Sunday, April 28, 2013

Davis Track Update - Davis Invitational

Darts - 
I want to start this week's email by thanking everyone who had a part in making the 2013 Davis Invitational the best one ever. It was an extremely successful day for our program in the way we performed and the way we hosted a major invitational. It truly showed what our program is all about - hard work and teamwork, and pride and excitement for what we are doing. I want to thank your parents for volunteering, for bringing food for the luncheon, for supporting the program, and for their many sponsorships. I want to thank the volunteer alumni who come back and make things so much easier on me - Seth Frischknecht, Aaron Nye, Caleb Ward, Clay and Leslee Wilson, Becca Albrechtsen, Janice Hartvigsen, Wendy Wilson, Logan Wood, and others. I want to thank our incredible coaching staff who put so much work in to the Invite and are so good at what they do - Preston Parrish, Jeff Agnello, Jamie West, Lauren Johnson, Brad Anderson, Dan Hayward, Rob Thomas, Alayna Ferrin, and Paul Timothy are some of the greatest people I know, and words cannot describe how valuable they are to our program and to the success of the Davis Invite. We all need to be grateful for their sacrifices and for their examples. We are lucky to be associated with them and to learn from them. Their leadership, expertise, and love for this program were all so evident yesterday. And lastly I want to thank our athletes for putting on the best Davis Invitational I have seen. After the track meet yesterday, the coaching staff was sitting in the coaches office (eating some leftovers from the delicious luncheon), and we could not stop talking about how proud we were of each of you. Everyone did their jobs. Everyone competed with heart. Everyone was willing to help and willing to do whatever we needed done. At the end of the day, we were so honored to be your coaches and we were so proud of the hard work that you have put into this meet and into this season. It was a great day to be a part of Davis Track & Field. 
As far as performances go, we had so many great ones to point out. In the open section of the meet: Libby Fowler won the girls 100m hurdles in a huge pr of 15.45; Ashley Tyndall and McKenzie Weir both qualified for state in the 1600m run (5:16 and 5:17); Our girls 4 x 100m B team ran a very impressive 52.18 - better than a lot of A teams; we had 4 girls run under 48.3 in the 300m hurdles - Libby, Liz Jones, Tyra Colohan, and Hailee Carattini; Katie Frandsen finished 4th in the 800m with 2:23; Kaylee Brown and Meghan David finished 1-3 in the shot put and both qualified for state; Carily Fowers threw 100'02 in the discus and finished 4th; Ammon Hanks finished 2nd in the 110 hurdles with 15.55 - a pr and state qualifying time; Our boys 4 x 100m B team ran 44.70 - fast enough to beat five A teams; Todd Froisland ran a big pr of 42.22 in the 300m hurdles; our boy 800 runners had some great prs - 2:04 for Kent Thompson and 2:05 for Josh Robinson; Colton Chronister ran 23.24 in the 200m dash; Isaac Clouse and Matt Hawkins finished 5-7 in the 3200 with 10:07 and 10:08; Chance Parker finished 3rd in the long jump with 20'05; Nate Hatch finished 6th in the shot put; and Dallin Baires finished 6th in the discus. 
In the Invited Session of the Meet (the fastest heats and best flights), we had one of our best meets ever. We don't keep a team score, but if we had, the girls would have scored 109 - with the next closest team at 40; and the boys would have scored 118 with the next closest team (Alta) at 62. On the track, Christine Van Brocklin finished 2nd in the 100m hurdles and 2nd in the 300m hurdles both with huge prs and both times are top 3 all-time for Davis; Seth Fortin won the 100m dash with 10.80 - a new school record; Bailey Carling finished 2nd in the 100m dash and first out of 5A; Ellie Child won the 1600m with a season best 4:58; Taylor Cox finished 3rd in the 1600m and 4th in the 800m less than an hour apart; Hannah Albrechtsen and Joanna Boyd both qualified for state in the 1600m run (5:11 and 5:17 - making 7 Davis girls qualified in the 1600m); Andrew Aposhian qualified for state in the boys 1600m with a pr of 4:22; Our girls and boys 4 x 100 teams both ran season bests - the girls finished 1st in 49.53 and the boys were 2nd in 42.09 (Davis #2 All-Time); Trevor Leavitt ran one of the gutsiest, toughest races I've ever seen to win the 400m in a new school record and a near meet record of 48.04 - the school record he broke was 20 years old; Shea Martinez set a new school record, meet record and ran the fastest time in the U.S at 2:08.48 in the 800m run - also tying the 5A state record; Seth Thompson, Jackson Sagers, and Ryan Lee all ran 1:56 in the 800m to finish 3-5-6 and all are qualified for state; The girls medley relay team put together a great race for 1st place with Bailey Carling, Sarah Beecher, Tatum Beard, and Hannah Albrechtsen; Seth Fortin just missed his 2nd individual first place finish, but ran a very solid 21.80 in the 200m dash - his 2nd school record of the day; Preston Johnson qualified for state in the 3200m with 9:38; Josh Ward ran a huge pr of 9:49 in the 3200 - his first time under 10; The boys 4 x 400m relay team finished 1st and qualified for state with 3:24.08; and both the boys and the girls 4 x 800m relay teams finished 1st and both set new meet and stadium records - the boys ran 7:58 and the girls ran 9:18. In the field events, Marcus Daley finished 5th in the high jump and 6th in the long jump; Andrew Schwemmer qualified for state in the high jump with 6'01; Andrew Tyndall cleared 14'00 in the pole vault for 3rd place; Jeff Whittaker finished 5th in the javelin; Ben Bracken threw a huge pr of 56'02 for 3rd in the shot put (Davis #3 all-time) and Sam Matina threw over 50 feet for the first time; Ben also threw 158' in the discus for 2nd place; and Jessica Richardson finished 4th in the shot put and Kaylee Brown was 5th in the discus.

I think the most impressive part of all of it is that we performed this great while still officiating the meet and running all of the events. One example of many: Ben Bracken, Sam Matina, Jeff Whittaker, Kaylee Brown, and Jessica Richardson were there at 7:30 in the morning running the weigh-in, then they stayed all day helping out at the throwing events, and then they still performed with positive attitudes when they had the chance to compete. And I was just as proud of the Davis Athletes who did not qualify to compete in the meet, but were still their from 7:30am-6:30pm making a sacrifice for the program and working hard to put on a great meet. 
One coach emailed me this morning and said, "I envy the track culture at Davis High. Davis is to Utah what Oregon is to the U.S." I loved that. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Coach Talley

Other stuff:
Monday - Make sure you come to practice. Especially if you worked the Davis Invite and did not get a Davis Invite t-shirt. We ran out of most sizes. I am going to put in a t-shirt order, and I need to know who wants a shirt. Monday will be the only day to order one.
Tuesday - We have to put on another Junior High Meet. We will need your help. Thanks.
Wednesday - We have a track meet at Fremont High. You will be excused at 1:15 - the bus will leave at 1:30. Those competing at BYU will not compete at Fremont (with a few exceptions). The meet at Fremont is your last chance to qualify for the Region Championships. 
Friday-Saturday (May 3-4) - The BYU Invitational - I will have the entries and schedule on Monday at practice. We are very limited on entries, so I will need to know on Monday if you can or can't come on Friday or Saturday. 

Remaining Schedule:
May 1 - Davis @ Fremont
May 3-4 - BYU Invitational
May 8-9 - Region Championships @ Syracuse
May 14 - Sophomore Region @ TBA (for all sophomores and those juniors and seniors who don't compete in Region)
May 17-18 - State Championships @ BYU

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Davis vs Northridge Girls Results

1. 5’04        Tanisha Langston, DHS
2. 4’08        Ali Germer, NHS
3. 4’06        Vonna Gmama, NHS
4’06            Andi Peart, NHS
4’06            Jenna Stoker, NHS
4’06            Sadie Fullmer, NHS
4’06            Tabby Williams, NHS
4’04            Bronte Thomas, DHS

1. 15’05.75 Rachell Lemons, NHS
2. 15’00.50 Jenna Stoker, NHS
3. 14’09.50 Tabby Williams, NHS
14’07.50     Hannah Carattini, DHS
14’01.75     Erica Welch, DHS
13’03.75     Bridgette Eisert, NHS
12’08.00     Tatum Beard, DHS
12’03.25     Madi Bledsoe, DHS
10’09.50     Megan Tyndall, DHS

1. 7’06        Eia Steward, DHS
2. 7’00        Gentry Keaton, DHS
3. 6’06        Bronte Thomas, DHS
6’06            Marissa Baham, DHS

1. 33’11.00 Kaylee Brown, DHS
2. 30’08.00 Meghan David, DHS
3. 28’07.00 Bronte Thomas, DHS
27’02.00     Jenna Stoker, NHS
25’10.00     Heather Twogood, DHS
25’06.00     Tabby Williams, NHS
23’11.00     Cambree Dotson, DHS
22’04.00     Emily Cottrell, DHS
20’11.00     Isabeau  VanSoolen, NHS
20’00.00     Carily Fowers, DHS
17’02.00     Katie Clark, DHS
15’11.00     Katie Wright, DHS
14’06.00     Nina Shekar, DHS

1. 116’08    Kendall Sargent, DHS
2. 94’04      Natalie Mecham, DHS
3. 82’06      Audrey Halverson, NHS
82’03          Alexis Koelling, DHS
68’09          Isabelle Van Soulen, NHS
68’05          Eliza Haney, NHS
62’02          Lexi Fisher, NHS
47’09          Veronica Lower, NHS
44’11          Katie Clark, DHS

1. 112’07    Kaylee Brown, DHS
2. 90’00      Carily Fowers, DHS
3. 88’04      Caitlyn Lambert, NHS
80’04          Jenna Stoker, NHS
80’00          Heather Twogood, DHS
78’06          Janessa Cannell, NHS
76’01          Pieper Nielson, DHS
72’07          Cambree Dotson, DHS
71’01          Lizzi Boyd, DHS
68’02          Meghan David, DHS
53’11          Tabby Williams, NHS

1. 15.61       Hailee Carattini, DHS
2. 15.62       Christine VanBrocklen, DHS
3. 15.63       Libby Fowler, DHS
15.96           Karly Sprague, DHS
16.83           Tyra Colohan, DHS
17.14           Jenika Mecham, NHS
17.14           Olivia Richards, DHS
17.60           Lizabeth Jones, DHS
18.08           Elza Jackson, DHS
19.48           Tiahna Capriano, DHS
19.63           Abby Pound, DHS
21.95           Hannah Nosler, DHS
19.76           Lindsi Swenson, DHS
19.79           Sarah Tibbits, DHS
19.82           Eia Stewart, DHS
20.77           Megan Tyndall, DHS
20.90           Casey Conover, DHS
22.29           Ashley Paget, DHS

1. 46.51       Christine VanBrocklin, DHS
2. 48.98       Lizabeth Jones, DHS
3. 49.02       Tyra Colohan, DHS
49.52           Haylee Carattini, DHS
52.97           Abby Pound, DHS
53.21           Olivia Richards, DHS
53.52           Sarah Tibbitts, DHS
55.34           Lindsi Swenson, DHS
55.43           Karly Sprague, DHS
56.10           Casey Conover, DHS
58.16           Ashley Paget, DHS
1:10.31        Ella Palmer, DHS

100m DASH
1. 12.70       Bailee Carling, DHS
2. 12.91       Mckenzie Blndrup, NHS
3. 13.19       Rachel Anderson, DHS
13.27           Elise Berning, DHS
13.37           Lizabeth Jones, DHS
13.39           Avi King, NHS
13.47           Pheobe Krutsh, DHS
13.60           Lamonica Williams, NHS
13.61           Laura Kehr, NHS
13.61           Sarah Beecher, DHS
13.73           Sadie Wells, DHS
14.22           Marissa Baham, DHS
14.26           Tessa Martinez, DHS
13.79           Erica Welch, DHS
14.39           Yuonne Gambreu, NHS
14.53           Abby Pound, DHS
14.56           Paige Beus, DHS
14.70           Andi Peart, NHS
14.70           Gentry Keaton, DHS
14.79           Kylee Despain, DHS
14.81           Ashley Smoot, DHS
14.86           Tori Phillips, DHS
14.95           Ashley Paget, DHS
15.01           Taylor Overton, DHS
15.06           Casey Conover, DHS
15.22           Maddie Staley, DHS
15.44           Saide Fulmer, NHS
14.13           Jenna Stoker, NHS
15.71           Megan Tyndall, DHS
15.46           Baylee Reynolds, DHS
15.66           Anna Morgan, DHS
15.99           Taylor Butter, DHS
16.32           Elora Witherspoon, DHS
17.57           Ella Palmer, DHS
20.67           Jessie Swim, DHS

200m DASH
1. 26.95       Mckenzie Bindrup, NHS
2. 27.12       Hailee Carattini, DHS
3. 27.34       Libby Fowler, DHS
27.53           Elise Berning, DHS
27.56           Laura Kehr, NHS
28.02           Natalie Dyer, DHS
28.16           Sarah Beecher, DHS
28.21           Sadie Wells, DHS
29.48           Tessa Martinez, DHS
29.57           Candace Casey, DHS
30.43           Gentry Keaton, DHS
30.74           Ashley Smoot, DHS
30.82           Tori Phillips, DHS
32.30           Ella Stewart, DHS
33.97           Megan Tyndall, DHS
49.35           Jesse Swim, DHS

400m DASH
1. 1:04.83    Tawni Fitzgerald, Northridge
2. 1:05.56    Candace Casey, Davis 
3. 2:08.33    Jessie Swim, Davis 

800m RUN
1. 2:08.86    Shea Martinez, DHS
2. 2:16.07    Taylor Cox, DHS
3. 2:17.57    Ellie Child, DHS
2:23.12        Joanna Boyd, DHS
2:25.53        Katie Frandsen, DHS
2:27.03        Hannah Albrechesen, DHS
2:28.33        Josie Hedquist, DHS
2:29.01        Chelsey Johnson, DHS
2:29.16        Tianah Capriano, DHS
2:29.63        Ann Tueller, NHS
2:30.00        Kenzie Weir, DHS
2:30.05        Ashely Tyndall, DHS
2:30.54        Sierra Graham, DHS
2:31.58        Tatum Beard, DHS
2:32.56        Shaylee Dyer, NHS
2:36.29        Madi Bledsoe, DHS
2:36.08        Elise Anderson, DHS
2:40.71        Aimee Vance, DHS
2:43.54        Carri Yono, NHS
2:50.44        Jazmin Bybee, NHS
2:51.77        Paige Beus, DHS
2:53.77        Katie Zonigg, NHS
2:53.86        Nicole Wood, DHS
3:04.29        Alex Tanner, DHS
3:06.74        Sydnie Thomas, DHS
3:09.30        Audrey Johnson, DHS

1600m RUN
5:35.25        Kami Dixon, DHS
5:45.27        Michaela Uresk, DHS
5:55.24        Kaitlyn Datwywer, DHS
6:00.25        Abby Fletcher, NHS
6:03.20        Nicole Wood, DHS
6:06.32        Rachel Johnson, DHS
6:14.55        Shaylee Argyle, DHS
6:16.42        Sarah Thaden, NHS
6:18.45        Alyssa Stewart, DHS
6:22.50        Makayla Warren, DHS
6:24.07        Alex Tanner, DHS
6:44.42        Shantel Crofts, NHS
6:56.48        Monic Garcia, NHS
8:35.22        Genesee Baird, NHS       
3200m RUN
1. 12:48.48  Kami Dixon, DHS
2. 13:46.73  Abby Fietcher, NHS
3. 14:47.93  Elise Anderson, DHS
14:48.19      Sierra Graham, DHS
14:49.85      Makayla Warren, DHS

4x100m RELAY
1. 50.18       Davis A
2. 51.36       Northridge A
3. 53.01       Davis B
59.99           Davis Distance
1:07.92        Davis C

4x400 RELAY
1. 4:09.55    Davis A
2. 4:25.02    Northridge A
3. 4:30.92    Davis B
4:37.57        Davis C
4:38.29        Davis D
5:04.71        Northridge B

Davis               97
Northridge       30

Davis vs Northridge Boys Results

1. 6’04        Marcus Daley, DHS
2. 6’00        Andrew Schwemmer, DHS
3. 6’00        Ryan Boyd, DHS
5’04            Robert Thomas, DHS

1. 18’11.00 Akeem McDaniel, NHS
2. 18’08.50 Robert Thomas, DHS
3. 18’07.75 Nate Welling, DHS
18’04.50     Jaylen Dyson, NHS
18’02.50     Nate Butterfield, DHS
17'09.00      Ben Francom, DHS
17’07.00     T.J. Thorley, DHS
17’06.25     Jake Oyler, DHS
17’05.00     Spencer Duncan, DHS
16’10.00     Spencer Shaw, DHS
16’09.00     Chase Jensen, DHS
16’07.50     Tyler Allen, DHS
16’04.50     Steven Spjut, DHS
16’02.00     Joseph Bailey, DHS
15’07.75     Taylor Scott, DHS
15’02.00     Jaden Nielson, DHS
14’08.00     Nathan Tingy, DHS
14’05.50     Tyler Butterworth, DHS
14’01.00     Luke Tingey, DHS
13’00.50     Justin Godfrey, DHS

1. 13’03      Andrew Tyndall, DHS
2. 13’00      Jordan Schraedel, DHS
3. 12’00      Korbin Birrell, DHS
11’07          Andrew Spilker, DHS
10’00          Evyn Conrad, DHS
9’06            Keoni Dellerman, NHS
8’06            James Baird, NHS
8’00            Ben Shaner, DHS
8’00            Blake Garrett, DHS
8’00            Kyle Porter, DHS

1. 52’06.00 Ben Bracken, DHS
2. 48’07.50 Sam Matina, DHS
3. 45’05.00 Nate Hatch, DHS
43’09.00     Jeff Whittaker, DHS
42’04.50     Austin Ricks, NHS
42’04.50     Jace Colby, NHS
41’11.50     Ben Francom, DHS
41’07.00     Dallin Baires, DHS
40’01.50     Keoni Dellerman, NHS
39’10.50     Jonah Harmon, DHS
39’04.00     Parker Trewett, DHS
38’01.50     Kyle Allred, DHS
36’08.00     Gunner Francom, DHS
35’09.00     Logan Tate, NHS
34’06.00     Mondy Murphy, NHS
34’00.00     Topher Warden, NHS
32’09.50     Gabe Montoya, DHS

1. 162’05    Jeff Whittaker, DHS
2. 138’00    Andrew Schwemmer, DHS
3. 134’03    Keoni Dellerman, NHS
133’03        K.J. Bishop, DHS
131’02        Logan Tate, NHS
124’02        Brandon Estheimer, DHS
122’01        Austin Ricks, NHS
121’05        Taylor Scott, DHS
114’06        Gabe Montoya, DHS
114’05        Scott Johnson, DHS
112’01        Charles Ware, NHS
104’08        Jace Colby, NHS
104’08        Monde Murphy, NHS
100’07        Skylar Williams, DHS
93’02          Tyler Allen, DHS
92’05          Topher Warden, NHS
90’08          Matt Wittwer, DHS
88’05          Dillon Elsberry, DHS
87’02          Ben Busche, DHS
86’05          Nate Butterfield, DHS
76’08          Nick Denson, DHS
73’07          Jaden Nielson, DHS
69’06          Luke Shaner, DHS
67’04          Spencer Sterling, NHS
64’02          Steven Spjut, DHS
61’08          Garrett Allen, DHS

1. 159’01    Ben Bracken, DHS
2. 127’11    Sam Matina, DHS
3. 121’06    Keoni Dellerman, NHS
116’05        Kyle Allred, DHS
115’05        Austin Ricks, NHS
114’00        Dallin Baires, DHS
112’04        Jeff Whittaker, DHS
110’05        Gunner Francom, DHS
106’01        Logan Tate, NHS
105’08        Gabe Montoya, DHS
105’06        Parker Trewett, DHS
98’03          Topher Warden, NHS
92’11          Mondy Murphy, NHS
83’10          Tyler Allen, DHS
80’08          Jace Colby, NHS
70’00          Spencer Sterling, NHS

119’05        Jeff Whittaker, DHS
112’05        Ben Bracken, DHS
111’11        Sam Matina, DHS

1. 16.45       Palmer Flood, DHS
2. 16.47       Trace Arbon, DHS
3. 16.53       Ammon Hanks, DHS
16.67           Dalton Kotil, NHS
17.03           Todd Froisland, DHS
17.39           Andrew Tyndall, DHS
17.64           Ben Godfrey, DHS
18.01           Spencer Shaw, DHS
18.27           Berek Parry, DHS
18.50           Brett Garner, DHS
18.69           Nick Baird, DHS
18.77           Brennan Becker, DHS
19.96           Bryson Steiner, DHS
20.04           Brandan Saxer, DHS
20.83           Tyler Jordan, DHS
21.03           David Brog, DHS
21.87           Landon Davis, DHS
24.56           Dan Garrett, DHS

1. 43.51       Palmer Flood, DHS
2. 44.99       Derek Parry, DHS
3. 45.46       Ben Godfrey, DHS
45.69           Dalton Koni NHS
45.88           Sam Haws, DHS
46.29           Brett Garner, DHS
46.45           Brenden Saxey, DHS
46.47           Todd Froisland, DHS
47.18           Derek Shaw, DHS
48.02           Brennan Becker, DHS
48.49           Nick Baird, DHS
49.71           David Brog, DHS
54.67           Dan Garrett, DHS
56.32           Tyler Jordan, DHS
57.17           Skylar Gray, DHS

100m DASH
1. 10.89       Seth Fortin, DHS
2. 11.25       Trevor Leavitt, DHS
3. 11.38       Dayan Lake, NHS
11.63           Houston Lacey, NHS
11.73           Ty Hinds, DHS
11.77           Jaylen Dyson, NHS
11.88           James Watkins, DHS
11.89           Bryson Tidwell, DHS
11.91           Jordan Goldsberry, DHS
12.02           Ben Francom, DHS
12.05           Devin Atwood, DHS
12.07           Connor Simonsen, DHS
12.08           Akem McDaniel, NHS
12.10           Gabriel Alfaro, DHS
12.19           Todd Froisland, DHS
12.30           Jacob Woodland, DHS
12.37           Derek Parry, DHS
12.37           Grant Allen, DHS
12.38           Ammon Hanks, DHs
12.40           Evyn Conrad, DHS
12.44           Curtis Daley, DHS
12.50           Anthony Criscione, NHS
12.55           Jaden Richins, DHS
12.56           Matt Dillon, NHS
12.61           Rush Mcgraw, NHS
12.68           Cody Mee, DHS
12.69           Tyler Allen, DHS
12.75           Jaden Richins, DHS
12.77           Spencer, Duncan, DHS
12.78           Kyler Hackmeister, DHs
13.05           Brendan Saxey, DHS
13.15           Austin Francis, DHS
13.66           Jacob Gonzales, DHS
13.71           Landon Davis, DHS
13.90           Braden King, DHS
13.99           Brigham Bitner, DHS
14.03           Skyler Gray, DHS
14.04           Bryson Daris, DHS

200m DASH
1. 22.68       Trevor Levitt, DHS
2. 23.75       Jaden Bair, NHS
3. 23.92       Tyler Littlefield, NHS
23.96           Jordan Goldsberry, DHS
24.15           Colton Kehr, NHS
24.20           Palmer Flood, DHS
24.50           Devin Atwood, DHS
24.79           Grant Allen, DHS
24.86           Dalton Kohl, NHS
24.94           Ammon Hanks, DHS
24.94           Anthony Criscione, NHS
25.01           James Watkins, DHS
25.24           Gabe Alfaro, DHS
25.25           Matt Dillon, NHS
25.45           Sam Haws, DHS
25.57           Nate Welling, DHS
26.36           Cody Mee, DHS
26.77           Austin Francis, DHS
27.00           Tanner Horrocks, DHS
27.14           Brady England, DHS

400m DASH
1. 49.20       Treavor Leavitt, DHS
2. 51.48       Ryan Lee, DHS
3. 52.16       Jaden Bair, NHS
53.27           Rylee Chilcote, DHS
53.74           Robert Thomas, DHS
54.36           Colton Kehr, NHS
55.36           Alec Kohl, NHS
55.80           Gabriel Alfaro, DHS
57.17           Caleb Gibson, DHS
57.65           Austin Seegmiller, DHS
1.01.13        Scott Johnson, DHS
1.03.70        Jacob Gonzalez, DHS

800m RUN
1. 1:59.50    Seth Thompson, DHS
2. 2:01.56    Brayden Cromar, DHS
3. 2:01.68    Andrew Aposhian, DHS
2:02.00        Alex Hedquist, DHS
2:02.58        Stokton Smith, DHS
2:05.54        Hayden Hansen, DHS
2:07.00        Josh Ward, DHS
2:07.64        Spencer Shuppy, NHS
2:08.46        Will Clifford, NHS
2:09.93        Ethan Stuart, DHS
2:10.35        Colton Stanger, NHS
2:10.75        Kent Thompson, DHS
2:10.83        Josh Robinson, DHS
2:14.54        Logan Haviland, DHS
2:15.74        Sam Haws, DHS
2:17.25        Josh Martineau, DHS
2:17.88        Joseph Bailey, DHS
2:19.35        Brady England, DHS
2:19.90        Jackson Rayl, DHS
2:20.53        Solomon Twitchell, DHS
2:24.01        Joshua Haviland, DHS
2:26.17        Gavin Sundahl, DHS
2:36.85        Mitch Perry, DHS
2:39.69        Kyle Beech, DHS
3:15.75        Peter VanOrden, DHS

1600m RUN
1. 4:44.84    Isaac Clouse, Davis
2. 4:47.28    Taylor Goldsberry, Davis
3. 4:48.12    Kimball Potter, Davis 
4:49.13        Phillip Baker, Davis 
4:50.40        Devin Farnsworth, Davis 
4:50.85        Adam Aposhian, Davis 
4:51.52        Brandon Peters, Davis 
4:51.53        Matt Hawkins, Davis 
4:52.13        Logan Haviland, Davis 
4:52.94        Joseph Bailey, Davis
4:53.00        Solomon Twitchell, Davis 
4:53.19        Blake Brinkerhoff, Northridge
4:54.45        Jackson Rayl, Davis 
4:54.82        Andrew Chaney, Northridge
4:57.49        Alex White, Davis 
5:00.25        Bryant Stewart, Northridge
5:04.71        Mitch Perry, Davis
5:07.23        J.R. Oldham, Davis 
5:07.50        Tanner Horrocks, Davis 
5:32.69        Brayden Stevens, Northridge
5:37.49        Joshua Haviland, Davis 
5:42.83        Taylor Wray, Northridge
5:47.02        Erik McEntire, Northridge

3200m RUN
1. 10:53.45  Skylar Williams, DHS
2. 12:06.29  Josh Duller, NHS
3. 12:39.00  Gavin Sundahl, DHS
12:39.41      Blake Jeffrey, DHS
13:21.82      Solomon Twitchell, DHS
13:26.72      Brady England, DHS

4x100m RELAY
1. 43.62       Davis A
2. 44.48       Northridge A
3. 51.49       Davis B

4x400 RELAY
3:36.98        Davis A
3:40.39        Northridge A
3:47.29        Davis B
3:59.09        Davis C
4:05.17        Team Horrocks, DHS
4:10.57        Davis D
4:25.89        Davis F(antastic)

Davis               120     
Northridge       16