Sunday, April 24, 2011

Track Update - WX Invite

Darts -
It was a busy and a successful week for Davis Track & Field. I think we did a lot of things that helped us re-focus our efforts, and I really liked the competitiveness I saw at both the Clearfield meet and the Woods Cross Invitational. The girls and the boys finished 1st place in both meets. We have been keeping track of who scores the most points in the meets. So far the girls have won at the District meet and the Clearfield meet, and the boys got the win at the Woods Cross Invite (246 to 210). We saw quite a few season bests at both meets. The Clearfield meet was dominated by our throwers as we saw 33 PRs just in the throws at Clearfield. At Woods Cross we had 28 season best marks for the boys, and 25 season bests for the girls. Our hard work is paying off, and we are stepping it up when we need to step it up. This upcoming week is even more important as we host the Davis Invitational on Saturday. This is the premier event for our track program each year (please read the notes below about the Invite). It is the 54th Annual Davis Invite - and looks to be one of the best ones.
We would like the TEAM to work on bringing more energy and excitement for each other. It was awesome to see the excitement and the cheering during the boys 4 x 400 and both 4 x 800 relays on Friday night at the end of the Woods Cross Invite. Those who were done competing really supplied a lot of needed energy to those who still were out there competing. The sad thing was that over half of the TEAM had already left for one reason or another. I understand it was a Friday night, and a rather long meet, but I would like to see more of you sticking around after your events and encouraging those who are still competing. Track & Field may feel like an individual sport - but there are so many opportunities to make it a TEAM sport if we try. We have always prided ourselves on being a TEAM and on being there for each other, and we need to see more of that. At the Davis Invite, the Region Championships, and the State Championships, a big part of our success will be to have those who may not be competing still right there making noise and offering support and encouragement. The strength you can provide for your teammates might just make the difference. Let's try to be more passionately supporting one another as we compete. The general rule would be to focus on your own events until you are finished (while still looking for opportunities to encourage others), then get out and cheer for your TEAMmates when you are finished competing. Think of it as a TEAM - you would never leave your TEAM in the 4th quarter of any game even though you might not be playing any more. We are working on our mental toughness - and competing for your TEAM and helping your TEAM will really make us stronger in that area.
If you would like to see the results from the Woods Cross Invite - you can see them at - even though they are currently posted in an odd format.

We haven't really been doing 'athletes of the week' this year (we have been pointing out those who we feel are strengthening the TEAM in on way or another), but I was impressed with the following performances at the Woods Cross meet and the Clearfield meet -
Bailee Carling and Taurus Jones - filling in for the 4 x 100 and still helping us pull out the victory.
Matt Parry - stepping up last minute for the 4 x 100 anchor leg, keeping his cool, and looking really strong in the 4 x 100 victory at WX.
Alex Hedquist - running tough and getting a win in the 3200 after being sick all week.
Tara Anderson - with PRs in the 100m, the 200m, and the 400 relay split - all in the same afternoon.
Shea Martinez - setting a new school record in the 400m in her first high school attempt at that event (57.34) breaking a 13 year old record.
Kaylee Brown and Jessica Richardson - throwing over 100' in the discus for the first time (at Clearfield). Those are the kind of barriers we are hoping to break through over the final 4 weeks of the season.
Mark Lindstrom - with his 135' pr in the discus at Clearfield.
Houston Merrill - with his high jump victory (5'10) at Woods Cross.
Spencer Betker - with his 176' Javelin throw - another big PR.
Kayla Sagers - with her 16'01 long jump at Woods Cross (pr and state qualifying).
Bridger Parkin - with his 20' long jump (breaking barriers).
Austin Neuner and Brayden Cromar - with their state qualifying mile times at Woods Cross (4:23 and 4:25).
Freshman Skyler Williams with his 4:29.99 at Woods Cross (another huge breakthrough).
Tracey Munson and Whitney Williams with their big PRs in the 4 x 800m at the end of the meet when it was cold and they had been helping with other things all day.
Mikell Wood - stepping up and helping us get the 4 x 400 victory at Woods Cross.
Ryan Lee - with his 52.4 anchor leg in the 4 x 400 - looking very strong and nearly getting the win.
Seth Fortin with his 22.77 200m, good enough for his second 2nd place of the meet and for a state qualifying time.
Addy Jones, Sarah Oldham, and McKenna Hill with their prs in the 100 hurdles.
Juston LeBaron with his pr in the 110 hurdles.
The Boy Distance Runners who scored 92 points in 3 events at Woods Cross. 16 out of the 18 boys entered in the distance races finished in the top 8 (scoring points).

*The point is that we have people stepping up in many areas, which is exactly what we need at this point in the season. I think we are facing some adversity and some challenges, mostly to do with injury. How are we going to respond as a TEAM? Are we going to show some guts and some toughness and build ourselves into champions? Who is going to step up and help carry the TEAM and inspire the TEAM. Who is going to have another breakthrough performance over the next 2 weeks - I hope that all of you are shooting for that.

Important days this week:
Tuesday - Jr. High make-up meet - begins at 3:15. Those of you who are in the track class will work out during class. Those of you who are after school will work out during the junior high meet. Plan on helping in the areas where you would normally help.
Wednesday - Tri-meet at Layton with Roy. This will be another great opportunity to improve your marks as we get closer and closer to the region meet. If you want to see where you rank right now in the region meet and what it might take to qualify, check out the rankings at They are not completely updated, but are close. You need to be in the top 32 in your event to make it in. (Remember that some people ranked in the event might not necessarily compete in that event at region).
Thursday - Important track practice - both because we will be working out and we will be going over your Davis Invite jobs. Make sure you are there.
Saturday - Davis Invitational. This is our biggest day of the year (as a program). We take a lot of pride in putting on one of the best meets in the state. We will need help from everyone. If you are competing in the meet, you will still help at the times you are not competing. We would like everyone to stay as much of the day as they possibly can. Plan on being at the track at 7:30 in the morning and leaving at about 6:00 at night. If you are going to miss for any reason at any point in the day - please let me know. This really is a HUGE thing for us. One of the biggest indicators of our success as a program is how well we put on this meet. Show up ready to compete well, but also ready to be as helpful as possible.
*If there are any parents who would like to volunteer some time - we need a few parents to help us in the bullpen the first half of the meet (from 8:30 until 1:30) and some parents to help with the luncheon set up and clean up (from 12:30 until 3:00). If you would like to help at the bull pen, please send me an email or call me at 801-580-8713. If you would like to help with the lunch, please contact Jamie West (801)721-0333 or

T-Shirts - Just one last reminder - I still have a lot of Davis Track t-shirts that you may have ordered, but not paid for. Please pay the $8 in the office, and pick up your t-shirts.

Coach Talley

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Track Update - April 17

Darts -
There are 5 weeks left in the season. Each week is highlighted with one important meet:
April 22 - Woods Cross Invite
April 30 - Davis Invite
May 6-7 - BYU Invite
May 11-12 - Region Championships
May 20-21 - State Championships

The end of the season is going to be here before you know it. I feel that we had an excellent start to this season - the Super Meet and the District Meet showed that we are one of our strongest TEAMs ever - for both the boys and the girls. But now we have to get even stronger for the final 5 weeks. We have got to give our all every chance we have left in workouts and in races. Seniors I want you to finish up with the best 5 weeks of your career in track & field. Juniors and Sophomores - I want you to focus on becoming our future leaders. Give your heart and soul into these final five weeks. Compete and train with purpose and with desire. If you do so, you will look back at this season and what we accomplish with great memories. It doesn't matter if you are the best in your event or not - it does matter what kind of effort you give and what kind of attitude you have. Everybody can have an effect on the way we perform as a TEAM through their efforts and attitude.
Other teams in the state have showed that they are coming after us. Nobody is going to lay down and just give us a state or a region title. Don't let yourselves get content or satisfied with where you are - fight with all you have over the final weeks to become the very best you can. I want you to end the season satisfied with your efforts and your progress. Prepare yourselves for each workout and each race both mentally and physically. Take extra good care of yourselves. Eat healthy. Get extra sleep. Ice when you need to ice. Stretch after workouts. Continue to do your abs and your core work. Most of all - believe in yourselves and in your teammates. Be positive and continue to sacrifice for one another. We have an opportunity to finish this season by doing some great things. But it is going to take commitment and effort from everyone on the TEAM. Really bring that commitment, energy, excitement, and focus to everything we do this week - even in hosting a Junior High Meet. Love what you are doing - take pride in being part of DAVIS TRACK & FIELD!!!

We have a busy week coming up:
Monday - Kaysville Junior High track & field clinic at 3:00 - We are building the future of our track program.
Tuesday - TEAM pictures @ 2:45 in the bleachers (bring your uniforms). This is the picture that will go in the yearbook.
Wednesday - Tri Meet at Clearfield with Weber & Clearfield. You will be excused at 1:15 from 4th period (track class day). The girls have challenged the boys to see who can score the most points.
Thursday - Junior High Meet with Kaysville, Farmington, Centerville, and Bountiful - plan on helping out and having a lot of fun.
Friday - Woods Cross Invitational - The meet begins at 3:30. I would really like to have a strong TEAM meet. We will see some good competetion and it is a state qualifying meet.

Davis Invite Sponsors - Please make one last push to get sponsors for the Davis Invite. This is our biggest track TEAM ever, but so far, we are just average with our amount of sponsors. In order to get the sponsor names on the shirts, I will need to know by Wednesday this week at the latest. Thank you to those who have found sponsors and for those families and businesses who have been willing to help us out.

Focus, Determination, Teamwork, Belief

- Coach Talley

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dart Update - Arcadia Invite

Darts -
I just wanted to send a quick update this week as we get back into the swing of things after spring break. I hope that most of you feel rested and refreshed and ready to hit it hard for the 2nd half of the season. Truth is, during the second half of April and the first half of May is when we see the most improvement. Your hard work starts to pay off, and we see a lot of prs and surprise performances. I hope that this year will prove to be the same. As a coaching staff, we are always watching for who is stepping up and who is going to surprise us. I am also excited for the weather to get better and better to see what this TEAM can do under some good conditions. Great job to those of you who got your workouts in over spring break. Let's all give solid efforts to improve and strengthen our TEAM over the next 3-4 weeks. The season is going to be gone before you know it.

Weber Tri-meet: Wednesday, April 13th (tomorrow) at Weber High School. We are excused from school at 1:15. The buses will leave at 1:30 - so get ready as quickly as possible. The meet is with Weber and Layton and begins at 3:00pm. We should be home between 6:30 and 7:00.

Arcadia Invitational - 22 members of the TEAM traveled down to California for the Arcadia Invite. It is one of the most competitive track meets in the U.S. The conditions were a little cold this year, but definitely still good enough to run some fast times. It is quite an experience to race under the lights with some of the best in the country. We had an incredible trip and some great performances (although I am still washing banana out of my hair). . .
Friday Night -
Long Jump - Tyson Bullock jumped 20'09. Not his very best jump, but he is showing consistency so far this year.
4 x 200m - Kayla Sagers, Tara Anderson, Adelyn Jones, and Sylvia Harrison ran 1:46 (average of 26.5) and finished 3rd in their heat (earning medals). It is the 3rd fastest all-time, and was an improvement over our Simplot time.
4 x 1600m (boys) - The boys looked solid and all ran close to their prs. Zach Schofield ran 4:37 to start us out. Jackson Sagers followed with a 4:37. Matt Swanson then cruised to a 4:37. And Brayden Cromar anchored the team with a 4:27. The total time of 18:22 is our 3rd fastest ever run.
Boys 3200m - Preston Johnson ran very tough to finish with a 9:34. It was a 24 second pr, and was the 2nd fastest sophomore time in the entire meet including the invited heat (2nd only to his teammate, Cromar). It definitely shows what hard work can do.
4 x 1600m (girls) - All four of the girls ran their best times of the season for a combined time of 21:56. Anni Andersen started us off with a pr of 5:19. Tessa Brown followed with a pr 5:30. Abby Frodsham kept us strong with a season best 5:35. And Madi Holt anchored us with a 5:27. All four of them looked strong throughout their legs.
Saturday -
4 x 100m (girls) - Kayla, Tara, Adelyn, and Sylvia ran 49.49 and earned their second medals of the meet.
Girls Mile - Meghan Hedquist ran her season best of 5:24.19 (5:22.2 for the 1600m)
Boys Mile - Joe White finished with a 4:21.73 (4:20.20 for the 1600) which is our #5 All-Time mark and was good enough for a medal at 5th place.
Girls 100m Hurdles - Addy Jones ran 15.96 and continued to show the consistency which will help her through the rest of the season.
Boys 110m Hurdles - Despite a lot of shin pain, Dalton Facer toughed out his best time of the season with a 15.76.
Girls 100m - Sylvia ran her 2nd fastest time ever in the 100m with a 12.36. It earned her a medal and a spot in the Saturday night finals.
Girls 800m - Anna Ward and Anni Andersen worked together on their way to season best 800m races. Anna finished with 2:25, and Anni ran 2:26.
Girls 300m Hurdles - Addy got into the race at the last minute and ran a solid 48.85.
Boys 300m Hurdles - Dalton was close to his season best with a 42.81.
Girls 200m - Sylvia looked strong with a 26.28.
Boys Invitational Mile - Brad Nye finished in 6th place with a 4:16.84 (4:15 1600m). It makes him the #3 all-time from Davis, and it ranks him among the top in the country.
Girls Invitational 800m - Shea Martinez finished in 4th place - and ran a tough race with the leaders. Her time of 2:10.20 is a new school record and is the 6th fastest ever run by a Utahn. It is also currently the 4th fastest time in the U.S.
Boys 3200m - We had 3 boys in the 2nd fastest heat of the 3200m. Austin Neuner ran an incredibly tough race to finish in 9:06 (#2 All-Time, just 1 second off of the school record). He came through the first mile in 4:37, and came back with a 4:29 second mile. It was extremely inspiring and exciting to watch him push through the pain over the last 3 laps. Brayden Cromar finished with a pr in 9:32 - he was the fastest sophomore in the meet, and the only sophomore to make one of the night heats. Caleb Waldron (our training partner from Northridge) also pr'd with a 9:33.
Girls Invitational Distance Medley Relay - Shea came back to run the 1200 of the DMR in 3:39 (4:52 mile pace), followed by Madi Holt with a 61 in the 400, Anni with a 2:26 in the 800, and Meghan with a 5:19 1600 (I was especially proud of Meghan and Anni coming back strong in their second races and digging deep for their TEAM). We finished 12th in 12:28.
Boys Invitational Distance Medley Relay - Brad Nye ran the 1200 in 3:12, followed by Tyson Bullock with a 52 in the 400, Joe White with a 1:59 in the 800, and Austin Neuner gave all he had for his 4:34 anchor 1600m run. The time of 10:41 is a new school record.
Girls 4 x 400m Relay - Although all 4 of them were in their 3rd races of the meet, it was exciting to watch Kayla, Madi, Tara, and Shea finish the meet off with a solid 4:01 in the 4 x 400. It wasn't quite the school record - but that school record is definitely going down soon.

*All of the results can be found at
Videos will eventually be posted on youtube (search for Davis Track 2011 Arcadia Invite)
The first 2 are up -
Shea's 800m -
Joe's mile -

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Davis Track Update - District Champions

Darts -
It was a great week for Davis track & field. We started the week with some incredible performances and an outstanding TEAM win for both the boys and the girls at the Davis District Championships. The girls scored a record setting 260 points, and the boys weren't far behind with 255. It was by far the most combined points we have ever scored at a District Meet. The results are posted on the blog ( One of the highlights of the meet was Shea Martinez winning the 800m in a meet record, school record, and nation leading 2:12.90. Our depth and our toughness is showing in many ways as we scored in every single event (all 33 of them). It was a fun meet, and we were happy with your intensity and your competitiveness, even if it did make us a little tired for the weekend invitational at UVU.
At the UVU Invitational yesterday, the girls had some great individual prs and looked strong as a TEAM. In the final TEAM scores, we finished with 77.5 - 16 points ahead of 2nd place, Riverton. It took quite a bit of toughness after having worked so hard at the District Meet.
The boys had some great prs, but we also had quite a few things go wrong. In the hurdles, Dalton got stepped on by one of his competitors who was going down, taking Dalton out with him. Two of our relays had exchange violations and didn't finish, we pulled our 4 x 400m relay at the end of the meet. And we were missing a few of our regular scorers with injuries and vacations. Even with all of that, we were still able to finish up in 2nd place (only 4.5 points out of first place). We will have many more opportunities to prove ourselves this year and we will be more prepared and more focused.
In the boys and girls combined team scoring, we came out on top with 135 points, ahead of 2nd place Riverton (123) and 3rd place Mountain View (82.5). We definitely had our ups and downs at the meet, but as coaches, we were proud of the efforts at the end of a long week. Thanks for making the sacrifices to be there for your TEAM and for spending the long Saturday at the track meet. I am sorry that we were home so late. Full results can be found at and the Davis results can be found at the bottom of this email.

Coming Up -
April 8-9: Arcadia Invite, CA - a small number from the TEAM are traveling to California during spring break to compete in the Arcadia Invitational with many of the top athletes from the country. I will send out a full report next week.
April 13: Tri-meet at Weber High with Weber and Layton. Everyone who is eligible will be able to compete in whatever events you would like to try.

Spring Break Workouts - it is important at this point in the season that we don't lose the fitness and strength that we have gained by all of our hard work. Each of you should try to stick to the following workout schedule through the spring break and be ready to hit things hard the week we come back. If you are able to come to the workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will give you the workouts at the school, but if not - then try to do these on your own. . .
Monday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - 10 x :20 Hills
Distance - 5-8 miles steady pace
Throws - Weights and Core Work

Tuesday - (Distance at the school at 8:00, Everyone else at 9:00)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Find a track or a flat road or a grass field and run 5 x :20, 5 x :15, 5 x :10 do a good warm up and cool down
Distance - 1 1/2 mile warm up, 8 x 1:30 hard with 2:00 slow jog recovery, 1 1/2 m
Throws - Foot work (visualize the throws) and Sprints (10 x 30 meters)

Wednesday - (Distance at the school at 8:00, Everyone else at 9:00)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Weights and Core work (plus 1-2 miles jogging)
Distance - 5-8 miles steady pace
Throws - Weights and Core Work

Thursday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - Find a track or a flat road or a grass field and run 4 x 400m (or 4 x 60-75 sec depending on your pace) do a good warm up and cool down
Distance - 4-6 miles easy + abs and 6 x 100m strides
Throws - Foot work (visualize the throws) and Sprints (10 x 30 meters)

Friday - (No Practice)
Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers - 6-8 x 150m (or about 20-25 sec)
Distance - 1 1/2 mile warm up, 300-400-600-800-600-400-300 (or about the same time equivalent), 1 1/2 m
Throws - Weights and Core Work

UVU Girls Results -
100m Hurdles
Sylvia Harrison - 15.61, 3rd
Adelyn Jones - 15.95, 4th
Sarah Oldham - 16.84, 13th (5th in 5A)

100m Dash
Sylvia Harrison - 12.55, 5th
Kayla Sagers - 13.37, 25th
Adelyn Jones - 13.42, 28th

1600m Run
Shea Martinez - 5:05.92, 1st (#4 All Time)
Meghan Hedquist - 5:23.03, 8th (3rd in 5A)
Tessa Brown - 5:36.87, 18th
Abby Frodsham - 5:38.61, 21st

4 x 100m Relay
Kayla, Tara, Adelyn, Sylvia - ran 49.08 - our fastest time of the year, and #4 on our all-time list; 2nd place

400m Dash
Madi Holt - 1:01.08, 12th
Mikell Wood - 1:03.36, 20th
Katie Frandsen - 1:04.67, 29th

300m Hurdles
Sarah Oldham - 47.35, 5th (2nd in 5A)
McKenna Hill - 48.68, 10th (3rd in 5A)
Adelyn Jones - 48.79, 11th (4th in 5A)

800m Run
Anna Ward - 2:26.17, 6th (3rd in 5A)
Abby Frodsham - 2:36.26, 23rd
Liz Ashby - 2:36.78, 25th

Medley Relay
McKenna, Sarah, Madi, and Meghan ran 4:28 - 3rd place

200m Dash
Sylvia Harrison - 26.04 ; 3rd place in her 11th race in 5 days (7 first places, all races in the top 5)
Tara Anderson - 27.20, 15th

3200m Run
Jessica Paget - 12:38, 20th
Joanna Boyd - 12:46, 27th
Brooke Gutzwiller - 12:52, 33rd
Janice Hartvigsen - 13:02, 41st

4 x 400m Relay
Kayla, Madi, Tara, and Shea - ran 4:01 (season best) and took 1st by 9 seconds - after the bus had left

Shot Put
Jessica Richardson - 35'03, 7th
Kaylee Brown - 31'02, 14th
Kelsi Cottrell - 25'08, 37th

Kaylee Brown - 98'08, 6th
Jessica Richardson - 94'08, 9th
Michelle Mendez - 67'02, 33rd

Alexis Koehling - just shy of the 80 foot minimum (definitely a pr)

High Jump
Bre Florence - 4'06
Katrina Perkins - nearly cleared 4'06

Long Jump
Kayla Sagers - 15'08, 11th (3rd in 5A)

Pole Vault
Jeni Christensen - 8'06 - 1st place

UVU Boys Results
100m Hurdles
Nate Lee - 16.86, 13th
James Barnes - 17.48, 20th

100m Dash
Landon Hart - 11.41, 11th
Dallin Hart - 11.45, 14th
Seth Fortin - 11.48, 17th

1600m Run
Brad Nye - 4:18.60, 2nd (Davis #4 All Time)
Joe White - 4:25.48, 6th *State Qualified
Matt Swanson - 4:36.36, 17th
Zach Schofield - 4:38.95, 23rd

4 x 100m Relay
dropped baton - was looking like a possible victory

400m Dash
Spencer Jones - 54.60, 32nd
Seth Thompson - 55.12, 35th
Tanner Phillips - 55.39, 37th

300m Hurdles
Nate Lee - 42.00, 5th
Jacob Reid - 44.10, 18th
James Barnes - 48.61, 53rd

800m Run
Adam Mathias - 2:01.95, 6th
Ryan Lee - 2:02.91, 9th
Austin Allred - 2:04.33, 11th
Skylar Williams - 2:07.73, 19th (top 9th grader)

Medley Relay
missed exchange

200m Dash
Seth Fortin - 22.95, 7th
Ethan Hunsaker - 25.03
Bridger Parkin - 25.26

3200m Run
Austin Neuner - 9:33, 2nd *state qualified
Brayden Cromar - 9:41, 5th *state qualified
Preston Johnson - 9:58, 9th
Alex Hedquist - 10:02, 10th

4 x 400m Relay

Shot Put
Landon Simonsen - 49'05, 4th
Miles Flake - 46'01, 7th
Mark Lindstrom - 44'00, 10th

Mark Lindstrom - 121'09, 6th
Zach Cottrell - 119'00, 11th
Ben Bracken - 114'11, 20th

Spencer Betker - 169'04, 2nd

High Jump
Marcus Daley - 6'00, 6th (3rd from 5A)
Dalton Facer - 5'10, 11th (7th from 5A)

Long Jump
Landon Hart - 20'06.75, 6th (2nd from 5A)
Dallin Hart - 18'07
Bridger Parkin - 17'06

Pole Vault
Ethan Hunsaker - 12'00, 7th
Bridger Parkin - 11'00, 12th

Friday, April 1, 2011

Davis District Girls Results

Davis District Track and Field Championships
March 29/30, 2011 at Syracuse High School
GIRLS Results
* = State Qualifying Marks

15.86* Adelyn Jones Davis
16.49 Sylvia Harrison Davis
16.92 Sarah Oldham Davis
16.93 Whitney Champlin Northridge
17.17 Christine Vanbrocklin Davis
17.17 McKenna Hill Davis
17.47 Rachael Hawkes Bountiful
17.52 Brittany Barrett Viewmont
17.53 Karly Sprague Davis
17.60 Erica Halverson Northridge
17.88 Cambria Bitter Syracuse
18.00 Jordyn Olsen Davis
18.07 Bre Florence Davis
18.10 Cloe Johnson Northridge
18.27 Libby Fowler Davis
18.33 Kenzie Long Syracuse
18.36 Ali Morris Syracuse
18.57 Andria Lamb Clearfield
18.57 Dana Steinhorst Viewmont
18.69 Janet Robinson Viewmont
19.49 Nicole Lindsay Bountiful
19.74 Sammi Burnett Davis
19.87 Haley Robinson Viewmont
19.94 Lauren Garrett Syracuse
19.97 Alexis Arancibia Layton
20.04 Reide Thompson Northridge
20.65 Ashley Rodriguez Syracuse
20.97 Rozenn Pietin Clearfield
21.49 Leslie Johnson Layton
21.94 Sam Segura Syracuse
22.22 Alexis Arvidson Bountiful
23.42 Sydney Baker Layton
23.54 Breanna Tucker Bountiful
DNS Amber Gates Syracuse
DNS Carson Taylor Davis
DNS Erin Duncan Davis

12.56* Sylvia Harrison Davis
12.69* Mayra Franco Syracuse
12.97* Shaylee Petersen Bountiful
13.14 Tara Anderson Davis
13.29 Krystal Davis Layton
13.59 Skylar Smith Viewmont
13.60 Andrea Cary Northridge
13.66 Taurus Jones Davis
13.71 Nicole Pemberton Woods Cross
13.79 Sam Whitney Bountiful
13.86 Faith Rohwer Woods Cross
13.99 Morgan Bates Davis
14.08 Sharon Marroquin Layton
14.20 Aliyah Miller Woods Cross
14.34 Maddie Garcia Northridge
14.37 Jesi Adams Northridge
14.42 Tyree Snyder Northridge
14.54 Ella Gardner Syracuse
14.84 Caitlin Handy Layton
15.06 Lyndee Anderson Davis
15.10 Katie Duncan Syracuse
15.11 Airen Cook Viewmont
15.14 Shea Ashby Layton
15.32 Kiley Despain Davis
16.47 Megan Franklin Layton
16.52 Bailee Steckler Woods Cross
16.88 Nadia Pinta Syracuse
19.63 Marisa Baham Davis
DNS Amy Muelleck Viewmont
DNS Xanthea Nikapoulos Woods Cross
DNS Alexis Peterson Bountiful
DNS Macy Maxfield Clearfield
DNS Tian Tang Woods Cross

1:00.81 Elli Child Davis
1:00.98 Lindsey McFarland Syracuse
1:01.06 Tara Anderson Davis
1:02.83 Sara Lorsheider Viewmont
1:03.71 Shelby Justice Viewmont
1:03.93 Sara Hicks Woods Cross
1:04.14 Ana Roundy Bountiful
1:04.21 Ashley Rogers Woods Cross
1:04.31 Nicole Pemberton Woods Cross
1:04.40 Kacie Anderson Woods Cross
1:04.86 Jenny Skedros Bountiful
1:04.86 Melanie Ostler Davis
1:05.39 Lindsey Bailey Syracuse
1:05.99 Mikell Wood Davis
1:06.83 Miranda Odell Bountiful
1:06.95 Katie Frandsen Davis
1:07.64 Kaitland Garner Woods Cross
1:08.54 Allison Call Bountiful
1:09.27 Alyssa Warner Clearfield
1:09.50 Amy Boudesocque Davis
1:10.64 Sam Whitney Bountiful
1:10.77 Emily Johnson Syracuse
1:11.74 Krista Mitchell Layton
1:12.72 Katie Duncan Syracuse
1:13.00 Sheena Bowman Clearfield
1:14.41 Mekayla McFarland Viewmont
1:14.66 Heather Hawkins Davis
1:14.87 Aliyah Weidner Bountiful
DNS Ashlie Sundh Woods Cross
DNS Virginie Ballard Layton
DNS Jordan Anderson Syracuse

48.12 Sarah Oldham Davis
48.63 Jill Richardson Woods Cross
48.82 Alexia Peterson Bountiful
48.96 Whitney Champlin Northridge
49.31 McKenna Hill Davis
49.76 Adelyn Jones Davis
50.63 Christine Vanbrocklin Davis
50.77 Brittany Barrett Viewmont
51.20 Breanna Tucker Bountiful
51.28 Erica Halverson Northridge
51.45 Rylee Garver Syracuse
52.02 Libby Fowler Davis
52.14 Karly Sprague Davis
52.72 Haley Robinson Viewmont
53.23 Jordyn Olson Davis
53.59 Cloe Johnson Northridge
53.73 Rozenn Pietin Clearfield
53.94 Nicole Lindsay Bountiful
54.04 Shelby Cadwell Syracuse
54.35 Andria Lamb Clearfield
57.40 Reide Thompson Northridge
57.78 Sam Segura Syracuse
59.68 Ashley Rodriguez Syracuse
1.00.90 Alexis Arvidson Bountiful
DNS Alexis Arancibia Layton
DNS Bre Florence Davis
DNS Ali Morris Syracuse
DNS Tori Fairchild Layton

26.67 Sylvia Harrison Davis
26.81 Shaylee Petersen Bountiful
26.87 Mayra Franco Syracuse
27.22 Kayla Sagars Davis
27.28 Lindsey McFarland Syracuse
27.55 Sara Hicks Woods Cross
27.89 Taurus Jones Davis
28.02 Skylar Smith Viewmont
28.32 Andrea Cary Northridge
28.69 Krystal Davis Layton
28.79 Rozenn Pietin Clearfield
28.85 Ana Roundy Bountiful
29.00 Sharon Marroquin Layton
29.40 Amber Gates Syracuse
29.41 Jenna Stoker Northridge
29.46 Katie Frandsen Davis
29.49 Shalese Gallagher Woods Cross
29.70 Miranda Odell Bountiful
29.70 Jeni Christensen Davis
29.73 Allison Call Bountiful
29.90 Morgan Bates Davis
29.99 Taylor Beard Woods Cross
30.29 Jordan Anderson Syracuse
30.31 Cassidy Bentley Northridge
30.40 Amy Boudesocque Davis
30.45 Audrey Halverson Northridge
30.50 Lauren Garrett Syracuse
30.52 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
30.72 Lyndee Anderson Davis
31.49 Michelle Cardon Woods Cross
31.55 Liza Jacobsen Woods Cross
32.09 Caitlin Handy Layton
35.68 Ashley Farr Woods Cross
DNS Airen Cook Viewmont
DNS Faith Rohwer Woods Cross
DNS Mekayla Mcfarland Viewmont
DNS Ella Gardner Syracuse
DNS Macy Maxfield Clearfield
DNS Ashley Rogers Woods Cross
DNS Lexi Strader Woods Cross


1. 5'00 Janet Robinson Viewmont
2. 5'00 Sarah Sperry Syracuse
3. 4'10 Libby Fowler Davis
4. 4'10 Rachael Hawkes Bountiful
5. 4'08 Tanisha Langston Davis
6. 4'06 Cambria Bitter Syracuse
6. 4'06 Dana Steinhorst Viewmont
8. 4'06 Jaycie Smith Syracuse
8. 4'06 Kristin Mitchell Layton
4'06 Anna Alley Clearfield
4'06 Lizzy Reich Syracuse
4'06 Shelby Justice Viewmont
4'06 Lauren Stringham Davis
4'04 Brittany Bell Bountiful
4'04 Maddie Cook Syracuse
4'04 Bre Florence Davis
4'04 Amber Gates Syracuse
NH Haley Barnes Viewmont
NH Amy Anderson Bountiful
DNS Kaylie Kamalu Davis
NH Katrina Perkins Davis
NH Natalie Wuthrich Bountiful
DNS Lexi Strader Woods Cross
DNS Marissa Appiah Woods Cross
DNS Alexa Leavitt Woods Cross

1. 16'09.00* Sara Lorsheider Viewmont
2. 16'00.50 Larissa Reynolds Northridge
3. 15'11.50 Kayla Sagars Davis
4. 15'09.00 Ali Morris Syracuse
5. 15'07.50 Britttany Barrett Viewmont
6. 15'07.50 Kaylie Kamalu Davis
7. 15'01.00 Aliyah Miller Woods Cross
8. 15'01.00 Rachael Hawkes Bountiful
14'11.00 Mayra Franco Syracuse
14'07.00 Libby Fowler Davis
13'10.50 Katerina Skedros Bountiful
13'07.00 Kierra Brown Layton
13'05.00 Tyree Snyder Northridge
13'03.00 Bailey Furmanski Bountiful
13'02.00 Anna Alley Clearfield
13'00.00 Natalia Fisiinaua Bountiful
12'10.00 Jaycie Smith Syracuse
12'09.50 Harley Moore Northridge
12'07.00 April Basinger Syracuse
12'01.00 Amy Anderson Bountiful
NM Nicole Lavely Syracuse
NM Holly Lougy Northridge
DNS Sarah Oldham Davis
NM Hailee Barnes Viewmont
NM Airen Cook Viewmont
DNS Faith Rowher Woods Cross
NM Natalie Wuthrich Bountiful
NM Sveta Strader Woods Cross
NM Shalese Gallagher Woods Cross

1. 38'10.50* Sosina Salima Woods Cross
2. 35'02.50* Tyler McFarland Viewmont
3. 34'09.50 Mary Pauni Syracuse
4. 33'09.00 Jessica Richardson Davis
5. 32'05.50 Kaylee Brown Davis
6. 32'04.00 Chenoa Plank Bountiful
7. 31'05.05 Janet Robinson Viewmont
8. 30'11.00 Jordyn Wensel Woods Cross
30'08.00 Abby Call Syracuse
30'01.75 Sarah Sperry Syracuse
29'11.00 Ashley Perczak Syracuse
29'10.00 Emily Swapp Clearfield
28'03.00 Jazmyn Jeppson Davis
27'30.00 Deedra Brown Layton
27'09.00 Natalia Fisiinaua Bountiful
26'06.50 Nicki Ririe Viewmont
26'06.50 Katie Moyes Viewmont
26'06.00 Michelle Mendez Davis
26'04.50 Kelsie Cottrell Davis
26'02.50 Ambra Jackson Northridge
26'00.50 Kiersten Page Syracuse
25'08.50 Sian Andersen Woods Cross
24'04.50 Aspen Hawks Davis
23'11.00 Stephanie Cannon Bountiful
23'10.00 Courtney Eaves Clearfield
23'04.50 Sarah Madsen Davis
23'03.75 Jenna Stoker Northridge
22'10.50 Taya Adams Viewmont
22'01.75 Lilly Lougy Northridge
NM Mia Shae Stevens Layton
NM Megan Craghead Layton
NM Charity Stuber Bountiful
NM Becca Harrison Bountiful
DNS Jaclyn Whipple Layton

1. 97'04 Chenoa Plank Bountiful
2. 91'11 Kaylee Brown Davis
3. 88'00 Mary Pauni Syracuse
4. 87'03 Tyler McFarland Viewmont
5. 81'03 Sosina Salima Woods Cross
6. 81'02 Jessica Richardson Davis
7. 80'03 April Basinger Syracuse
8. 75'00 Courtney Eaves Clearfield
74'09 Jazmyn Jeppson Davis
71'06 Kenna Isom Davis
70'01 Jordyn Wensel Woods Cross
69'07 Aspen Hawks Davis
68'10 Rachelle Anderson Northridge
68'02 Mindy Haltinner Davis
67'04 Taya Adams Viewmont
67'01 Sian Andersen Woods Cross
66'09 Kiersten Page Syracuse
64'10 Megan Ruud Woods Cross
64'08 Nicole Lavely Syracuse
64'04 Natalia Fisiinaua Bountiful
64'03 Merissa Goudy Northridge
64'00 Katerina Skedros Bountiful
62'11 Deedra Jones Layton
62'09 Ashley Perczak Syracuse
62'04 Emily Swapp Clearfield
62'00 Michelle Mendez Davis
60'08 Megan Craghead Layton
60'05 Stephanie Cannon Bountiful
60'01 Carily Fowers Davis
NM Kelsi Cottrell Davis
NM Jenny Stevens Davis
NM Becca Harrison Bountiful
NM Laura Yacks Syracuse
NM Charity Stuber Bountiful
NM Mekayla McFarland Viewmont
NM Katie Moyes Viewmont
NM Helen Bird Northridge
NM Sarah Madsen Davis
NM Allie Braithwaite Davis
NM Mia Shae Stevens Layton
NM Jaclyn Whipple Layton
NM Melanie Huckaby Syracuse

1. 106'01 April Basinger Syracuse
2. 102'06 Janet Robinson Viewmont
3. 93'09 Nicki Ririe Viewmont
4. 91'04 Michelle Clark Davis
5. 90'01 Jordyn Wensel Woods Cross
6. 85'01 Chenoa Plank Bountiful
7. 83'06 Dallas Horn Woods Cross
8. 82'01 Maddie Fowers Bountiful
78'07 Laura Yacks Syracuse
71'00 Natalia Fisiinaua Bountiful
68'06 Brooke Terry Davis
68'00 Megan Rund Woods Cross
65'01 Katerina Skedros Bountiful
62'09 Tyree Snyder Northridge
62'09 Alexis Koehling Davis
60'08 Courtney Eaves Clearfield
60'04 Deedra Jones Layton
NM Jazmyn Jeppson Davis
NM MeKayla McFarland Viewmont
NM Jaclyn Whipple Layton
NM Megan Craghead Layton
NM Taya Adams Viewmont
NM Emily Swapp Clearfield
NM Merissa Goudy Northridge
NM Annika Marriott Woods Cross
NM Ambra Jackson Northridge
NM Nicole Lavely Syracuse
NM Dawn Hartman Bountiful
NM Mia Shae Stevens Layton

1. 15.63* Sylvia Harrison Davis
2. 16.10 Adelyn Jones Davis
3. 16.72 Sarah Oldham Davis
4. 16.78 Christine Vanbrocklin Davis
5. 16.88 Whitney Champlin Northridge
6. 16.97 McKenna Hill Davis
7. 17.72 Rachael Hawkes Bountiful
8. 17.80 Brittany Barrett Viewmont

1. 47.60 Jill Richardson Woods Cross
2. 47.66 Sarah Oldham Davis
3. 48.51 Adelyn Jones Davis
4. 48.98 Whitney Champlin Northridge
5. 49.23 Christine Vanbrocklin Davis
6. 49.36 Alexia Peterson Bountiful
7. 49.65 McKenna Hill Davis
8. 50.78 Brittany Barrett Viewmont

1. 12.80 Sylvia Harrison Davis
2. 12.90 Mayra Franco Syracuse
3. 13.18 Shaylee Petersen Bountiful
4. 13.42 Tara Anderson Davis
5. 13.75 Krystal Davis Layton
6. 13.80 Skylar Smith Viewmont
7. 13.82 Taurus Jones Davis
8. 14.09 Andrea Cary Northridge

1. 26.38 Sylvia Harrison Davis
2. 26.44 Mayra Franco Syracuse
3. 27.01 Shaylee Petersen Bountiful
4. 27.04 Kayla Sagars Davis
5. 27.75 Lindsey McFarland Syracuse
6. 28.00 Skylar Smith Viewmont
7. 28.15 Taurus Jones Davis
DNS Sara Hicks Woods Cross

1. 1:00.13 Lindsey McFarland Syracuse
2. 1:01.28 Elli Child Davis
3. 1:01.90 Tara Anderson Davis
4. 1:02.30 Shelby Justice Viewmont
5. 1:03.67 Ashley Rogers Woods Cross
6. 1:03.94 Ana Roundy Bountiful
7. 1:04.54 Sara Hicks Woods Cross
8. 1:04.55 Sara Lorsheider Viewmont

1. 2:12.30*# Shea Martinez Davis
2. 2:27.72 Madi Holt Davis
3. 2:28.59 Becca Albrechtsen Davis
4. 2:29.39 Anna Ward Davis
5. 2:29.40 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
6. 2:30.59 Ricci Adams Northridge
7. 2:31.73 Sierra Chowen Viewmont
8. 2:33.11 Takenna Hamblin Syracuse
2:34.05 Julianna Olsen Woods Cross
2:34.1 Joanna Boyd Davis
2:36.73 Lizzy Rasmussen Viewmont
2:36.93 Liz Ashby Davis
2:36.95 Makenzie Clark Woods Cross
2:37.9 Mikell Wood Davis
2:40.7 Nicole Bogue Clearfield
2:42.9 Lauren McMullin Woods Cross
2:43.5 Alyssa Warner Clearfield
2:44.0 Kami Dixon Davis
2:44.3 ReNee Crowl Northridge
2:44.7 Cheyna Field Syracuse
2:45.31 Julia Anderson Davis
2:45.5 Mindy Sallstrom Bountiful
2:46.0 Erin Kibler Syracuse
2:46.6 Sierra Haslam Davis
2:47.0 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
2:47.4 Sarah Parker Davis
2:48.9 Alisa Bennion Woods Cross
2:51.1 Amber Davis Woods Cross
2:53.5 Lacy Simmons Davis
2:54.3 Shaylee Argyle Davis
2:55.5 Aubrey Allison Northridge
2:58.6 Paige Ryder Syracuse
3:11.4 Jessica Youngberg Clearfield
3:16.2 Katelyn Davidson Syracuse
3:35.13 Brittany Brunner Woods Cross
DNS Amanda Evans Woods Cross
DNS Kacie Anderson Woods Cross
DNS McKenzie Taggart Northridge
#Meet and Stadium Record.

1. 5:13.26* Shea Martinez Davis
2. 5:24.62 Anni Andersen Davis
3. 5:25.07 Meghan Hedquist Davis
4. 5:33.88 Sierra Chowen Viewmont
5. 5:34.28 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
6. 5:37.80 Madi Holt Davis
7. 5:40.47 Tessa Brown Davis
8. 5:40.62 Becca Albrechtsen Davis
5:42.56 Abby Frodsham Davis
5:47.38 Joanna Boyd Davis
5:49.40 Lizzy Rasmussen Viewmont
5:49.51 Anna Ward Davis
5:49.77 Jessica Paget Davis
5:50.87 Makenzie Clark Woods Cross
5:53.47 Daylyn Johnston Syracuse
5:54.22 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
5:56.05 Liz Ashby Davis
5:56.72 Nicloe Bogue Clearfield
5:56.76 Anna Clark Bountiful
5:58.29 Danna Stuart Davis
5:59.11 Janice Hartvigsen Davis
6:00.54 Waverli Lindmeir Bountiful
6:03.18 Sadie Hutchinson Davis
6:03.87 Tracey Munson Davis
6:06.56 ReNee Crowl Northridge
6:08.83 Taylee Hamblin Syracuse
6:10.67 Shay Sifuentes Syracuse
6:11.17 Cheyna Field Syracuse
6:12.87 Karaline Vandemerwe Davis
6:14.69 Megan Jordan Northridge
6:14.99 Sierra Haslam Davis
6:15.33 Madie McCleary Davis
6:15.65 Whitney Williams Davis
6:19.93 Julia Anderson Davis
6:20.90 Jamie Oswald Woods Cross
6:28.61 Laura Richards Bountiful
6:29.44 Marcie Badham Woods Cross
6:31.74 Mallory Mills Layton
6:32.22 Gabi Reynosa Bountiful
6:38.90 Drue Seamons Clearfield
6:40.18 Lexi Smith Clearfield
6:48.25 McKenna Heninger Layton
6:54.33 Carly Schaeling Davis
DNS Amanda Evans Woods Cross
DNS Megan Parker Davis
DNS Kacie Anderson Woods Cross
DNS Darcy Lytle Bountiful
DNS McKenzie Ovard Layton

1. 11:44.9 Meghan Hedquist Davis
2. 12:17.7 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
3. 12:20.9 Tessa Brown Davis
4. 12:24.0 Abby Frodsham Davis
5. 12:28.2 Jessica Paget Davis
6. 12:46.0 Darcy Lytle Bountiful
7. 12:52.6 Janice Hartvigsen Davis
8. 13:01.6 Daylyn Johnston Syracuse
13:01.5 Waverli Lindmeir Bountiful
13:07.9 Tracey Munson Davis
13:17.7 Dana Stuart Davis
13:34.4 Megan Jordan Northridge
14:32.3 Katelyn Seljaas Bountiful
14:46.8 Drue Seamons Clearfield
15:33.5 Jessica Youngberg Clearfield
DNS Katelyn Davidson Syracuse
DNS Paige Ryder Syracuse
DNS Erin Kibler Syracuse
DNS Cheyna Field Syracuse
DNS Shay Sifuentes Syracuse
DNS Karaline Vandemerwe Davis

1. 50.20* Davis
2. 52.95 Bountiful
3. 53.23 Northridge
4. 53.37 Syracuse
5. 55.27 Woods Cross
6. 55.94 Viewmont

1. 4:24.44* Davis
2. 4:31.21 Viewmont
3. 4:34.84 Bountiful
4. 4:40.69 Woods Cross
5. 4:45.37 Syracuse
6. 4:48.42 Northridge
7. 4:52.12 Clearfield

1. 4:05.14* Davis
2. 4:18:54 Syracuse
3. 4:21.61 Viewmont
4. 4:21.79 Bountiful
5. 4:25.18 Woods Cross
6. 4:36.82 Northridge
7. 4:41.61 Clearfield

4:28.4 Davis B
4:44.1 Syracuse B
4:46.5 Northridge B
4:51.5 Woods Cross

4x800 RELAY
1. 11:03.2 Davis
2. 11:26.0 Syracuse A
3. 11:27.2 Bountiful
4. 11:28.8 Northridge
5. 12:24.7 Woods Cross
12:43.5 Davis B
12:57.5 Syracuse B

260 Davis
105 Syracuse
93.5 Viewmont
65 Bountiful
52 Woods Cross
33 Northridge
5 Clearfield
4.5 Layton

Outstanding Performance: Shae Martinez, Davis- 2:12.30 in the 800m run.

Outstanding Athlete: Sylvia Harrison, Davis- 1st place 100m dash. 1st place 200m dash. 1st 100m hurdles. 1st place 4x100m Relay

Davis District Boys Results

Davis District Track and Field Championships
March 29/30, 2011 at Syracuse High School
BOYS Results
* = State Qualifying Mark

15.76 Jamison Nielson Syracuse
16.10 Braden Waiters Viewmont
16.26 Austin Warner Clearfield
16.26 Jordan Moss Layton
16.35 Dalton Facer Davis
16.36 Shane Russell Syracuse
16.37 Ryan Hudson Woods Cross
16.56 Dylan Briggs Bountiful
17.23 James Barnes Davis
17.25 Jake Reid Davis
17.33 Nate Lee Davis
17.51 Daniel Pedersen Bountiful
17.68 Juston LeBaron Davis
17.79 Christian Farr Northridge
17.95 Brady James Layton
18.00 Josh Winslow Davis
18.02 Gavin Fowler Davis
18.59 Elijah Toa Clearfield
18.66 Jaxon Worthen Syracuse
18.86 Blake Williams Viewmont
19.31 James Cutler Northridge
19.47 Ib Quraishi Layton
19.50 Connor Jensen Bountiful
19.53 Spencer Shaw Davis
19.64 Austin Atkinson Davis
19.75 Allen Miller Syracuse
20.18 Jorgen Sumsion Davis
20.68 Cameron Pitt Bountiful
20.88 Darren Smith Clearfield
20.90 Ruben Jacobo Layton
21.12 Brennon Flitton Davis
21.40 Dallin Johnson Davis
22.57 Spencer Schleich Davis
DNS Jordan Kattelman Davis
DNS Brett Garner Davis
DNS Cory Serfoss Syracuse

11.34 Troy Hinds Davis
11.43 Rand Hughes Woods Cross
11.56 Matt Parrish Bountiful
11.57 Seth Fortin Davis
11.59 Chris Brown Syracuse
11.60 Kyle Green Davis
11.61 Tucker Bloomfield Viewmont
11.62 Dillon Salazar Bountiful
11.69 Michael Phelps Syracuse
11.74 Masei Sauni Woods Cross
11.75 Chris Coleman Clearfield
11.77 Tyler Larsen Clearfield
11.80 Manuel Mejia Woods Cross
11.88 Bryson Morrow Woods Cross
11.88 Taylor Carlson Syracuse
11.93 Matt Dunston Syracuse
11.94 Devon Nippert Layton
11.95 Greg Goodwin Bountiful
11.99 Rylan Fowers Clearfield
12.01 Tom Christensen Layton
12.02 Logan Edmunds Viewmont
12.04 Matt Parry Davis
12.04 Mikey Steinke Clearfield
12.07 Sean Gallagher Woods Cross
12.07 Ian Quist Layton
12.07 Brennen Castillo Davis
12.12 Austin Tate Northridge
12.23 Carter Kloberdanz Davis
12.23 Kalin Gray Syracuse
12.25 Gibby Eidem Syracuse
12.27 Keaton Newbold Bountiful
12.29 Davis Larkin Layton
12.29 Logan Thomas Davis
12.33 Adam Nielson Northridge
12.34 Brandon Diez Layton
12.45 Jadryn Ownby Viewmont
12.46 Steven Spencer Davis
12.47 Mitch Spjut Davis
12.50 Andrew Wilding Woods Cross
12.52 Rylee Gautavai Bountiful
12.55 Gus Salazar Syracuse
12.56 Austin Nelson Woods Cross
12.58 McKay Monfranz Layton
12.58 Macade Jenkins Layton
12.59 Austin Turner Davis
12.60 Ben Francom Davis
12.60 Tyler Kendell Layton
12.61 Chris Walker Bountiful
12.62 Taylor Stringham Layton
12.63 Zach Jensen Layton
12.70 Kenny Fong Davis
12.72 Ryan Boyd Davis
12.76 Jeremy Rock Bountiful
12.77 Brady James Layton
12.77 Davis Young Viewmont
12.79 Connor Harris Davis
12.82 Luke Koenen Davis
12.82 Andres Rodriguez Woods Cross
12.90 Austin Hunsaker Layton
12.91 Kyle Hackmeister Davis
12.93 Derek Nichols Davis
12.98 Pedro Aviles Syracuse
13.09 Jordan Bush Syracuse
13.11 Kevin Law Davis
13.12 Kyle Dopp Layton
13.14 Kolby Croshaw Davis
13.16 Ben Calder Bountiful
13.19 Devon Anderson Layton
13.21 Jordan Brown Layton
13.24 Jonah White Davis
13.25 Scott Jones Woods Cross
13.30 Ruben Jacobo Layton
13.31 Jagger Leon Woods Cross
13.48 Matt Folland Bountiful
13.50 Josh Spencer Bountiful
13.78 Josh Brimhall Bountiful
DNS Deijon Fiefia Woods Cross
DNS Brennan O=Neil Syracuse
DNS Mason Woodward Syracuse
DNS James Watkins Davis
DNS Zach Mortensen Viewmont
DNS Justin Allred Layton
DNS Cameron Dower Syracuse
DNS Max Magill Layton
DNS Cody Baptist Layton
DNS Shain Valesquez Syracuse
DNS Dalawai DeLos Santos Layton

52.53 Tom Christensen Layton
52.90 Carson Hawkes Bountiful
53.12 Chris Brown Syracuse
53.41 Cameron Dopp Woods Cross
53.68 Aarim Farnsworth Woods Cross
54.09 Mike Russell Syracuse
54.27 Ryan Lee Davis
54.35 Austin Allred Davis
54.90 Jake Garver Syracuse
55.41 Tanner Phillips Davis
55.51 Seth Thompson Davis
55.56 Spencer Jones Davis
55.68 Kevin Edminster Woods Cross
55.76 Spencer Fronberg Clearfield
55.81 Eric Kovacs Bountiful
55.96 Davis Larkin Layton
56.06 Landon Greenhalgh Syracuse
56.08 Colby Rasmussen Clearfield
56.83 Tyler Greene Bountiful
56.97 Arturo Coria Clearfield
57.24 Jason Barfuss Davis
58.34 Jace Skidmore Syracuse
58.71 Ty Miller Viewmont
59.09 Parker Greenhalgh Syracuse
59.32 Storm Steadham Woods Cross
59.70 Kyler Moore Clearfield
1:00.19 Davis Young Viewmont
1:00.54 Chris Morrell Davis
1:01.02 Brayden Ryan Syracuse
1:01.08 Carter Fritz Northridge
DNS Max Magill Layton
DNS Brandon Jessop Viewmont
DNS Jake Perry Bountiful
DNS Matt Dunston Syracuse
DNS Cameron Jaster Viewmont

41.32 Austin Warner Clearfield
42.15 Nate Lee Davis
42.34 Ryan Hudson Woods Cross
42.74 Jamison Nielson Syracuse
43.07 Dalton Facer Davis
43.50 Braden Waiters Viewmont
43.84 Shane Russell Syracuse
44.61 Connor Jensen Bountiful
44.73 Gavin Fowler Davis
44.80 Derek Lord Woods Cross
44.85 Jake Reid Davis
45.01 Kolton Rackham Syracuse
45.26 James Cutler Northridge
45.48 James Barnes Davis
45.92 Christian Farr Northridge
46.08 Juston LeBaron Davis
46.55 Nathan Watts Viewmont
46.67 Dylan Briggs Bountiful
47.18 Isaac McKean Davis
47.61 Austin Atkinson Davis
48.14 Daniel Pedersen Bountiful
48.25 Jordan Kattelman Davis
48.29 Brett Garner Davis
48.77 Sam Barker Clearfield
48.80 Josh Winslow Davis
48.92 Ashton Bigelow Syracuse
49.13 Ofa Vahe Woods Cross
50.42 Spencer Shaw Davis
50.60 Cameron Pitt Bountiful
50.80 Jorgen Sumsion Davis
51.03 Trey Puffer Clearfield
52.03 Austin VanVoris Syracuse
52.77 Brennon Flitton Davis
53.15 Matt Mcdonald Viewmont
54.47 Dallin Johnson Davis
DNS Tanner Jolliffe Syracuse
DNS Steve Jessup Woods Cross
DNS Cory Serfoss Syracuse
DNS Chase Gregersen Woods Cross

22.98 Seth Fortin Davis
23.04 Kyle Green Davis
23.05 Troy Hinds Davis
23.30 Logan Rusch Clearfield
23.45 Darchon Taggart Woods Cross
23.50 Austin Warner Clearfield
23.61 Dillon Salazar Bountiful
23.76 Chase Loftis Woods Cross
23.80 Michael Phelps Syracuse
23.86 Kacey Tingey Northridge
23.86 Chris Coleman Clearfield
23.92 Tyson Bullock Davis
24.16 Carson Lord Woods Cross
24.38 Bryson Morrow Woods Cross
24.50 Austin Tate Woods Cross
24.53 Logan Edmunds Viewmont
24.61 Ian Quest Layton
24.61 Michael Clark Woods Cross
24.65 Sean Gallagher Woods Cross
24.70 Logan Thomas Davis
24.75 Brennan O=Neil Syracuse
24.81 Cameron Dopp Woods Cross
24.84 Gus Salazar Syracuse
24.87 Taylor Carlson Syracuse
24.95 Matt Parry Davis
25.01 Carter Kloberdanz Davis
25.15 Tyler Greene Bountiful
25.20 Kalin Gray Syracuse
25.28 Colton Steele Viewmont
25.32 Shain Valesquez Syracuse
25.37 Austin Turner Davis
25.70 Austin Nelson Woods Cross
25.76 Steven Spencer Davis
25.78 Chris Mendoza Clearfield
25.87 Matt Fortin Davis
25.89 Chris Walker Bountiful
26.03 Rylee Gautavai Bountiful
26.05 Mason Shelton Woods Cross
26.27 Connor Harris Davis
26.30 Jason Barfuss Davis
26.35 Jordan Bush Syracuse
26.55 Jeremy Rock Bountiful
27.80 Lance Mudrow Woods Cross
27.89 Mike Trujillo Northridge
27.97 Josh Spencer Bountiful
28.10 Austin Cottam Woods Cross
28.51 Josh Brimhall Bountiful
28.62 Matt Folland Bountiful
DNS Jed Baliff Bountiful
DNS Mason Woodward Syracuse
DNS Cameron Dower Syracuse
DNS Mikey Steinke Layton
DNS Matt Dunston Syracuse
DNS Justin Hugie Viewmont
DNS Mason Bledsoe Davis


1. 13'06* Dallas Singley Viewmont
2. 13'00* Zach Watson Syracuse
3. 13'00* Ethan Hunsaker Davis
4. 12'00 Jacob Zaugg Syracuse
5. 11'06 Joe White Davis
6. 11'00 Isaac McKean Davis
7. 9'06 Brady Kalt Viewmont
8. 9'06 Jordan Warner Woods Cross
9'06 Bridger Parkin Davis
9'06 Andres Rodriguez Woods Cross
9'00 Joe Johnson Woods Cross
9'00 Kyle Arigot Syracuse
NH Zach Cederlof Viewmont
NH Jake Calobeer Viewmont
NH Dan Steenblik Viewmont
NH Korbin Birrell Davis
NH Davis Young Viewmont
NH Jeni Christensen Davis

1. 6'04* Marcus Daley Davis
2. 6'00 Jamison Nielson Syracuse
3. 6'00 Darchon Taggart Woods Cross
4. 5'10 Marcus Kemp Layton
5. 5'10 John Bills Viewmont
6. 5'10 Tom Christensen Layton
6. 5'10 Dalton Facer Davis
8. 5'08 Blake Williams Viewmont
8. 5'08 Gavin Fowler Davis
5'08 Konner Frey Viewmont
5'08 Alec Wilson Davis
5'08 Jaxon Worthen Syracuse
5'06 Tyler Kendell Layton
5'06 Brandon Loveridge Woods Cross
5'04 Sean Whiting Syracuse
5'04 T.J. Jewett Syracuse
5'04 Brenden Ezzell Northridge
5'04 Houston Merrill Davis
DNS Kyle Bass Davis
DNS Chase Gregersen Woods Cross
NH Zach Jensen Layton
DNS Adam Ovard Layton
NH Nick Morrell Clearfield
NH Iberahim Quraisha Layton
NH Jarom Tye Viewmont
NH Devin Anderson Layton

1. 21'11.00* Cory Serfoss Syracuse
2. 21'00.00* Tyson Bullock Davis
3. 20'04.00 Marcus Daley Davis
4. 20'02.00 Darchon Taggart Woods Cross
5. 20'01.00 Manuel Mejia Woods Cross
6. 19'11.00 Brandon Diez Layton
7. 19'10.50 Dallas Singley Viewmont
8. 19'06.00 Logan Rusch Clearfield
18'09.50 Jace Skidmore Syracuse
18'08.00 Michael Clark Woods Cross
18'06.00 Houston Merrill Davis
18'05.50 Bridger Parkin Davis
18'05.00 Andrew Wilding Woods Cross
18'04.00 Zach Watson Syracuse
18'03.50 Taylor Stringham Layton
18'01.00 Cody Baptist Layton
18'00.50 Tyler Kendell Layton
17'10.50 Zach Jensen Layton
17'10.50 Tyler Larsen Clearfield
17'07.00 Scott McGrath Davis
17'05.00 Brenden Ezzell Northridge
17'04.50 Michael Phelps Syracuse
17'02.50 Greg Goodwin Bountiful
17'01.00 Jaxon Worthen Syracuse
16'11.00 Kyle Pawlowski Bountiful
16'10.50 Rylan Fowers Clearfield
16'08.50 Connor Vickers Syracuse
16'07.00 Kalin Gray Syracuse
16'07.00 Davis Hyer Woods Cross
16'06.00 Landon Ostler Syracuse
16'05.00 Dylan Rossmango Syracuse
16'03.00 Jake Perry Northridge
16'00.00 Devin Anderson Layton
NM Davis Younger Viewmont
NM Jordan Schraedea Davis
NM Ibrahim Quraishi Layton
NM Brandon Loveridge Woods Cross
NM Jake Garver Syracuse
NM Juston LeBaron Davis
NM Jordan Brown Layton
NM Nick Tanbridge Layton
NM Adam Ovard Layton
NM Jarom Tye Viewmont

1. 55'08.50* Hunter Naisbitt Syracuse
2. 50'07.50* Landon Simonsen Davis
3. 47'06.50 Miles Flake Davis
4. 45'00.00 David Mamata Woods Cross
5. 44'11.00 Steve Laufiso Clearfield
6. 44'00.00 Hunter Dimick Syracuse
7. 43'10.50 Mark Lindstrom Davis
8. 43'01.50 AJ Wilcox Syracuse
42'00.50 Zach Cottrell Davis
41'10.00 Nate Barker Northridge
41'09.00 Bryan Tew Viewmont
41'08.50 Tyler Anderson Clearfield
40'11.50 Steven Carter Syracuse
40'08.00 Ben Bracken Davis
39'10.50 Joe Droge Bountiful
3910.50 Devon Jones Clearfield
39'04.00 Luke Hansen Woods Cross
38'11.50 Xavier Stillson Layton
38'01.50 Spencer Rudolph Davis
38'01.00 Kyle Pawlowski Bountiful
37'10.00 Tyelor Wilson Clearfield
37'04.00 Keoni Dellerman Northridge
37'00.00 Nate Hatch Davis
36'09.00 Jordan Kingsford Bountiful
36'05.50 Richie Gautavai Bountiful
36'03.00 Jeff Whitaker Davis
36'01.50 Sam Matina Davis
35'10.00 Corey Cook Syracuse
35'05.50 McKay Kennedy Woods Cross
34'10.50 Chris Peterson Woods Cross
34'08.50 Bradley Sherman Syracuse
34'06.00 Colt Hinds Layton
34'04.50 Carlisle Findlay Davis
34'02.50 Sterling Arnold Northridge
33'03.00 Junior Hamilton Bountiful
33'02.50 Alex Lambrose Bountiful
33'02.50 Alex Lambrose Bountiful
33'01.00 Jagger Leon Woods Cross
32'10.00 Alex Gonzales Woods Cross
32'08.00 Nick Jackson Bountiful
32'00.00 James Cardinal Layton
DNS David Coffman Bountiful
DNS Mike Allred Viewmont
DNS Spencer Hull Syracuse
NM Garrett Porter Viewmont
NM Wes Thompson Layton
NM Joe Schmudtz Bountiful
NM Josh Hardy Viewmont
NM RJ Larsen Bountiful
DNS Colton Killpack Bountiful
NM Ryan Fouts Woods Cross
NM Jeremiah Johnson Bountiful
NM Joe Jessop Davis
NM Jake Johnson Layton
NM Moroni Iniguez Davis
DNS Jordan Morris Layton
NM Kyle Read Northridge
NM Dilan Oliver Syracuse
DNS Devin Nippert Layton
NM Dillon Wright Viewmont
NM Nick Findlay Bountiful

1. 156'09* Hunter Naisbitt Syracuse
2. 125'11 Ben Bracken Davis
3. 124'04 David Mamata Woods Cross
4. 122'05 Zach Cottrell Davis
5. 120'00 Miles Flake Davis
6. 119'10 Joe Droge Bountiful
7. 113'01 Hunter Dimick Syracuse
8. 112'01 Nick Jackson Bountiful
112'00 Steve Laufiso Clearfield
109'09 Wade Rasmussen Syracuse
108'08 Junior Hamilton Bountiful
108'05 Miller Toa Layton
107'08 Landon Simonsen Davis
103'02 Keoni Dellerman Northridge
101'06 Sterling Arnold Northridge
100'04 Bradley Sherman Syracuse
98'06 Spencer Betker Davis
97'00 Nate Hatch Davis
92'06 Spencer Rudolph Davis
92'05 Devon Jones Clearfield
92'04 Bryan Tew Viewmont
91'05 Sam Matina Davis
90'04 Bryce Green Woods Cross
NM Jordan Kingsford Bountiful
NM Steven Carter Syracuse
NM Ben Silvester Northridge
NM Cooper Brown Davis
NM Kyle Read Northridge
NM Dilan Oliver Syracuse
NM Alex Gonzales Woods Cross
NM Jarom Hansen Syracuse
NM McKay Kennedy Woods Cross
NM Moroni Iniguez Davis
NM Nate Barker Northridge
NM Chris Peterson Woods Cross
NM Daniel Reid Davis
NM Jeff Whitaker Davis
NM James Cardinal Layton
NM Brock Minson Syracuse
NM Ian Ulrich Viewmont
NM Myles Mits Layton
NM Spencer Hull Syracuse
NM Andres Lancheros Woods Cross
NM Andrew Dunn Woods Cross
NM Mark Lindstrom Davis
NM Trevor Boyle Syracuse
NM Mike Allred Viewmont
NM Garrett Porter Viewmont
NM Bridger Parken Davis

1. 157'10* Michael Clark Woods Cross
2. 157'06* Darchon Taggart Woods Cross
3. 155'00 Spencer Betker Davis
4. 142'00 Houston Merrill Davis
5. 141'08 Jacob Ferrell Davis
6. 139'07 Jeff Whitaker Davis
7. 127'10 Hunter Naisbitt Syracuse
8. 121'05 Carson Lord Woods Cross
121'01 McCade Tracy Viewmont
120'07 Tyler Huffaker Viewmont
117'01 Dallas Singley Viewmont
115'11 Wade Rasmussen Syracuse
114'05 Keaton Jones Syracuse
113'09 Devin Nippert Layton
113'01 Brandon Burke Davis
112'11 Tyelor Wilson Clearfield
112'04 Damien Coleman Clearfield
109'08 Steffen Olsen Bountiful
108'09 Kyle Read Northridge
108'06 Shane Russell Syracuse
108'03 Colton Steele Viewmont
107'03 Taylor Carlson Syracuse
106'08 Greg Goodwin Bountiful
106'03 Trey Puffer Clearfield
105'01 Colton Hinds Layton
103'02 Alec Wilson Davis
103'00 Van DeMille Davis
101'05 James Cardinal Layton
100'08 Bradley Sherman Syracuse
100'08 Matt Longman Davis
100'06 Colby Taylor Bountiful
100'05 Luke Hansen Woods Cross
94'10 Chase Carroll Davis
92'08 Zach Watson Syracuse
92'06 Storm Steadham Woods Cross
92'04 Jaden Roskelley Syracuse
91'03 Gavin Bearnson Davis
90'06 Matt Morgan Davis
90'01 Trenton Jensen Woods Cross
89'07 Mason Shelton Woods Cross
89'06 Ricky Wright Davis
89'05 Zach Page Woods Cross
89'03 Jeff Knighton
DNS Adam Nielson Northridge
NM Tanguy Le Roux Layton
NM Alex Lambrose Bountiful
DNS Jake Johnson Layton
NM Josh Stock Northridge
DNS Adam Ovard Layton
NM Xavier Stillson Layton
DNS Jordan Morris Layton
DNS Colby Taylor Bountiful
DNS Keoni Dellerman Northridge
NM Davis Young Viewmont
NM Josh Hardy Viewmont
NM Dillon Wright Viewmont

1. 15.94 Jamison Nielson Syracuse
2. 16.01 Dalton Facer Davis
3. 16.21 Austin Warner Clearfield
4. 16.36 Jordan Moss Layton
5. 16.38 Ryan Hudson Woods Cross
6. 16.55 Braden Waiters Viewmont
7. 16.85 Dylan Briggs Bountiful
8. 18.10 Shane Russell Syracuse

1. 40.84 Austin Warner Clearfield
2. 41.55 Ryan Hudson Woods Cross
3. 42.23 Nate Lee Davis
4. 42.24 Jamison Nielson Syracuse
5. 42.29 Shane Russell Syracuse
6. 42.93 Dalton Facer Davis
7. 42.95 Braden Waiters Viewmont
8. 44.24 Connor Jensen Bountiful

1. 11.45 Troy Hinds Davis
2. 11.47 Rand Hughes Woods Cross
3. 11.64 Kyle Green Davis
4. 11.67 Seth Fortin Davis
5. 11.68 Dillon Salazar Bountiful
6. 11.81 Matt Parrish Bountiful
7. 11.85 Chris Brown Syracuse
8. 11.87 Michael Phelps Syracuse

1. 23.00 Seth Fortin Davis
2. 23.13 Austin Warner Clearfield
3. 23.18 Troy Hinds Davis
4. 23.27 Logan Rusch Clearfield
5. 23.32 Kyle Green Davis
6. 23.63 Darchon Taggart Woods Cross
7. 23.64 Dillon Salazar Bountiful
8. 23.82 Chase Loftis Woods Cross

1. 51.63 Chris Brown Syracuse
2. 51.71 Tom Christensen Layton
3. 52.33 Carson Hawkes Bountiful
4. 53.69 Cameron Dopp Woods Cross
5. 54.49 Mike Russell Syracuse
6. 55.82 Jake Garver Syracuse
7. 55.99 Tanner Phillips Davis
8. 56.67 Austin Allred Davis

1. 1:57.28*# Brad Nye Davis
2. 2:00.20 Austin Neuner Davis
3. 2:00.92 Joe White Davis
4. 2:03.27 Preston Williams Syracuse
5. 2:04.91 Jaxon Hansen Syracuse
6. 2:05.03 Austen Ensign Woods Cross
7. 2:05.61 Ryan Lee Davis
8. 2:05.88 Stockton Nye Clearfield
2:07.0 Keaton Whitney Northridge
2:07.3 Weston Atkins Syracuse
2:08.58 Carson Hawkes Bountiful
2:08.88 Taylor Townsend Viewmont
2:11.2 Spencer Jones Davis
2:11.5 Dillon Despain Woods Cross
2:12.4 Kaden Gilchrist Davis
2:12.8 Tyson Howard Northridge
2:13.1 Josh Stock Northridge
2:14.1 Zach Page Woods Cross
2:14.5 Brennan Page Viewmont
2:14.7 Ben Lindstrom Bountiful
2:14.9 Curtis Knight Davis
2:15.6 Rob Dunn Bountiful
2:16.1 Brad Fry Davis
2:16.9 Nick Mason Davis
2:17.6 Garet Fox Clearfield
2:17.8 Landon Greenhalgh Syracuse
2:18.2 Parker Greenhalgh Syracuse
2:18.5 Matt Lechtenberg Woods Cross
2:21.1 Allen Miller Syracuse
2:22.1 Connor Vickers Syracuse
2:24.1 Austin Hollinshead Syracuse
2:24.4 Jacob Boyers Layton
2:25.5 Jinno Guevara Woods Cross
2:26.9 Ben Horsley Woods Cross
2:29.6 Justin Hugie Viewmont
2:29.9 Brayden Ryan Syracuse
2:31.2 Jordan Warner Woods Cross
2:41.4 Wes Thompson Layton
2:41.6 Parker Wilson Bountiful
DNS Cameron Jaster Viewmont
DNS Zach Cederlof Viewmont
DNS Ty Miller Viewmont
DNS Brayden Galbraith Syracuse
DNS Aarim Farnsworth Woods Cross
DNS Justin Allred Layton
DNS Joe Johnson Woods Cross
DNS Dylan Rossmango Syracuse
#New Stadium Record

BOYS 1600m RUN
1. 4:29.94 Brayden Cromar Davis
2. 4:30.72 Preston Williams Syracuse
3. 4:33.39 Adam Mathias Davis
4. 4:34.26 Jaxon Hansen Syracuse
5. 4:34.40 Zach Schofield Davis
6. 4:35.10 Austin Allred Davis
7. 4:35.11 Skylar Williams Davis
8. 4:37.55 Parker Evans Bountiful
4:39.92 Caleb Waldron Northridge
4:40.39 Matt Swanson Davis
4:40.70 Alex Hedquist Davis
4:41.65 Preston Johnson Davis
4:41.95 Jackson Sagers Davis
4:44.36 Logan Wood Davis
4:45.26 Hayden Hansen Davis
4:46.19 Kohle Perkes Bountiful
4:46.6 Taylor Goldsberry Davis
4:46.9 Marcus Lindmeir Bountiful
4:49.9 Phillip Baker Davis
4:53.7 Andrew Aposhian Davis
4:54.6 Shane Goudy Northridge
4:57.8 Colby Taylor Bountiful
4:59.28 Layne Mckenna Viewmont
4:59.5 Brandon Yardley Syracuse
5:00.4 Andrew Cowley Northridge
5:00.6 Matt Lechtenberg Woods Cross
5:00.88 Kason Kendall Bountiful
5:01.4 Nathan Sutherland Woods Cross
5:01.8 Nelson Davis Davis
5:02.2 Jamon Wolfe Woods Cross
5:02.8 Jason King Woods Cross
5:03.8 Garet Fox Clearfield
5:04.2 Cody Dangerfield Clearfield
5:08.00 Braden Despain Woods Cross
5:08.6 Taylor Dixon Woods Cross
5:09.5 Trevor Parry Northridge
5:10.2 Andrew Skidmore Syracuse
5:12.1 Alex Anderson Northridge
5:12.9 James Stenquist Davis
5:13.1 Spencer Griffin Syracuse
5:13.2 Sam Haws Davis
5:14.3 Devin Vance Davis
5:17.6 Sean Reid Clearfield
5:18.9 Ryan Tanner Davis
5:22.9 Rex Sumsion Davis
5:25.7 Austin Bradford Northridge
5:25.9 Frank Owens Syracuse
5:26.8 Trevor Fry Davis
5:27.1 Isaac Clouse Davis
5:28.4 Cody Lloyd Layton
5:28.8 Dan Wybrow Davis
5:29.0 Kyle Olsen Woods Cross
5:34.5 Devin Farnsworth Davis
5:35.8 Joseph Richards Bountiful
5:37.1 Dexter Murray Woods Cross
5:37.3 Austin LaFleur Syracuse
5:40.2 Connor Koehler Woods Cross
5:51.3 Jake Eiting Bountiful
5:56.4 Lincoln Smith Woods Cross
5:56.7 Scott Hoffman Syracuse
5:59.8 Kyle Nelson Woods Cross
6:23.9 Rick Schenker Layton
6:24.1 Thomas Lakey Syracuse
DNS Elias Steren Woods Cross
DNS Colby Rasmussen Layton
DNS Dameon Lopez Layton
DNS Kevin Martin Viewmont
DNS Tom Hill Syracuse

BOYS 3200m RUN
1. 9:56.4 Caleb Waldron Northridge
2. 10:05.2 Skylar Williams Davis
3. 10:07.5 Zach Schofield Davis
4. 10:12.0 Alex Hedquist Davis
5. 10:13.1 Brayden Cromar Davis
6. 10:13.3 Jaxon Hansen Syracuse
7. 10:14.9 Matt Swanson Davis
8. 10:20.3 Hayden Hansen Davis
10:20.9 Preston Williams Syracuse
10:21.1 Parker Evans Bountiful
10:22.0 Logan Wood Davis
10:26.2 Kohle Perkes Bountiful
10:27.9 Phillip Baker Davis
10:28.5 Marcus Lindmeir Bountiful
10:35.0 Kevin Martin Viewmont
10:35.2 Kason Kendall Bountiful
10:36.7 Layne Mckenna Viewmont
10:37.9 Brandon Yardley Syracuse
10:42.9 Colby Taylor Bountiful
10:50.5 Garet Fox Clearfield
10:57.6 Rob Dunn Bountiful
11:02.2 Stockton Nye Clearfield
11:02.9 Cody Dangerfield Clearfield
11:04.6 Andrew Cowley Northridge
11:04.6 Andrew Aposhian Davis
11:13.5 Joe Richards Bountiful
11:17.5 Spencer Griffin Syracuse
11:26.4 Alex Anderson Northridge
11:29.6 Ryan Tanner Davis
11:36.9 Isaac Clouse Davis
13:20.1 Ryan Lundell Syracuse
14:09.9 Thomas Lakey Syracuse

1. 43.41* Davis
2. 44.36 Clearfield
3. 44.69 Woods Cross
4. 45.04 Bountiful
5. 46.19 Syracuse
6. 46.44 Viewmont
7. 47.97 Northridge
8. DNS Layton

1. 3:44.27 Woods Cross
2. 3:48.10 Davis
3. 3:48.69 Bountiful
4. 3:53.99 Syracuse
5. 3:56.99 Northridge
6. 4:00.95 Clearfield
7. 4:11.54 Viewmont
DNS Woods Cross

1. 3:28.97 Syracuse
2. 3:33.10 Davis
3. 3:41.66 Bountiful
4. 3:43.21 Clearfield
5. 3:43.28 Northridge
DNS Viewmont
DQ Woods Cross

4x400m RELAY HEAT#2
3:39.9 Woods Cross B
3:41.3 Davis B
3:46.4 Woods Cross C
3:46.7 Syracuse B
3:48.4 Davis C
3:52.9 Syracuse C
3:53.9 Bountiful B
3:54.1 Woods Cross D

4x800 RELAY
1. 8:51.5 Northridge A
2. 9:02.8 Davis A
9:15.7 Davis B
3. 9:23.8 Syracuse A
9:33.7 Northridge B
9:47.5 Syracuse C
9:48.6 Syracuse B
9:49.4 Davis C
4. 9:56.5 Woods Cross
5. 10:08.8 Bountiful

1. 255 Davis
2. 143 Syracuse
3. 94 Woods Cross
4. 50 Clearfield
5. 40 Bountiful
6. 28.5 Viewmont
7. 23.5 Layton
8. 21 Northridge

Outstanding Athlete: Hunter Naisbitt: Syracuse -1st place Shot Put, 1st place Discus, 7th place Javelin.

Outstanding Performance: Cory Serfoss, Syracuse - 21'11 in Long Jump.