Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dart Track Update

Darts - I hope that you have all enjoyed your Easter weekend and that you are looking forward to your spring break. I also hope that you are not planning on being lazy during the next week. This is still a very critical week in preparing for some important upcoming meets. 

District Championships - we had a dominating TEAM performance from both the girls and the boys at the District Meet at Syracuse on Tuesday and Wednesday. The boys scored 272 points to finish first over Syracuse (117) and Woods Cross (86). The girls scored 241 points to beat Northridge (72) and Viewmont (70.5). In the combined scores, we had 513 points and the 2nd most was 173.5 from Syracuse. Although there were way too many highlights to go through them all, our 1st place finishers were: Bailey Carling in the 100m (12.58), Hailee Carattini in the 100m Hurdles (15.47), Christine Van Brocklin in the 300m Hurdles (47.25), Taylor Cox in the 800m (2:19), Shea Martinez in the 1600m (4:58 - Meet Record), Jessica Richardson in the shot put (37'08), Kaylee Brown in the discus (112'11), Camille Stringham in the long jump (17'00), Trevor Leavitt in the 200m (22.13), Brayden Cromar in the 1600m (4:20), Stokton Smith in the 3200m (9:55), Ben Bracken in the shot put (51'05), Jeff Whittaker in the Javelin (162'06), Andrew Tyndall in the pole vault (12'06), and we finished 1st in all 8 relays - including a meet record of 4:10 in the girls medley relay. Full results for the District Championships can be found at
We scored a ton of points with our depth (places 2-8), and we scored in nearly every event for both girls and boys (all but one). One of our most impressive statistics was our season bests - the girls had 91 season bests, and the boys had 122 season bests - in all we had over 200 marks that were our best of the season. We are continuing to improve - and we would really like to keep that momentum going after spring break. 

UVU Invitational - We had a small number of athletes compete in the UVU Invitational on Saturday. Our placers included: Christine Van Brocklin - 4th in the 100m hurdles; Seth Fortin - 1st in the 100m dash; Girls 4 x 100m relay - 3rd place; boys 4 x 100m relay - 2nd place; Marcus Daley - 1st in the long jump and 6th in the high jump; Andrew Tyndall - 2nd in the pole vault; Ben Bracken - 2nd in the shot put and 2nd in the discus; Jeff Whittaker - 4th in the javelin; Jessica Richardson - 3rd in the shot put and 4th in the discus; and Kaylee Brown was 7th in the discus. Even with such a small contingent of athletes, we finished 2nd in the boys with 53 points. If anyone is interested in the UVU results, they are posted at

Spring Break Workouts - if you are in town, we are meeting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:00am at the track. The workouts should not be really long - we are just looking to maintain what we have built and maybe fine tune a few of the skill events (jumps/hurdles/throws). The workouts are mandatory if you are in town. We will set the letter boards out - and all spring break points will be bonus points (2 points per day). If you are out of town - do your best to get some workouts in. If you can find a track, great, but if not - then find a hill or a path or a park or a treadmill or whatever you can find in order to workout. Everyone can also put in some core work during spring break. We will not meet Thursday - Saturday, but you are encouraged to be doing some work on your own. 

Arcadia Invitational - A small group of Davis athletes have qualified for the Arcadia Invitational and will be competing on Friday-Saturday (April 5-6) in California. I will include their performances in the next update. It is one of the premier high school meets in the country. In an attempt to raise some money for the trip, some of those athletes are holding a car wash on Tuesday from 11:00am until 2:30pm at the Triple Stop Chevron at 1034 W. Gentile in Layton. The tickets are $10. If any of you or your parents would like to get their car washed and support your teammates, please see Seth Fortin or one of the other athletes who are going to Arcadia. Thanks.

Upcoming Schedule - 
April 10 - Weber @ Davis
April 13 - Grizzly Invitational at Logan High School (we are allowed to enter 4 athletes per event)
April 17 - Davis @ Layton
April 24 - Northridge @ Davis
April 27 - Davis Invitational

Continue to take pride in being part of the Davis Track & Field program. Be the best in all that you do. Have a great week - I will see a bunch of you in the mornning - 
Coach Talley

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Darts - 
It has been a very strong early start to our season. The Super Meet this week confirmed that we have the potential to win against the very best teams in the state. Just as important, it showed that most of our TEAM is willing to work hard and do their jobs to help us put on a successful track meet. I think we also saw that we still have a lot of hard work to put in. We are not yet where we want to be - and I hope that all of you will stay hungry and not be satisfied with where we are to start with. I am excited for what we can do if we work together and really get after the next 6 weeks of training and meets. I would like each of you to focus on two things at the district meet this week - 1) Do your best. I have attached the performance list for the year - each of you should know your PRs (personal records) in your events. At the District Championships this week - do your best to set a new PR (or season best). One of my favorite things as a coach is to update the performance list each week and see the progress that you are making as individuals and as a TEAM. 2) Show a lot of support and excitement for your teammates as they compete. With our huge numbers, we need to do a better job being unified - I think we do a pretty good job within our own events, but work this week to show support and interest in events other than your own. Wednesday will be a good day for that. Not everyone will be in the finals - but even if you are not in the finals, you should be there supporting your teammates and cheering them on.

Super Meet - On Tuesday, our girls won in very dominating fashion in our first official track meet on our new track. 5 of the top 6 teams in 5A were in the meet, and we won by almost 100 points - 1. Davis - 191.75; 2. Bingham - 94; 3. Fremont - 68; 4. Riverton - 65; 5. Viewmont - 64.5. We also had 13 state qualifying marks (a TEAM record for the Super Meet). Our TEAM highlights: Shea Martinez ran 2:10.29 to set a meet record in the 800m - it is also currently ranked #1 in the U.S.; Christine Van Brocklin won both of the hurdle races in 15.27 for the 100m and 46.58 for the 300m (both times rank her #1 in 5A); our 3200m runners worked very well together for the 1-2-3-4 sweep with Chelsey Johnson winning in 11:33.24; Jessica Richardson finished 2nd in both the shot put and the discus (but 1st from Utah teams); we won 3 relays - 4 x 100m, 4 x 400m, and 4 x 400m - the 4 x 4 win was a meet record with 4:05.41. Full results can be found at
The boys competed on Wednesday and also came away with the victory. It was our 9th straight Super Meet victory (10th straight for the girls). But on the boys side it was a lot closer. Riverton showed us that they are strong and that they are going to be going after us every chance they can get. The team scores were: 1. Davis - 201.5; 2. Riverton 172.5; 3. Weber - 89; 4. Bingham - 59; 5. Bountiful 49. Those top 4 teams are going to all be in the mix when we get to the state meet. Alta and American Fork will be the other teams to watch for on the boys side. Some of our highlights included: Seth Fortin ran 11.10 into a head wind to take the victory in the 100m, he also came back to narrowly miss the victory in the 200m with 22.65; Ben Bracken and Sam Matina scored a bunch of points in the shot put (2nd and 3rd) and the discus (3rd and 4th) - they have worked very hard together and that work has definitely paid off; Jeff Whittaker had a great start with his win in the javelin (173'05); Marcus Daley got two victories in the jumps - with a high jump meet record of 6'06; our medley boys (Gabe Alfaro, Devin Atwood, Seth Thompson, and Stokton Smith) got our only relay victory and just missed state qualifying; the 800m runners scored 29 points and were led by a 1-2 finish from Jackson Sagers and Skylar Williams; and Brayden Cromar finished 2nd in the 3200m and was under the meet record with his time of 9:36. Full results are found at

Davis District Championships - Tuesday and Wednesday (March 26-27) @ Syracuse High School. This is another state qualifying meet. The track meet is set up with half of the field events on Tuesday and half on Wednesday. The running events have trials on Tuesday and finals on Wednesday. There are qualifying marks, but if you have been consistently coming to practice, I will make sure that you get to compete in at least one event. Just like we did last week, on Monday we will go over the entries for the District Meet, and if I need to make any changes, I will make them at that time. Everyone will be excused at 1:30 both days (Wednesday is the track class day). The buses will leave at 1:45. 
After spring break, we will have 4 straight Wednesdays where you can participate in your chosen events and you can try some new events. The reason we have to limit the entries at the Super Meet and the District Meet is because of the number of schools. There will be 7 schools there this week. 
Tuesday Field Events - Boys Discus, Boys High Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Girls Shot Put, Girls Long Jump, Girls Javelin
Wednesday Field Events - Boys Shot Put, Boys Javelin, Boys High Jump, Girls Discus, Girls High Jump, Girls Pole Vault

The UVU Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, March 30th. As of right now, this meet is tentative for us. We would like to see how our performances go at the District Meet, and then we will make a decision about going down to UVU on Saturday or not. It will not be the entire team competing Saturday; we are limited to 30 total entries for girls and 30 total entries for boys.  If you are in the top 6 on the team in any of your events (refer to the performance list), you would possibly be competing at UVU. If you are in the top 6, and you know you cannot compete next Saturday for whatever reason, please let me know ASAP. That will help us make a decision about what we are going to have the TEAM do. 

Spring Break - We will have workouts at the track on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Spring Break. All 3 workouts will be worth double letter points. All workouts are mandatory if you are in town. If you are out of town during spring break, do the best you can to not lose the fitness/strength/speed we have gained so far by doing core work, running, drills, and anything else you can do to maintain your fitness. Be creative and find the time to workout each day. 

Remaining Schedule - 
Mar 26-27       Davis District                          Syracuse High School             3:00 pm
March 30         UVU Invitational                    UVU                                       9:00 am
April 5-6          Arcadia Invitational                Arcadia, CA (by invitation only)
April 10           Weber @ Davis                       Davis High School                  3:00 pm
April 13           Grizzly Invitational                 Logan High School                 9:00 am
April 17           Davis @ Layton                      Layton High School                3:00 pm
April 24           Northridge @ Davis               Davis High School                  3:00 pm
April 27           Davis Invite                            Davis High School                  9:00 am
May 1              Davis @ Fremont                    Fremont High School              3:00 pm          
May 3-4           BYU Invite                             BYU                                       8:00 am
May 8-9           Region Championships           Syracuse High School             3:00 pm
May 14            Sophomore Region                 TBA                                        3:00 pm
May 17-18       State Championships              BYU                                       8:00 am

Be a part of what we are doing. Be involved and be committed to carrying on our great tradition. Prepare yourselves the best you can for the District Meet this week. Take pride in being Darts!
- Coach Talley

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Davis Track Update - March 16

Darts - 
The 2013 Alumni Meet was one of the best that I can remember. Maybe it was the good weather, maybe it was the great workouts we have had the past two weeks, whatever it was - we started off the season showing a lot of strength, a lot of depth, and a great amount of potential. There were some outstanding early season marks. As I typed up the results and compared yesterday to the past few years, it got me really excited for what we can accomplish as a TEAM this season. We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us - this is just the start, but it was a good beginning. I have attached the results to this email, and they can also be found at www.darttrack.blogspot.comCongratulations to the Juniors for their victory after the scores were adjusted (Seniors x 1.0, Juniors x 1.5, Sophomores x 2.0). It ended up being very close:
Juniors - 387 (258 before the adjustment)
Seniors - 351
Sophomores - 258 (129 before the adjustment)
Alumni - 166
While I like to see our seniors get the victory at the Alumni Meet (and we have a very strong group of seniors this year), it is great to see some surprises and a lot of points from the upcoming classes - a great sign for the future.   
Thanks to all of the alumni who came and participated. It was great to see so many of you. Congratulations to the alumni who won their events - Ben Jacobsen (300h), Jared Ward (1600m), Jace Nye (3200m), Josh Sides (Shot Put and Discus), Coach Alayna (Discus), Coach West (100h & 300h), and Morgan Haws (3200m). Someday the alumni might be able to pull off the victory.  

The following were Alumni Meet records (as far as I could tell going back to 2005):
Girls 400m - Taylor Cox, 1:01.15
Girls 1600m - Shea Martinez, 5:12.14
Girls High Jump - Tanisha Langston, 5'01
Girls Shot Put - Jessica Richardson, 38'05
Girls Discus - Jessica Richardson, 116'06
Girls Javelin - Johanna Purdy, 92'07 (her first time ever throwing)
Boys 100m - Seth Fortin, 11.14
Boys 200m - Trevor Leavitt, 23.01
Boys 400m - Trevor Leavitt, 50.50
Boys 1600m - Alex Hedquist, 4:30.62
Boys High Jump - Marcus Daley, 6'02
Boys Long Jump - Marcus Daley, 22'00
Boys Pole Vault - Andrew Tyndall, 13'06
Boys Javelin - Jacob Ferrell, 154'05

Davis Super Meet - We have 11 schools coming to our track for the Super Meet on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 19-20). The girls will compete on Tuesday and the boys will compete on Wednesday. The meet will start at 3:00pm both days. It is very important for the boys to be there on Tuesday to help "run" the meet, and also important for the girls to be ready to help on Wednesday. Let's show what Davis Track & Field is all about in the way we perform in our events and in the way we host the meet. Be proud of our new facility, and be proud of the program as you compete and work at the Super Meet this week. We will go over the entries for the meet on Monday at practice. Make sure you are there in case I need to make any adjustments in our entries.
*I am looking for a graduate or an adult who would be comfortable being in charge of the long jump both Tuesday and Wednesday. You would have good helpers. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

Friday Class/Practice - Even though it is the snow make-up day, we will still have track class and after school practice on Friday, March 22nd. You are expected to attend. 

Apparel - If you ordered sweats, spandex, or a t-shirt, please pay in the office by Friday, March 22nd. The order should be here by the end of this week or early the following week. Hoodies = $30; Sweat Pants = $30; Spandex = $20; T-Shirts = $10

Eligibility/Grades - If anyone finishes 3rd term below a 2.0, you will not be able to continue to compete for the rest of the season. Please make sure that your grades are up, and do everything you can in the final week of the term to keep them high and to make sure you don't get any U's. We will always expect you to be good students as well as good athletes. 

Upcoming Schedule:
March 19-20: Davis Super Meet
March 26-27: Davis District Championships @ Syracuse High School
March 30: UVU Invitational @ UVU

Thought for the night - The Bair Gutsman 11 mile trail race has a very fitting theme: "Conquer Thyself". The race goes straight up Bair Canyon to the towers at the top of Francis Peak. The runners climb over 4500 feet in just over 5 miles. It is a great test - both physically and mentally. "Conquer Thyself" is also a great theme for track and field. You will always be competing against other athletes, but the most important competition is going to come from within. Overcome your fears and your doubts, fight any negative thoughts, don't make excuses, don't let yourself be lazy or content or only half committed. I hope that each of you will look at where you are to start this season, and be fully committed to making yourself better. Be committed to being the best athlete and the best person you can be - that is what it is all about - that is what will make our TEAM great. If you weren't satisfied with your first performance of the year - be determined to get better through hard work, patience, consistency, and teamwork. The harder you work for something, the more rewarding and satisfying it is.

- Coach Talley

Friday, March 15, 2013

Alumni Meet - Girls Results

Shot Put
1. 38’05        Jessica Richardson, Sr
2. 37’07        Alayna Ferrin, ALUM
3. 32’09        Kaylee Brown, Sr
4. 31’01        Johanna Purdy, Jr
5. 27’11        Meghan David, So
6. 27’02        Cambri Dotson, So
24’08            Bronte Thomas, Sr
23’10            Emily Cottrell, Jr
22’02            Heather Twogood, Sr
21’01            Carily Fowers, Sr
20’06            Lizzi Boyd, So
20’06            Payton Johnson, Jr
13’02            Marissa Coy, Jr

1. 128’08      Alayna Ferrin, ALUM
2. 116’06      Jessica Richardson, Sr
3. 113’08      Kaylee Brown, Sr
4. 78’11        Carily Fowers, Sr
5. 74’09        Lizzi Boyd, So
6. 69’09        Heather Twogood, Sr
68’01            Meghan David, So
58’10            Payton Johnson, Jr
54’07            Tori Phillips, So
31’03            Marissa Coy, Jr

1. 92’07        Johanna Purdy, Jr
2. 89’10        Kendall Sargent, Jr
3. 87’04        Natalie Mecham, Sr
4. 81’00        Alexis Koelling, Sr
5. 60’07        Becca Albrechtsen, ALUM
6. 58’03        Cambree Dotson, So
54’10            Rachel Johnson, So
45’08            Emily Cottrell, So
44’11            Katie Clark, Jr

High Jump
1. 5’01          Tanisha Langston, Sr
2. 5’00          Hailee Carattini, Jr
3. 4’04          Bronte Thomas, Sr

Long Jump
1. 15’06.00   Kaylie Kamalu, Sr
2. 15’04.50   Camille Stringham, Jr
3. 15’04.50   Hailee Carattini, Jr
4. 14’06.50   Sydney Larsen, Fr
5. 14’00.00   Hannah Carattini, Jr
6. 13’09.00   Erica Welch, Jr
10’10.50       Nina Shugurova, Jr
10’10.00       Anna Morgan, So

Pole Vault
1. 6’00          Eia Stewart, Sr
2. 5’00          Gentry Keaton, So

100m Hurdles
1. 15.63        Jamie West, ALUM
2. 15.88        Hailee Carattini, Jr
3. 16.32        Christine Van Brocklin,Sr
4. 16.39        Libby Fowler, Sr
5. 16.58        Karly Sprague, Jr
6. 18.08        Olivia Richards, So
18.49            Lizabeth Jones, So
20.02            Sarah Tibbits, Jr
20.20            Abby Pound, So
21.34            Casey Conover, So
21.65            Kylie Stevenson, So
21.92            Eia Stewart, Sr
23.87            Ashley Paget, So
25.74            Ella Palmer, So
300m Hurdles
1. 48.22        Jamie West, ALUM
2. 49.18        Libby Fowler, Sr
3. 50.60        Lizabeth Jones, So
4. 51.04        Hailee Carattini, Jr
5. 52.98        Tiahna Cipriano, So
6. 53.66        Karly Sprague, Sr
55.20            Olivia Richards, So
55.86            Sarah Tibbitts, Jr
56.53            Abby Pound, So
59.44            Kylie Stephenson, So
1:00.56         Casey Conover, So
1:00.64         Eia Stewart, Sr
1:00.74         Ashley Paget, So
100m Dash
1. 13.46        Rachel Anderson, Jr
2. 13.58        Phebe Krutsch, So
3. 13.59        Elise Berning, So
4. 13.62        Camille Stringham, Jr
5. 13.76        Liz Jones, So
6. 13.77        Christine Van Brocklin, Sr
13.86            Lauren Johnson, ALUM
14.06            Olivia Richards, So
14.07            Libby Fowler, Sr
14.10            Karly Sprague, Sr
14.33            Tessa Martinez, So
15.15            Paige Beus, So
15.17            Taylor Barton, Jr
15.19            Natalie Dyer, Jr
15.22            Abby Pound, So
15.33            Erica Welch, Jr
15.34            Ashley Pagett, So
15.36            Maddie Stahle, Jr
15.43            Taylor Overton, So
15.59            Kylie Stephenson, So
15.63            Gentry Keaton, So
16.13            Sarah Tibbetts, Jr
16.17            Taylor Butler, Jr
16.40            Elora Witherspoon, So
16.41            Makell Barton, Jr
16.49            Erica Borden, So
16.53            Christine Sithivong, Jr
16.68            Anna Morgan, Jr
20.31            Jessica Swim, Jr

200m Run   
1. 27.64        Rachel Anderson, Jr
2. 27.85        Elise Berning, So
3. 28.28        Camille Stringham, Jr
4. 28.55        Lizabeth Jones, So
5. 29.24        Natalie Dyer, Jr
6. 29.27        Candace Casey, So
29.40            Olivia Richards, So
29.87            Tessa Martinez, So
30.00            Tatum Beard, So
30.37            Sydney Larson, Fr
31.02            Brooke Jensen, Jr
31.84            Page Beus, So
33.63            Gentry Keaton, So
33.70            Tori Phillips, So
34.08            Eia Stewart, Sr
34.95            Emma Call, So
51.00            Jessie Swim, Jr

400m Dash
1. 1:01.15     Taylor Cox, Jr
2. 1:04.28     Tatum Beard, So
3. 1:05.49     Joanna Boyd, Sr
4. 1:06.84     Tauni Larsen, So
5. 1:07.57     Candace Casey, So
6. 1:07.82     Sydney Larson, Fr
1:08.64         Kenzie Weir, Jr
1:10.49         Maddie Bledsoe, Jr
1:11.22         Sierra Haslam, Sr
1:11.25         Casey Canover, So
1:12.99         Paige Beus, So
1:15.38         Gentry Keaton, So
1:17.13         Emma Call, So
1:17.55         Christine Sithivong, Jr
2:15.42         Jessica Swim, Jr

800m Run
1. 2:28.42     Taylor Cox, Jr
2. 2:28.46     Hannah Albrechtsen, Jr
3. 2:30.55     Katie Frandsen, Sr
4. 2:34.72     Tiahna Cipriano, So
5. 2:35.52     Elise Anderson, Jr
6. 2:35.59     Kami Dixon, Sr
2:35.74         Ashley Tyndall, Jr
2:37.53         Chelsey Johnson, Jr
2:37.61         Sierra Graham, Sr
2:45.03         Kaitlyn Datwyler, So
2:46.60         Sam Hedquist, Fr
2:46.61         Josey Hedquist, So
2:46.72         Sierra Haslam, Sr
2:49.63         Nicole Wood, So
3:02.73         Shaylee Argyle, Sr
3:03.02         Sydney Zaugg, So
3:03.84         Sydnie Thomas, So
3:06.44         Alex Tanner, So
4:29.00         Baby Cleo
4:29.00         She who runs with bears
4:29.00         Erica Petty

1600m Run
1. 5:12.14       Shea Martinez, Sr
2. 5:27.58       Chelsey Johnson, Jr
3. 5:27.99       Kenzie Weir, Jr
4. 5:28.62       Joanna Boyd, Sr
5. 5:31.96       Ashley Tyndall, Jr
6. 5:36.30       Sierra Graham, Jr
5:41.06           Aubrey Argyle, Fr
5:43.17           Josey Hedquist, So
5:51.40           Kami Dixon, Sr
5:52.36           Aimee Vance, Jr
5:52.39           Madison Bledsoe, Jr
5:52.41           Grace Neuenschwander, Fr
6:00.28           Sierra Haslam, Sr
6:01.40           Sam Hedquist, Fr
6:03.23           Sadie Hutchinson, Sr
6:05.21           Nicole Wood, So
6:19.56           Sydney Zaugg, Fr
6:22.32           Sydnee Rayl, Fr
6:24.54           Shaylee Argyle, Sr
6:28.37           Makayla Warren, Jr
6:29.47           Alyssa Stewart, Jr
6:35.05           Alex Tanner, So
7:04.97           Ella Palmer, So

3200m RUN
1. 11:18.36     Morgan Haws, ALUM
2. 13:15.97     Elise Anderson, Jr
3. ??               Sierra Graham, Jr
4. ??               Kaitlyn Datwyler, So
5. ??               Josey Hedquist, So
6. ??               Nicole Wood, So
??                   Alex Tanner, So
??                   Whitney Williams, ALUM

4 x100m DASH
1.                    Davis Team
2.                    Alumni
3.                    Coaches

8 x 400m RUN
1. 7:36.6       Senior A
2. 7:59.4       Junior A
3. 7:59.6       Alumni A
4. 8:03.3       Sophomore A
8:30.5           Junior Boss
8:32.0           Team Ultra
8:53.3           Alumni B
8:53.7           Sophomore B
9:00.5           Win Or Die (Sophmore C)
9:31.4           Sophomore D
9:31.6           ???
9:47.1           ???

162               Juniors
138               Seniors
86                 Sophomores
56                 Alumni

351               Seniors
258               Juniors
166               Alumni
129               Sophomores

387               Juniors (x 1.5)
351               Seniors (x 1.0)
258               Sophomores (x 2.0)
166               Alumni (x 1.0)

Alumni Meet - Boys Results

Shot Put
1. 59’00.00   Josh Sides, ALUM
2. 54’00.50   Ben Bracken, Sr
3. 48’05.00   David Blair, ALUM
4. 46’01.00   Sam Matina, Sr
5. 42’11.00   Ben Francom, Sr
6. 41’03.50   Nate Hatch, Sr
39’04.50       Dallin Baires, So
37’03.50       Kyle Allred, Jr
37’00.00       Carlisle Findlay, Sr
36’07.00       Parker Trewet, So
35’10.00       Sam Christiansen, Jr
35’02.00       Jonah Harmon, Jr
35’01.00       Gunner Francom, So
33’01.50       Gabe Montoya, Jr

1. 154’05      Josh Sides, ALUM
2. 150’11      Ben Bracken, Sr
3. 147’00      David Blair, ALUM
4. 131’10      Sam Matina, Sr
5. 110’10      Dallin Baires, So
6. 109’08      Kyle Allred, Jr
109’03          Gunner Francom, So
106’10          Nate Hatch, Sr
104’04          Parker Trewet, So
97’08            Harrison Haslam, So
87’00            Gabe Montoya, Jr

1. 154’05      Jacob Ferrell, Sr
2. 147’02      Chris Rocha, ALUM
3. 128’07      KJ Bishop, So
4. 123’06      Taylor Scott, Jr
5. 122’00      Jordan Lemperle, Jr
6. 119’04      Gavin Bearnson, Sr
111’02          Andrew Schwemmer, Sr
106’02          Scott Johnson, Jr
101’01          Ben Busche, Jr
100’11          Hyrum Smith, Jr
97’04            Spencer Schleich, Sr
95’04            Joe Albrechtsen, ALUM
82’00            Dillon Elsberry, So
76’07            Jaden Nielson, So
74’00            Nick Denson, So
69’04            Matt Wittwer, So
65’11            Josh Robinson, Jr
63’01            Alex White, Jr
58’03            Josh Ward, So
55’11            Jarrett Allen, So
51’10            Tommy Moncur, Jr

High Jump
1. 6’02          Marcus Daley, Sr
2. 6’00          Mat Daley, ALUM
3. 6’00          Ryan Boyd, Sr
4. 6’00          Andrew Schwemmer, Sr
5. 6’00          Conrad Daley, ALUM
6. 5’10          Robert Thomas, So
5’08              Jackson Sagers, Sr
5’06              Chase Jensen, So
5’06              TJ Thorley, Jr
5’04              Nate Butterfield, Jr
5’02              Nate Welling, So
NH                Skyler Gray, So
NH                Ben Busche, Jr
NH                Curtis Daley, So
NH                Jordan Schraedel, Sr
NH                Tanner Horrocks, Jr
NH                Dan Garrett, Jr
NH                Kayden Mecham, So
NH                Riley Chilcote, Jr
NH                Sam Haws, Sr

Long Jump
1. 22’00.00   Marcus Daley, Sr
2. 20’02.50   Ben Francom, Sr
3. 18’10.00   Nate Butterfield, Jr
4. 18’09.00   TJ Thorley, Jr
5. 18’06.50   Jordan Goldsberry, So
6. 18’00.00   Jake Oyler, Jr
17’10.00       Spencer Duncan, Jr
17’09.00       Nate Welling, So
17’07.00       KJ Bishop, So
17’05.50       Brett Garner, Sr
17’04.50       Spencer Shaw, Sr
16’10.00       Scott Johnson, So
16’05.50       Derek Parry, Jr
16’03.00       Hyrum Prince, Jr
16’02.50       Kyle Jensen, So
16’00.00       Jake Thaler, So
15’10.00       Nate Tingey, So
15’08.50       Taylor Scott, Jr
15’07.00       Tyler Butterworth, So
15’03.00       Jaden Nielson, So
15’03.00       Dan Garrett, Jr
15’00.50       Andrew Clark, So
14’08.00       Jeff Agnello, ALUM
14’07.00       Landon Davis, So
14’05.00       Justin Godfrey, So
14’04.00       Dillon Lee, So
14’04.00       Jacob Gonzalez, So
14’02.50       Luke Shaner, So
13’05.00       Brigham Bitner, So
13’00.50       Skyler Gray, So
12’00.00       Brennan Becker, So
9’08.50         Britton Davis, So

Pole Vault
1. 13’06        Andrew Tyndall, Jr
2. 13’06        Dan Hayward, ALUM
3. 13’06        Keigunn Kunz, ALUM
4. 13’00        Trace Arbon, Sr
5. 13’00        Jeff Agnello, ALUM
6. 11’06        Jordan Schraedel, Sr
11’00            Taylor McKay, ALUM
11’00            Andrew Spilker, Sr
10’00            Hyrum Prince, Jr
9’00              Evyn Conrad, So
8’00              Taylor Scott, Jr
7’00              Robert Thomas, So
7’00              Brigham Valentine, So
7’00              Ben Shaner, So
7’00              Chase Jensen, So
6’00              Dillon Lee, So
6’00              Kyle Porter, Jr
NH                Gavin Sundahl, So

110m Hurdles
1. 16.44        Ammon Hanks, Sr
2. 16.52        Trace Arbon, Sr
3. 16.98        Austin Atkinson, Sr
4. 17.00        Todd Froisland, Jr
5. 17.32        Andrew Tyndall, Jr
6. 17.68        Shawn Webb, ALUM
17.87            Rex Sumsion, Sr
18.05            Derrek Parry, Jr
19.19            Brett Garner, Sr
19.38            Ben Godfrey, So
19.77            Brennan Becker, Jr
19.88            Nick Baird, Jr
19.90            Bryson Steiner, Jr
20.42            Korbin Birrell, Sr
20.75            Tyler Hampton, Sr
21.28            David Brog, Jr
21.51            Dan Garrett, Jr
21.55            Landon Davis, So
22.11            Josh Tyndall, ALUM
22.35            Spencer Shaw, Sr
22.47            Tyler Jordan, So

300m Hurdles
1. 42.47        Ben Jacobsen, ALUM
2. 42.70        Trace Arbon, Sr
3. 42.87        Ammon Hanks, Sr
4. 44.67        Austin Atkinson, Sr
5. 45.14        Todd Froisland, Jr
6. 45.45        Derrek Parry, Jr
46.28            Brett Garner, Sr
46.65            Spencer Shaw, Sr
48.22            Bryson Steiner, Jr
48.48            Rex Sumsion, Sr
48.61            Brennan Becker, Jr
49.38            Brennan Saxey, So
49.50            Ben Godfrey, So
50.17            Nick Baird, Jr
50.41            David Brog, Jr
51.19            Tyler Hampton, Sr
51.68            Shawn Webb, ALUM
54.00            Josh Ward, So
54.24            Dan Garrett, Jr
54.53            Tyler Jordan, So
55.29            Josh Tyndall, ALUM

100m Dash
1. 11.14        Seth Fortin, Sr
2. 11.51        Trevor Leavitt, Jr
3. 11.67        Marcus Daley, Sr
4. 11.88        Jordan Goldsbery, So
5. 11.92        Ben Francom, Sr
6. 12.07        Carson Hunt, Jr
12.08            Jake Oyler, Jr
12.12            Devin Atwood, Jr
12.15            Gabe Alfaro, Jr
12.17            Colton Cronister, Jr
12.30            Conner Simonsen, So
12.36            Grant Allen, So
12.37            Dan Willougby, ALUM
12.42            Bryson Tidwell, Sr
12.43            Evyn Conrad, So
12.44            Derek Perry, Jr
12.46            Todd Froisland, Jr
12.49            Ammon Hanks, Sr
12.54            Steven Spencer, ALUM
12.59            Tyler Allen, Sr
12.64            Taylor Goldsberry, Sr
12.72            Jake Woodland, So
12.79            Brennan Saxey, So
12.86            K.J. Bishop, So
12.87            T.J. Thorly, Jr
12.89            Curtis Daley, So
12.91            Chase Jensen, So
12.93            Spencer Duncan, Jr
12.94            Austin Seegmiller, Sr
12.97            Spencer Shaw, Sr
13.04            Brett Gardner, Sr
13.16            Conner Geisler, Jr
13.17            Kyle Hackmister, Sr
13.23            Parker, Rice, So
13.25            Jake Thaler
13.25            Andrew Clark, So
13.51            Cody Mee, Jr
13.55            Kyle Jensen, ALUM
13.57            Spencer Schleich, Sr
13.57            Austin Francis, Jr
13.63            Jake Gonzalez, So
13.72            Andrew Spilker, Sr
13.93            Jacob Merrell, Jr
13.95            Landon Davis, So
13.97            Chandler Allen, So
14.00            Tyler Beardall, So
14.10            Tyler Hampton, Sr
14.11            Brigham Bitner, So
14.16            Tyler Butterworth, So
14.23            Luke Shaner, So
14.29            Brighton Davis, Jr
14.44            Sam Bankhead, So

200m Run
1. 23.01        Trevor Leavitt, Jr
2. 23.38        Marcus Daley, Sr
3. 24.50        Conner Simonsen, So
4. 24.69        Devin Atwood, Jr
5. 24.78        Jordan Goldsberry, So
6. 24.81        Gabe Alfaro, Jr
25.64            Grant Allen, So
25.66            Daley, ALUM
25.69            Derrek Parry, Jr
25.73            Evyn Conrad, So
25.76            Robert Thomas, So
25.92            Daley, ALUM
27.07            Daley, So
27.13            Parker Rice, So
27.94            Dillon Lee, So
28.65            Brady England, So
28.94            Chandler Allen, So
29.06            Tyler Allen, Sr
29.18            Justin Godfrey, So
29.21            Landon Davis, So
29.36            Tyler Beardall, So
29.59            Jake Gonzalez, So
29.93            Jacob Merrell
29.98            Luke Shaner, So
31.00            Kent Thompson, Jr
31.27            Tanner Horrocks, Jr
31.42            Zach Wilde, So
31.56            Bryce Ferguson, 9th grade
32.53            Adam Aposhian, So
33.29            Kimball Potter, Jr

400m Dash
1. 50.50        Trevor Leavitt, Jr
2. 52.04        Jackson Sagers, Sr
3. 53.19        Gabe Alfaro, Jr
4. 53.52        Seth Thompson, Sr
5. 54.93        Robert Thomas, So
6. 55.15        Taylor Goldsberry, Sr
55.59            Rylee Chilcote, Jr
55.82            Caleb Gipson, So
55.87            Colby Bachelor, Fr
56.59            Bryson Tidwell, Sr
57.21            Steven Spjut, So
57.53            Austin Seegmiller, Sr
58.27            Devin Atwood, Jr
59.09            Grant Allen, So
59.60            Ethan Stuart, Jr
1:00.63         Bryce Ferguson, Fr
1:00.95         Brennan Palmer, So
1:01.65         Brady England, So
1:02.17         Benjamin Shaner, So
1:03.12         Devin Farnsworth, Sr
1:03.56         Parker Rice, So
1:04.12         Tyler Beardall, So
1:04.69         Jacob Gonzalez, So
1:04.69         Jacob Merrill, Jr
1:05.29         Brigham Bitner, So
1:08.70         Luke Shaner, Sr
1:31.80         Peter Vanorden, Sr

800m Run
1. 1:59.90     Preston Johnson, Sr
2. 2:01.10     Brayden Cromar, Sr
3. 2:05.28     Sam Haws, Sr
4. 2:07.95     Stokton Smith, So
5. 2:09.65     Logan Haviland, Jr
6. 2:12.47     Kent Thompson, Jr
2:15.71         Josh Robinson, Jr
2:16.78         Jackson Rayl, So
2:20.31         J.R. Oldham, Jr
2:27.20         Josh Martineau, Jr
2:28.27         Brady England, So
2:29.19         Joshua Haviland, So
2:29.53         Caleb Gipson, So
2:37.90         Conner Erickson, So
3:18.43         Peter Van Orden, Sr
3:29.74         Tyler Pierce, Jr

1600m Run
1. 4:28.49       Jared Ward, ALUM
2. 4:30.62       Alex Hedquist, Sr
3. 4:32.17       Stokton Smith, So
4. 4:35.90       Andrew Aposhian, Sr
5. 4:41.71       Josh Ward, So
6. 4:43.45       Josh Adams, ALUM
4:44.00           Kimball Potter, Jr
4:46.82           Ethan Stuart, Jr
4:47.19           Colby Bachelor, Fr
4:47.79           Ryan Lee, Sr
4:55.09           Phillip Baker, Sr
4:56.61           Devin Farnsworth, Sr
4:57.47           Zach Wilde, So
4:58.67           Adam Aposhian, So
4:59.16           Joseph Bailey, Jr
4.59.32           Colton Rimann, Fr
4:59.93           Bryce Ferguson, Fr
5:01.76           Jared Ward, ALUM
5:01.78           Caleb Ward, ALUM
5:02.44           Daniel Tumblin, Fr
5:04.00           Jason Thomas, ALUM
5:04.74           Josh Robinson, Jr
5:04.90           J.R. Oldham, Jr
5:11.23           Mitch Perry, So
5:16.12           Jordan Jensen, So
5:17.78           Tanner Horrocks, Jr
5:18.98           Gavin Sundahl, So
5:20.25           Britton Porter, Fr
5:20.85           Frasier Williamson, Fr
5:25.24           Trevor Mills, ALUM
5:37.03           Joey Merrill, So
5:39.77           Trevor Frye, Sr
5:47.47           Joe Albrechtson, ALUM
5:56.05           Tye Dye kid
6:05.17           Josh Haviland, So
6:05.77           Steinecke, ALUM
6:11.26           Kyle Beech, Jr

3200m RUN
1. 9:49.79       Jace Nye, ALUM
2. 9:55.20       Skylar Williams, Jr
3. 10:04.69     Brad Nye, ALUM
4. 10:16.59     Hayden Hansen, Sr
5. 10:22.00     Josh Ward, So
6. 10:28.85     Isaac Clouse, Sr
10:34.32         Alex Hedquist, Sr
10:35.63         Matt Hawkins, Jr
10:45.04         Corbin Talley
10:45.23         Noodles, ALUM
11:21.77         Brandon Peters, So
11:50.90         Solomon Twitchell, So
11:51.26         Jackson Rayl, So
12:56.35         Colby Bachelor, Fr
12:56.52         Kimball Potter, Jr
12:57.45         Stokton Smith, So
13:15.78         Kent Thompson, So

8 x 400m RUN
1. 7:36.6       Senior A
2. 7:59.4       Junior A
3. 7:59.6       Alumni A
4. 8:03.3       Sophomore A
8:30.5           Junior Boss
8:32.0           Team Ultra
8:53.3           Alumni B
8:53.7           Sophomore B
9:00.5           Win Or Die (Sophmore C)
9:31.4           Sophomore D
9:31.6           ???
9:47.1           ???

213               Seniors
110               Alumni
96                 Juniors
43                 Sophomores

351               Seniors
258               Juniors
166               Alumni
129               Sophomores

387               Juniors (x 1.5)
351               Seniors (x 1.0)
258               Sophomores (x 2.0)
166               Alumni (x 1.0)