Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Davis 2008 Indoor Track Season

The Indoor Track Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 11th at 2:30 in the Auditorium.

The Season Schedule will be as follows:
Friday, January 4 - USU Hurdle Clinic (details to come)
Saturday, January 12 - USU Invitational, Logan
Saturday, January 19 - BYU Invitational, Provo
Saturday, January 26 - Weber State Invitational, Ogden
Saturday, February 2 - UHSTCA Indoor State Championships - Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City
Thursday - Saturday, February 14 - 16 - Simplot Games, Pocatello, Id.

Next Post - Indoor All-Time Lists

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nike Team Regionals

We are back from an incredible trip to Phoenix for the Nike Team Regionals race against the best teams from Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming. Although we will miss the traditional trip to Footlocker, this was still a fun and productive trip. One thing is for sure, our TEAM knows how to have fun and how to race fast. I was impressed by all of the PRs and by the way that our kids handled themselves on the trip. I only had to yell at them a few times. (Thanks to the bus driver for doing some yelling for me).
It felt to me like we were on the bus for a long amount of time over the last 4 days, but I definitely feel it was worth it. The highlight of the meet was the girls taking 2nd in the championship race (all 6 that finished had prs) and qualifying for the Nike Team Nationals which will be in Portland on Dec 1st. We will be traveling up to Portland, sponsored by Nike, to take on the best competition in the U.S. (22 teams qualify). For more information about the race you can go to http://dyestat.com//?pg=nikentn
All of the hard work has paid off, and this will be a wonderful opportunity for our top 8 girls to represent the Davis XC Program.
A huge thanks goes out to the parents that were able to come on the bus (Steve Petty, Dave King, Allison Stromberg, and Tammi Prince) and those parents that flew or drove down to support the team - we really had some tremendous support. Also thanks to Coach Buhrley and Brad Anderson for their help and support on the trip. It was great to have Coach Buhrley and a few of the Syracuse Titans along with us.

Girls Championship Race
5th Candace Eddy 17:57
7th Natalie Haws 18:03
23rd Emily Hansen 19:20
31st Loren Storey 19:32
36th Julianne Wirthlin 19:39
52nd Meghan Hedquist 20:01
Katie Swanson looked strong running the first half of the course in preparation to race at the Nationals - she is just coming back off of a stress fracture.
Team Scores:
77 Fort Collins (#9 in the U.S.)
102 Davis (#18 in the U.S.)
125 Dakota Ridge (#3 in the U.S.)
134 Greely West (#23 in the U.S.)
147 Eldorado (#6 in the U.S.)

Girls JV Race
3rd Talya Kussee 20:25
4th Lizzy Wallin 20:54
5th Kelsey Valentine 21:17
6th Brooke Stromberg 21:19
7th Jessica Wilding 21:44
8th Carlee Peterson 22:13
9th Morgan Durtschi 22:20
10th Missy Lott 22:27
12th Emily Prince 22:40
16th Michelle Clouse 23:22
17th Erica Petty 23:34
18th Danna Stuart 23:44
20th Cecily Nye 23:45
Team Scores
25 Davis A
64 Timpview
73 Davis B

Boys Championship Race
31st Seth Gutzwiller 16:11
66th Bryson Snow 16:42
71st Jason Thomas 16:48
75th Jordan Stuart 16:52
93rd Michael King 17:17 (error - missing from results)
94th Carston Feigleson 17:21
103rd Bryce Larsen 17:34
Team Scores
1. 93 Albequerque (#1 in U.S.)
2. 93 Los Alamos (#8 in U.S.)
7. 170 Orem
10. 252 American Fork
*13. 289 Davis
15. 332 Timpview (#22 in U.S.)

* With Spencer in the race (close to Seth) we would have scored about 55 less points - making our total 234 (9th place).

Boys JV (Many of the results are missing - the following were listed):
Leland Stenquist 17:22
Derek Gallacher ?????
Cody Robbins 18:28
Logan Petty 18:36
Colin Cromar ?????
Caleb Ward 19:19
Joseph Albrechtsen ????
Andrew Steinecke 19:36
Cade Cloward ?????
Ryan Thomas 20:35

Coming up:
- The boys are going to begin our break (the next 2 weeks will have limited running).
- The girls traveling to Portland will continue to train for the next 2 weeks. The rest of the girls team will have 2 options - continue to train with those running in Portland and then take a break the 1st 2 weeks of December, or begin the break at this point.
- During the break or rest period you should still remain active, but your bodies need an opportunity to recover after the long season. Enjoy Thanksgiving, get a lot of rest, think very little about running, and be ready to feel refreshed and ready once indoor track comes along. Plan on still getting some decent training in December and January (the "off-season" is a great time to re-build your base, and start to get ready for track).
- The indoor track meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 11th.

Thanks so much for making the trip memorable and for allowing me to share in the experience with you all. This year has been incredible because you have all put so much heart into running and more importantly into being part of this TEAM. Each one of you add to the greatness we possess as a whole. The girls qualifying for nationals represents more than just those 8 girls. It represents the sacrifice and dedication and togetherness of you all. Thanks to each of you for the parts you played in making this season so successful,
Coach Talley

Thursday, November 8, 2007

NTN Time Trial

Pre-NTN Regional Time Trial; 3.0 miles
Layton Park - Region 1 Championship Course
November 8, 2007
55 degrees, sunny

Boys Results
1. 16:18 Bryce Larsen
2. 16:22.6 Spencer Anderson
3. 16:22.9 Franco Montes, Ogden
4. 16:23.1 Seth Gutzwiller
5. 16:33 Jacob Barton, Ogden
6. 16:42 Manuel Lund, Ogden
7. 16:43 Michael King
8. 16:49 Jason Thomas
9. 16:51 Bryson Snow
10. 16:56 Carston Feigleson
11. 17:16 Jordan Stuart
12. 17:23 Leland Stenquist
13. 17:40 Derek Gallacher
14. 17:48 Jose Zamora, Ogden
15. 18:07 Devin Gilbert, Ogden
16. 18:10 Cody Robbins
17. 18:55 Logan Petty
18. 19:10 Collin Cromar
19. 19:16 Joe Albrechtsen

Girls Results
1. 17:51* Natalie Haws
2. 17:55 Candace Eddy
3. 18:09 Chloe Calton, Ogden
4. 18:36 Sarah Callister, Ogden
5. 18:57 Taylor Thornley, Logan
6. 19:02 Emily Hansen
7. 19:03 Julianne Wirthlin
8. 19:18 Loren Storey
9. 19:50 Meghan Hedquist
10. 20:33 Kelsey Valentine
11. 20:48 Talya Kussee
12. 21:03 Aubrey Barton, Ogden
13. 21:14 Marie Wright, Ogden
14. 21:29 Lizzy Wallin
15. 21:57 Brooke Stromberg
16. 22:02 Carlee Peterson
17. 22:34 Missy Lott
18. 22:35 Jessica Wilding
19. 22:43 Emily Prince
20. 22:51 Alex Burton, Ogden
21. 23:58 Michelle Clouse
22. 24:31 Cecily Nye
23. 24:31 Danna Stuart

*Current Region 1 Championship Course Record: 18:10, Jamie Stubbs, Fremont, 2002