were all through the finish chute we knew we had won, and the celebration began there at the finish line. It was a pretty thrilling experience.

5. 16:12 Seth Gutzwiller
7. 16:20 Spencer Anderson
15. 16:38 Bryce Larsen
29. 17:00 Jason Thomas
30. 17:02 Jordan Stuart
54. 17:26 Michael King
55. 17:28 Carston Feigleson
Team Scores:
77 Davis
109 American Fork
114 Skyline
142 Bingham
144 Alta
151 Weber

I have to talk about Seth and Spencer in the same paragraph. The two of them have run and trained together over the past 2 cross country seasons. They have been consistent and have led the team in more ways than just their running. Neither of them are ever satisfied-they both have a drive to improve and be the best. For them both to finish in the top 7 was huge for us in this race.

Bryce was the stud of the day. He ran a patient smart race, and really came on the final mile. He was a little more conservative over the first 1/2 of the race, but came on like crazy-especially in the final mile. He did just what we needed him to do, and beat every other team's 3rd runners.

Jason and Jordan finished higher than any other team's 4th runner. They ran together through a lot of the race. The last time I saw them (with about 600 to go) I could tell they were both going to finish strong and that we were close to winning it. I think the people around me thought I was crazy, but I kept yelling "We're going to win! We're going to win!" to Jordan and Jason.

Michael and Carston stepped up at the end of the season and earned their spots at state. They did their job well as only 3 teams had their #5 in front of our 6 & 7. Both of them ran like experienced runners even though this was the first big varsity race for either of them. We are looking strong for next year with 5 of our top 8 runners returning.

Once again, a special thanks to all parents and supporters of the TEAM. You have helped to make this season fun, memorable, and successful. We couldn't have accomplished this state championship without your help.

As Hollie put it today: "Life goes on after a state championship". We will savor the moment and the victories, but we also have many great things to look forward to.
Coming Up:
Team Pictures - Monday, Oct 22nd at 3:00 pm
Team Banquet - TBA - tentatively Nov 1st or Nov 8th.
Team Fundraiser - 1 Hour runathon @ 9:00 pm on Friday Nov 2nd.
Nike Regional Championships - in Tempe, AZ on November 17th. Information will be sent home tomorrow (Friday the 19th)

Coach Talley

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Darts -
I just wanted to thank each of you and many of your parents for making the Region Championships such a success for our TEAM. Thanks to the parents for the support and for the goodies at the races. I thought we did an outstanding job in each of the 4 races. I was pleased with your enthusiasm, your unity, and your individual efforts. You can see full results at (Region 1), and pictures at

The JV girls ended their perfect season (8 straight wins) with a perfect score (15). Our depth has been one of our greatest strengths this year, and it really showed in this race. Brittany pulled away in the second half of the race to get the win. It was a team record for the most Davis girls under 22:00 (14) and under 23:00 (19). I was really proud of the seniors in their last cross country race. Good job Ally, Morgan, and Erica.
1. Brittany Blankenship 20:58.6
2. Ally Adams 21:31.9
3. Morgan Durtschi 21:56.0
4. Missy Lott 22:00.5
5. Jessica Wilding 22:04.1
6. Brittany Sumsion 22:22.1
7. Brooke Stromberg 22:36.1
8. Emily Prince 22:46.0
9. Carlee Peterson 22:49.0
13. Erica Petty 23:28.1
14. Michelle Clouse 23:35.3
15. Sarah Greenman 23:53.7
21. Cecily Nye 24:40.4
22. Danna Stuart 24:40.7
31. Kortney Rees 26:02.8
32. Kensie Stephens 27:01.2
37. Dallas Johnson 29:09.2
38. Juliana Garrett 29:40.5
41. Cheylie Dotson 31:18.3
Team scores:
15 Davis
77 Fremont
84 Viewmont

The varsity girls continued to dominate. Natalie and Candace ran together through the entire race to finish where they did last year (1-2). It was a demonstration of teamwork and unselfishness as they worked together and finished together. These 2 have been great leaders for our TEAM over the past 3 years, and it is going to be tough without Natalie. Emily finished with the #6 time ever run by a sophomore, and Meghan’s time was the #4 time ever run by a freshman. Our 3 “white shirts” all had great races, led by Julianne’s 19:36, showing she is back to form after the injury. We are definitely ready for the state meet this Wednesday.
1. Natalie Haws 18:36.8
2. Candace Eddy 18:37.0
6. Emily Hansen 19:05.6
7. Meghan Hedquist 19:19.4
10. Loren Storey 19:33.1
11. Julianne Wirthlin 19:36.8
12. Hollie King 19:40.6
13. Kelsey Valentine 20:02.6
17. Talya Kussee 20:17.0
22. Lizzy Wallin 20:51.4
Team Scores
26 Davis
62 Fremont
74 Weber
86 Syracuse

We ran smart and finished strong in the boys JV race to come out on top. Colin and Caleb led the team with top 3 finishes. Logan and Garrett fought hard through the race to finish in the top 10. And Jake and Cody came on strong over the last ½ of the race to finish 10th and 12th. With all but Jake coming back next year, we have a solid foundation for the TEAM. Congrats to all the seniors in the race - Jake, Dan, Ryan, and Josh.
1. Colin Cromar 17:28.9
3. Caleb Ward 18:04.5
6. Logan Petty 18:07.8
9. Garrett Allen 18:19.6
10. Jacob Whittaker 18:19.9
12. Cody Robbins 18:21.6
27. Dan Willoughby 19:04.5
35. Adam Seelos 19:19.1
37. Joseph Albrechtson 19:19.9
38. Ryan Thomas 19:20.8
42. Andrew Steinecke 19:26.5
67. Zach Christensen 20:21.2
68. Cade Cloward 20:24.3
79. Josh Tyndall 21:03.0
Team Scores
29 Davis
49 Weber
49 Fremont
107 Viewmont

The varsity boys finished off the day with their 12th straight region title. The most impressive thing about this race was the finish of our 3 through 7 guys being so close together. They have developed a solid pack over the last few races. Spencer and Seth ran side by side helping each other out on their way to a 2-3 finish. If we put together a solid race this next week, we will be in the hunt for a trophy.
2. Spencer Anderson 16:04.0
3. Seth Gutzwiller 16:04.3
9. Jason Thomas 16:32.1
10. Bryce Larsen 16:38.4
11. Jordan Stuart 16:40.9
12. Carston Feigleson 16:42.9
14. Michael King 16:46.3
18. Leland Stenquist 17:01.5
25. Derek Gallacher 17:16.2
27. Bryson Snow 17:20.7
Team Scores
35 Davis
45 Weber
68 Fremont
116 Viewmont

1. State Championships: Wednesday, Oct 17th at Sugarhouse Park (1300 E, 2100 S, SLC) The bus will leave Davis at 1:00 pm. The entire TEAM will be excused and expected to come and support the varsity runners. Girls will race at 3:30, boys race at 4:00.

2. TEAM Pictures: Monday, October 22nd after school - bring your uniforms.

3. TEAM Banquet: Thursday November 1st - 6:00pm

4. TEAM Run-a-thon Fundraiser: Friday, November 2nd, in the evening. More information TBA.

5. Nike TEAM Regionals: November 17th in Tempe, AZ. In the place of the Footlocker trip, the TEAM has been invited to compete in the Nike Regional Meet with a chance to qualify for the National Championships (in Portland on Dec. 1st). The cost of the trip will be about $200 (some of which could be offset through the fundraiser). I would like as many members of the TEAM to come as possible. We could make this as fun and memorable as the Footlocker trip, with more of an emphasis on the TEAM’s performance. I will be sending more information home with the athletes asap. For more information about the meet you can go to:

As we go into this final race of the season, remember that no matter what happens, you are champions. You have sacrificed and worked hard to get to where you are. You have been committed to each other and to achieving greatness together. Our objective is simple: to run the best we can. Let’s go away from the state meet satisfied that we gave our all. Also remember that so much of the joy we should experience at the end of a season comes from the journey. I think we have learned a lot on the way. We have had our struggles and our challenges, but they have made us better and we have overcome them, and for a small moment of your lives (15 to 20 minutes) on Wednesday, we are going to shine.
Thanks for all you have done,
Coach Talley