Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Davis Invite 2008 (Part 1)

"A couple more calculations and I will have successfully been able to travel back in time. Oh who am I kidding, this is just a stop watch."

"But how I see it Jamie, by giving Brad a Davis jacket we may be in jeopardy of having him get so awesome that his body actually burst into flames! But they would be awesome flames. But still, what if we lose him. We just can't risk it."

"Gosh Nat, I dunno, I mean, there are only 15 minutes in a quarter hour, and if I've got 16 girls, well, see Nat, 'The Gutz' is a lot more efficient than say Caleb, but still, I only have 15 minutes and 16 girls. Wait, let me grab that calculator and I'll do the math. I'm more 'Sethcessful' that way."

"So Jess'" asked Talya. "Do you think it's really as easy being really, really, ridiculously cool as Brad makes it look?" Jessica replied: "Ya Know Talya, it's like my Grand Pap used to say; 'There's some things in this life you aint never gonna find out no matter how danged hard ya try. You can wake up and think 'bout 'em or you can plow the field and have corn and beans when winter comes 'round.' I think it's kinda like that. Sure, he's cool. I mean, really, really ridiculously cool, not to mention darn good lookin' too, but if it's easy or not aint none of our business. All we can do is thank our lucky stars we aint from another school and don't get to see him all of the time. That would be pits." (*Note: Corbin Talley is obviously not their English teacher.)

" I wonder if it's as easy as Brad makes being really, really, ridiculously cool look." They thought at the exact same moment.

"Ladies, I can't keep answering this over and over. Yes, Brad is cool. Yes, he is even so cool it is a bit ridiculous. Yes, he is a modern day 'Fonzy'. Yes it is easy for him, and yes, I'm just as cool as he is. In fact, I taught him how to do that snapping thing that drives you teeny boppers nuts. Oh, and that kicking the juke box and saying "Aye", that wasn't me, but I like it." answered Corbin.

"Let me run this by you again Candace" Caleb said in his best John Stamos voice. "Chicks dig hats. Chicks dig elephants. Put 'em both together and whamo, you got a Elephat. Mix this with that charm I ooze, and you gots an Elephat party."

Yep, it's just that easy. So much cool, it actually made Candace's face a good way. She was elated.

"He knows I like hats, and he knows I like Elephants. I'm just a little mad he turned them into an Elephat. That poor elephant. I bet he's planning an Elephat party isn't he. Candace, I just don't understand. Do you want my hour?"