Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Davis Track Update 9 - Davis Invitational

Darts - 
I am a little late with the update this week. I am still recovering from the Davis Invitational. I wish I had more time to write an update about the meet because I know I am going to miss something important - but I want to start by saying THANK YOU!! You (the Davis track & field athletes) really came through for us. Putting on a large invitational in that kind of weather is not an easy task. It made for a long day in the cold rain - but we handled ourselves with composure and we kept a positive attitude throughout the day. It seems like we had so many people step up to help out in a big way, and it would not have been successful without a huge TEAM effort. I want to thank each of you who sacrificed and put the TEAM first last weekend. I also know that being out in the rain all day didn't help your own performances, but in the big picture it was our overall TEAM performance in putting on a great meet in the rain (not any one individual accomplishment) that was the performance of the week. I also need to quickly thank all of the parents who were willing to send food and help with the lunch. I also want to thank all of our sponsors - who really make the Invite beneficial to the program. And I want to thank our great coaches who also all stepped up in a big way to make the day memorable. I was stressed about the weather going into the Invite, but looking back on it I wouldn't have it any other way. It showed what kind of character and commitment we have on our TEAM - and it was a test that I think we needed greatly. From here to the end of the season (only 2.5 weeks) let's show that same commitment and same character and determination from top to bottom. 
I would like to point out a few performances (for full results you can go to www.runnercard.com). In the open session of the meet, we had a few top 6 performances - Taylor Southwick was the champion in the open pole vault, Hailee Carattini finished 3rd in the 100 hurdles (and makes the most killer truffles), Jaron Erickson finished 4th in the 110 hurdles, Rachel Anderson finished 6th in the 100m dash, Ty Hinds finished 5th in the 100m dash, Tatum Beard was 3rd in the 1600m, Gabe Alfaro was 4th in the 400m, Elise Berning was 5th in the 200m, our girls 4 x 400m relay B-team finished 3rd, Ashley Lawson was 6th in the pole vault, Harrison Haslam was 4th in the boys pole vault, Korra Jenson was 6th in the high jump, and Dallin Baires was 3rd in the discus. 
In the Invited Session, we had a few individual champions, and some other great performances - Palmer Flood came through big to win the 300m Hurdles with a 39.35 PR, Trevor Leavitt won both the 400m dash (47.57) and the 200m Dash in a SCHOOL RECORD 21.58. Taylor Cox won the 1600m (5:06) and was 4th in the 800 (2:18), Paige Erickson was the champion in the pole vault with a 9'04 PR, Andrew Tyndall won the boys pole vault with a state-leading PR of 14'09, our girls 4 x 100 was 4th, Melanie Sullivan was 4th in the 400m Dash, Jordan Barnett was 5th in the 300m Hurdles, Hannah Albrechtsen was 5th in the 1600 (5:12), Ally Geisler was 6th in the 1600 (5:15 - state qualified), both our girls and our boys finished 2nd in the medley relay, Aubrey Argyle was 2nd in the 3200 (11:04), Kenzie Weir was 3rd in the 3200 (11:12), Ashley Tyndall was 6th in the 3200 (11:29 - state qualified), Josh Ward was 4th in the 3200 (9:38), Nate Allred placed 3rd in the high jump (6'01), Dallin Baires placed 6th in the shot put (49'04), KJ Bishop placed 6th in the Javelin (144'07), our girls 4 x 400 team ran 4:02 for the victory (Melanie, Rachel, BriAnna, and Taylor), our boys 4 x 400 team finished 2nd with 3:24, our girls 4 x 800 team finished 2nd with 9:44, and our boys 4 x 400 team finished 2nd with 8:16. 
Overall, it was a very strong day for us. I like the determination and the fight that I am seeing - even when things don't go your way, even when it may not be your day - I am still seeing fight in you. That is what we need to finish the season strong. Don't give up - don't be content. Continue to push yourselves and give your very best with each of your final opportunities. 

Coming Up:
Wednesday, April 30 - Dual Meet at Northridge - You are excused at 1:30. The buses leave at 1:45. We are wearing our throwback jerseys. It is our last chance for many of you to qualify for the region meet. Show up ready to kill it. We are holding back (or holding out) everyone competing at BYU, so it is a great chance for the rest of you to really step up. 
Thursday, May 1 - We are in charge of a junior high meet. Thanks in advance for your help. I will order pizza at the end of the meet. It should go from 3:00 - 6:00. 
Friday-Saturday, May 2-3 - BYU Invitational. I will send out a schedule with our entries. Those of you going down on Friday can come on your own (with your parents) or on the bus (at 7:00am). Those of you coming down on Saturday can go on your own (with your parents) or on the bus (at 6:30am). It is a great chance for us to prepare for the events we are going to be doing on the same track at the state championships in two weeks. 
Wednesday-Thursday, May 7-8 - Region Championships @ Syracuse High School. I will send out more information on Sunday.

Thanks again for a great Davis Invitational. Let's finish strong together.
Coach Talley

"...well, if track were so easy, everybody would do it. The challenges and adversity that it brings would knock any ordinary athlete to their knees. And here at Davis Track we don't let that happen to us. . . So I will push on - to help push my teammates to win a state title." - text message from a member of the Davis Track TEAM who is currently trying to overcome an injury

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Davis vs. Weber Boys Results

Shot Put
1. 48’09.00   Dallin Baires, Davis
2. 47’07.00   Ryan Beal, Weber
3. 46’03.00   Jayden Lord, Weber
45’02.50       Kyle Allred, Davis
43’07.00       Gunner Francom, Davis
43’06.00       Leve Nye, Weber
35’06.00       Nick Elmer, Weber
34’03.00       Jackson Munn, Weber
32’10.00       Cameron Benally, Weber
32’10.00       Jacob Luddington, Davis
31’02.00       Will Palmer, Weber
29’09.00       Hayden Mondfrans, Davis
28’06.50       Connor Holst, Weber
24’00.50       Henry Hall, Weber
19’09.00       Abdiel Vazquez, Weber

1. 163’02.50 Jayden Lord, Weber
2. 138’09.50 Kyle Allred, Davis
3. 132’09.50 Leve Nye, Weber
135’02.50     Ryan Beal, Weber
117’09.00     Gunner Francom, Davis
107’08.00     Dallin Baires, Davis
110’02.50     Nick Lemer, Weber
95’09.00       Jackson Munn, Weber
89’04.00       Matt Calvin, Davis
84’03.00       Connor Holst, Weber
74’10.00       Jacob Luddington, Davis
71’07.00       Cameron Benally, Weber

1. 142’00      KJ Bishop, Davis
2. 133’00      Jaden Lord, Weber
3. 132’01      Will Vandemerwe, Davis
125’01          Nate Butterfield, Davis
121’04          Logan Baird, Davis
112’01          Nick Newbold, Davis
111’08          Skylar Williams, Davis
110’09          Ryan Beal, Weber
110’00          Leve Nye, Weber
109’04          Judd Barber, Davis
107’02          Connor Holst, Weber
104’03          Easton Nye, Weber
98’03            Matt Calvin, Davis
96’04            Cameron Benally, Weber
96’02            Matt Beecher, Davis
91’01            Jacob Luddington, Davis
89’09            Nick Elmer, Weber
89’00            Curtis Daley, Davis
87’02            Jackson Munn, Weber
83’00            Matt Talbot, Davis
83’00            Ben Fieden, Davis
81’00            Cooper Barret, Weber
81’00            Calvin Pace, Davis
78’03            Jason Lang, Davis
75’08            Hayden Mondefrans, Davis
75’02            Nick Benson, Davis
68’11            Brendan Mecham, Davis
65’02            Jarrett Allen, Davis
62’05            Kyle Christensen, Davis

High Jump
1. 6-03          Nate Allred, Davis
2. 5-07          McKay Hunt, Weber
3. 5-07          Nate Butterfield, Davis
5-07              Logan Baird, Davis
5-05              Todd Froisland, Davis
5-05              Eric Thompson, Davis
NH                Skylar Call, Weber
NH                Jason Lang, Davis
NH                Carson Clarke, Weber

Long Jump
1. 19-05.00   Nate Welling, Davis
2. 19-04.50   Derrek Parry, Davis
3. 19-03.00   Hunter Simonson, Davis
18-11.25       TJ Thorley, Davis
18-05.50       Carson Clarke, Weber
18-04.50       Andrew Tyndall, Davis
18-02.00       Logan Baird, Davis
18-01.50       Brandon Paredes, Weber
18-00.00       Chase Jensen, Davis
17-09.50       Austin Tesh, Weber
17-06.50       Evan Conrad, Davis
17-03.50       McKay Hunt, Weber
17-00.25       Aaron Fost, Weber
16-03.50       Skylar Call, Weber
16-03.25       Connor Holst, Weber
16-03.00       Joey Giles, Davis
16-00.50       Danny Wensel, Davis
15-10.00       Ryan Goad, Weber
15-09.00       CJ Hurtado, Davis
15-07.00       Jacob Gonzales, Davis
15-03.50       Jacob Tidwell, Weber
15-00.00       Jason Lang, Davis
14-10.00       Jacob Smith, Weber
14-07.25       Luke Shaner, Davis
14-07.00       Mark Blackham, Davis
14-06.00       Luke Carling, Davis
14-05.25       Kade Peterson, Weber
14-04.50       Henry Hall, Weber
14-03.75       Brady Summers, Davis
13-08.00       Ben Shaner, Davis
13-06.50       Cooper Barret, Weber
13-05.00       Colter Blanchard, Davis
11-11.00       Nick Benson, Weber
9-06.75         Carson Warnick, Davis

Pole Vault

100m Dash
1. 11.35        Trevor Leavitt, Davis
2. 11.44        Ty Hinds, Davis
3. 11.65        Jacob Moffett, Davis
11.81            Griffin Hill, Davis
11.98            Matt Beecher, Davis
12.07            Palmer Flood, Davis
12.14            Colton Chronister, Davis
12.20            Parker Saxton, Weber
12.21            Ryan Goad, Weber
12.22            Jaron PFost, Weber
12.29            Todd Froisland, Davis
12.31            Nick Taylor, Weber
12.35            Nick Newbold, Davis
12.39            Gabe Alfaro, Davis
12.44            Josh Gardner, Davis
12.48            Carson Clark, Weber
12.51            Dillon Atkinson, Davis
12.53            Jacob Woodland, Davis
12.60            Jason Barker, Davis
12.63            Joe Eads, Davis
12.67            Zach Bryan, Davis
12.75            Conner Geisler, Davis
12.76            Jared Olsen, Weber
12.83            Brady Summers, Davis
12.85            Elijah McKay, Davis
13.02            Landin Harris, Davis
13.07            Bryson Steiner, Davis
13.08            Jaden Argyle, Davis
13.13            Austin Francis, Davis
13.22            Hudson Hall, Davis
13.23            CJ Hurtado, Davis
13.24            Kay Peterson, Weber
13.26            Ryan Merrell, Davis
13.34            Luke Carling, Davis
13.34            Mark Blackham, Davis
13.41            Stanley Chen, Davis
13.43            Danny Wensel, Davis
13.49            Jonathan Sparks, Weber
13.72            Bronson Beckstrand, Weber
13.74            Jacob Merrell, Davis
13.74            Landon Davis, Davis
14.24            Kyle Christensen, Davis

110m Hurdles
1. 15.41        Ryan Liston, Weber
2. 16.24        Jaron Erickson, Davis
3. 16.55        Todd Froisland, Davis
16.60            McKay Hunt, Weber
16.74            Hunter Simonson, Davis
17.34            Ben Godfrey, Davis
18.21            Jason Barker, Davis
18.56            Scott Trane, Weber
18.75            Bryson Steiner, Davis
19.85            Jared Olsen, Weber
20.70            Mason Clark, Weber
20.92            Landon Davis, Davis
22.09            Drew Sumsion, Davis
22.12            Jonathan Sparks, Weber

300m Hurdles
1. 45.37        Braden Butler, Weber
2. 45.56        Ben Godfrey, Davis
3. 46.34        Brendan Saxey, Davis
46.63            Kade Peterson, Weber
50.28            Drew Sumsion, Davis
51.38            Joey Giles, Davis
52.94            Davis

200m Run
1. 23.34        Ryan Liston, Weber
2. 23.59        Jordan Goldsberry, Davis
3. 23.73        Palmer Flood, Davis
24.46            Derrek Parry, Davis
24.51            Gabe Alfaro, Davis
24.61            Rylee Chilcote, Davis
24.62            Josh Gardner, Davis
24.96            Parker Saxon, Weber
25.28            Aaron PFost, Weber
25.59            Griffin Hill, Davis
25.85            Jake Hovley, Davis
26.36            Austin Francis, Davis
26.64            Mark Blackham, Davis
26.81            Scott Trane, Weber
26.95            Stanley Chen, Davis
26.96            Luke Carling, Davis
27.20            Ryan Merrell, Davis
27.53            Danny Wensel, Davis
27.77            CJ Hurtado, Davis

400m Dash
1. 52.11        Gabe Alfaro, Davis
2. 53.55        Devon Weaver, Weber
3. 53.98        Trevor Newey, Weber
54.02            Josh Ward, Davis
54:45            Nathan Collins, Weber
55.11            Joe Eads, Davis
55.46            Jake Hovley, Davis
55.78            J.R. Oldham, Davis
56.93            Parker Saxton, Weber
58.42            Stanley Chen, Davis
59.86            Alex White, Davis
1:01.27         Mason Clark, Weber

800m Run
1. 1:59.03     Carson Stronmberg, Weber
2. 1:59.65     Will Palmer, Weber
3. 2:03.68     Colter Blanchard, Davis
2:04.57         Josh Ward, Davis
2:05.96         Dallin Larsen, Davis
2:06.32         Skylar Williams, Davis
2:06.56         Kimball Potter, Davis
2:08.89         Devon Jennings, Weber
2:10.37         Solomon Twitchell, Davis
2:12.02         Jake Welling, Davis
2:12.31         Brandon Peters, Davis
2:13.04         Rylee Chilcote, Davis
2:14.57         Caleb Gibson, Davis
2:16.00         Jacob Lee, Weber
2:16.34         Paul Huntsman, Weber
2:17.53         Mitch Perry, Davis
2:18.42         Lance Thornton, Davis
2:18.74         Britton Porter, Davis
2:19.58         Nick Newbold, Davis
2:20.26         Jackson Rayl, Davis
2:21.39         Christian Jorgenson, Weber
2:27.65         Jacob Capener, Weber
2:28.78         Spencer Rindlisbacher, Davis
2:29.71         Enrique Salgado, Weber
2:32.50         Isaak Hugh, Davis
2:33.07         Spencer Sowby, Weber
2:34.36         Cole Stephenson, Davis
2:35.09         Josh Wilkenson, Davis
2:35.46         Nathan Hales, Davis
2:36.41         Dylan Harper, Weber
2:36.70         Nick Williams, Davis
2:38.86         Nate Christensen, Weber
2:49.38         Calvin Pace, Davis

1600m Run
1. 4:28.97       Stokton Smith, Davis
2. 4:33.15       Braedin Butler, Weber
3. 4:42.41       Solomon Twitchell, Davis
4:42.43           Kyler Hall, Weber
4:44.79           Colton Rimann, Davis
4:46.39           Matt Hawkins, Davis
4:47.50           Mitch Perry, Davis
4:48.28           Daniel Tumblin, Davis
4:49.83           Bryce Ferguson, Davis
4:51.63           Paul Huntsman, Weber
4:53.07           Jason Lang, Davis
4:54.46           Jacob Lee, Weber
4:54.55           Jacob Smith, Weber
4:54.75           Kent Thompson, Davis
4:55.88           Josh Robinson, Davis
4:57.30           Dustin Deeter, Weber
4:58.87           Lance Thornton, Davis
4:58.88           Henry Hall, Weber
4:59.38           Zach Wilde, Davis
5:00.08           Jackson Rayl, Davis
5:00.12           Brady England, Davis
5:00.24           Josh Haviland, Davis
5:00.48           Tanner Horrocks, Davis
5:02.74           Gavin Sundahl, Davis
5:08.27           Cody Griffin, Weber\
5:09.97           Jacob Caperner, Weber
5:12.76           Josh Wilkinson, Davis
5:14.41           Christianson Jorgensen, Weber
5:14.53           Spencer Rindlisbacher, Davis
5:18.73           Jon Brasher, Weber
5:20.18           Sam Fuller, Weber
5:20.84           Enrique Salgado, Weber
5:35.26           Nick Williams, Davis
5:37.84           Brandon Pope, Weber
5:44.64           Bryant Ferrin, Davis
5:47.34           Zach Bell, Weber
5:48.91           Isaak Hugh, Davis
5:49.17           James O’Driscoll, Weber
5:58.12           Nathan Wolferts, Davis
6:13.58           Mashi Kashiwai, Weber
6:13.96           Nick Benson, Weber

3200m RUN
1. 10:53.76   Logan MacKay, Davis
2. 11:09.54   Skylar Williams, Davis
3. 11:35.25   Gavin Sundahl, Davis
12:06.08       Joshua Haviland, Davis
12:49.64       Bryant Ferrin, Davis

4 x 100 Run
1. 47.62        Davis B
2. 48.81        Weber A
3. 43.35        Davis A
51.34            Davis Z
50.81            Weber B

4 x 400m RUN
1. 3:56.15     Weber E
2. 3:58.37     Weber A
3. 3:59.90     Weber F
4:04.40         Weber C
4:08.20         Weber B
4:08.22         Davis T
4:09.51         Davis W
4:16.56         Weber D
4:21.35         Davis Z

Medley Relay
1. 4:13.45     Davis A

Davis            91          
Weber          58

Davis vs. Weber Girls Results

Shot Put
1. 38’04.00   Johnie Arbon, Weber
2. 33’06.50   Kathryn Wilde, Davis
3. 30’07.00   Annie Page, Davis
29’00.00       Natalie Walker, Weber
27’09.00       Kat Leibold, Weber
26’08.00       Auanlee Jessop, Weber
26’07.00       Lauren Murray, Weber
26’02.00       Callie Birche, Weber
26’00.00       Katie Daines, Weber
24’03.50       Kenzie Bateman, Weber
23’06.00       Shannon Fowers, Davis
23’02.00       Madison Skinner, Weber
22’07.00       Jackie Olberding, Weber
22’05.00       Miranda Judd, Weber

1. 120’02.00 Johnni Arbon, Weber
2. 101’04.00 Lizzi Boyd, Davis
3. 96’01.00   Emma Calder, Davis
91’02.00       Mackenzie, Weber
90’05.00       Kat Leibold, Weber
88’02.00       Miranda Judd, Weber
78’01.00       Shannon Fowers, Davis
73’07.00       Kathryn Wilde, Davis
72’09.00       Cambree Dotson, Davis
71’03.00       Natalie Walker, Weber
67’10.00       Avanlee, Weber
60’06.00       Callie Birch, Weber
58’07.00       Megumi Anderson, Davis
56’04.00       Katie Daines, Weber
53’01.00       Natalie Dyer, Davis
52’09.00       Anne Hawkins, Davis
51’06.00       Jackie Olberging, Weber
51’04.00       Ashtyn Berry Davis
39’11.00       Lizzy Hogan, Davis

1. 100’07      Kat Leibold, Weber
2. 97’07        Kendal Sargent, Davis
3. 88’05        Mikah Meyer, Weber
84’11            Anna Ferrel, Davis
83’03            Alicia Stucki, Davis
79’04            Natalia Marques, Davis
75’06            Ellie Ferguson, Davis
75’05            Natalie Walker, Weber
65’03            Emma Calder, Davis
64’09            Blaire Arnold, Davis
60’02            Autumn Jenkins, Davis
55’08            Elise Anderson, Davis
54’10            Alyssa Hemsley, Davis
51’08            Kenzie Dickey, Davis
50’07            Sydnie Thomas, Davis
46’07            Courtney Blankinship, Davis
40’04            Anne Hawkins, Davis
40’04            Alyse Brimhall, Davis
37’03            Ashlyn Berry, Davis
36’09            Bekah Groll, Davis
31’03            Katelyn Hall, Davis

High Jump
1. 5-03          Abbie O’Neill, Weber
2. 5-01          Korra Jensen, Davis
3. 4-11          Jena Johnson, Weber
4-07              Alicia Stucki, Davis
NH                Natalia Marques, Davis
NH                Brooklin Bensen, Weber
NH                Baire Arnold, Davis
NH                Ashley Loomis, Davis

Long Jump
1. 16-01.50   Megan Bedwell, Weber
2. 15-08.25   Emma Calder, Davis
3. 15-05.75   Jackie Olberding, Weber
15-02.50       Megan Rowe, Davis
14-06.00       Jenna Johnson, Weber
14-06.00       Charity Parkinson, Weber
14-03.25       Sydney Larson, Davis
13-10.50       Jenny Tidwell, Weber
13-08.75       Liz Jones, Davis
13-06.00       Paige Beus, Davis
13-03.25       Sarah Casey, Davis
12-08.00       Blaire Arnold, Davis
12-06.25       Michaela Park, Weber
12-05.75       Emily Summers, Weber
12-05.00       Alyssa Hemsley, Davis
12-04.00       Korra Jensen, Davis
12-03.25       Ashley Loomis, Davis
12-01.75       Lindsay Finlayson, Weber
12-00.00       Phebe Krutsch, Davis

Pole Vault (Non-Scored)
1. 9’01          Paige Erickson, Davis
2. 8’00          Liz Jones, Davis
3. 7’03          Ashley Lawson, Davis
7’00              Sarah Calder, Davis
6’06              Kristen Funk, Davis
6’06              Baylee Reynolds, Davis
6’06              Ashley Sullenger, Davis
6’00              Leslie Aagard, Davis
6’00              Claire Sorenson, Davis
6’00              Abby Pound, Davis
5’00              Eliza DeBry, Davis
NH                Gentry Keaton, Davis
NH                Phebe Krutsch, Davis
NH                Paige Beus, Davis

100m Dash
1. 13.16        McKayla Thomas, Weber
2. 13.19        Kaila Mieso, Weber
3. 13.34        Rachel Anderson, Davis
13.49            Brittany Rounkles, Davis
13.49            Megan Bedwell, Weber
13.62            Elise Berning, Davis
13.63            Jaylen Enmann, Weber
13.74            Hannah Lagerquist, Weber
13.82            Jenna Johnson, Weber
14.11            Jenney Tidwell, Davis
14.12            Mia Stoddard, Davis
14.18            Kennedy Hinton, Davis
14.39            Emily Summers, Weber
14.53            Morgan Holt, Davis
14.62            Paige Beus, Davis
14.66            Lindsay Finlayson, Weber
14.67            Sarah Casey, Weber
14.70            Gentry Keaton, Davis
14.71            Charity Parkinson, Weber
14.73            Bailey Coleman, Weber
14.74            Abby Pound, Davis
15.08            Haley Arrington, Weber
15.40            Casey Conover, Davis
15.40            Sarah Tibbitts, Davis
15.57            Emily Robinson, Davis
16.35            Paige Peterson, Davis
16.68            Davis
20.95            Jesse Swim, Davis

100m Hurdles
1. 15.80        Megan Bedwell, Weber
2. 16.49        Hailee Carattini, Davis
3. 16.50        Olivia Richards, Davis
16.68            Jordan Barnett, Davis
17.40            Michaela K. Weber
17.58            Megan Rowe, Davis
17.73            Savannah Ward, Weber
18.19            Erika Stephenson, Davis
18.30            Bailey Coleman, Weber
18.43            Paige Erickson, Davis
18.88            Sarah Tibbitts, Davis
19.06            Paige Alpers, Davis
19.28            Haley Arrington, Weber
19.73            Baylee Reynolds, Davis
20.62            Casey Conover, Davis
21.11            Kinley Dimond, Davis
21.19            Hannah McKay, Davis
21.79            Gabby VanClark, Davis
22.22            Ashley McDonald, Davis
22.81            Emily Berry, Davis

300m Hurdles
1. 50.77        Tiana Cipriano, Davis
2. 53.46        Sarah Tibbitts, Davis
3. 54.35        Savannah Ward, Weber
55.09            Casey Conover, Davis
55.42            Paige Alpers, Davis

200m Run
1. 27.68        Sarah Beecher, Davis
2. 28.88        Natalie Dyer, Davis
3. 29.37        Michaela K., Weber
30.16            Gentry Keaton, Davis
30.44            Tessa Martinez, Davis
30.48            Kennedy Hinton, Davis
30.79            Paige Beus, Davis
31.40            Emily Robinson, Davis
31.40            Sarah Tibbitts, Davis
32.05            Ashley Loomis, Davis
34.17            Emily Berry, Davis
35.88            Paige Peterson, Davis

400m Dash
1. 59.41        Taylor Cox, Davis
2. 1:01.07     Ally Geisler, Davis
3. 1:07.06     Kendal Sargent, Davis
1:07.50         Ellie Ferguson, Davis
1:10.41         Tessa Martinez, Davis
2:20.83         Jesse Swim, Davis

800m Run
1. 2:24.30     Miah Weaver, Davis
2. 2:26.63     Sam Heaton, Weber
3. 2:29.98     Lynzi Deeter, Weber
2:31.29         Aubrey Argyle, Davis
2:31.66         Sam Hedquist, Davis
2:37.93         Elise Anderson, Davis
2:38.89         Anna Ferrell, Davis
2:39.81         Madi Bledsoe, Davis
2:40.35         Aimee Vance, Davis
2:43.09         Korrina Tallon, Weber
2:46.22         Hannah Stuckey, Weber
2:47.82         Katie Datwyler, Davis\
2:48.24         Autumn Jenkins, Davis
2:49.34         Alex Tanner, Davis
2:50.80         Aurianna Peart, Weber
2:52.79         Kiley Allman, Weber
2:53.31         Alyssa Stewart, Davis
2:54.00         Emma Call, Davis
2:55.61         Bekah Groll, Davis
2:55.81         Sydnie Thomas, Davis
2:55.91         Katelyn Hall, Weber
2:56.15         Courtney Blankship, Davis
2:56.37         Nicole Wood, Davis
2:58.45         Alyse Brimhall, Davis
3:08.97         Rachel Arner, Weber
3:29.33         Katie Spencer, Weber

1600m Run
1. 5:18.20       Kenzie Weir, Davis
2. 5:19.69       Ashley Tyndall, Davis
3. 5:24.78       Sierra Graham, Davis
5:32.30           Chelsey Johnson, Davis
5:39.34           Kaela Gudgeon, Weber
5:56.41           Nicole Wood, Davis
5:57.66           Alex Tanner, Davis
6:00.14           Heather Brown, Weber
6:00.16           Amber Berry, Davis
6:02.29           Aurianna Pearl, Weber
6:07.18           Rachel Johnson, Davis
6:12.96           Alyssa Stewart, Davis
6:13.24           Kiley Allman, Weber
6:18.88           Haeli Rich, Weber
6:22.14           Rachel Minert, Weber
6:26.02           Baylee Woods, Weber
6:39.80           Maddie Meyer, Davis
6:42.52           Nikke Talbot, Weber        

3200m RUN
1. 11:35.70     Hannah Albrectsen, Davis
2. 12:02.27     Josey Hedquist, Davis
3. 12:12.39     Tatum Beard, Davis
12:59.97         Ashleigh Steed, Weber

4 x 100 Run
1. 50.58        Weber A
2. 51.35        Davis A
3. 52.96        Davis B

4 x 400m RUN
1. 4:17.80       Davis B
2. 4:42.71       Davis X
3. 4:52.35       Weber D
4:54.09           Weber B
4:58.24           Weber F
5:00.21           Weber C
6:11.49           Davis Z

Medley Relay
1. 4:19.84     Davis A
2. 5:11.15     Davis B

Davis            90
Weber          53

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 8

Darts - 
I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. It is hard to believe that we are to the final stretch of the track season. Each of the next 4 weeks have something BIG for us to work toward (Davis, BYU, Region, State). I felt like our TEAM made some huge progress this week between the Wednesday dual meet against Syracuse and the Friday Invitational at Woods Cross. You all know I was frustrated with the efforts, attitude, and teamwork on Wednesday - but I could not have been happier about what I saw on Friday evening. At the Woods Cross Invite we saw a TEAM that was working together and supporting each other. We saw individuals who were getting after it in every one of their races/events. We saw some major PRs and had some great surprises. 
We need to carry that same determination, positive attitude, toughness, and TEAM work into our final meets of the season. I want you all competing with purpose - and maybe with a chip on your shoulder - with something to prove. 
I also wanted to thank ALL of you for putting on a great junior high meet on Thursday. We needed help - and we had many of you there to step up and help us put on a meet for what seemed like a thousand (somewhat clueless) junior high track athletes - many of whom are the future of Davis Track & Field, so I greatly appreciate your help and your example and your enthusiasm with those fine young athletes. 

Woods Cross Invitational - I only have time for a quick summary of our success at Woods Cross. Again, we had some great marks - and we added a bunch of new state qualifying marks: Jaron Erickson (15.72 in the 110 Hurdles), Trevor Leavitt (11.08 in the 100m dash), the Boys Medley Relay team (Jordan, Colton, Gabe, and Josh), Matt Calvin (12'06 in the pole vault), the girls 4 x 100 relay team (Olivia, Elise, Sarah, and Rachel), Kenzie Weir and Aubrey Argyle in the 1600 (5:14 and 5:15), Melanie Sullivan and BriAnna Gipson in the 400m (59.54 and 60.10), Jordan Barnett in the 300 Hurdles (46.48), Hannah Albrechtsen and Ally Geisler in the 800m (2:19 and 2:21) and Sam Hedquist in the 3200 (11:31). We also had some major PRs - Palmer Flood in the 300 hurdles (39.98), Lizzi Boyd in the discus (93'), Alicia Stucki in the javelin (98'), Elise Berning in the 200m (26.42), Tatum Beard in the 800 (2:22), Kyle Allred in the discus (136'03), Brady England in the 800 (2:06), Dallin Larsen in the 1600 (4:42), Mitch Perry in the 3200 (10:22), and both of our 4 x 400 teams improved their season best marks by 5 seconds. 
It was a killer meet for us - we were looking like the champions we need to be. Let's prepare in much the same way for the Davis Invite this upcoming week. 
The final girls team scores at Woods Cross were - Davis 215, Syracuse 116, Juab 73.5, Viewmont 64. 
The final boys team scores at Woods Cross were - Davis 193, Woods Cross 138, Syracuse 129, Juab 40.

Girls Performance List is updated at http://darttrack.blogspot.com/p/2014-girls-performances.html 
Boys Performance List is updated at  http://darttrack.blogspot.com/p/2014-boys-performances.html 

Weber @ Davis (Wednesday 4/23) - We have another dual meet this week at HOME against Weber. In preparation for the Davis Invite, those who are competing at the Davis Invite will do only 1-2 events, and those who are not going to be competing at the Davis Invite will be encouraged to do 3-4 events. The meet will begin at 3:00 and we will run the same schedule that we ran last week against Syracuse. 

Davis Invitational (Saturday 4/26) - The Davis Invitational is our biggest event of the season for the program. I probably have not yet stressed the importance of this track meet for our entire program. Much of the TEAM's success for this year (and every year) is based on how well we put on the Davis Invitational. It is the 2nd oldest invite in the state (this is the 57th year), and we think it is the BEST invitational in the state. But it will only happen with the help from the entire program. Not everyone will be able to compete at the Invite - it is based completely on marks that you have hit so far this season, but EVERYONE is expected to be involved in the Invite. If your marks do not qualify, you can make a huge contribution to the program by being there to volunteer and to do your job as an official or helper. This upcoming week will be spent preparing for the Davis Invite. We will get the field areas ready, clean up any garbage, review all of our duties and jobs, and prepare to have the best looking facility in preparation for the meet. How well we do in putting on the Invite is just as important as how well we compete in the Invite. ALL of you will be required to be at the school at 7:00am on Saturday morning - and we will work until the meet is done and cleaned up at 6:30pm. Please schedule work and anything else around the Invitational. If you are not going to be there - I will need to know in an email. Next Saturday will be worth 10 letter points (toward lettering and your grade for those of you in the class). Please take the meet seriously. 
Tomorrow I will post the schedule and the entries that are accepted into the meet. Thursday we will review all of the jobs/assignments for the meet. Thursday and Friday we will have light workouts - and then we will be prepping for the Invite. 
There will also be some need for parent volunteers. I will send out another email on Tuesday that goes over more details. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

I just want to thank all of you for working hard to make this program something great. I encourage all of you to take pride in what you are doing and take pride in wearing a Davis Track & Field uniform. 
Let's keep the momentum rolling. 
Coach Talley

Remaining Schedule:
4/23 - Weber @ Davis
4/26 - Davis Invitational
4/30 - Davis @ Northridge
5/2-5/3 - BYU Invitational
5/7-5/8 - Region Championships
5/13 - Sophomore Region (For all sophomores and any juniors and seniors who didn't compete at region)
5/16-5/17 - State Championships