Sunday, March 29, 2015

Davis Track Update

Darts - 
We are successfully through the first stage of our season. The girls and boys both had big wins at the Super Meet and the District Championships. The next phase of our season includes a lot of hard work and preparation. Don't settle for what you have done so far. Be determined to get stronger and faster. We have some great opportunities in front of us to prove how good we can be. Work hard, take care of yourselves, set some goals - and then get after it. Have fun and enjoy being part of a great TEAM in the meantime. Our next dual meet (for everyone) is on Wednesday, April 8 at home against Fremont. Our next state qualifying invitational is the Woods Cross Invite on Friday, April 17.

District Championships - We put together a dominating performance for both the boys and the girls at the District Meet at Syracuse on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are way too many highlights to go over, but I will point out the meet records. Aubrey Argyle set a meet record with her win in the 3200m in a time of 11:11 (she also won the 1600m in 5:02). Paige Erickson set a new meet and Utah State record in the pole vault with 10'08. The boys 4 x 100m relay team of Riley Stringham, Jacob Moffett, Jordan Goldsberry, and Ty Hinds set the meet record with 43.22. And Logan MacKay set a new meet record in the 1600m with 4:19. Other event winners included Nate Allred (6'07 in the high jump), Matt Calvin (12'05 in the pole vault and 20'08 in the long jump), Dallin Baires (163 in the discus and 46' in the shot put), Ty Hinds (11.03 in the 100m); Jaron Erickson (15.19 in the 110m hurdles); Palmer Flood (39.33 in the 300m hurdles); Stokton Smith (1:58 in the 800m), Logan MacKay (9:34 in the 3200m); Alicia Stucki (104' in the javelin); Jordan Barnett (45.89 in the 300m hurdles); and Ally Geisler (2:17 in the 800m). You can see the full results at 
Boys Team Scores
1. Davis 299
2. Syracuse 113
3. Viewmont 68
4. Layton 41
5. Northridge 39
6. Woods Cross 34
7. Bountiful 28
8. Clearfield 24
Girls Team Scores
1. Davis 277
2. Syracuse 166
3. Woods Cross 53
4. Northridge 40
5. Bountiful 38
6. Layton 31
7. Viewmont 29
8. Clearfield 13

UVU Invite - We had a very small group go down to the UVU Invite on Saturday. Our pole vaulters did very well - Matt Calvin and Harrison Haslam finished 3rd and 4th; Paige Erickson finished 2nd; Ashlee Lawson finished 6th; Ashley Taylor qualified for state; and Jaxon Potter had a big PR with 11'06. We had a few brave athletes try the steeplechase for the first time - Rachel Johnson finished 2nd, Tiahna Cipriano was 3rd, and Sydnee Rayl was 5th. For the boys, Daniel Tumblin finished 3rd, Josh Christiansen was 4th, Jason Lang was 5th, and Jackson Rayl was 6th. Full results can be seen on 

Spring Break Workouts - We are meeting at the track on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday. The distance runners are meeting at 8:00am, the rest of the events will workout at 9:00am. None of the workouts will take really long. Our goal over spring break is to 1) maintain what we have built (fitness, speed, skill, etc). 2) get some much needed rest that will carry us through the rest of the season. If you are in town, you are expected to be at the workouts.
If you are out of town, and have the ability or facilities to workout - here are some ideas:
Monday - 1 mile warm up, 2.5 mile tempo run (roughly 16 minute) 6 x :30 fast, 1 mile cool down
Tuesday - 4-8 mile run + abs
Wednesday - 4-8 mile run + abs
Thursday - Intervals 2 x 3:00, 3 x 2:00, 4 x 1:00; Or 12-15 x 1:00 on a hill
Friday - 4-8 mile run + abs
Saturday - 6-10 mile run + abs
Monday - Warm up and Drills; 12 x 100m on grass (about 15 seconds) or track; Core Work (abs)
Tuesday - 2 mile run (or bike ride or hike) + core work and stretching 
Wednesday - Warm up and Drills; 4 x 300m on grass (50-60 seconds) or track
Thursday - Warm up; 12 x :20 on a hill. Walk down for recovery; Core Work
Friday - Off
Saturday - 2 mile run (or bike ride or hike) + core work and stretching 
Practice Footwork as much as you can
Weight Room if available
Do core work; lunges; wall sits; squats; calf raises; push ups - if you can't find a weight room.

Apparel - All of the clothing order has arrived. You may pick it up this week at the spring break practices or on Monday when we come back from the break - IF YOU HAVE PAID. Thanks.

Davis Invite Sponsors - We are still looking for sponsors for the Davis Invite. The information is attached to this email. There are two options ($50 or $100). Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Have a great break from school. Still take care of yourselves. Don't stay up all night. Put good food into your system. Hydrate. Stretch. Workout. And come back ready to dominate on the track & field.
Coach Talley

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Davis Track Update - Super Meet Champs!!

Darts - 
We had a great start to our season with our first official meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are looking strong and focused as a TEAM. I am pleased with the work we put in the past few weeks, and it is good to see so many of you competing with hear and toughness. We need to continue to work hard and smart over the next few weeks. This part of the season is the time to get in the work that will prepare us for the big meets at the end of April and start of May. Focus on taking care of yourselves through proper nutrition, hydration, 8 hours of sleep per night, stretching, icing, and good warm ups and cool downs. Treat your bodies well, and they will give back to you on the track and the field. Also - keep focusing on TEAM spirit. Encourage and inspire one another and be genuinely happy for teammates who are doing well.

Super Meet - We had some awesome performances on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Davis Super Meet. The girls competed on Tuesday and were led by top 3 finishes by Brittney Rounkles (3rd in the 100m, 2nd in the 200m); BriAnna Gipson (3rd in the 400m); Josey Hedquist (2nd in the 800m); Ally Geisler (1st in the 1600m); Tatum Beard (2nd in the 1600m); Grace Neuenschwander (3rd in the 3200m); Jordan Barnett (1st in the 300m hurdles); Ruby Jane Matthewson (2nd in the 300m hurdles); Megan Rowe (3rd in the 300m hurdles); Olivia Richards (2nd in the 100m hurdles); Paige Erickson (2nd in the pole vault); Kylee Edwards (3rd in the discus); and some great relay performances including 2 meet records: 4 x 400 (Megan, Melanie, Ally, and Jordan in 4:02) and 4 x 800 (Tatum, Aubrey, Anna, and Josey in 9:49). We won the meet using our depth and our TEAM strength. We also had multiple PRs and great early season performances. You can see the full results at
The boys competed on Wednesday and were led by top 3 finishes from Ty Hinds (1st in the 100m); Jordan Goldsberry (3rd in the 200m); Ryker Johnson (2nd in the 400m); Logan MacKay (1st in the 800m with the #3 time in the country this year - 1:53.09); Colter Blanchard (2nd in the 800m); Stokton Smith (1st in the 1600m); Josh Ward (2nd in the 1600m); Jaron Erickson (1st in the 110m Hurdles); Palmer Flood (3rd in the 110m Hurdles, 1st in the 300m Hurdles); Harrison Haslam (1st in the pole vault); Matt Calvin (1st in the pole vault, 1st in the long jump); Jonathan Thornton (2nd in the long jump); Nate Allred (1st in the high jump); Hunter Simonsen (3rd in the high jump); KJ Bishop (3rd in the javelin); Dallin Baires (3rd in the shot put; 3rd in the discus); and some great some fast relay performances including 1st in the 4 x 400 and 1st in the medley. The boys put together a very solid and dominating TEAM performance, scoring in every event and looking strong in the sprints, distance, hurdles, jumps, and throws (all of the track areas). Full results are at

Girls Team Scores:
1. Davis 201.5
2. Herriman 150.5
3. Lehi 66
4. Weber 61
5. Bingham 60.5
6. Bountiful 59
7. Riverton 45.5
8. East 35

Boys Team Scores:
1. Davis 244.5
2. Herriman 126.5
3. Bingham 74
4. Weber 63
5. Lehi 50
6. Riverton 48.5
7. Bountiful 40.5
8. East 12

Beasts of the Week (for their awesome performances at the Super Meet): Ally Geisler, Kylee Edwards, Ellison Clark, Ruby Jane Matthewson, Harrison Haslam, Jacob Vaughan, Jade White, Mikey Savage

District Meet - Will be at Syracuse on Tuesday & Wednesday (March 24-25) starting at 3:00 both days. You will be excused at 1:30 and the buses will leave at 1:45. The schedule and 1st draft of the entries are attached to this email. Please look at it closely to see if I may have missed you. There are qualifying marks - so not everyone will be able to compete in everything they would like - but if you have been attending practice and working hard, I would like to have you entered in at least one event. It does cost the team money for each entry, so please let me know if you will not be able to attend. I have to finalize the entries at practice on Monday. Spectators cost $3 to enter the meet. 

Apparel - Will arrive this week. You will only be able to take your apparel if you have paid in the office or online. We will hand out the jackets, pants, t-shirts, and spandex on Thursday at practice.

Track Fees - If you have not paid your track fees. You must do so before the District Meet on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spring Break - We will have 2-3 morning practices over spring break. If you are in town, it is recommended that you attend the practices. If you are out of town, we will give you some ideas to help you stay in shape and continue to improve. It will be very important for everyone to stay active and take care of yourselves over those 8 days.

UVU Invite - A small group of varsity athletes will be competing at the UVU Invite this next Saturday (March 28). Who will be competing will depend on how the District Meet goes on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have more details on Thursday at practice. 

The TEAM Performance Lists will be updated throughout the season and posted in the hall by the track and online at 

Davis Invite Sponsors - Every year we ask the athletes to try to find sponsors for the Davis Invitational. Our goal is to raise $5000 as a team in sponsors (money we could definitely use on equipment, meet entries, and other expenses). Families, Individuals, or Businesses can be sponsors for the Davis Invite. There are two options: 1) $100 donation (or more) will receive their name of choice on one of the events at the track meet (example: "Morris Family Girls 100m Dash" or "All-State 4 x 800m Relay"). The names will be announced with the event. Sponsors will also have their names on the back of the t-shirts and will receive a free t-shirt, free meet entry, and 2 tickets to the luncheon. 2) $50 Donation - will have their names on the t-shirt and will receive a free t-shirt, free entry into the track meet, and 2 tickets to the luncheon (which is delicious by the way). 
I have attached some information. The event sponsors go fast, so if you are interested, please send your donation and the attached form with your son/daughter. Any athlete who finds a sponsor will also receive a free Davis Invite t-shirt.

Thanks for everything - keep working hard and putting heart into the TEAM and what we do!
Coach Talley

Monday, March 16, 2015

Davis Track Update - National Champions!!

Darts - 
I am a little late with the update after an incredible weekend in New York City. The weather has been great, and the outdoor track season is about to be in full swing with the Super Meet at home this week and the Davis District Championships at Syracuse next week - truly some March Madness coming our way. We are excited to start the season off strong. I know some of you might be nervous - but we are ready to go. We had a solid indoor track season, and the training the past two weeks has been outstanding - we have seen hard work, team work, and focus. Try to be relaxed and confident and have fun with these first few meets. Cheer on your teammates and make both meets about our TEAM effort.

New Balance Indoor Nationals (NYC) - 5 of our athletes had a chance to run at the indoor nationals this past weekend. They all took full advantage of the opportunity. Aubrey Argyle competed on Friday night in the 5000m (25 laps on the indoor 200m track). Aubrey ran extremely tough and fearless to finish 4th place and become and All-American (top 6). Her time of 16:50.35. is our school record for the 5k, but Aubrey also set the indoor school record in the 3200m on her way. She came through the 3200 at 10:45.5 (10 seconds under the school record she set a few weeks ago at Simplot). Aubrey showed so much courage going out with the leaders - including the 2 time Footlocker Champion - and then raced with pure guts and determination over the final mile of the race to move up from 7th to 4th. 
The boys started with the 4 x mile where we were up against a heavily favored La Salle, RI team that boasted combined PRs of nearly 35 seconds faster than ours - yet we finished only .4 seconds behind them. It was an intense race from start to finish as our two teams pulled away from the pack and were never separated by more than 2 seconds. Stokton Smith started with 4:20, Colter Blanchard had a big PR with 4:19, Logan Mackay came through in 4:18, and Josh Ward wrapped things up with a 4:13. Our overall time of 17:11.87 is the #5 fastest ever run in the U.S. It was a huge confidence boost going into the 4 x 800 only 5 hours later. Rather than focus on being tired from the first race, the boys were determined to prove their strength and will power in their 2nd race. The 4 x 800 relay had 8 of the top 10 ranked teams in the race - and we were ranked 3rd going in with our 7:49 in Boise at the start of February. Josh started us off this time with 1:56.2 - handing off in 2nd place. Stokton came through in 1:56.4 - still handing off in 2nd place. Colter ran another PR with 1:56.9 and handed off only 1/2 a second out of 1st. Logan ran an incredible anchor leg of 1:52.4 to wrap up the victory and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with an overall time of 7:42.15 - also the 5th fastest time in U.S. history. It was a great moment for Davis Track & Field. They showed so much mental toughness, guts, and unity throughout both of the races. It came down to their determination to run their best, and they each stood up to the challenge. They ran for their TEAM - each other AND all of their teammates watching and cheering for them at home. I want to express my thanks to these 5 athletes for being great examples of humility, hard work, and team work to me and to their TEAM. I also want to thank the many people who helped them through encouragement and through donations toward the trip (#cerealbarisfinallyover). 
If you would like to watch the race videos, they are posted at:

Davis Super Meet (3/17-3/18) - We are going up against some of the strongest teams in Utah this week. The girls compete on Tuesday, and the boys will compete on Wednesday. There will be 8 teams at the meet: Herriman (2014 girls state champions and boys runner-up), Riverton (2014 boys state champions), Lehi, Bingham, East, Weber, and Bountiful. It will be a very good test to start the season. The schedule of events and entries have been emailed out. You can also see the time schedule on the Davis Track Blog (  The girls have won the Super Meet for the past 13 years. The boys have won 12 of the past 13 years. It should be a great TEAM competition with some very exciting individual events. 

Apparel: The t-shirts, jackets, pants, and spandex should all be in by the middle to end of next week. You will need to pay for your items in the office or online before you can pick them up.

Track Fees: Those of you who have not yet paid the $90 track participation fee. Please do so this week. It was due by the end of last week. Thanks!

Congratulations to Jared Ward (2007 Davis Grad) on his 3rd place finish in the L.A. Marathon this weekend with a 2:12 marathon. Jared was the top American in the race which was this year's U.S. Championships - making 2 Ward's national champions within 15 hours of each other. And Congratulations to Shea Martinez (2013 Davis Grad, now running for BYU) on her 7th place finish at the NCAA Indoor Championships - earning First Team All-American honors.

- Coach Talle

Super Meet Time Schedule

Girls - Tuesday, March 17
Boys - Wednesday, March 18

3:00       Pole Vault
High Jump
Long Jump
Shot Put (F-W: 3:00-3:45; A-E: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at 4:30

Discus (A-E: 3:00-3:45; F-W: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at conclusion of Shot Put finals)

3:00       100/110m HURDLES
3:15       100m DASH
3:40       1600m RUN
4:05       4x100m RELAY
4:15       400m DASH
4:30       300m HURDLES
4:45       800m RUN
5:00       Medley RELAY
5:20       200m DASH
5:40       3200m RUN
5:55       4x400m RELAY
6:10       4x800m RELAY

6:30       Presentation of Awards 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Alumni Meet - 2015 Girls Results

Davis Alumni Meet – Girls Results

March 09, 2015 (57 degrees, sunny, light breeze)

Shot Put
1. 34’01           Kylee Edwards, Jr
2. 29.09           Kathryn Wilde, Jr
3. 26’11           Esther Child, So
4. 26’05           Alicia Stucki, Jr
5. 26’04           Emma Calder, Jr
6. 25’02           Morgan Whitey, So
7. 22’02           Shannon Fowers, Jr
8. 21’05           Alyssa Hemsley, Jr
21’03               Sarah Barnett, So
20’08               Chenelle Womack, So
18’03               Kayla Tuttle, So
17’09               Colleen Mills, Sr

1. 91’09           Kylee Edwards, Jr
2. 90’04           Emma Calder, Jr
3. 85’07           Lizzi Boyd, Sr
4. 83’02           Esther Child, So
5. 74’09           Kathryn Wilde, Jr
6. 67’06           Shannon Fowers, Jr
7. 62’08           Alicia Stucki, Jr
8. 61’08           Chenelle Womack, So
52’03               MaryKate Buttars, Jr
50’10               Kayla Tuttle, So

1. 107’07         Anna Ferrell, Jr
2. 93’00           Alicia Stucki, Jr
3. 86’10           Elly Ferguson, Jr
4. 77’06           Cora Smith, So
5. 75’04           Lizzi Boyd, Sr
6. 75’01           Emma Calder, Jr
7. 64’04           Alyssa Hemsley, Jr
8. 63’06           Brooklyn Hiller, So
63’01               Kylee Edwards, Jr
61’06               Chenelle Womack, So
58’02               Rachel Johnson, Sr
56’06               Jodie Ellefsen, So
55’04               Kayla Tuttle, So
55’01               Kathryn Wilde, Jr
54’06               Katelin Hoskins, So
52’06               MaryKate Buttars, Jr
49’10               Autumn Jenkins, Sr
49’00               Sarah Barnett, So
47’09               Sussan Vallejo, So
44’04               Katie Datwyler, Sr
42’06               Morgan Whitney, So
28’08               Sydney Zaugg, Jr

High Jump
1. 4’08             Ashley Harris, So
2. 4’08             Nikki Hemsley, Jr
3. 4’08             Ruby Mathewson, So
4. 4’06             Rylee Riggs, Jr
5. 4’06             Megan Rowe, Jr
6. 4’04             Ashley Taylor, So
7. 4’04             Mellissa Law, So

Long Jump
1. 14’09.00      Emma Calder, Jr
2. 14’06.50      Ashley Taylor, So
3. 14’01.50      Rylee Riggs, Jr
4. 13’11.50      Sydney Larson, So
5. 13’03.25      Alina Fransen, So
6. 13’02.00      Kassidy Webb, Fr
7. 12’11.00      Tatum Beard, Sr
8. 12’10.00      Esther Child, So
11’10.50          Gentry Keaton, Sr
11’10.00          Olivia Richards, Sr
11’07.75          Kylee Forbush, So
11’07.75          Bree Caldwell, So
10’11.00          Alyssa Hemsley, Jr
10’01.25          Katelyn Hoskins, So
10’00.50          Melissa Law, So

Pole Vault
1. 10’06.50      Paige Erickson, Sr
2. 8’00             Baylee Reynolds, Sr
3. 8’00             Jeni Christensen, Alum
4. 7’06             Gentry Keaton, Sr
5. 7’06             Korra Jensen, Jr
6. 7’00             Ashley Sullenger, Jr
7. 7’00             Kristin Funk, Jr
8. 6’06             Bree Caldwell, So
6’06                 Erin Bowe, Sr
6’00                 Sarah Calder, Jr
6’00                 Johanna Nilson, Jr
5’00                 Blaire Arnold, Jr

100m Hurdles
1. 15.63           Jordan Barnett, Sr
2. 15.84           Jamie West, Alum
3. 15.89           Megan Rowe, Jr
4. 16.31           Olivia Richards, Sr
16.49               Ben Jacobson, Alum
5. 16.72           Ruby Jane Matthewson, So
17.79               Jeff Agnello, Alum
18.45               Corbin Talley, Coach
6. 19.82           Cora Smith, So
7. 19.86           Tiahna Cipriano, Sr
8. 20.61           Vaneta Burnett, Sr
22.11               Casey Conover, Jr
22.53               Ashlee McDonald, Jr
27.59               Ella Palmer, Sr

100 Dash
1. 12.91           Elise Berning, Sr
2. 13.18           Brianna Gipson, Jr
3. 13.26           Olivia Richards, Sr
4. 13.36           Jordan Barnett, Sr
5. 14.08           Sydney Larson, So
6. 14.09           Maddie Lee, So
7. 14.15           Kennedy Hinton, Jr
8. 14.27           Claire Sorenson, Jr
14.33               Ashley Taylor, So
14.46               Paige Erickson, Sr
14.58               Rylee Riggs, Jr
14.76               Vaneta Burnett, Sr
14.96               Lauren Baird, So
15.06               Alyssa Hemsley, Jr
15.10               Melissa Law, So
15.30               Isabella Nosler, Jr
15.34               Colleen Mills, Sr
15.54               Julia Schraedel, So
15.59               Katelyn Hoskins, So
16.01               Casey Conover, Sr
16.09               Hannah Gray, So
17.31               Kiersten Davis, Jr
17.58               Ella Palmer, Sr

1600 Meter
1. 5:19.58        Ally Geisler, So
2. 5:25.36        Tatum Beard, Sr
3. 5:27.20        Aubrey Argyle, So
4. 5:37.27        Josey Hedquist, Sr
5. 5:42.01        Sarah Waddoups, Fr
6. 5:43.70        Stefanie Talley, Alum
7. 5:46.37        Jenna Connell, So
8. 5:48.55        Sydnee Rayl, So
5:50.88            Rachel Johnson, Sr
5:54.19            Jessica Paget, Alum
5:56.12            Grace Neuenschwander, So
5:57.57            Kaitlyn Datwyler, Sr
5:57.62            Sydney Zaugg, Jr
5:58.46            Anna Ferrell, Jr
5:58.96            Mandy Allred, 8th 
6:08.50            Emmaline Huntzinger, Jr
6:10.32            Ally Smith, So
6:16.70            Addy Rich, 8th 
6:19.14            Emma Call, Sr
6:23.50            Krystal Wood, Fr
6:24.58            Alex Tanner, Sr
6:28.73            Madison Bledsoe, Sr
6:33.11            Anne Hawkins, Jr
6:33.46            Sarah Ferrell, So
6:38.93            Taylor Davis, Jr
6:45.65            Amber Berry, Jr
7:00.27            Julia Anderson, Alum
7:01.29            Elise Anderson, Alum
7:01.25            Halle Allsop, Sr

400 Meter
1. 1:03.91        Keslee Stephenson, So
2. 1:04.53        Susie Eames, So
3. 1:05.60        Sydney Carson, So
4. 1:07.72        Elly Ferguson, Jr
5. 1:08.39        Emily Robinson, Jr
6. 1:15.36        Paige Beus, Sr
7. 1:36.05        Ellison Clark, Jr

300 Hurdles
1. 46.67           Jordan Barnett, Sr
2. 47.54           Ruby Jane Matthewson, So
3. 50.37           Olivia Richards, Sr
4. 50.68           Jamie West, Alum
5. 51.12           Ashlee Cannon, Alum
6. 51.18           Kassidy Webb, So
7. 57.35           Cora Smith, So
8. 57.96           Vaneta Burnett, Sr
1:02.33            Tiahna Cipriano, Sr
1:08.00            Elise Anderson, Alum

200 Meter
1. 26.58           Elise Berning, Sr
2. 27.88           Olivia Richards, Sr
3. 28.76           Susie Eames, So
4. 29.76           Maddie Lee, So
5. 30.02           Claire Sorenson, Jr
6. 30.21           Elly Ferguson, Jr
7. 30.40           Rylee Riggs, Jr
8. 30.60           Gentry Keaton, Sr
31.10               Emily Robinson, Jr
31.57               Melissa Law, So
31.99               Vaneta Burnett, Sr
32.06               Johanna Nilsson, Jr
32.20               Sarah Barnett, So
32.56               Isabella Nosler, Jr
32.60               Julia Schraedeh, So
32.86               Lauren Baird, So
33.88               Emily Berry, Jr
33.94               Kinlee Diamond, Jr
33.98               Katelyn Hoskins, So
35.07               Hannah Gray, So
36.22               Coleen Mills, Sr
42.36               Ellison Clark, Jr

800 Meter
1. 2:22.76        Ally Geisler, So
2. 2:23.79        Tatum Beard, Sr
3. 2:27.63        Tiahna Cipriano, Sr
4. 2:36.52        Anna Ferrell, Jr
5. 2:37.61        Sarah Waddoups, Fr
6. 2:37.98        Sydnee Rayl, So
7. 2:40.83        Taylor Woods, So
8. 2:42.45        Sydney Zaugg, Jr
2:44.21            Mandy Allred, 8th
2:46.81            Rachel Johnson, Sr
2:48.21            Mallaree Wood, So
2:48.98            Kaitlyn Datwyler, Sr
2:50.38            Ally Smith, So
2:50.96            Emma Call, Sr
2:51.71            Melanie Sullivan, Jr
2:53.00            Bailey Cipriano, So
2:56.98            Addy Rich, 8th
2:59.86            Krystal Wood, Fr
2:59.95            Anne Hawkins, Jr
3:00.31            Taylor Davis, Jr
3:03.42            Autumn Jenkins, Jr
3:05.13            Cami Limb, Sr
3:08.01            Amanda Ruvalcaba, So
3:09.21            Paige Beus, Sr
3:10.38            Bethanne Bissell, Sr
3:11.00            Bekah Groll, Sr
3:11.94            Sarah Ferrell, So
3:12.20            Madison Bledsoe, Alum
3:12.23            Elise Anderson, Sr
3:17.71            Colleen Mills, Sr
3:18.36            Maddie Meyer, Sr
3:24.28            Anni Longman, So
3:25.78            Kaitlyn Day, So

3200 Meter
1. 12:55.07      Aubrey Argyle, So
2. 13:08.14      Tatum Beard, Sr
3. 13:08.76      Josey Hedquist, Sr
4. 13:17.00      Grace Neuenschwander, So
5. 13:18.62      Jami Caldwell, Alum
6. 13:34.10      Rachel Johnson, Sr
7. 13:39.54      Jessica Paget, Alum
8. 13:42.45      Brooke Gutzwiller, Alum
13:51.98          Kaitlyn Datwyler, Sr
13:52.02          Mandy Allred, 8th

8 x 400m Relay
8:02.89            Senior A
8:09.49            Sophomore A
8:27.52            Alumni A
8:27.84            Junior A
8:37.40            Senior B
8:41.45            Junior B
9:02.41            Sophomore B
9:10.55            Sophomore C
9:18.00            Freshman A
9:28.33            Alumni
9:36.74            Junior Z
9:41.43            Sophomore X
9:45.45            Senior C

196         Sophomore/Freshman
179         Junior
172         Senior
36           Alumni

358         Juniors
312         Seniors
300         Sophomores
154         Alumni

624         Sophomores/Freshman (x 2.0)
537         Juniors (x 1.5)
466         Seniors/Alumni (combined)

*Scored 8 Places

Alumni Meet - 2015 Boys Results

Davis Alumni Meet – Boys Results
March 09, 2015 (57 degrees, sunny, light tailwind breeze)

Shot Put
1. 58’03.00    Bryce Hall, Alum
2. 50’07.50    Justin Beard, Alum
3. 49’00.25    Dallin Baires, Sr
4. 48’10.00    Tony Hill, Alum
5. 41’03.00    Eli Beard, So
6. 38’03.00    Isaak Yablonsky, So
7. 37’07.50    Jacob Luddington, Jr
8. 37’04.00    Dalton Facer, Alum
37’02.00        Colton Jeffery, So
33’09.00        Collin Turner, So
32’01.25        Anthony Berger, So
31’08.25        Joseph Bohman, Sr
30’06.00        Avery Brown, So
30’01.00        Cline Chatterton, So
29’11.00        Dillon Elsberry, Jr
28’01.25        Hayden Mondfranz, So
25’08.25        Trey Davis, Jr

1. 169’03      Bryce Hall, Alum
2. 160’00      Tony Hill, Alum
3. 146’05      Dallin Baires, Sr
4. 109’10      Isaak Yablono-sky, So
5. 102’05      Eli Beard, So
6. 102’05      Jacob Luddington, Jr
7. 100’06      Joseph Bohman, Sr
8.  99’05       Mark Lindstrom, Alum
89’00            Zach Leavitt, So
80’05            Dillon Elsberry, Sr
71’11            Avery Brown, So

1. 190’03       Spencer Betker, Alum
2. 150’03       KJ Bishop, Sr
3. 131’07       Will Vandemerwe, Jr
4. 127’11       Tony Hill, Alum
5. 113’02       Logan Baird, Jr
6. 108’06       Judd Barber, Jr
7. 106’04       Isaak Yablonsky, So
8. 104’04       Matt Beecher, Jr
101’08           Luis Merida, So
98’04             Luke Shaner, Sr
97’06             Dillon Elsberry, Sr
96’09             Jacob Luddington, Jr
86’05             Ben Godfrey, Sr
85’07             Brigham Valentine, Sr
80’00             Caleb Neville, So
71’06             Ryan Heaps, So
70’03             Zach Leavitt, Jr
64’08             Cameron Morris, So
61’05             Jake Overfelt, So
51’08             Avery Brown, So

High Jump
1. 6’04          Nate Allred, Jr
2. 6’02          Hunter Simonsen, Jr
3. 6’00          Jonny Thornton, So
4. 5’10          Logan Baird, Jr
5. 5’10          Eric Thompson, Jr
6. 5’06          TJ Thorley, Alum
7. 5’04          Carter Nebeker, So

Long Jump
1. 20’03.50    Nate Welling, Sr
2. 20’02.00    Matt Calvin, Jr
3. 19’02.50    Jonathan Thornton, So
4. 19’01.25    Nate Allred, Jr
5. 18’08.75    Hunter Simonsen, Jr
6. 18’06.25    Spencer Betker, Alum
7. 18’03.25    Taylor Southwick, Jr
8. 18’00.00    Evyn Conrad, Sr
17’09.75        TJ Thorley, Alum
17’05.75        Bryce Pectol, Jr
17’02.00        Chase Jensen, Sr
17’02.00        Cache Arbon, So
16’11.75        Colin Scharton, So
16’00.25        Carter Nebeker, So
16’00.00        Joey Giles, Jr
15’10.50        Jake Overfelt, So
15’07.00        Nathan Miller, So
15’06.50        Joseph Bohman, Sr
15’03.75        Corbin Schroeder, So
14’11.00        Dallin Baires, Sr
14’08.00        Lance Ford, So
14’07.00        Eli Beard, So
14’01.50        Tyler Seeley, So
13’05.50        Tyler Jensen, So
12’11.50        Jake Welling, Jr
12’07.75        Jeff Agnello, Alum
10’02.25        Adam Aposhian, Sr

Pole Vault
1. 12’06           Matt Calvin, Jr
2. 12’06           Taylor Southwick, Jr
3. 12’00           Harrison Haslam, Sr
4. 11’06           Jeff Agnello, Alum
5. 11’00           Brigham Valentine, Sr
6. 10’06           Dan Hayward, Alum
7. 10’06           Luke Shaner, Sr
8. 10’00           Evyn Conrad, Sr
9’06                 Nate Limb, Alum
9’06                 Adam Davies, Alum
9’00                 Baylor Green, Jr
8’06                 Cache Arbon, So
8’06                 Austin Hansel, Jr
8’00                 Jackson Potter, So
7’06                 Tanner Thorne, So
6’06                 Landon Davis, Sr
NH                   Nate Allred, Jr
NH                   Luke Carling, Jr
NH                   Daniel Tumblin, Jr
NH                   Ben Fielden, Jr

110m Hurdles
1. 15.40           Jaron Erickson, Jr
2. 15.49           Palmer Flood, Sr
3. 15.79           Hunter Simonsen, Jr
4. 16.33           Taylor Southwick, Jr
5. 16.45           McGyver Clark, Jr
6. 16.50           Ben Godfrey, Sr
7. 16.74           Dalton Facer, Alum
8. 16.78           Tyler Seeley, So
19.62               Landon Davis, Sr

100 Dash
1. 11.27           Jordan Goldsberry, Sr
2. 11.28           Jake Moffett, Jr
3. 11.35           Rylee Stringham, So
4. 11.55           Caleb Gipson, Sr
5. 11.64           Jonathan Thornton, So
6. 11.65           Matt Beecher, Jr
7. 11.67           Palmer Flood, Sr
8. 11.84           Matt Calvin, Jr
11.94               Kelton Johnson, So
12.02               Evyn Conrad, Sr
12.03               Kyle Cipriano, Alum
12.05               McGyver Clark, Jr
12.17               Joe Eads, Jr
12.18               Jason Barker, Jr
12.18               Lance Ford, So
12.18               Nate Welling, Sr
12.22               Rylee Chilcote, Alum
12.32               Brigham Valentine, Sr
12.34               Cade Hyde, Jr
12.35               Luis Merida, So
12.36               Collin Scharton, So
12.37               Ryker Johnson, Sr
12.39               Dillon Atkinson, Jr
12.59               Chandler Perry, So
12.60               Saxey, Sr
12.76               Drew Sumsion, Jr
12.84               Brady Summers, Sr
12.85               Carter Nebeker, So
13.00               Luke Shaner, Sr
13.19               Mickey Nash, So
13.22               Landon Davis, Sr
13.51               Michael Wyler, So
13.54               Corbin Schroeder, So
13.56               Aiden James, So
13.88               Emerson Harden, Jr
13.88               Tyler Jensen, So

1600 Meter
1. 4:31.78        Alfred Johnston, Alum
2. 4:36.46        Frasier Williamson, So
3. 4:36.85        Danny Tumblin, Jr
4. 4:37.98        Cameron Todd, So
5. 4:39.29        Colton Reimann, Jr
6. 4:44.26        Bryce Fergusen, Jr
7. 4:45.77        Brandon Peters, Sr
8. 4:46.68        Adam Aposhian, Sr
4:49.30            Seth Stromberg, Fr
4:49.70            Mitch Perry, Sr
4:50.28            Josh Christiansen, So
4:50.86            Zach Wilde, Sr
5:51.52            Mckay Treadwell, So
4:51.86            Nate Wilde, Fr
4:52.82            Solomon Twitchell, Sr
4:55.47            Dallin Larsen, Jr
4:57.82            Matt Ward, So
4:58.62            Josh Peters, So
4:59.94            Britton Porter, Jr
5:01.38            Adam Hedquist, Fr
5:01.82            Jackson Rayl, Sr
5:02.43            Carson Cox, Fr
5:09.13            Josh Wilkinson, Jr
5:09.33            Brigham Halverson, So
5:09.69            Jacob Vaughan, So
5:09.86            Jake Welling, Jr
5:10.75            Brandon Christenson, So
5:11.98            Devin Jaster, So
5:13.98            Branson Petty, So
5:14.28            Jason Boyd, So
5:18.58            Jacie Callor, So
5:19.56            Lance Ford, So
5:21.60            Nate Hales, Jr
5:22.26            Kaleb Stinger, So
5:22.50            Dallin Kitchen, So
5:23.48            Samuel Leavitt, Jr
5:24.16            Porter VanDrimmelen, Fr
5:25.00            Spencer Rindlisbacher, Alum
5:26.67            Nate Iverson, 8th Grade
5:38.59            Karson Hugie, So
5:44.03            Ammon Taylor, So
5:44.73            Zach Jenkins, So
5:47.80            Mikey Savage, So
5:48.09            Nathan Wolfertz, Jr
5:50.28            Landon Wheeler, So
5:51.60            Jake Miller, So
5:52.08            Hayden Vance, So
5:52.30            Jared Winkelman, So
5:53.95            Sam Francis, So
5:55.34            Jonah Taylor, So
5:59.14            Austin Ivie, So
6:03.67            Parker DeBry, Jr
6:12.64            Davis Michelsen, So
6:13.53            Tanner Bilton, So
6:21.91            Cameron Layton, Alum
6:34.45            Janes Stenquist, Alum
6:36.17            Kendrick Young, So
7:16.33            Brandan Post, So

400 Meter
1. 53.24           Devin Lang, Alum
2. 55.17           Caleb Gipson, Sr
3. 55.24           Joe Eads, Jr
4. 55.32           Rylee Chilcote, Alum
5. 56.04           Jade White, So
6. 56.71           Ryker Johnson, Sr
7. 57.18           Josh Gardner, Jr
8. 57.34           Luis Merida, So
58.90               Chandler Perry, So
59.01               Joey Giles, Jr
59.04               Brady Summers, Sr
1:00.91            Jason Barker, Jr
1:02.44            Mikey Nash, So
1:02.51            Drew Sumsion, Jr
1:03.20            Michael Wyler, So
1:04.96            Eric Thomson, Jr
1:05.36            Aidan James, So
1:10.99            David Michelson, So

300 Hurdles
1. 39.78           Palmer Flood, Sr
2. 44.22           Ben Godfrey, Sr
3. 45.17           Landon Baird, So
4. 45.54           McGyver Clark, Jr
5. 45.71           Tyler Seely, So
6. 45.94           Kelton Johnson, So
7. 46.42           Dalton Facer, Alum
8. 47.18           Nate Lee, Alum

800 Meter
1. 1:56.96        Jason Holt, Guest
2. 2:00.90        Josh Ward, Sr
3. 2:00.90        Logan MacKay, Jr
4. 2:00.90        Colter Blanchard, Jr
5. 2:00.90        Stokton Smith, Sr
6. 2:04.54        Dallin Larsen, Jr
7. 2:08.56        Kyler Cipriano, Alum
8. 2:10.71        Adam Aposhian, Sr
2:11.99            Ethan Anderson, Fr
2:12.01            Daniel Tumblin, Jr
2:12.10            Frasier Williamson, So
2:14.13            Colton Rimann, Jr
2:14.63            Bryce Ferguson, Jr
2:15.07            Mitch Perry, Sr
2:15.28            Josh Christiansen, So
2:15.86            Jackson Rayl, Sr
2:17.17            McKay Treadwell, So
2:17.85            Carson Cox, Fr
2:22.42            Jacob Vaughan, So
2:22.67            Jake Welling, Jr
2:23.23            Jace Callor, So
2:24.10            Devin Jaster, So
2:24.40            Adam Hedquist, Fr
2:28.29            Josh Wilkinson, Jr
2:28.62            Sam Leavitt, Jr
2:29.76            Mikey Savage, So
2:33.69            Nate Wolferts, Jr
2:34.14            Porter VanDrimmelen, Fr
2:35.34            Branson Petty, So
2:37.65            Owen David, So
2:39.20            Parker Debry, Jr
2:40.03            Isaak Hugh, Jr
2:41.52            Landon Wheeler, So
2:45.85            Austin Ivie, So
2:53.51            Hayden Vance, So
2:55.98            Tanner Bilton, So
2:57.52            Jonah Taylor, So
2:58.88            Karson Hugie, So
3:24.08            Brandon Post, So

200 Meter
1. 22.93           Jordan Goldsberry, Sr
2. 23.31           Riley Stringham, So
3. 23.53           Jake Moffett, Jr
4. 23.54           Caleb Gipson, Sr
5. 23.96           Devin Lang, Alum
6. 24.02           Taylor Southwick, Jr
7. 24.71           Cade Hyde, Jr
8. 25.05           Josh Gardner, Jr
25.27               Jade White, So
25.29               Joe Eades, Jr
25.45               Collin Sharton, So
25.83               Luis Merida, So
25.99               Saxey, Sr
26.91               Chase Elsberry, So
27.21               Drew Sumsion, Jr
28.49               Dallin Davis, So
28.62               Eric Burgen, So

3200 Meter
1. 9:55.90        Alfred Johnston, Alum
2. 10:16.20      Camren Todd, So
3. 10:24.24      Matt Ward, So
4. 10:48.46      Frasier Williamson, So
5. 10:52.83      Zach Wilde, Sr
6. 11:09.21      Brigham Halverson, So
7. 11:22.51      Lance Thornton, Jr
8. 11:40.68      Dallin Kitchen, So
12:34.20          Spencer Rindlisbacher, Alum

8 x 400m Relay
8:02.89            Senior A
8:09.49            Sophomore A
8:27.52            Alumni A
8:27.84            Junior A
8:37.40            Senior B
8:41.45            Junior B
9:02.41            Sophomore B
9:10.55            Sophomore C
9:18.00            Freshman A
9:28.33            Alumni
9:36.74            Junior Z
9:41.43            Sophomore X
9:45.45            Senior C

187           Juniors
154           Seniors
124           Alumni
115           Sophomores

358         Juniors
312         Seniors
300         Sophomores
154         Alumni

624         Sophomores/Freshman (x 2.0)
537         Juniors (x 1.5)
466         Seniors/Alumni (combined)

*Scored 8 Places