Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wednesday, May 28, 3:00pm in Coach Talley's Room (2512)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Region Championships 2008 (Part 1 - Day 2)

"Shhhhhhhhoot! She's coming in fast."

"Did you ever hear about that time that we kicked every body's butt, and no one could beat us, and we were the Champions, and nothing could stop us, and this is a long sentence, and we got the gold medal, and the gold trophy, and did I tell you how long this sentence was?"

"Hey!" Shouted Leland. "Who left their smelly socks lying here on the field. I think it will leave a dead patch of grass."

"Ha Ha, we left our socks there and Leland has to smell them."

"Yeah buddy, after I kick some tail in this race I'm coming after you. I don't even have a permit for these huge biceps either."

"Mmmm Nachos and winning. " Thought little Spencer Anderson. "Aint nothin' better."

"Chicks dig blood!' Ryan said gleefully.
*Note: "You should wear with pride the scars on your skin to remember the adventures and the places you've been."

"Oh chicks are cool. Do wop, do wop. We love girls. Do wop. Do wop.And we sing like this because we don't have much else to do, ooo, ooo. Man we look so cool. Never gonna look like a fool. Cause we're Davis Darts. With Giant Hearts, and Chicks. Do Wop, We said Chicks. Ooo yeah. Chicks, Man, they love us aaaaallllllllll!"

"You're serious? There really is such thing as Second place? That's so weird."

"Hey!" Laughed Loren. "That really, really cool guy thinks you two are related."
"Us?" the first of two girls who look alike blurted out. "That's just crazy!"

"He said you two look like twins." Loren continued.
"Twins?" They said in unison. "What's that?"

"Are you kidding us? We look nothing a like. My shirt is blue, and her shirt is white. You may be the coolest person we have ever met, and probably ever will meet, but you need to get your eyes checked."

"Caleb! Don't you know fences aint meant to sit on? You're gonna fall."
"Gally, when you've got so much cool inside of you, if gives one a better sense of balance ya know. You don't think I get the chicks by my oozing charm do you? It takes a lot of balance too."
"Sometimes you make me want to scream Jason Stintlemeizer Thomas. I have poured my heart out to you, and you just stand their with that really cool look on your face that makes realize what stud you are. ASK ME OUT ALREADY!"
"Hee hee!" giggled Gutz "I'm the tallest!"
"Yeah!" Carston thought to his self. "But I'm the third tallest, and you can't take that away from me."
Below: Someone is punching Missy in the gut.
Once the excitment, mixed with dehydration set in, their muscles began to spasm out of control.
"Hey little buddy. " Seth said the the dog. "Ya ever seen a Gutz before? You can come to my house and we will be buddies. I will ride you around. And you will learn all of my secrets. We'll be BFADF."
"Woof, Woof, Woooooof. " The Dog Replied. "Woof, Arf, Bow Wow."
*NOTE BFADF stands for "Best Friend and Dog Forever".
"What are you listening to that is making you hum that Britney Spears song?"
They just couldn't get enough of that running in.
"Hey guys wait up. We're in a three legged relay, and it is slowing us down. Wait up!"
"Ahhhhhhhhhh! We win!"
"It's one plus one Baby! It all goes round and round. Can't stop the D train." Commented Ryan. "Ooops I did it again." He was singing quietly as he walked away.
"Hey we're all on Caleb''s back."
"That's two first place trophey's Dad."