Friday, March 28, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 5

Darts - 
It is hard to believe that we are already into the heart of the season with two of our biggest meets behind us. As a coaching staff, we are very excited about what we have seen so far. The TEAM is really coming together, we have been working hard, and our performances are showing the hard work. The 3 weeks after we come back from spring break (leading into the Davis Invite) are going to be crucial weeks for each of you. Come back from the break ready to put in the hardest work of the season and ready to really get after each opportunity you have to compete. 

District Championships - We put together some very solid performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both the girls and the boys brought home the District Championships against some very solid teams. Syracuse will be coming after us the rest of the season - especially at region and state. Full results can be found at And our performance lists on the blog will also be updated ( Our boys performance of the meet came in the trials from Trevor Leavitt. His 400m time of 47.69 was a new meet record, school record, and current U.S. #4. It is also the 10th fastest time in Utah state history. On the girls side, our performance of the meet came from a whole group of girls. In the 1600m, we had 13 of the top 15 places, with a record setting 13 girls at 5:32 or under. The group was led by Taylor Cox, Miah Weaver, and Kenzie Weir.

Boys who finished in the top 3 in their event: Trevor Leavitt - 100m (2nd), 200m (1st), 400m (1st); Logan MacKay - 800m (1st), 3200m (1st); Josh Ward - 1600m (1st), 800m (3rd); Stokton Smith - 1600m (2nd), 3200m (2nd); Palmer Flood - 300m Hurdles (3rd); Dallin Baires - Discus (3rd); Nate Allred - High Jump (2nd); Andrew Tyndall - Pole Vault (1st); and our relay teams finished 1st and 2nd in the 4 x 800 (A - Kent Thompson, Colter Blanchard, Josh Robinson, and Ethan Stuart, B - Dallin Larsen, JR Oldham, Jason Lang, and Logan Haviland); 1st in the 4 x 400 (Trevor, Gabe, Palmer, and Rylee); 2nd in the Medley Relay (Jordan, Jacob, Rob, and Colter); and 3rd in the 4 x 100 (Ty, Carson, Jordan, and Colton). 

Girls who finished in the top 3 in their event: Taylor Cox - 800m (1st), 1600m (2nd); Miah Weaver - 3200m (2nd); Hannah Albrechtsen - 800m (2nd); Ally Geisler - 800m (3rd); Rachel Anderson - 100m (1st); Elise Berning - 100m (3rd), 200m (3rd); Brittney Rounkles - 100m (2nd); BriAnna Gipson - 400m (2nd); Melanie Sullivan - 400m (3rd); Jordan Barnett - 300m Hurdles (2nd); Kendall Sargent - Javelin (1st); Liz Jones - Pole Vault (2nd); Gentry Keaton - Pole Vault (3rd); and our relay teams finished 1st and 2nd in the 4 x 800 (A - Hannah, Josey, Kenzie, and Taylor; B - Ally, Aubrey, Tatum, and Tiahna); 1st in the 4 x 400m (BriAnna, Melanie, Rachel, and Taylor); 2nd in the Medley Relay (Brittney, Hailee, Megan, and Tiahna); and 2nd in the 4 x 100m (Olivia, Elise, Sarah, and Rachel). 

Boys Team Scores:
1. 215 Davis
2. 174 Syracuse
3. 89 Woods Cross
4. 41 Northridge
5. 40 Layton

Girls Team Scores:
1. 235 Davis
2. 125 Syracuse
3. 70 Viewmont
4. 57 Northridge
5. 39 Clearfield

Spring Break Workouts - Here are some suggestions. You can be creative and do something else - but it is important that you stay active and get some kind of work in so that we can maintain what we have done. 
Friday - We had a workout at the track this morning at 9:00am - you were supposed to be there if you weren't out of town. If you missed it, I would recommend getting some type of physical activity (a run, some lifting, some cross training, core work, etc). 
Saturday - 
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers - 10 x :30 on the hills (weekly hill workout)
Throwers - Weights and Core Work
Distance - 6-10 miles and abs
Monday -
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers/Throwers: Optional workout on your own or day off :)
Distance Runners - 5-8 miles and abs
Tuesday - 
Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers - 12 x 100m on the track, the grass, the road, or a hill. End with some plyos (lunges, squat jumps, burpees, etc) and core work.
Throwers - Weights, Plyos (lunges, squat jumps, burpees, etc), and core work
Distance Runners - 10-15 minutes warm up, 3-4 x 4:00 hard with 3:00 recovery jog, 10-15 minutes cool down. 

Herriman Invite - Next Saturday we will be going to the Herriman Invitational. We will be able to enter 4 people in each event. We will go over our entries on Wednesday at practice (next week). People who are not competing are invited to come to the track meet to watch/support. More details to come next week. 

TEAM Pictures - Friday, April 4 in the bleachers after school. Bring both your uniforms (normal and throwback). 

Davis Invite Sponsors - I meant to hand out this information before the break. I have attached the Davis Invite Sponsor Information. Each year as a fundraiser, we try to get as many sponsors as we can for the Davis Invite. There is a $50 option and a $100 option (info on the attachment). It basically gets the sponsor on the t-shirt, gives them some lunch tickets and free admission to the track meet, gets their name on the program, and gets the sponsors name attached to an event ($100 option). It can be a business sponsor or a family sponsor. Everyone should try to think of someone they might be able to ask for a sponsorship. Thanks.

Thought of the Week: I know that some of you are not satisfied with where you are currently performing. I hope that most of you want to get better and better as the season goes on. If you are not performing quite where you would like to perform; if you feel like you have not quite hit the marks you were hoping to hit - let me suggest one very important ingredient for success: HARD WORK. There really isn't much of a shortcut to getting better at track & field. Just like life, track is full of ups and downs - both satisfying and discouraging moments - and I truly believe that the best thing to do when you are struggling is to put in some hard work. If you will commit to work with purpose and determination for the next few weeks, I promise you are going to gain some benefit from it. Do the workouts the best you can - and then throw in some extra work. Getting better (faster and stronger) and gaining confidence really comes from the daily grind - the work that you have to put in on a daily basis. People ask me all the time: "how can I get faster?" There are a lot of things that can help, but the primary answer is simple - work harder.

Upcoming Schedule:
April 5 - Herriman Invite (for top 4 in each event)
April 9 - Davis @ Fremont (for everyone)
April 16 - Syracuse @ Davis (for everyone)
April 18 - Woods Cross Invite (for top 4-6 in each event)
April 23 - Weber @ Davis (for everyone)

Thanks. Have a fantastic spring break!!!
Coach Talley
Davis Track & Field

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 4

Darts - 
Sorry for the late update this week. It will be a quick one (I was out of town all weekend). We did have a great week last week with the Davis Super Meet - and we have some very important things coming up . . . 

Super Meet - Both the boys and the girls came out victorious at the Super Meet this past Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was definitely a close battle. The girls finished 16 points ahead of Herriman (178-162) and the boys were 18 points ahead of our long-time rival Riverton (187.5-169). We had to fight hard for both victories - and we were pleased with the toughness and the teamwork that our TEAM showed. It was good to see where we stand against some of the best competition in the state. We still have a lot of work in front of us - and hopefully a lot of PRs. 
You can see the full results on runnercard at 
We did a great job competing - but I was also very pleased with all the work that both the boys and girls teams did in putting on a great meet. We got a lot of compliments from opposing coaches letting us know that they were impressed with how well all of our athletes jump in to help run the meet. It is something that I feel makes our program so strong. We have one more big meet - The Davis Invite - on April 26th. We will once again need all your help. A real quick thanks goes out to all of our coaches and volunteers for helping us put on such a smooth meet. 

Performance Lists - We will have the TEAM performance lists for both the boys and the girls updated throughout the season on the blog - - just follow the links at the top of the blog page. 

Davis District Championships - The District Championships are this week on Tuesday and Wednesday (25th and 26th) at Syracuse High School. The trials and a few finals in the field events and distance events are on Tuesday, and the remaining finals and relays are on Wednesday. I have attached a schedule with the Davis entries. We are not able to enter everyone on the TEAM in the meet because there are qualifying marks - but we will try to get as many of you in the meet as we can. If you are not on the list, but feel that you should be in a certain event. PLEASE let me know at practice on Monday (or in an email). If you are on the list, but won't be able to attend, also let me know - because there are entry fees for each event we enter you in. Let me know if you or your parents have any other questions. The meet begins at 3:00 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. You will be excused from class at 1:30 both days. Those of you who are not entered in the meet are still encouraged to come out to Syracuse and cheer on your teammates. We will be taking buses out to Syracuse, you are not allowed to drive yourself - but your parents can drive you (or take you home).  

Spring Break - We will have a practice on Friday, March 28th at 9:00am. The practice is MANDATORY for all of you who will be in town on Friday. We will NOT be meeting for practice on Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday of spring break - but we will expect you to workout over the break. I will email out some workout suggestions before we hit the break. 

TEAM Pictures - Will be on Friday, April 4 after school in the bleachers - bring both your normal uniform and your throwback uniform. 

Track Apparel - the t-shirts and the track pants both came in this week. We will get the hoodies in a day or two. There were a few of you who had not paid as of yet - make sure to pay in the office before you pick up your apparel. We will sell whatever is left over after this week. 

Upcoming Schedule:
March 25-26: Davis District Championships @ Syracuse H.S.
April 5: Herriman Invitational (we get to enter 4 athletes per event).
April 9: Davis @ Fremont - this is the next meet where everyone gets to compete and you all get to choose your events (up to 4). Those of you who are not competing at Districts should set some goals for this week and work hard to get there. 

Thought of the Week - Although track may seem to be a very individual sport - there is a huge TEAM aspect involved with everything we do. Relays and the overall TEAM score are a big part of it - but we also want you to be a TEAM in the way you train together and push each other in practice, in the way you compete hard for your TEAM and cheer on your TEAMmates as they do the same, and in the way you represent DAVIS TRACK & FIELD at every meet we attend. Focus this week on inspiring and encouraging one another as we fight as a TEAM for the District Championship. Be willing to put your TEAM first and sacrifice with your TEAMmates. 

Thanks for all you are doing to make this a stronger TEAM, 
Coach Talley

ps. - Don't forget to vote (DAILY) for the girls cross country team as the Utah TEAM of the Year -
Help us spread the word and get as many votes as we can for the next few weeks.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Davis Super Meet

Davis Super Meet Results are posted at

Davis Super Meet Time Schedule:

3:00       Pole Vault
High Jump
Long Jump
Shot Put (L-W: 3:00-3:45; A-H: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at 4:30)
Discus (A-H: 3:00-3:45; L-W: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at conclusion of Shot Put finals)

3:00       100/110m HURDLES
3:20       100m DASH
3:45       1600m RUN
4:05       4x100m RELAY
4:15       400m DASH
4:30       300m HURDLES
4:45       800m RUN
5:00       Medley RELAY
5:20       200m DASH
5:40       3200m RUN
5:55       4x400m RELAY
6:10       4x800m RELAY
6:25       Presentation of Awards 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Davis Track Update - Week 3

Darts - 
There was a lot of great energy at the Alumni Meet on Friday. It is exciting to get the season underway and to see some solid starting marks. We feel very positive about the first 3 weeks of training, and our hard work is really starting to show. You can see the results for the girls at and the boys at 
Congratulations to the sophomores for being the Alumni Meet champions. We make adjustments to the scores every year to try to make it even - but after the adjustments, the sophomores won in dominating fashion. With the girls and boys combined, the sophs scored 530 points, the juniors were 2nd with 304.5, and the seniors were 3rd with 266. Before the adjustments, the seniors pulled off the victory over the sophomores by 1 point (266-265). I think it shows our strength for this year, but also shows that we can do some great things over the next 2 years as well (#davistrackfutureisbright). Congrats to the Alumni men for winning the boys competition by dominating the field events, and congrats to the sophomore girls for winning the girls competition (169-128 over the seniors). 
We had a few alumni meet records: Kendall Sargent threw 101'05 in the javelin, Taylor Cox ran 59.88 in the 400m, Kenzie Weir ran 12:24 in the 3200, Andrew Tyndall pole vaulted 14'02, Palmer Flood ran 15.68 in the 100 Hurdles, Josh Ward ran 4:28.96 in the 1600, Trevor Leavitt ran 48.70 in the 400m Dash, and Trevor also broke the record in the 200m dash with 22.58. There were many other strong performances and big improvements from last year. 
Even though it was a great start, we definitely have a lot of hard work in front of us. We have to keep getting stronger and keep improving as a TEAM. It is important to stay focused and hungry. If you were disappointed with your opening performance (I know some of you were) come to practice this week ready to work harder and be more determined than ever. There are still so many opportunities in front of us this season, and I hope each of you are ready to prove that you are champions. 

Super Meet - The Super Meet will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. There are 10 other teams coming to the meet, including some of our biggest competition for a state title (Herriman, Riverton, and Bingham). The girls will compete on Tuesday, and the boys will compete on Wednesday. We need ALL the boys to come on Tuesday to help officiate and run the meet for the girls, and ALL the girls to come on Wednesday to help during the boys meet. Tomorrow (Monday) at practice, we will post what you are competing in and what your job is on the day you don't compete. I have attached the schedule of events to this email so your parents will know when you compete. Spectators will cost $2 each in an attempt to raise some money for the program. 

Vote for the Girls Cross Country TEAM - The girls cross country TEAM won their 4th straight state championship last fall. They also finished 3rd place at the Nike Nationals in December. They have been nominated as the Utah TEAM of the year and are up against Real Salt Lake, the Salt Lake Bees, Utah State Football, and Lone Peak Basketball. You (and your family and friends) can vote once per day for the next 3-4 weeks at I guess you can also vote for me as the coach of the year on the same web site if you have the time. Thanks :)

Thought of the Week - It is very important that you take care of yourselves. There are a few things that all of you should be doing: 1) Drink a lot of water - carry a water bottle with you every day and bring a water bottle to practice on the hot days. 2) Get enough sleep - sleep will help you recover and help to prevent injury, and you'll feel better if you are getting the sleep you need. Shoot for 8 hours per night. 3) Eat healthy food. Make sure you are getting protein and iron in your diet, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and make sure you are eating enough calories to keep you fueled. 4) Take the extra time after practice to stretch, do core work, and ice (when you need to) - all of these things will help to prevent injury and make you stronger and faster.

"U" Make up - If any of you still have a 'U' to make up, we have a lot of work after practice on Monday getting ready for the meet on Tuesday.  

Keep up the great work. 
- Coach Talley

Upcoming Schedule:
March 18-19: Davis Super Meet @ Davis High School - 3:00pm
March 25-26: Davis District Championships @ Syracuse High School - 3:00pm
April 5: Herriman Invite @ Herriman High School - 9:00am
April 9: Davis @ Fremont @ Fremont High School - 3:15pm

Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Alumni Meet - Boys Results

Davis Alumni Meet – Boys Results
March 14, 2014 (60 degrees, sunny, light breeze)

Shot Put
1. 52’00.50       Justin Beard, Alum
2. 49’01.50       Tony Hill, Alum
3. 47’08.50       Landon Simonsen, Alum       
4. 44’10.50       Miles Flake, Alum
5. 43’03.50       Kyle Allred, Sr
6. 42’04.00       Dallin Baires, Jr
41’05.50           Kyle Green, Alum
40’06.00           Jordan Lemprele, Sr
38’07.50           Gunner Francom, Jr
33’02.00           Jacob Luddington, So
28’03.75           Andrew Salisbury, Sr
26’02.00           Jordan Anderson, So
24’03.00           Landon LeBaron, So
23’11.00           Carson Warnick, So

1. 166’09.00     Tony Hill, Alum
2. 131’05.00     Kyle Allred, Sr
3. 120’08.00     Gunner Francom, Jr
4. 117’10.50     Miles Flake, Alum
5. 112’06.00     Dallin Baires, Jr
6. 105’05.00     Landon Simonsen, Alum       
99’03.00           Jordan Lemperle, Sr
79’05.00           Jacob Luddington, So
73’10.00           Andrew Salisbury, Sr
71’09.00           Brennan Palmer, Jr
64’00.00           Kent Thompson, Sr
59’05.00           Jordan Anderson, So
46’02.00           Landon LeBaron, Sr
NS                     Nick Newbold, Sr
NS                     Ben Godfrey,

1. 143’11.00     Chris Rocha, Alum
2. 134’00.00     Dan Hayward, Alum
3. 130’09.00     Jordan Lemperle, Sr
4. 127’06.00     Tony Hill, Alum
5. 117’05.00     Taylor Scott, Sr
6. 117’04.00     Andrew Tyndall, Sr
116’05.00         Will Vandermerwe, So
109’07.00         York Hill, Alum
109’05.00         Hunter Simonsen, So
99’09.00           Matt Daily, Alum
97’08.00           Logan Baird, So
92’04.00           Parker Flood, Jr
90’10.00           Matt Beecher, So
87’09.00           Judd Barber, So
84’05.00           Matthew Talbot, So
82’10.00           Nick Denson, Jr
82’03.00           Curtis Carlisle, Alum
81’06.00           Jacob Luddington, So
81’06.00           Jason Boyd, Fr
79’06.00           Ben Fielden, So
78’07.00           Palmer Flood, Jr
77’02.00           Wyatt Knowlton, So
75’04.00           Andrew Salisbury, Sr
74’05.00           Cole Stephenson, Jr
70’05.00           Parker DeBry, So
67’02.00           Luke Shaner, Jr
64’07.00           Jake Welling, So
62’11.00           Jordan Checketts, So
62’11.00           Justin Peterson, So
59’00.00           Brennan Mecham, So
59’00.00           Jordan Anderson, So
52’05.00           Landon LaBaron, So

High Jump
1. 6’02.00         Dan Hayward, Alum
2. 6’02.00         Marcus Daley, Alum
3. 6’00.00         Nate Allred, So
4. 6’00.00         Clayton Wilson, Alum
5. 5’10.00         Hunter Simonsen, So
6. 5’08.00         Mathew Daley, Alum
5’08.00             Logan Baird, So
5’06.00             TJ Thorley, Sr
5’06.00             Chase Jensen, Jr
5’06.00             Nate Butterfield, Sr
5’06.00             Jaron Erickson, So
5’04.00             Robert Thomas, Jr
5’04.00             Josh Gardner, So
5’04.00             Jacob Moffett, So
NH                    Curtis Daley, Jr

Long Jump
1. 19’00.50       Andrew Tyndall, Sr
2. 18’11.00       Jacob Moffett, So
3. 18’10.25       Matt Calvin, So
4. 18’10.00       Dan Hayward, Alum
5. 18’09.50       Derrek Parry, Sr
6. 18’03.00       Clay Wilson, Alum
18’01.50           Carson Hunt, Sr
17’11.25           Ethan Hunsaker, Alum
17’08.50           TJ Thorley, Sr
17’08.50           Chase Jensen, Jr
17’06.50           Nate Welling, Jr
17’01.50           Matt Beecher, So
16’11.00           Riley Stringham, Fr
16’02.00           Danny Wensel, So
16’01.00           Stanley Chen, So
15’10.75           Brady Summers, Jr
15’07.50           Jacob Woodland, Jr
15’06.75           Tyler Butterworth, Jr
15’01.00           Landon Davis, Jr
15’00.00           Nate Butterfield, Sr
14’10.00           Luke Shaner, So
14’04.00           Jacob Luddington,
14’02.50           Cade Hyde, So
13’08.25           Luke Carling, So
13’04.75           Mark Blackham, So
09’06.75           Carson Warnick, So

Pole Vault
1. 14’02            Andrew Tyndall, Sr
2. 13’01            Dan Hayward, Alum
3. 13’01            Ethan Hunsaker, Alum
4. 12’07            Jeff Agnello, Alum
5. 12’01            Trace Arbon, Alum
6. 11’02            Joe White, Alum
10’08                Harrison Haslam, Jr
10’02                Nate Lym, Alum
10’02                Evyn Conrad, Jr
10’02                Dallin West, Alum
10’02                Brigham Valentine, Jr
9’02                  Taylor Southwick, So
9’02                  Kyle Porter, Sr
9’02                  Jess Hansen, Jr
8’02                  Matt Calvin, So
8’02                  Luke Shaner, Jr
8’02                  Jacob Moffett, So
8’02                  Isaac Schraedel, Jr
7’02                  Justin Godfrey, Jr
7’02                  Blake Garrett, Sr
6’02                  Justin Peterson, So
NH                    Ben Shaner, Jr

110m Hurdles
1. 15.68             Palmer Flood, Jr
2. 15.84             Jaron Erickson, So
3. 16.06             Andrew Tyndall, Sr
4. 16.25             Todd Friosland, Sr
5. 16.37             Trace Arbon, Alum
6. 16.58             Ben Godfrey, Jr
16.73                 Derrek Parry, Sr
17.83                 Taylor Southwick, So
18.40                 Jason Barker, So
18.70                 Brennan Becker, Sr
19.39                 Bryson Steiner, Sr
21.14                 Landon Davis, Jr
21.57                 Drew Sumsion, So

100m Dash
1. 10.95             Seth Fortin, Alum
2. 11.43             Trevor Leavitt, Sr
3. 11.51             Kyle Green, Alum
4. 11.62             Carson Hunt, Sr
5. 11.76             Jake Moffett, So
6. 11.79             Palmer Flood, Jr
11.82                 Marcus Daley, Alum
11.86                 Jordan Goldsberry, Jr
11.95                 Griffin Hill, So
12.03                 Kallin Fisher, So
12.09                 Riley Stringham, Fr
12.12                 Derrek Parry, Sr
12.24                 Dillion Atkinson, So
12.26                 Josh Gardner, So
12.34                 Matt Calvin, So
12.36                 Caleb Gibson, Jr
12.36                 Todd Froisland, Sr
12.36                 Nate Welling, Jr
12.38                 Jacob Woodland, Jr
12.40                 Crazy Steve, Alum
12.44                 Evan Conrad, Jr
12.44                 Matt Beecher, So
12.50                 Jason Barker, So
12.52                 Mathew Daley, Alum
12.57                 Curtis Daley, Jr
12.78                 Nick Newbold, Sr
12.78                 Cade Hyde, So
12.84                 Ryan Merrill, Jr
12.87                 Joe Eads, So
12.91                 Jaden Argyle, So
12.93                 Zach Bryan, So
13.02                 Brady Summers, Jr
13.03                 Tyler Butterworth, Jr
13.09                 Brennan Palmer, Jr
13.15                 Elijah Mckay, So
13.16                 Parker Flood, Alum
13.20                 Hudson Hall, Jr
13.24                 Austin Francis, Sr
13.25                 Conner Geisler, Sr
13.26                 Landin Harris, Jr
13.29                 TJ Thorley, Sr
13.37                 Stanley Chen, So
13.44                 Jacob Gonzales, Jr
13.45                 Matthew Talbot, So
13.53                 Luke Carling, So
13.53                 Mark Blackham, So
13.54                 Leike Shaner, Jr
13.58                 Danny Wensel, So
13.68                 CJ Hurtado, Sr
13.71                 Landon Davis, Jr
13.82                 Jacob Merell, Sr
13.89                 Dallin Tanner, Jr
14.34                 Cole Stephenson, So
14.42                 Justin Peterson, So
15.04                 Leeland Talbot, Alum

1600m Meter Run
1. 4:28.96          Josh Ward, Jr
2. 4:32.97          Joe White, Alum
3. 4:35.50          Logan MacKay, So
4. 4:42.20          Kimball Potter, Sr
5. 4:43.73          Frasier Williamson, Fr
6. 4:45.38          Stokton Smith, Jr
4:47.68              Colter Blanchard, Jr 
4:49.21              Brandon Peters, Jr
4:49.06              Colton Rimann, So
4:50.51              Camren Todd, Fr
4:51.97              Bryce Ferguson, So
4:52.64              Daniel Tumblin, So
4:52.91              Adam Aposhian, Jr
4:54.93              Solomon Twitchell, Jr
4:59.21              Ethan Stuart, Sr
4:59.47              Britton Porter, So
5:00.83              Brady England, Jr
5:01.51              J.R. Oldham, Sr
5:01.80              Dallin Larsen, So
5:03.38              Mitch Perry, Jr
5:03.89              Skylar Williams, Sr
5:05.70              Matt Ward, Fr
5:08.44              Joshua Christiansen, Fr
5:11.25              Jackson Rayl, Jr
5:12.03              Curtis Carlisle, Alum
5:13.35              Jake Welling, So
5:14.19              Tanner Horrocks, Sr
5:15.88              Gavin Sundahl, Jr
5:17.45              Josh Peters, Fr
5:19.19              Josh Wilkinson, Fr
5:21.29              Spencer Rindlisbacher, Sr
5:22.41              Joshua Haviland, Jr
5:27.93              Brandon Jordan, So
5:28.26              Zach Moncur, Fr
5:35.15              Dallin Kitchen, Fr
5:37.30              Nathaniel Neubert, Jr
5:37.55              Bryce Larsen, Alum
5:43.06              Alec Schooley, So
5:50.05              Cade Croward, Alum
5:58.59              Bryant Ferrin, So
5:58.92              Nicholas Williams, So
7:27.85              Curtis Daley, Sr
7:54.09              Mathew Daley, Alum

300m Hurdles
1. 41.71             Palmer Flood, Jr
2. 42.03             Seth Fortin, Alum
3. 43.56             Todd Froisland, Sr
4. 43.94             Jaron Erikson, So
5. 44.09             Ben Godfrey, Jr
6. 44.41             Derrek Parry, Sr
46.60                 Nate Lee, Alum
46.76                 Ben Jackson, Alum
46.80                 Brennan Becker, Sr
46.93                 Joe White, Alum
47.67                 Bryson Steiner, Sr
48.40                 Chris Rocha, Alum
49.41                 Joey Giles, So
49.85                 Danny Flint, Alum
52.99                 Drew Sumsion, So

800m Meter Run
1. 2:03.30          Logan MacKay, So
2. 2:06.85          Kent Thompson, Sr
3. 2:09.80          Colter Blanchard, So
4. 2:09.84          Josh Robinson, Sr
5. 2:10.41          Jason Lang, So
6. 2:14.39          Fraiser Williamson, Fr
2:15.16              Dallin Larsen, Fr
2:16.10              Daniel Tumblin, So
2:16.71              Solomon Twitchell, Jr
2:19.92              Adam Aposhian, Jr
2:20.28              Rylee Chilcote, Sr
2:20.56              Camren Todd, Fr
2:21.73              Britton Porter, So
2:21.90              Brady England, Jr
2:22.94              Joshua Haviland, Jr
2:29.85              Josh Wilkinson, So
2:41.43              Nicholas Williams,

200m Meter Run
1. 21.83             Seth Fortin, Alum
2. 22.58             Trevor Leavitt, Sr
3. 23.80             Griffin Hill, So
4. 24.35             Jordan Goldsberry, Jr
5. 24.60             Caleb Gipson, Jr
6. 24.68             Gabe Alfaro, Sr
24.91                 Todd Froisland, Sr
25.18                 Jacob Woodland, Jr
25.40                 Josh Gardner, So
25.45                 Dillon Atkinson, So
25.59                 McGyver Clark, So
26.09                 Ryan Merrill, Jr
26.35                 Brady Summers, Jr
26.48                 Brennan Palmer, Jr
26.54                 Cade Hyde, So
26.78                 Austin Francis, Sr
27.00                 Zach Bryan, So
27.48                 Mark Blackham, So
27.58                 Stanley Chen, So
27.61                 Dallin Tanner, Jr
27.82                 Danny Wensel, So
28.69                 Luke Carling, So
28.79                 Adam Aposhian, Jr
29.89                 Parker DeBry, So

400m Meter Run
1. 48.70             Trevor Leavitt, Sr
2. 52.32             Gabe Alfaro, Sr
3. 53.34             Rylee Chilcote, Sr
4. 53.94             Kealton Johnson, Fr
5. 54.69             Caleb Gipson, Jr
6. 56.65             McGyver Clark, So
56.72                 Nick Newbold, Sr
57.92                 Joe Eads, So
58.71                 Cade Hyde, So
54.01                 Robert Thomas, Jr
1:00.85              Curtis Carlisle, Alum
1:01.22              Jackson Rayl, Jr
1:02.94              Eric Hall, Jr
1:04.34              Cade Cloward, Alum 

3200m Meter Run
1. 10:22.07        Josh Ward, Jr
2. 10:28.76        Kimball Potter, Sr
3. 10:35.39        Colton Rimann, So
4. 10:44.48        Frasier Williamson, Fr
5. 10:51.55        Matt Ward, Fr
6. 10:53.91        Coach Talley, Alum
11:33.20            Spencer Rindlisbacher, Sr
11:42.31            Jackson Rayl, Jr
12:19.00            Solomon Twitchell, Jr
12:19.89            Josh Robinson, Sr
12:20.14            Bryce Ferguson, So

8 x 400m RELAY
1. 7:46.53          Senior A
2. 7:54.06          Junior A
3. 8:02.58          Sophomore A
4. 8:33.71          Sophomore B
5. 8:43.80          Alumni A
6. 8:54.44          Senior B
9:07.18              Junior B
9:32.79              Alumni B
9:40.63              Mixed
9:42.42              Sophomore C
10:06.47            Mixed

161              Alumni
138              Seniors
96                Sophomores
70                Juniors

266              Seniors
265              Sophomores
203              Juniors
201              Alumni

530              Sophomores (x 2.0)
304.5           Juniors (x 1.5)
266              Seniors (x 1.0)
201              Alumni (x 1.0)

2014 Alumni Meet - Girls Results

Davis Alumni Meet – Girls Results
March 14, 2014 (60 degrees, sunny, light breeze)

Shot Put
1. 36’07.50          Alayna Ferrin, Alum
2. 30’04.50          Johanna Purdy, Sr
3. 30’01.50          Kathryn Wilde, So
4. 27’11.50          Ann Paige, Sr
5. 26’05.00          Cambree Dotson, Jr
6. 23’05.50          Karsen Selleneit, So
22’04.50              Emma Calder, So
21’07.25              Shannon Fowers, So
21’03.00              Mikaela Passey, So
20’07.75              Kyleigh Selleneit,So
17’04.00              Clarissa Johnson, So

1. 125’05.00        Alayna Ferrin, Alum
2. 88’09.00          Johanna Purdy, Sr
3. 85’03.00          Kathryn Wilder, So
4. 75’04.00          Cambree Dotson, Jr
5. 69’02.00          Shannon Fowers, So
6. 69’00.00          Emma Calder, So
62’10.00              Kenzie Dickey, So
60’07.00              Lizzi Boyd, Jr
57’02.00              Annie Page, Sr
51’14.00              Anne Hawkins, So

1. 101’05.00        Kendall Sargent, Sr
2. 95’11.00          Leslie Wilson, Alum
3. 85’02.00          Karson Selleneit, So
4. 77’01.00          Kyleigh Selleneit, So
5. 74’08.00          Johanna Purdy, Sr
6. 70’10.00          Elly Ferguson, So
70’00.00              Lizzie Boyd, Jr
64’01.00              Kenzie Dickey, So
60’11.00              Kathryn Wilde, So
58’11.00              Katie Wright, Jr
54’03.00              Emma Calder, So
51’09.00              Maddie Meyer, Jr
50.06.00               Cambree Dotson, Jr
48’09.00              Alyssa Hemsley, So
48’08.00              Blaire Arnold, So
43’07.00              Eliza DeBry, Sr
40’02.00              Candace Carisle, Alum
39’04.00              Mikaela Passey, So
38’07.00              Ashlyn Berry, Jr
26’04.00              Shannon Fowers, So
23’08.00              Clarissa Johnson, So

High Jump
1. 4’10.00            Jordan Barnett, Jr
2. 4’08.00            Rylee Riggs, So
3. 4’08.00            Megan Rowe, So
4. 4’06.00            Korra Jensen, So
5. 4’04.00            Ashley Loomis, Jr
NH                       Cami Limb, Jr
NH                       Elly Ferguson, So
NH                       Kylie Stephenson, Jr
NH                       Ashley Sullinger, So

Long Jump
1. 14’07.25          Sydney Larsen, Fr
2. 14’03.50          Korra Jensen, So
3. 13’09.75          Rylee Riggs, So
4. 13’09.50          Olivia Richards, Jr
5. 13’00.50          Natalie Dyer, Sr
6. 13’00.25          Emma Calder, So
11’08.50              Blaire Arnold, So
10’06.50              Eliza DeBry, Sr

Pole Vault
1. 8’01.00            Liz Jones, Jr
2. 7’01.00            Paige Erickon, Jr
3. 6’01.00            Gentry Keaton, Jr
4. 6’01.00            Megan Halliday, So
5. 6’01.00            Ashley Sullenger, So
6. 5’01.00            Leslie Aagard, So
4’00.00                Sarah Calder, So
4’00.00                Paige Beus, Jr
4’00.00                Abby Pound, Jr

100m Hurdles
1. 16.23                Olivia Richards, Jr
2. 17.10                Maddie Smith, So
3. 17.88                Emma Thatcher, So
4. 17.98                Jordan Barnett, Jr
5. 18.22                Erika Stephenson, So
6. 19.37                Baylee Reynolds, Jr
19.84                    Sarah Tibbits, Sr
19.99                    Paige Alpers, So
20.26                    Casey Conover, Jr
20.73                    Blaire Arnold, So
22.31                    Gabby Vanaarle, So
22.85                    Kinley Diamond, So
22.98                    Ashley Mcdonald, So
23.03                    Emily Berry, So
25.21                    Ella Palmer, Jr

100 Dash
1. 13.23                Rachel Anderson, Sr
2. 13.39                Brittany Rounkles, So
3. 13.50                Olivia Richards, Jr
4. 13.51                Elise Berning, Jr
5. 13.52                Liz Jones, Jr
6. 13.74                Sadie Wells, Sr
14.04                    Candace Casey, Jr
14.04                    Mia Stoddard, So
14.06                    Belanie Sullivan, So
14.09                    Emma Thatcher, So
14.33                    Natalie Dyer, Sr
14.33                    Kennedy Hinton, So
14.48                    Korra Jensen, So
14.59                    Paige Erickson, Jr
14.64                    Gentry Keaton, Jr
14.65                    Haylee Cacciacarne, So
14.65                    Abby Pound, Jr
14.66                    Paige Beus, Jr
14.88                    Morgan Holt, So
14.97                    Natalie Allen, Jr
15.07                    Baylee Reynolds, Jr
15.07                    Erin Kunzler, So
15.23                    Ashley Loomis, Jr
15.25                    Megan Halliday, So
15.51                    Emily Robinson, So
15.57                    Claire Sorenson, So
15.58                    Ashley Paget, Jr
16.11                    Taylor Butler, Sr
16.28                    Paige Peterson, So
16.35                    Taylor Barton, Sr
17.24                    Mallonie Savage, Jr
20.40                    Jessie Swim, Sr

1600 Meter
1. 5:16.74             Hannah Albrechtsen, Sr
2. 5:18.29             Chelsey Johnson, Sr
3. 5:19.55             Miah Weaver, Fr
4. 5:20.29             Tayor Cox, Sr
5. 5:22.13             Aubrey Argyle, Fr
6. 5:22.36             Kenzie Weir, Sr
5:25.66                 Ally Geisler, Fr
5:29.93                 Ashley Tyndall, Sr
5:35.88                 Tatum Beard, Jr
5:38.51                 Sam Hedquist, So
5:42.63                 Aimee Vance, Sr
5:55.60                 Josey Hequist, Jr
5:55.52                 Madison Bledsoe, Sr
5:56.02                 Kaitlyn Datwyler, Jr
5:56.07                 Sydney Zaugg, So
6:00.98                 Sydney Rayl, Fr
6:01.28                 Nicole Wood, Jr
6:10.93                 Rachel Johnson, Jr
6:11.32                 Amber Berry, So
6:17.15                 Mikell Wood, Alum
6:23.51                 Alyssa Stewart, Sr
6:27.51                 Hannah Naylor, So
6:29.85                 Alex Tanner, Jr
6:31.73                 Morgan Miller, Sr
6:38.19                 Emma Call, Jr
6:44.60                 Courtney Blankinship, Jr
6:54.53                 Bethanne Bissell, Jr
6:55.95                 Syndie Thomas, Jr
6:56.06                 Bekah Groll, Jr
7:05.27                 Maddie Meyer, Jr
7:15.01                 Cami Limb, So

300 Hurdles
1. 49.27                Jordan Barnett, Jr
2. 51.74                Liz Jones, Jr
3. 52.03                Olivia Richards, Jr
4. 52.42                Tiahna Cipriano, Jr
5. 52.66                Emma Thatcher, So
6. 53.02                Megan Rowe, So
53.99                    Madi Smith, So
55.24                    Sarah Tibbits. Sr
55.74                    Casey Conner, Jr
57.27                    Erika Stephenson, So
57.58                    Paige Alpers, So
58.07                    Baylee Reynolds, Jr
1:10.25                 Ella Palmer, Jr

200 Meter
1. 27.35                Rachel Anderson, Sr
2. 27.64                Brianna Gipson, So
3. 28.36                Melanie Sullivan, So
4. 28.96                Candice Casey, Jr
5. 29.14                Mia Stoddard, So
6. 29.31                Megan Rowe, So
29.44                    Natalie Dyer, Sr
29.52                    Elly Ferguson, So
30.15                    Gentry Keaton, Jr
30.78                    Abby Pound, Jr
30.81                    Paige Beus, Jr                     
30.90                    Haylee Cacciacarne, So
31.66                    Megan Holiday, So
31.74                    Emily Robinson, So
32.87                    Ashley Loomis, Jr
32.99                    Ashton Berry, Jr
33.25                    Baylee Reynolds, Jr
33.84                    Ashley McDonald, So
34.85                    Paige Peterson, So
34.93                    Gabby Vanaarle, So
38.61                    Kinley Dimond, So
53.17                    Jessie Swim, Sr

400 Meter
1. 59.98                Taylor Cox, Sr
2. 1:00.90             Brianna Gipson, So
3. 1:03.84             Josey Hedquist, Jr
4. 1:03.44             Sadie Wells, Sr
5. 1:04.19             Elise Berning, Jr
6. 1:05.93             Sydney Larson, Fr
1:06.19                 Elly Ferguson, So
1:07.60                 Mia Stoddard, So
1:16.23                 Morgann Holt, So
2:11.85                 Jesse Swim, Sr

800 Meter
1. 2:24.15             Shea Martinez, Alum
2. 2:29.69             Miah Weaver, Fr
3. 2:30.25             Ally Geisler, Fr
4. 2:30.73             Tatum Beard, Jr
5. 2:33.32             Aubery Argyle, Fr
6. 2:39.25             Sam Hedquist, So
2:40.60                 Tiahna Cipriano, Jr
2:43.01                 Kendall Sargent, Sr
2:43.17                 Aimee Vance, Sr
2:44.72                 Rachel Clouse, So
2:46.59                 Sydney Zaugg, So
2:47.07                 Sydney Rayl, Fr
2:48.38                 Madison Bledsoe, Sr
2:49.47                 Amber Berry, So
2:50.36                 Katie Datwyler, Jr
2:53.71                 Autumn Jenkins, So
2:52.76                 Anne Hawkins, So
2:54.77                 Nicole Wood, Jr
2:59.99                 Alyssa Stewart, Sr
3:01.21                 Emma Call, Jr
3:04.18                 Courtney Blankinship. Jr
3:05.06                 Morgan Miller, Sr
3:08.76                 Alyse Brimhall, So
3:09.41                 Bethanne Bissell. Jr
3:09.48                 Maddie Meyer, Jr
3:09.96                 Bekah Groll, Jr
3:11.84                 Sydnie Thomas, Jr
3:17.14                 Cami Limb, Jr
3:21.48                 Natalie Allen, Jr
3:22.02                 Ella Palmer, Jr
3:49.81                 Maddi Green, So

3200 Meter
1. 12:24.94           Kenzie Weir, Sr
2. 12:25.86           Hannah Albrechtsen, Sr
3. 12:28.96           Chelsey Johnson, Sr
4. 12:29.60           Aubrey Argyle, Fr
5. 12:30.28           Miah Weaver, Fr
6. 12:31.18           Ashley Tyndall, Sr
12:47.31               Candace Carlisle, Alum
12:54.02               Sam Hedquist, So

8 x 400m RELAY
1. 7:46.53             Senior A
2. 7:54.06             Junior A
3. 8:02.58             Sophomore A
4. 8:33.71             Sophomore B
5. 8:43.80             Alumni A
6. 8:54.44             Senior B
9:07.18                 Junior B
9:32.79                 Alumni B
9:40.63                 Mixed
9:42.42                 Sophomore C
10:06.47               Mixed

169              Sophomores
128              Seniors
123              Juniors
40                Alumni

266              Seniors
265              Sophomores
203              Juniors
201              Alumni

530              Sophomores (x 2.0)
304.5           Juniors (x 1.5)
266              Seniors (x 1.0)

201              Alumni (x 1.0)