Thursday, February 28, 2013

Davis Outdoor Track

Darts - 
If you are getting this email, it means you successfully wrote down your email address on the roster at the track meeting today (or you were already on there). You can expect at about one email a week from me - ALWAYS with important information. If you decide not to participate in track, let me know and I will remove you from the email list. If your parents would like to receive the emails, let me know their address and I will add them. Or they can read all of the emails on 
I have attached the information that we handed out in the meeting today. Review it carefully and please let me know if you have any questions. 
The most important things to be aware of at this point:

1) Elibility - Pay $95 in the office - staple your receipt to your papers. Fill out all the papers and turn them in to Coach Talley by March 4th (Monday). If this is your first sport at Davis, you need to get a physical (A-Form) completed by a doctor. If your physical gets scheduled for after March 4th - turn it in as soon as you can. 
*If you are not positive if you want to pay the fee and participate in track, come to practice next week and then fill out the paperwork and pay the fee. No one is eligible to compete until the paperwork is turned in. 

2) Practice - If you are not in the track class, we will meet everyday at 2:40 in the bleachers outside. The track class athletes will do the majority of their workouts on A-Days during track class, and they are required to be at B-day after school practices. You can expect after school practices to go from 2:40-4:30 and track class practices to go from 1:00 - 3:00. We will meet every day - even in bad weather. If the weather is bad, plan on meeting in the main gym. Next Practice is tomorrow (Friday) - we will meet in the big gym at 2:40.

3) Apparel - the sign up sheets will be out at practice each day until next Thursday. Uniform Spandex = $20; Hoodies = $30; Sweat Pants = $30; T-Shirts = $10. All of the apparel is optional. You do not need to purchase any of it. Pay in the office and bring me your receipt. You need to pay before the apparel arrives. It will get here by March 25th.

4) Equipment - make sure you have warm clothes - we will be working out outside most days (even when the weather is bad). Make sure you have good running shoes - having good running shoes is #1 in preventing most injuries. If you are interested in getting competition shoes (spikes/throwing/jumping shoes) Striders in Layton has some great options, and often has some great deals on track shoes. 

I hope I didn't scare anyone away today. Track can be a great experience if you make it a great experience. We will have a lot of fun as a TEAM, and we are going to have a successful year. Your individual success will depend so much on your attitude and your commitment. It is going to take a lot of personal motivation, a lot of hard work, a lot of TEAM work, and a whole lot of toughness, but it will be worth it. Make the commitment now to be involved, to be your best, and to make a difference on the TEAM.  
I am looking forward to our best season ever. 
Coach Talley